the moonhearts

I´m there
where land and sea collide
indigo waves and pastel skies
where thoughts soar as ideas fly
here I stand
life breathes
through sacred lands
and  solemn seas
the elements set free
water, earth and air in me
like Magic I flow through briny streams
Bringing siren songs and Neptune dreams
where my soul resides
my body in tune
with the lunar moon
heart beats with the pulsing tides

-Daydreamer H.A.I ©



Takara’s previously-teased Decepticon redeco of Victorion has been revealed! We thought we knew at least a little of what to expect from this set, but boy were we wrong!

Team Leader Megaempress was created by Megatron long ago on Cybertron to lead the Female Decepticons (presumably, as a kind of counterpoint to Elita One), and she proclaimed herself his “wife.” Though noble, her power-hungry personality eventually led a fearful Shockwave to seal her away in stasis underground. Her ladder is a railgun comparable in power to Megatron’s fusion cannon.

The selfish Lunaclub is the younger of two twin warriors Megaempress created to serve her. She has the power to control fire, and back in the old days, stalked Starscream like a fangirl.

Moonheart is Lunaclub’s older twin sister, and has the power to control water. She’s coolheaded, but has unrequited love for Soundwave, under whom she once worked as a medic.

The wind-controlling ninja mercenary Flowspade was originally employed by the distrusting Shockwave to infiltrate and spy on the Female Decepticons. Megaempress’s charisma won her over, though, and Flowspade abandoned her mercenary ways to become her retainer.

Self-serving black-marketeer Trickdiamond was the one who found and reawakened Megaempress in the present day, retrofitting her and her team with combination technology. Able to control the power of earth, she’s a con-woman with ties to Swindle, the Quintessons, and - rumour claims - maybe even Unicron, but she’s often undone by her lack of forward planning.

Together, Megaempress and her Four Guards form Megatronia. Their individual weapons - Megaempress’s “Judge Pickel,” Lunaclub’s “Flame Sword,” Moonheart’s “Blizzard Blade,” Flowspade’s “Tornado Cutter” and Tickdiamond’s “Quake Shield” - combine to form the sword “Deathtopia,” which is powerful enough to cut through planets.

Corden Tattoos

I matched up the tattoos James Corden had during his WSJ photoshoot with tattoos the boys have.  Just about every tattoo James had is accounted for one way or another.


anchor, laurels, butterfly/moth, ship, star, gem, naked woman, tribute to mother


(1+3)=4 on finger, Egyptian symbol, feather


crown, face outline, eye, spacesuit, music, wolf, full person

possible mandala, pencil/pen/ink

*I know the cord of Zayn’s microphone is what’s going into the ink/splatter, but it looks like it could have turned into a pen before it hit


four leaf clover for Ireland


antlers, dagger, compass, spider web, camera, ghost, horseshoe, stick figure


bird, hand, arrow, dark side of the moon

heart, scribbles, rose, screw



These were matched up by location because each of James’ tattoos with script were very close to where one of the boys had tattoos.  Since they seem to match up really well and have meaning, I think it was intentional.

“Things I can let go”, “Can I stay forever”

*Harry had just let go of (covered) the “Things I Can” tattoo.  It was also on the arm of things he could do which may be the things that don’t mean as much to him as the things he couldn’t (wasn’t allowed) to do.

*”Can I stay forever” could refer to Harry and Louis’ relationship or the intention of the band as a whole to continue existing.

“Far away, live today”, “Don’t think I won’t conquer”

*Don’t know the right order for “far away, live today”, but it rhymes and the meaning seems to be to enjoy the present despite any hardships.

*”Don’t think I won’t conquer” seems like a warning to haters, maybe 1DHQ specifically.

“Everything I wanted but nothing I’ll ever need, great things come from small things”.  

*The things they have/want are many, but mean little.  The things they need are few, but mean a lot.

“Don’t give up the ship(s)”

*Since no one has text on their hands, I took the nearest text from Harry and Liam’s wrists which both seem likely to refer to their relationships.  Since every other boy had text to match their tattoos so far and Niall is known as the Captain of the Ships, I think of this as his text.


anchor and rope


1D’s career legacy= money earned + at the top + making music


screws and 5 arrows

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how James was willing to take his own personal photoshoot in an interview that had nothing to do with One Direction and help send an OT5 message with it.


The Moonhearts // “I Can Go On”


The Moonhearts // “I Hate Myself”