the moonhearts


“Remember the quiet wonders. The world has more need of them than it has for warriors.”

Charles de Lint, Moonheart

Learning to be patient with myself as I continue my journey as a witch is the hardest skill set to master!   There is so much I want to do and learn and it’s easy for me to feel like everyone is way more advanced than I am.

This feeling is especially prominent when I am too busy to spend more than a few hours a week on spellcasting/gardening/other fat witch fun activities.  The simple act of slow and intentional breathing has been a lifesaver lately because it has helped me ground myself in the present and in gratitude.

I hope that you all realize how truly amazing and worthy of loving patience  that you truly are.❤💙💚💛💜💖🦄🦄

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T'challa: Hey Marc check out my warrior oc his name is Pantherstar and this is his mate Moonheart

I’m going to pantherstar your dad if u dont shut the fuck


Fuzz’s Fourth Dream at the Stork Club in Oakland, CA. FUZZ featuring Ty Segall, Charlie Moothart, and Roland Cosio played with Scrapers and Shannon and the Clams. 

Corden Tattoos

I matched up the tattoos James Corden had during his WSJ photoshoot with tattoos the boys have.  Just about every tattoo James had is accounted for one way or another.


anchor, laurels, butterfly/moth, ship, star, gem, naked woman, tribute to mother


(1+3)=4 on finger, Egyptian symbol, feather


crown, face outline, eye, spacesuit, music, wolf, full person

possible mandala, pencil/pen/ink

*I know the cord of Zayn’s microphone is what’s going into the ink/splatter, but it looks like it could have turned into a pen before it hit


four leaf clover for Ireland


antlers, dagger, compass, spider web, camera, ghost, horseshoe, stick figure


bird, hand, arrow, dark side of the moon

heart, scribbles, rose, screw



These were matched up by location because each of James’ tattoos with script were very close to where one of the boys had tattoos.  Since they seem to match up really well and have meaning, I think it was intentional.

“Things I can let go”, “Can I stay forever”

*Harry had just let go of (covered) the “Things I Can” tattoo.  It was also on the arm of things he could do which may be the things that don’t mean as much to him as the things he couldn’t (wasn’t allowed) to do.

*”Can I stay forever” could refer to Harry and Louis’ relationship or the intention of the band as a whole to continue existing.

“Far away, live today”, “Don’t think I won’t conquer”

*Don’t know the right order for “far away, live today”, but it rhymes and the meaning seems to be to enjoy the present despite any hardships.

*”Don’t think I won’t conquer” seems like a warning to haters, maybe 1DHQ specifically.

“Everything I wanted but nothing I’ll ever need, great things come from small things”.  

*The things they have/want are many, but mean little.  The things they need are few, but mean a lot.

“Don’t give up the ship(s)”

*Since no one has text on their hands, I took the nearest text from Harry and Liam’s wrists which both seem likely to refer to their relationships.  Since every other boy had text to match their tattoos so far and Niall is known as the Captain of the Ships, I think of this as his text.


anchor and rope


1D’s career legacy= money earned + at the top + making music


screws and 5 arrows

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how James was willing to take his own personal photoshoot in an interview that had nothing to do with One Direction and help send an OT5 message with it.


The Moonhearts // “I Can Go On”

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Moonheart smiled 'hatchling are you in here?'

There was no answer. Cyrus’ lighthouse home was looked up tight. shades add even been up around the light house’s glass room.  A note was posted on the door in Cyrus’ neat penmanship

Not Accepting Visitors , Sorry for the inconvenience  
        ~ C.K.


The Moonhearts // “I Hate Myself”

Family Business

They always get to you
because they made you
this way.

Thus the blue aura
of bewildered and battered
whenever you are with them.

You never know what hurts
until it slaps you
in the face. 

You never know what burns
until it flames up later
in your flailing dreams.

You never know what it’s for
‘til it’s too late
and still, what the hell
was that shit for?

Pointless as the sliver moon
gone down and the night
still light, still out there.

The great Irish excuse:
they didn’t mean it.

But they do.

They know exactly
what will do it to you,
what makes your tides surge
what makes you ebb and flow
what makes you shrink
to the size of an infant
and wail

your little
heart out.