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Heyyy I've been looking everywhere but I cant find a fic; what's the name of that fic in which Lauren bullied Camila when they were in Middle School and then Camila moves to California and then she returns during High School, but Lauren doesn't remember who she is and all the group become friends?

“does anyone know the fic where camila wants to learn how to mastubate so lauren has her grind on her? thanks!!!”

“Van the author of Shooting the moon write my Life? Is so good.”

“OMG SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME there’s this fic where camila gets a call from the hospital saying her wife got into a car accident but she doesn’t have a wife and turns out she’s married to lauren??? lauren is rich af but her parents are super anti-gay please help me what fic is this”

“can’t wait for shooting the moon to update it was good author keep it up u r doing great”

“The latest chapter of Shooting The Moon had me squealing internally so many times i felt like my heart could explode! It’s wonderfully long and so well written and so worth the wait!! i’m so excited for the next one! Keep up the incredible work :D”

“shooting the moon is reaaaal good. Can’t wait for the part where camila and lauren fall inlove with each other and get hurt. I hope it gets really angsty and romantic at the same time”

virgo moons dont seem to get a lot of love on here but i think its one of the sweetest placements. there is no other who is as attentive and helpful and happy to serve than a virgo moon. they notice all the little things that you dont and take care of you in so many subtle ways that you might hardly notice. you never have to ask a virgo moon for help, they are always one step ahead of you. and unlike cancer, there are no strings attached to virgo’s acts of kindness. they simply do it because they enjoy it - they like to feel like they have made things better for their loved ones, and your happiness and appreciation is reward enough. virgo moons have a reputation of being cold but the virgo moons i know dont see themselves that way. they’d say ‘of course i’m not emotionally distant or detached, i love you, i do things for you all the time.’ because virgo moons figure that the best way to convey their feelings is through action, rather than whispered sweet nothings and empty romantic gestures. and they would be right! but there are other aspects to intimacy that virgo moons aren’t so good at, and thats where they get the reputation for being cold. such as, opening up and expressing your emotions whether they are good or bad. crying without being embarrassed in front of the people that love you. telling your loved ones what you love about them and how much they mean to you. virgo moons struggle with that. they are private and self-critical people, most often, and for this reason they have almost a kind of disdain towards certain emotions - usually sadness, anger, guilt, even sentimentality. they dont like to confront or express these messy parts of themselves, because what good is that for anyone? but virgo moons should know that the people that love you want to love all of you, the good; the bad; the happy; the sad; the soft; the callous; the intense and the dark. there is no part of you that is an inconvenience. you are beautiful, kind souls, virgo moons. 🌙✨