the moon in the four seasons


I’m getting my first shawl!! I’m super excited. I think I’ll be getting this design, but I gotta see if it’s even possible to sew all this xD

Front: Medicine Wheel with four eagle feathers (obvious symbolism) and a Compass Rose / Sun / Star in the center of the wheel. The Loopies are actually a symbol from my tribe representing the four directions. We are said to have come from the water also, so it’s neat that it looks like a wave. There are 6 intersections of swirliness and seven stars (not including compass one).

Back: The moon protected by two swirlies! Also ten feathers that represent drops of moonlit rain and prayers.

Overall, the design is basically representing the duality of everything- Sun, Moon, Day, Night, Male, Female, Sky, Earth. It also represents the seasons, the cycle of life and death, etc. via the medicine wheel.

Lunar Phases - Explained 🌙

Because I kind of have my own correspondences for the phases of the moon, I thought I’d explain them here! 

  • New Moon - the moon is just beginning to become illuminated, so it can correspond with new beginnings, a fresh start, cleansing, exploring new opportunities, newfound health or relationships, finding peace with yourself and moving on - “out with the old and in with the new.”
  • Waxing Moon - the moon is continuing to grow, becoming more and more visible, so it can correspond with attraction magick, reaching goals, manifestation magick, positive energy, success, wishes, good luck, gaining wealth, and dreams come true. 
  • First Quarter - this moon is halfway illuminated, on its way to becoming fully illuminated, so it can correspond to balance, and the need to make decisions. 
  • Full Moon - the moon is fully illuminated, so it can correspond with extra energy, a magickal boost, cleansing, charging, enchanting, performing divination, and honoring lunar deities. 
  • Third Quarter - this moon is also halfway illuminated, but on its way to becoming invisible in the sky, therefore while it can still correspond with balance, it can also correspond to focusing on the task at hand, banishing, and breaking old habits. 
  • Waning Moon - the moon is becoming less illuminated, and seems as though it’s disappearing, so it can correspond to generalized negative energy, reflection, introspection, transformation of the self, banishing things, binding others actions or undoing bindings, letting go, moving on, cleansing, breaking bad habits, and finding peace. 
  • Dark Moon - the moon is completely hidden in the sky, with no illumination at all, so it can correspond to cursing, banishing, binding, seeking justice, reflection of the self, and generalized destruction. 
  • Blue Moon - this moon is either the third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month, so it’s appearance can correspond to wishes, dreams, divination, achievement, and focus. 
  • Black Moon - this moon is an additional new moon that appears in a month or in a season, or the absence of a full moon or of a new moon in a month, therefore it can correspond to extra power and manifestation. 

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Finally finished the Sailor Moon R piece. I really like this season and I remember quite a bit of it when I was younger but it’s been so long. This season is full to the brim with villains! So, so many villains. I didn’t even fit in Rubeus in this mess of villains. Or Black Lady. but I think the big baddies are all here and I adore the four sisters.


Aries ~ The snowflakes of Pisces winter fall and death embraces the zodiac.
Sweet, sensual death. Evaporating into the divine, deep in the hollows. And the further we go into darkness, the brighter the light within us shines
Bursting to awaken with the first sound of spring, bluebirds echo in the Aries ear, calling… calling… calling….
bring back life, colour, and god’s delight to the bleakness
Special child of the divine, still held in heaven’s arms, waiting to be born like an exploding nebula, scattering pieces of itself everywhere out of curiosity and enthusiasm. Follow the sound of bloom, the fresh smell of spring, the feeling of warmth beginning to saturate your spirit once more
the earth’s revered child has finally been born. The zodiac begins

Taurus ~ 
As a child of Venus, Taureans navigate the world through their senses. The fresh air of nature, trees, flowers and wildlife is extremely therapeutic and stimulating for them. They are often acutely sensitive to the seasons and weather changes. There is a real need for contact with nature, which and many Taureans fill the roles of farmers, gardeners, horticulturists or artists who use natural materials. One of the male images of Taurus is that of the green man, the male fertility principle. This sign is the closest manifestation material purity, and their sensory alertness allows them to connect to the five sense experience like no other. They can make universes out of empty sketchbooks, make homes out of half crescent Moons and heatwaves through their determination and spirit. This is all four seasons rolled into one.

Gemini ~
Gemini provides a dazzling display of how the mind works. This
mad instrument in all of its
glory and its chaos, its genius and dissociation, its ability to create patterns and puzzles and spin the world upside down. Gemini is like a literal
mind fuck, you know one minute you are traveling 200,00 miles an hour down one road, into philosophy and corruption of the military
and then you have a drunk child on your hands, unable to focus or sit still for a moment. Geminis orgasm can come from conversation, communing with a mind, or meeting an intellect, someone who will talk their ear off all night
conveying hypnotizing facts and knowledge. Gemini is always
the student and the teacher, forever threading the information inside onto
silver wings and blowing them into the ether. They touch people through
language, through the way they weave words together to create
laughter or conversation or sheer delight. Gemini is spinning deliriously in a
world of thought, crossing the borderlines, doing the thinking for both dark and light. Gemini is a book of mysteries inside 

Cancer ~ 
Cancers have a surreal experience of time. It can melt through their mind
like dripping honey. The sound of clocks can be intimidating. They need music and oneness, the rhythm of stars. The moon rules Cancer, and before the 30-31 day calendar, we followed the cycle of the moon, a 28 day ‘month’, stemming from ‘mon’, or ‘moon’.
And now we live separate from nature, and the Cancer is pulled between materialism and delirium, unsure of what is completely real. But from this conflict evokes a brilliant prophet in the Cancer, a crystal ball that conjures the inner world’s most marvellous vision. Spirit guides reside in the 4th house.
So the Cancer can hear thoughts, and these are thoughts of their guide. They can receive intuitive knowledge about the past, a place where the Cancer dwells comfortably, they can be the conduit for ancestral inheritance and the protection of passed descendants, they can swim on a river of divination, because their psychic imagination is so acute. When they fear their own safety, this vision can become dark and volatile. Fear is Cancer’s most destructive poison.

Leo ~ It’s the centre of a star that bursts from Leo
and they are pure magic, a splendid cosmic artwork mixed with dripping sun maple and  the manifestation of divine creative power.
the Leo can stare at themselves and see the universe in their reflection, a flickering light of God burning behind their eyes,
constellations made of broken capillaries, sweetness and softness.
And there is the roar of the Leo lion, a heart that beats a tattoo
in their chest because it is overflowing with love, passion, and desire. The Leo has painted every sparkling essence of time and space with their
enchanted paintbrush, that mind is a visual display of milky way fireworks, heaven is a place on earth with Leo.
But the Leo can also look in the mirror and see a black hole. It isn’t always so vein and conceited. every flaw echoes so loudly. The Leo just wants to be loved, simply for who they are. Not their fortune, or photographs, or profound generosity. Only the bravest hearts are born under the sign of Leo. It’s sensitive and spirited,
ravishing and regal

Virgo ~ 
The lines and poetry of sacred geometry and mechanical movement come to life before the Virgo eyes. Sacred geometry is the sort of experience the Ancients believed was nourishing for the soul. Virgo becomes intimate with the earth and its divine faculties with more voracity than any sign. There are details perceivable to only the  Virgo, like nervous signals jump from their fingertips into their surroundings and electrify the invisible engineering. The Virgo individual is very sensitive to elements, precision, accuracy, and seemingly insignificant components, but nothing is simple to the Virgo, and they recognise
the duty and usefulness of everything, the whole dynamic of seasons and earth, the equilibrium and the silent movement. This is what makes Virgo tremendous at occult studies, specifically those requiring analysis like astrology and numerology, and those involving healing properties like minerals and witchcraft. Through intense observation of surroundings, through holding a
microscope to every leaf and flower, through watching the reverent dance of the sunrise as they measure the motion by time, they identify with the part of themselves that is infinite. They can unify with the part of themselves that is pure, that is untainted awareness and magnificence and beauty. 

Libra ~ 
With Libra we have the Snow White pages. the innocent beauty who does not know the seduction of her aura, the distressed belle who waits for a prince to save her, despite easily outwitting and serving justice better than any man who takes their hand. and in the antithetical pole, the wretched self consciousness. After Virgo has achieved personal perfection, she wants to be the fairest of them all. she evokes the images of others as she attempts to be all things, a glorious figment. they are the enchanted mirror, although they look into their own searching for others and answers. Libra is every character, the enchanting snow is the jewel in her heart and the melody in her love of people. And the witch, her voices of self resonance. Saturn exalts in Libra and the stepmother is an expression of the domineering Saturn parent, often leaving impossible idealism in the child. The notes of empty comparison against others that wither her supple apple cheeks into dried roses and destroy every venus valley. 

Scorpio ~ 
The human world is rarely enough for Scorpio. That can be why they provoke people’s souls, they want to see your insides, your darkness, your light. They can seem spiritually provocative, it’s like they know how to draw madness out of lovers, they can sense the unseen, they can experience states that question existence. And nothing is ever enough.
They don’t want a lover. They want a reunion with a soul mate, their soul. They don’t want sex. They want angelic intimacy, the evaporation of bodies into intwined ether. Scorpio is preparing for death, but they don’t want to leave without truly tasting life. The superficial is rarely enough for Scorpio. They are discontent swimming in shallow waters. They become easily bored when their brilliant mind is under stimulated and unchallenged, they become distracted into unconscious trance when people are dull. And the Scorpio cannot force conversation. There are holes in the world that only Scorpio can see, and they will crawl into one when this world is not enough. 

Sagittarius ~
After emergence from the deep Scorpio tomb, the Sagittarius hybrid spirit soars far and wide. The Sagittarius wisdom operates from the laws of nature, stars, archetypes, the Akashic records, the higher mind, and culture. It embodies the divine chant of laughter, the publication and interpretation of symbols, mythology, theology, and religion.
Here is the quest for the meaning of life, the pilgrimage to unknown regions in search of understanding and the materialisation of belief. It could be travel, education, relationships, indulgence in intoxicants, or nomadic wandering through religion. The Sagittarius guru is the scholar. His temple is filled with books, compasses, astrology notes, and artifacts from every country. He uses comedy for his teachings and applies experience to philosophy and scripture. Waiting in the middle of winter, the Sagittarius speaks many languages and knows many ways of life.
He is approachable and warm, filled with light and spice. Even with the wrinkles of time, the spirit of youth always radiates. Old as the trees and free as a bird, as young as the sunrise and as old as the night.

Capricorn ~ 
To stand on top of the mountain, to stare over the edge of the midheaven, sometimes all you would ever
see would be your own shadow. And the Capricorn’s shadow can linger like a heavy fog, always threatening, always concerning. At her peak, she radiates like a Mistress of Brilliance, she has scaled the land and sea, starred in her
own dream and written her own success story. She has stood behind people and encouraged their ascent
in her graces she has climbed and flown, a mountain goat, pursuing the grand land and salty sea. In all of this, she has only had herself to rely on,
and a voice of wisdom, found only in the darkest moments. She can be hungry for descent because she understands the reigns of flight. The Capricorn is contained, and yet they are the stitches that thread the stars, the grand mastery of it all. In her spirit wields the resources of the Gods, each of whom have tried and tested her. Through the Capricorn’s shadow, a self portrait is created. It reveals the most powerful triumphs of human kind.  The undeniable component of the shadow is that in its presence it reflects only light. The Capricorn is capable of wielding both in their starry ascent toward the heavens, an intuitive focus in strategic command, a skilled concentration that gleams fantasy into
reality. The shadow can be lined in
exquisite silver. 

Aquarius ~
Telepathy could be the Aquarius enchantment. Telepathy into the web of consciousness, the matrix of thought that connects all beings together. Telepathy into the ideas of the sky, cascading like a diamond waterfall into the Aquarius mind. And there is telepathy into the knowledge of stars and space dwellers. The Aquarius mind is a conduit for all sorts of cosmic contemplation. It receives tremendous visions of utopia and elevating bursts of intuition. It also soaks up space junk, and this may turn into madness. Aquarius is the last moment of thought before we capsize into Pisces dream.
They look out to the stars to find their soul mate. They stare into the sea to contemplate infinity. They test logic against galaxies of invisible wonder. The Aquarius mind diffuses an extraterrestrial perfume, their thoughts dart through constellations and fields of existence. Underneath the disorder is a mind that sparkles like the diamonds that rain on Uranus. Inconceivable. Curious. Marvellous.

Pisces ~ 
Pisceans can try on new personalities like they try on shoes,
and with those unusual feet hardly any shoes, from heels to flats or docs seem to fit properly, like all these personalities she tries to be, none of them cloak her soul with the colours. Nothing ever seems to fit those shades
she knows ripple inside, those pastels that haven’t been invented yet. From room to room she moves, shifting face and shape, slippery with sea salt infused in her skin, impossible to catch or define, lost and wandering,
the facets of a thousand personalities. It feels so foreign being trapped in a body, when she can feel wings fluttering behind her shoulder blades,
and scales shimmer under her thighs. Like a mirror carved in heaven, reflecting people as angels. She is the stain glass window that forever changes colour and tone, paint streaked over her spirit, impossible to conceive without a kaleidoscope. She knows her true self resides at home
The home in the sky, made of clouds and liquid love. But for now the show must go on. Who do I dress as today.
Nobody knows.



💕Beltane or May Day is April 30 - May 1st 💕
Beltane is a festival of flowers, fertility, sensuality, and delight. And that’s exactly what I put into this little Beltane kit! It comes with two pink candles and one yellow one to celebrate the season, a Beltane tarot reading, a sage and carnation wand, one jar of yarrow, one jar of the moon goddess bath salts, one 2 oz tin of flying ointment, a hand painted and lavender washed tarot/crystal bag holding four tumbled stones of citrine, carnelian, rose quartz, and aventurine. Find out more details here.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

From the darkest depths of my feeble imagination, comes an alternative ending to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 7, Episode 10 (“A Royal Problem”), showcasing the real power of friendship, magic, and danish butter cookies. Even better than shooting laser beams out of your horns, I say!

That day, Starlight Glimmer did learn a precious friendship lesson: bubble shields are definitely a smart idea when you have four horses floating over you.

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The Signs Favorite Zelda Games
  • Aries: Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons
  • Taurus: Spirit Tracks
  • Gemini: Four Swords
  • Cancer: Hyrule Warriors
  • Leo: Majora's Mask
  • Virgo: Triforce Heroes
  • Libra: Breath of the Wild
  • Scorpio: Wind Waker
  • Sagittarius: A Link Between Worlds
  • Capricorn: Ocarina of Time
  • Aquarius: Twilight Princess
  • Pisces: Skyward Sword
Young!remus Headcanons

Here are a couple Remus Lupin headcanons that have been in my mind for a while and I’m too lazy to write:

-He prefers tea over coffee, but on days after the full moon, he drinks about three cups of coffee a day.

-However, he prefers hot chocolate over anything else.

-He is bisexual, but never really explores being with guys (think what you want, but I personally don’t think Wolfstar ever happened).

-His favorite season is autumn, followed by summer. 

-He never really got into politics until he graduated from Hogwarts and was confronted with the First Wizarding War.

-He’s utter trash at quidditch.

-The sorting hat was leaning forwards putting him in Ravenclaw based off of his intelligent, wise soul, until it found that he has been a werewolf since the age of four and immediately called out Gryffindor.

-He’s a major horndog.

-He either gets up at the crack of dawn or stays sleeping until late afternoon. There is no in between.

-He did develop depression after what happened on the 31st of October, 1981.

-He was very close with Peter and found him to be his best friend towards the later years at Hogwarts.

-He truly did not enjoy studying, but found that he loved getting good grades more than he hated studying.

-He planned most of the Marauders’ pranks in Hogwarts.

-He only got detention eight times throughout all seven years.

-When asked who their favorite student was, most of the teachers said Remus Lupin (Professor Slughorn said Lily Evans, obviously).

-Everyone thought that Lily was cheating on James with Remus because they were such good friends (she was not, of course. They were only ever friends).

-He got very outgoing when he was drunk.

-He always had a sarcastic, witty comeback but often only mumbled it to the other three.

-He was rubbish at hiding his chocolate but because he would get so angry when somebody stole it, everyone knew not to.

-He was as, if not more, mischievous than James and Sirius but was much better at not getting caught.

-He has a very contagious laugh when he really laughs. (And even when he just grins).

-He’s quite lanky but his arms got very muscular around seventh year.

which made him even more attractive

-He’ll only ever let the Marauders call him Moony (Lily and you excluded).

-His mom was one of his best friends.

-(This one is kinda canon already but whatever) Remus hated talking about his lycanthropy, even with the Marauders. 

-He had a very low self esteem.

Moffat and Gatiss wrote so much kindness, adoration, affection, longing between Sherlock and John–the first night, Reichenbach, the stag night, the wedding speech–and so much courage in how their friendship grows; but still so much fear, and bitterness, and anger, and insults, and reluctance to be vulnerable, and rejection, and violence. And it makes me grieve that they think that much hurt is natural between two people who are each other’s favorite people in the world, who think each other hangs the moon–that they couldn’t imagine better for them than that, after four seasons of learning to love each other. I’m so grateful for every artist and writer in this fandom who imagines better for them, who writes them and draws them into healing, into trust; and so much in awe of the endless tenderness Doyle writes into every line of them from the start.

I am over the moon about Bughead...

But there are some other major things that happened in this amazing finale:

*Betty being 100% happy for her friends dating.
*Veronica sitting at lunch with Jughead.
*Cheryl apologizing to Jughead.
*Secret sibling reveal.
*The core four saving Cheryl and everything about that scene.
*Josie singing Archie’s song in appreciation for Cheryl.
*Betty dragging the town of Riverdale.
*Proof that yet again the B/Archie “jealousy” was baiting.
*Jughead being the first to clap.
*Southside Serpents stepping up and Hot Dog!
*Fred Andrews! I mean, what the actual fuck??!!

Leo Moon/Venus Playlist

!! Moodboard Credit: moodyinapinkbow !!

Could It Be I’m Falling In Love // The Spinners

How Will I Know // Whitney Houston

Somebody to Love // Queen

Oogum Boogum Song // Brenton Wood

Walking on Broken Glass // Annie Lennox

December, 1963 (Oh What a Night!) // Franki Valli & The Four Seasons

I Second that Emotion // Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Love on Top // Beyoncé

My Girl // The Temptations

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) // Clean Bandit

Birthday // Katy Perry

Groove is in the Heart // Deee-Lite

Dancing Queen // ABBA

I Wanna Dance With Somebody // Whitney Houston

Let’s Hear It for the Boy // Deniece Williams


Let’s take a minute and talk about Mamoru’s car… 

Now, thankfully, some other poor soul has gone through the trouble of identifying what type of car Mamoru sexily drove around for four seasons, because Lord knows, I don’t have the patience for that kinda mess.

But anyway, it is believed that Mamoru drove an Alfa Romeo SZ. And while, to many of us, myself included, the only thing that means is he owned a shiny red car. BUT there’s some pretty interesting facts about this particular model.

These cars were manufactured in Italy in 1991, which explains Mamoru’s driving seat being on the right when they drive on the left in Japan. Still, not that interesting, right? Well, as it turns out, only 1,036 of these cars were ever made, and of that 1,036, of which 38 were for testing, only 100 of the Alfa Romeo SZ’s were ever imported to Japan. (None made it to the US, as they weren’t street legal) So, right away, we know that Mamoru owns a pretty rare car. You just didn’t see these things on the road. I hadn’t even heard of it until I had way too much free time to do this research! 

After some further digging, I found that the original price for the SZ to be about $35,000. Well, that’s not so bad, right? But we have to remember that that’s $35,000 in 1991. Adjust for inflation, and you come to about $65,000, today. And considering the SZ was an import, it’s probable that it cost MUCH more.

So, what does this all mean? Well, only one thing, really. BOYFRIEND WAS LOADED. Orphaned, college student, dater of middle schoolers Mamoru was FLUSH WITH CASH. Like he could make it rain. 

And Usagi? I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but… :D

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four seasons.

four seasons and 100+ episodes in.

Steven has questions and simply wants direct answers about what his mom did. he is living in a house with his mom’s closest friends. those closest friends are his mother-figures. they were there to see and feel and breathe and smell everything Rose ever did. they literally hang out 24/7.




not only that, but with the way the writing goes:
steven left in the dark = audience left in the dark

JUST… GIVE US… content…

- mod s

There’s a hut on campus, down by the Mechanical Engineering building. It backs onto the forest, so of course, it’s entirely out of bounds now. It’s old, clearly, but it doesn’t seem to be falling apart in any major way, just crumbled at the edges, although it seems like it’s always been that way.

It’s got stone walls, but a wooden porch, the planks and railing bleached by the sun. Hanging from the rafters are different wind chimes, made of strange, warped pieces of metal. Some of them shine, as though they were polished yesterday, whilst others are brown with rust. When the wind blows, sometimes they clatter loudly, as though they are warning bells, and sure enough, within a day or so, a storm will hit campus, or someone will go missing, one of the cats is found dead, hanging from a doorway, or lamppost.

When the chimes start to clatter and clang, everyone listens. There’s a scrambled for iron jewellery, salt crunches under your feet, people wear clothes inside out, milk and chocolate are outside every door, and everyone is inside before ten, and anyone who isn’t, is gone for the rest of the year.

Sometimes, the wind won’t even have to blow, and the chimes will ring and clang and clatter. It’s only happened twice. The first time, a professor died. Her body was found crumpled at the foot of the staircase leading up to the astronomy classes. She didn’t even teach astronomy. Apparently, the students were told she had been drunk, and had fallen.

However the boy who found her said that her ribs were splayed open, there was blood on the floor, most of her insides missing, her lips drawn back in a snarling smile. There was no blood on the staircase.

The second time, a student was found dead in the boys bathroom on the seventh floor of the physics block. It was by a teacher, so there was no eyewitness account, but the first students to walk into the lab directly below the bathroom on the sixth floor said that there had been blood dripping down slowly from the light fixtures.

No one goes to the bathroom on the seventh floor, and no one stays in the lab on sixth after dark.

When the chimes ring soft and sweet, almost musical, but not quite, the cats flock to the small hut with the bleached porch, and students smile. Money is found in hoodie pockets, lost socks return, and blown light bulbs are replaced. Students and professors alike seem less tired, and tests seem easier.

When the chimes ring, good times come, when they clang, people run.

That was the unofficial motto that was whispered across campus.

The hut also has a garden, a beautiful garden. There’s lavender, and rosemary, parsley, sage and thyme. There are roses, orange, pink, yellow, white, and various shades in between. The stone pathways is made up of smooth white rocks from the river, and they’re always slightly warm to the touch.

There are other plants too. Plants with no names. Plants that glow during the full moon, plants that snake across the lawns at night, and slither home during the day. There’s a plant that mirrors the creepers strangling the library, with four seasons smeared across its leaves. There’s a plant that smells like coffee and chocolate and marshmallows and rainy days. Another that smells burnt, but the nice kind of burnt, like toast.

There are lots of stories about the hut, but only one that everyone talks about. Everyone talks about it, but when you ask someone about it, they forget. Maybe everyone is just in on the joke, but then again, this is Elsewhere University.

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Seven things carried in passing trucks

1. That medium-sized tanker in a fetchingly sensible shade of silver. This is a shipment of very fine dream sand, as you would be able to discern if you could get close enough to read the hazard notice. I would not recommend getting quite that close, because if the tanker were to suffer a spillage everyone within a three-month radius would end up furiously sleeping for at least three months.

2. The small grey truck with a conspicuous ‘speed limiter installed’ sign. This is not actually a truck. It is two elephants on a specially-modified bicycle. You are only seeing it as a truck because that is what you expect a large grey object to be on a road of this size.

3. The large green truck with a stylised smiley face logo on it, heading West. This truck is full of spies. Literally full: they are stacked some seven deep in an ingenious spy stacking system which cannot be patented on account of being top secret. They are conservatively-dressed and have very serious faces, apart from the one at the bottom who is making fart jokes and being ignored.

4. That red shipping container, glimpsed briefly in traffic in the other lane. Contents: a slightly smaller red shipping container, containing a slightly smaller red shipping container, containing another, slightly smaller red shipping container, and so on. The source of so many shipping containers of non-standard dimensions is not obvious. In the smallest container is a miniature safe, locked, key nowhere in sight, emitting a furious buzzing noise.

5. The small orange shipping container, marked with a logo in a language you do not read. This is a shipment of fruit, primarily silver moon apples headed for the perilous realm, where they will form part of the fairy world’s seasonal fruit baskets. If you are offered one of these fruit baskets, do not accept it.

6. A small-size black and white horse carrier, no horse visible inside. This carrier was once used by one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and as a result has become a place of pilgrimage for ghosts. At the moment it is being used to transport the ghosts of Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert. They have obtained some highly sought-after permits to spend the night haunting a theatre in which Hamilton is being performed, and are making their way there right now.

7. Half a house, as transported on a special truck for the carrying of large things. This is a witch-squashing house, as popularised by the film the Wizard of Oz. These days, they are usually remotely controlled; essentially, they are the drones of the mystical world. This one has been damaged by being dropped from a great height onto a particularly rocky coven. It is being sent for repair in Swindon.

PSA: Kugane Hot Springs Do Not Get Cleaned Regularly

Public Service Announcement: the water in the hot springs in Kugane is only replaced every season, i.e. four times a year. Please don’t allow the waters to get filthy by leaving residue and bodily fluids. People are going to be bathing in that stuff for the next three moons. 

Fallen Leaves (Remus Lupin x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders Era )

Pairing: Reader x Young Remus Lupin

Warnings: SMUT Smut and more smut also be warned, it is fluffy smut… a deadly combination.

Request: hello hello hello I was wondering if u could please do Remus smut ? ?? ?? thank u so much have an awesome day

Author Note : Such a simple and oh so sweet request, let’s see if my mind can come up with some Remus smut, oh look there is an endless supply ;) 

Word Count: 1.2k

The date was October 9, exactly four days after the full moon, but it was also your favorite time of the year because it was fall. You grew up a mudblood so watching the seasons change, all the leaves change colors and fall from the trees was the most magical thing you had ever seen. Until you came to Hogwarts, in which Remus Lupin’s smile took that prize.

You loved being outside in the fall, you would sit in big piles of leaves and read on park benches and just enjoy the way the air felt lighter, not so hot and heavy like summer, not as wet as spring and nowhere near as cold as winter it was perfect in every way.

The only thing not perfect about the season this year was that just as the leaves started to change and fall there was also a full moon, which ate up about a week of your life. A week you were more than happy to give to your boyfriend Remus.

Usually you had no problem spending a week with Remus, in bed watching movies and sneaking into the kitchen for snacks, usually enlisting help from a Hufflepuff ,when he ate all of his chocolate, every month you would buy him more than the last but every month he still managed to eat it all.

Today you were tangled in fuzzy blankets, thin sheets hanging above you to create a fort for the two teenage sized children lying in the bed. Your head was lying on Remus chest as he read a book aloud to you. This was something he liked doing after full moons, rather than the two of you reading separate books side by side he would read aloud to you, it helped calm him down and helped him forget.

Remus was sat on many pillows, due to the fact that you had stolen all of the other boys pillows and he was wearing a paper crown that you had made him out of some old homework because you had crowned him the king of your blanket fort.

You were looking out the window which you had enchanted to be much bigger than usual and you watched the leaves blow in the wind as you imagined how the air would feel on your face you had zoned out from the book.

“Y/n, love is the book that boring, or is it just me, am I boring you?”

You zoned back in at the sound of his voice changing, “No Rem, I could never get bored of you, I just wish I could bring the trees and the leaves inside the room with us.”

Remus smiled ” Well, you can go outside for a bit without me, I’ll be fine on my own.” Remus had gotten pretty hurt during the full moon so Sirius and James tried to avoid him a bit, not wanting to see the hurt they had accidentally caused him, so all he had was you and Peter occasionally. In a few more days he would be fine to leave his bed and go outside and you were willing to wait.

“Rem I don’t want to go without you.” You pouted as you stuck your bottom lip out and he kissed you in response.

“Well I know a way to cheer you up.” Remus almost whispered in your ear and you knew exactly what he meant but you wanted to toy with him a bit so you teased back “What by giving me chocolate? Too bad you ate it all already.”

Remus just chuckled at your joke and you laughed along with him but suddenly stopped when he pulled you over so you were now on top of him, straddling him and you kissed him instantly.

You and Remus went from joking and cuddling to grabbing needily at each other in a matter of seconds. Remus left sloppy kisses on your jaw and slowly trailed down your neck and pulled your shirt over your head revealing your bare chest underneath.

As much you wanted to take all of Remus’ clothes off you knew it would be better to keep them all on given his wounded state, instead you pushed your hands under his soft sweater feeling the healed scars beneath.

Remus bent his leg, pushing his thigh up in between your legs, you instantly grinded your clothed heat against him, using his thigh to give you some much need friction. Remus let out a low chuckle at your actions, his face plastered with a smirk “Love, I could watch you do that all day.”

Your face heated up but you were getting too much pleasure from gently riding his thigh to stop, until you noticed the tent growing in his pajama bottoms and stopped your movements to pull his pants down just enough for his length to pop out.

Remus quickly placed his hands on your hips and lowered his leg down as you hovered over his length you pushed your panties to the side and Remus slowly guided you down. He instantly stretched you and you sat down completely bending down to lock your lips once again before he started pulling on your hips.

You let him have as much control as he could, this way it’s easier for you to not accidentally hurt him. Remus was gripping your hips so tight there would be marks by the time he was done. He moved a hand from your hips to grope your breast as you continued the steady pace.

Remus was letting out soft whimpers in your ear as you kissed down his neck, covering him in the good kind of bruises until his movements became more erratic and you felt him twitch inside you. Remus sped up bringing you both to your climax’s, you stayed there until you slowly sat up and Remus lifted you and you laid down beside him, with your head on his chest.

Remus pulled one of the sheets of the blanket fort down covering the two of you since your top half was bare under the blanket and the other guys could really walk in any minute. Remus Waved his wand and a tree appeared in the corner of the room, the branches stretching all the way to over top of your bed, the leaves falling off one at a time.

You looked up at Remus and moved to kiss him once more but as you did a leaf fell on his face. You grabbed the leaf and folded it tucking it behind his ear as you kissed him. Remus drifted off to sleep before you. He awoke to see it was far into the night, the other boys all asleep in their beds. He moved his head to look down at your sleeping figure but as he did he noticed his paper crown had been replaced with one made of leaves, he just smiled and placed it on your messy head of hair before drifting back off to sleep.