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What you hate based on your Moon placement?🌙

Moon in 1st house : Being around negative and arrogant people that lack empathy

Moon in 2nd house: Losing the material possessions that hold a lot of spiritual meaning like things that you have saved since you were a child . You would suffer even for losing an album or your diary .

Moon in 3rd house: Lacking communication with your loved ones and losing contanct with your siblings.Having issues during short trips.

Moon in 4th house : Conflicts at home that can shake the sense of security you feel when you are with your family. Looking people that try to hurt your family members emotionaly or physically.

Moon in 5th house: Looking children in general , especially your own children suffering and feeling like they lack romance, excitement or creativity in your life.

Moon in 6th house: Having health issues. Not feeling in a good shape. Having problems in your daily life or at work .

Moon in 7th house : Being in a relationship with a selfish person who doesn’t care about your emotional needs. You would hate a relationship that doesn’t provide you emotional healing.

Moon in 8th house : You hate expressing your feelings and being vulnerable, showing your deepest needs or your strongest emotions.Also you hate emotional bonds that aren’t as strong as you want and feeling a lack of intensity in your life and relationships.

Moon in 9th house : You hate to see people attacking your beliefs or to be pushed to believe something that doesn’t bring you emotional satisfaction.

Moon in 10th house: Having a reputation as an arrogant person or choosing a career that doesn’t fulfill you emotionally.

Moon in 11th house: Feeling rejected from your friends . You hate to feel like you don’t have a group where you belong.

Moon in 12th house: Having to deal with people who ignore their intuition and their ability to look deeper in their dreams . Probably they hate to show their hidden emotional baggage too and some bad memories they have with their mother.

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ash reminded me of how much i like Hissis-  i used to have a red Hissi on my old account i can’t get into anymore

Thank you for 300!This is now way over due since a lot of people have come since. Just a quick sketch to thank ya’ll. But as promised I wanted to make an official post just thanking everyone who follows me or even those who have really shook up the harvest moon tag. I have been apart of the community for technically years but I was pretty silent for most of it. I’m a pretty shy person especially online and this blog has encouraged me to talk more on here about a passion of mine which is harvest moon (etc). I don’t want to get all sappy cause I’m pretty much a crybaby who will say thank you hundreds of times but really thank you. I want to continue to grow this blog as a place where you can find hm/sos/farmingsim content. A place that people can talk to me if they are looking for conversation or at least a place where I can promote these wonderful games and artists who support them. 

Sidenote: (Someone asked me this but for those wondering Claire from MFoMT/HMDS is my mascot since she was my favorite protag in the series!)


Imagine the break up 

“What’s wrong with going out and falling in love like a normal person, Leah? Imprinting is just another way of getting your choices taken away from you.”

“We’re never going to be happy Embry,” she mumbled softly as she stared into the fire. “This isn’t a free will type of situation. You imprinted on me, meaning that we’re forced to be together. This isn’t happiness.”

Swallowing hard, he slowly shook his head. Embry had a bad feeling about where this conversation was going. “You are my happiness. I need you, I love you. Imprint or not, I’m madly in love with you.”

“If you wouldn’t have imprinted on me then we wouldn’t have ended up together. You never would have even noticed me. You know that, right?” Before he could speak, the girl rested a soft hand on his thigh. “Listen when I say this, okay? Listen to me. Don’t interrupt. Don’t protest.”

“Fine,” Embry muttered. 

Quickly, she stood up. facing away from him. “I want you to be able to have free will. I want you to meet a girl. Build. Fall in love. Embry, this isn’t right. This isn’t okay. I can’t be the girl that takes away all of your choices.”


“I’m leaving you,” the girl painfully stated. “But I want you to move on. Listen to what I say, I command you to move on. To fall in love the natural way. I approve of this, and you should too. You deserve a normal life. I’m sorry. I love you, I swear I do. But this isn’t right.” 

As she walked away, he didn’t follow. Half of him was too heartbroken to chase her, she already made up her mind. The other half of him knew she was right. What choices do any of the wolves have in the sense of love?

He sat by the fire and listened to the soft crackle. He stayed that way all night, just sitting and enjoying the peace.

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If you don’t have too many, maybe Minako could be hanging out with Ami. They don’t interact much in canon. :/

which is honestly criminal?? anyway so every time they go to take a picture Ami pulls a doofy face because Mina cracks up HYSTERICALLY every single time. you would think by now she would know to expect it but one minute you’re talking about why it’s actually bad for professors to assign more than one paper a week and the next this nerd is RUINING A PERFECTLY GOOD PHOTO JUST BECAUSE SHE LIKES MAKING YOU LAUGH

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hi moon, what advice do you have for someone who is paranoid their friends dont like them?


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

hello my dear! i completely understand that feeling, and I’m not sure what advice i can offer other than telling you that you are wonderful and deserve love and friendship… it’s easy to think the opposite, but if your friends are truly your friends, they must love and appreciate you lots!! 

i can assure you, that your paranoia is most likely just that ❤️  it’s easy to get stuck in a bad headspace that makes you think things that make you sad. and sometimes we project how we feel about ourselves as how others think about us, when really its not the case at all. 

real friends should be able to talk about this and if you feel the need, then maybe try to have a conversation with them about this, if theyre a good friend theyll surely slap you (in a nice way), hug you, and shoo those silly akumas away ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

hope this helps anon! ❤️ 


“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually the confidence will follow.” Carrie Frances Fisher (October 21st, 1956 - ∞)


I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering splendid
Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide!