the moon for you

Thank you to those who nominated me in this year’s Klaroline Awards. 

Because of your awesomeness, this year I’ve been nominated in three separate categories: 

Best Completed Fiction : Above All Else

Best New Drabble Series: Songs of the Moment

Best Smut Drabble/Oneshot: Warrior’s Welcome

You can follow the link to vote HERE for me or any of the other wonderful, amazing Klaroliners!

    practically squealing and kicking and swinging her legs about, the queen cradles the bundle of joy in her arms as she settles down for the one hundredth time after many excited reactions to her new friend. after finding the little tot and cleaning up the poor, abandoned infant she quickly sent word to a servant to go fetch her trusted general. and she’s been giggling and playing with the baby ever since while waiting.

    ❛ ooo~ look at your little claws oh, poor thing. ❜ or at least, what’s left of the claws that did survive whatever the child went through. ❛ who would clip such things? ah, i’ll take good care of you. ❜

♕. @butterflyiiisms `

Dad: Hey don’t stay up late we’re leaving early in the morning

Me: gotcha


Me: *looks at the clock*

[3:22 AM]

Me: oh shit lmao

awkwardshyfangirl  asked:

Hello, Could you do the Gaiden version of Mathilda in #117? If you didn't want to do that, is Kai (#155) from Harvest Moon alright instead? I don't want to be greedy...

How about both? :D I hope you like them!

Requests are closed, sorry!