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p3 of the timetraveling rots!vader au, in which the future sounds like a cheap holodrama, also known as oh god why wouldn’t this chapter end?!
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Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi is already nursing a headache by the time he starts down the spiraling path that will take him to the belly of the Order’s Temple. Spending most of the morning arguing with Yoda would be enough to give anyone a headache - though ‘arguing’ is perhaps an inaccurate way of describing it. 'Arguing’ suggests that one is standing in opposition to another stance. He’s still not sure that Yoda even has a stance on the so-called Sith they have imprisoned in the Force-proof cells far below the residential levels.

Perhaps it would be more accurately phrased as Obi-Wan has spent all morning giving a dissertation regarding why Vader should be listened to, and how Obi-Wan in particular should be the Jedi to accomplish such a task.

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Ok I live in Oklahoma right? We're not supposed to get earthquakes. We get one (in north east Tulsa) every week or two, maybe a month. Nothing bad, but they're getting worse—all over our state. And Trump wants to frack. Fracking is causing these earthquakes, and every Oklahoman knows this but Trump doesn't listen.

wow…………………… he’s literally…….gonna end the world………………….

Royally Fucked (3/?)

Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual indication
(Wrap it before you tap it kiddos)

Summary: When you and Steve agree to end your relationship you didn’t expect to take it so hard, or seek comfort in his best friend. After one night of drinking and mistakes, now you feel like you’re struggling to keep your lies straight, but what happens when you’re seeing plus signs and Steve’s hovering, someone’s going to end up hurt if you can’t keep your lies straight.

A/N: Angsty, drama, secrets, and twists. Shit is going to hit the fan…

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It had been just over a month and a half since all the lying and secrets began, it was getting easier being around Buck and Steve, things weren’t as awkward as time passed. You and Steve were even getting along better since the breakup, things were feeling more normal, at least somethings. You flip through the day planner on your desk groaning. 

The pages not telling you what you want to see, you pick it up throwing it at the wall, standing up grabbing your phone flipping to the calendar as you pace around your bedroom. Chewing your bottom lip, counting, pacing, chew, count again, pace more, panic rising in your chest, a knock on the door startles you.

“What?” You snap, the door creaks opening a small amount.

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Uncle Jack

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It wasn’t like Jack didn’t like kids. It was just that, throughout his life, he had never really had the chance to properly spend time with a child, let alone take care of one. It  scared him that he wouldn’t know how to behave, or how to comfort them when they were crying. Not swearing in front of them out of habit would become a ball and chain as well.

So, when you told your boyfriend of almost two years that your niece would have to spend a night with you two, he freaked out “Jack, she’s just three” you had told him when he turned into denial mode “My brother will pick her up tomorrow after breakfast. It’s just for a night. Please, it would be alright”

Jack had met your niece before, when she was just a year old and you were just friends. Your brother had moved to London along with his wife a little over a month ago. Your brother had asked you to take care of little Ava just for the night, because he had to attend a really important business dinner which was bound to finish at a really late time. And his wife was attending an important family emergency call back in her hometown. 

Little Ava was a bundle of joy. She enjoyed painting with her fingers and dressing up. She was actually so well-behaved, you found it weird for a toddler. 

“Yeah, I know. It’s fine, she can stay” your boyfriend said, but you could tell he was already freaking out.

You raised an eyebrow “Jack?” you called him “She’s just a child, no need to pee in your pants” you crossed your arms in front of you, waiting for your boyfriend to pull himself together.

“I know, babe” he spoke. running a hand through his already messy hair “Yeah, you’re right” he said after a small pause “She’s just three, right? I mean, I can handle that for a night”

You smiled and walked over to him. You kissed his cheek “Plus, I’ll be here all the time” you told him “No need to worry”

But Jack had motives to be worried. Your brother had dropped Ava off at around 4pm, and after a quick catching up with Jack, he had stormed off. At first, the little girl had just wanted to watch TV. Jack tuned in the cartoon channel for her to watch, and that’s where things started getting weird for him.

“Uncle Jack?” Ava raised her head to look directly into Jack’s eyes, as his heart skipped a beat. She had never called him that before, and so when she did, you found yourself involuntarily turning your head towards them “Can I have a blanket, please?” she asked. 

Jack froze for a second, not sure how to react. Sure, he was her auntie’s boyfriend and all, but the girl’s comment caught him off guard. Did it mean that he could refer to her as ‘his niece’ from then on?

However, when he started seeing her, not just simply staring blankly at the three-year-old, he found himself calming down. She had Y/N’s beautiful eyes, because her brother had them as well. Her hair was wavy and fairly long, and when she smiled, a warm feeling grew into his chest because it reminded him of Y/N.

After what felt like a hundred years, Jack finally answered “Of course you can, love” he said, kissing the top of her head before getting up to get said blanket.

On his way back to the sofa, he bumped into you as you made your way out of what would become Ava’s bedroom for the night “So” you smiled, “Uncle Jack, huh?” 

A cheeky grin escaped his lips “So I take you’re not freaking out anymore” you said, as he hugged you by the shoulders and you both made your way to the living room again.

“Hey” he said “One does not simply blow away the chance to become someone’s favourite Uncle” he stated, and you chuckled. Jack put the blanket over Ava’s little legs and you both sat down with her.

No sooner after sitting down, the little girl started making her way towards Jack until she was resting on his side. When he felt the sudden warmth of the little body pressed against his, Jack looked down and smiled “Comfortable?” he asked her, making you turn your head, noticing what your niece was doing. You grinned.

“Yeah” she mumbled, before lifting a thumb to her mouth and sucking on it while she dozzed off to sleep a few minutes later. Jack looked down at her, and wrapped an arm around her petite frame “I’ll take her to bed” he told you. He scooped her up easily and carried her to her bed.

After covering her with a soft blanket, he carefully pressed his lips to her forehead “Uncle Jack?” he heard her mumble, and he internally cursed for having woken her up.

“Go back to sleep, princess” he said sweetly, before kissing her forehead again.

She whispered something inaudible, before closing her eyes again. Jack smiled at the child in front of him. It was then when he knew that maybe he was better with kids than he thought.

When he turned around to leave, he saw you leaning against the door frame, a big smile plastered on your face. Without saying a word, he walked up to you and wrapped his arms around your lower waist, parting your lips with his tongue. You laced your fingers on his hair as his tongue made love to yours. When you pulled away, his cheeks were red “Is it bad that I want to make babies right now?” he breathed out.

You chuckled quietly before pecking his lips again “Not a chance, Maynard” He fake pouted before attacking your lips again, the image of a beautiful family of your own flying above both of your heads.

One more thing for those who complain about lack of character development

You gotta remember timelines, here.

Season 1 happened over several months. (plus the year that Shiro was gone)

If you look back and calculate, season 2 happened over the course of, like, two weeks.

That, and during those two weeks, everyone was fighting for their lives. What growth was supposed to happen? What ships were supposed to develop?

That’s like your parents screaming at you about why you haven’t gotten married and had two kids while you’re currently studying for finals!

Character growth happens over time. As months and years pass on Voltron, relationships will grow and develop. (all relationships, romantic or platonic)

But season 2 was a very concentrated period of time with high moment-to-moment action.

There was no time for characters to sit around and reflect on personal growth. There was no time for your faves to make out in the castle.

This season is actually kinda difficult for fanfic writers because it was so jam-packed with events, we’ll have a difficult time finding pockets of time to just… have our faves DO stuff that isn’t fighting for survival.

Also, keep in mind, netflix ordered, what 6 seasons of Voltron?

So my point is, wait.

Wait for longer periods of in-universe time to pass.

Wait for reasonable amounts of time for canon ships to develop, if they are going to develop. It’s not “lack of character development”, it’s not “queerbaiting” it’s developing a long and stable plot for an action show until it makes reasonable sense to introduce relationships and romance.

Y’all complained about Korra romance being shoehorned. Deal with the slow burn.

i’m jk i wish i was as pretty as him. also i wish i could make pretty graphics but i cant so have this.

it’s honestly amazing to me how much attention and interaction his blog has received over the past two years. you guys really make this blog happen, and i want to share a bit of the appreciation back to my followers. thank you for writing and interacting with my muse and i! the amount of support i’ve received is overwhelming sometimes, you guys are awesome for that. this ‘list’ is just to show appreciation to the rpers that have taken the time to get to know me and my muse, and please don’t worry if you aren’t on it, i really do appreciate all of you guys.

without further to do, here is my 1.5k follower list. here are some rpers that i enjoy writing with, and muns that i’ve got to know over the weeks, months and years. in general just cool people who have made this blog all the more fun to write on, and my dashboard interesting to read. remember, this isn’t meant to serve as a bias list, it’s just here to show some love to people who help make this blog great and fun.

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Moments Series – “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

1 year, 5 months

A thud wakes you up. You roll over and squint into the darkness. The shadow of your boyfriend turns around. When he sees you’re awake, he says. “Shit, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“It’s okay,” you say groggily, “What are you doing?”

“I’m just going to the bathroom but it’s dark and I hit my shin on the bed.” Even though you’re groggy and still half asleep, you can’t stop yourself from laughing. When Shawn comes back to bed a couple minutes later, you’re still awake.

He gathers you into his arms, his hands cold from washing them. You giggle, “Your hands are freezing!” You say.

“I’m sorry babe,” He says, pulling them back and rubbing them together to warm them up before reaching for you again and pulling you back against his chest where he holds you until you fall asleep in his arms.

lmao i should’ve done this for 100 or waited for 200, bUT

150 is still something to celebrate!! especially since i’ve only had this blog a little over a month!! lemme start of by saying: wow. like, seriously… wow. i’m so flattered that so many of you like my little droid whisperer, and i can’t wait to write with more of you!! (i say as my drafts/starter calls build up… rip me)

anyways, these are the people who i’ve either connected with personally, love writing with, or admire from afar!! (under cut because oops this got long)

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yooo I’m back from the depths of my grave! I’ve been working on a 5-months group project and ugh it’s finally over orz

Thank you for the 560+ followers <3 
I want to do something to thank you all but I still don’t know what since I guess you’re all following me for a lot of different reasons! Suggestions are always welcomed ~

so here’s a little doodle of Kouka since it’s been a while since I drew something for Gintama! she is so beautiful in the opening i’m in tears every time ; ; I can’t wait to hear her voice–


This is a thing. This should be the only hashtag we use to associate with TBL Redemption. Don’t give the show ANY help because even negative noise is STILL NOISE which we DON’T want! Tom Keen is obviously not going away from the blacklist, but the best way to show NBC that no one cares about his character is to help his show crash and burn. NBC might be embarrassed and want him off TBL too. That is a BIG maybe but I’m willing to bet on it. So spread this around. We have little over a month to get this to catch on.

fuckyeahbethdixon  asked:

I just watched The Final Problem and I am not famous here on Tumblr but I desperately need a little hug after I saw that finale. The fact that it seemed like a goodbye was so sad. Please tell me everything will be okay. *sobs while clinging onto crumbling hope for Season 5*

come here, friend. come into the warmth of my embrace

the final problem was perfect, to me. I firmly believe there won’t be a series five but I’ll be dancing along with everyone else in the retirement home if we ever do ;)

I’m not sure which way you swing ship wise so I’ll not say anythign about that but personally I was very satisfied with the outcome. it’ll be very interesting to see where they do go if series five ever comes about…absolute fucking mystery as to whom I ship, I know. just have to guess :D

and wait forget sherlock a minute, THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK NEXT MONTH. WE HAVE TO PREPARE FOR PAIN ALL OVER AGAIN. now I’m the one that needs a hug

I never expected this.

Now that I’m calling the series complete, I’ve thrown together a new timeline graphic (I’m not great at graphics but I like to make them myself rather than commissioning them). Should be reminiscent of the cover pic I used for Carnivores– the first fic in the series, not the series itself! Only this time I erased the city buildings and bridge from the background.

As I always say, I can’t promise anything, but as I’ve been working on Bright Like the Sun over the past couple of months I really have felt that these guys’ stories have finally been told. That is, Daesung’s and Seunghyun’s, as the series is written entirely from their perspectives. I can’t say with certainty that I won’t ever revisit this AU– perhaps with something short?– but at this time I see it as being complete. It feels complete. And I’m ready to move on to other things.

As sappy as it sounds, the guys as they appear in Carnivores have become surprisingly dear to my heart. I don’t often sit around thinking, ‘What happens next?’ It tends to just come to me, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere. Almost like memories of things that happened once, memories that I’m allowed little glimpses of here and there… But now it truly feels like the book has closed, and the guys are done sharing their lives with me. Me and my ~prying eyes~ lol. At some point I do want to make a blog entry expanding on a few things (mainly some things that happened in Dreams Like Ashes). I’ve been wanting to do this for months but have been waiting on BLTS to be completed, so… stay tuned for that?

6 fics. 6 months. 174,000 words. Thank you, everyone, for your readership– for kudos at AO3, upvotes at AFF, comments at both, and asks/replies/messages here at Tumblr. It’s been fun. ♥