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When did kraatiz(????? is that how you spell his name????) first show up?

Kravitz first showed up in episode 30, due to the fact he was the crystal golem monster. Episode 30, Time: 20:20

He introduced himself by name in episode 36, which is the point most point to his first appearance. That is incorrect, episode 30 is the correct one; that’s just the first Griffin put a name to his voice

One of the quintessential films within the vampire genre: DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS review

A young newlywed couple, Stefan and Valerie, are on their way to a honeymoon in Belgium, but their train is delayed so they decide to stay at a hotel. All is well. Stefan has a few screws loose. But apart from that, everything is fine. Well, until the ageless Countess Bathory and her lesbian sidekick (who hates clothes) enter the manor, kill people and seduce the newlyweds. Countess Bathory is based on a real historical figure; Elizabeth Bathory was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing hundreds of young women in her quest for immortality. Daughters of Darkness is a different and unique vampire film, and director Harry Kümel avoids all the bloodsucking cliches you might expect to see. There are no fangs. No monsters. No holy crosses. No coffins. Vampires usually have weird, gothic names like Yorga and turn into bats. But here the vampires have common names, and they aren’t allergic to garlic. They don’t dress like depressed heavy metal rockers either. Visually breathtaking and one of the best lesbian vampire films ever made.

Daughters of Darkness (“Les lèvres rouges”)
Release year: 1971
Country: France/Belgium/Germany
Director: Harry Kümel
Starring: Delphine Seyrig, John Karlen, Andrea Rau, Daniele Ouimet


Every song recommened by Namjoon for the first half of 2017 #RMusic

i. by your side - sade / ii. track 3 - 이소라 / iii. 행복해 보이는 사람처럼 - 빌리어코스티 / iv. running back - wale ft. lil wayne / v. cave me in - gallant x tablo x eric nam/ vi.  바람 (2015) - Zion.T / vii. know me - scott quinn / viii. delicate - scott quinn / ix. gajah - gaeko ft. rap monster / x. U - H.E.R / xi. young - the chainsmokers / xii. love - kendrick lamar ft. zacari / xiii. lust for life - lana del rey ft. the weeknd / xiv.  오늘 취하면 - suran ft. changmo / xv. 12 seconds - nell / xvi. 민들레 - 우효 / xvii. 나랑 아니면 - 검정치마 /  xviii. night call - steve aoki ft. lil yachty & migos / xix. undercover angel - JJ72 

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[!] BTS was chosen by TIME as one of the 25 most influential people on the Internet

Overtaking Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to spend 27 consecutive weeks atop Billboard’s “Social 50” chart, which tracks popularity across different platforms, would be an impressive feat for any artist. It’s especially so for BTS, a Korean boy band — the full name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, loosely translates to “bulletproof boy scouts” in English — whose seven members have managed to cultivate a virtual fanbase that could give the Beyhive a run for its money. In 2016, the so-called BTS Army propelled Wings to No. 26 on the Billboard 200 — the highest-ever debut for a K-pop album — and earlier this year, they helped BTS win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. During their acceptance speech, band member Rap Monster (real name: Kim Nam-joon) gave credit where credit was due: “This award belongs to [everybody] around the world who shines the love and light on us,” he said. —Raisa Bruner