the monster inside of me


One incredible orgasm and I was limp. His wife was playing with my husband’s hard cock. When I saw this I got really turned on. I get it why he likes to watch me with other men. I wanted to watch them now…but that wasn’t going to happen. My husband straddled my face, leaned over and put my arms above me head. His cock instinctively went in my mouth. I felt something cold on my pussy. Turns out it was lube. Our friend once again pushed that monster inside me. My mouth fell open and I’m pretty sure I made some weird sound. There was no “being cool” at that moment. I tried to suck my husband while the other guy continued to stretch my pussy but I kept stopping. It felt like with each long stroke my pussy was so stretched that his cock rubbed my clit continuously. My husband has a big dick but I had never felt this before. My husband moved away and I looked up again at our friend and he asked me very politely, “Can I fuck you now”? I looked for my husband’s approval and he simply nodded yes. My response was a nervous, “OK”.
He pushed my bent knees back towards my head and proceeded to drive himself deep inside me. How the hell I was able to take so much of him inside me must be directly relative to how horny I was. I’ve never experienced anything like this. He started to speed up his strokes and would pound me and then he would tease me and then push all the way inside then tease again and pound again. He must have sensed I was going to come again because he started to grind against my clit while completely inside me. I lost it. I screamed. It wasn’t a controlled or quiet clench. I was loud and convulsing. I grabbed anything I could and held on for dear life. I think I may have blacked out for a second.
Sometimes sex and orgasms give me energy and sometimes they sap all I have. I wanted to give as good as I was getting but it was more than I had to give. I was hoping he had cum but soon realized he hadn’t. I needed a break and wanted to watch them fuck his wife. My pussy was pulsating when his wife got on all fours right over me. Her pussy was right above me when that giant cock slid inside her.
It was an incredible view, if I looked back I saw my husband fucking her mouth just past her swaying tits. Right above me was this beautiful pussy being speared by and equally beautiful cock. I started to rub my clit as I watched this incredible scene front up close. It was a little bit after I started rubbing his balls that he slid his cock out and put it to my mouth. I opened for him and let him fuck my mouth as I stroked his thick shaft. We went back and forth from her pussy to my mouth over and over again. I heard my husband cumming which spawned a furious fucking of her from behind. Within moments a felt a flood of cum shoot all over me. Who cums like this? It’s was endless. I wasn’t sure what to do until the wife started licking it off me and then kissed me right on the mouth. What an introduction to the Hotwife thing. *I remind you that I am pretty tame normally. This was mind blowing to me…at the time.

FWB Pt 4

We made our way to the bedroom and ultimately on to the bed. Four people on a bed with the guys on either side and us girls together in the middle. The two of us started making out and touching one another.  I was super turned on when she put her fingers in my pussy. She slid them in and out of me with ease.  The boys came in and claimed their bride by holding us and gently taking off our underwear. My husband laid me back and was kissing me while he played with my pussy. He started asking me if I wanted our friend to fuck me and how much he wanted to see him do that.  My normal response is “I don’t know”.  This is because I worry too much, lol.  He kept suggesting and I kept being too shy to admit I wanted to feel that monster dick inside me. Then I felt hands spread my legs apart and i opened my eyes to see our friend naked above me with his huge cock in his hands. I had her on one side and my husband on the other “encouraging” me. I finally decided to just let it happen.  I had fantasized about it for a long time, ever since I got a glimpse of it months ago.  I had never felt something so big in my hands or ever in my mouth before.  Now I was going to feel him inside me.  I was flushed red as they each pulled a leg back and he put the head of his cock on my pussy lips and pushed the giant head inside me.

Ok let me tell you, I was really wet and he could barely fit that thing inside me. I must have looked like I was in pain, because they asked me if I was okay. Slow, I just wanted him to go slow. I’ve played with big toys and I know sometimes my body just needs to adjust to them. This was different.  It was so warm and soft by comparison.  His cock was super hard but it felt amazing. He was so gentle as he pushed into me, pulled back and then pushed in again.  It was like he was teasing me but any more of him and I might split in half. My husband was relaxing me when the wife started slowly rubbing my clit. It all felt so amazing. I had to see it. I wanted to watch that big, beautiful cock going inside me. I got up on my elbows so I could see what was making me feel so full. All that did was turn me on even more. I had never been stretched like this before. I didn’t know real cocks came in this size.

He was half his length inside me as I felt my orgasm building.  I mean this is ridiculous, I was about have an orgasm within maybe the first 4-5 minutes of sex.  That just doesn’t happen. Or maybe it does. It started to build and everyone knew it.  He didn’t change his tempo and just kept fucking me slowly as she rubbed me clit. My breathing quickened and I started rocking back and forth on his cock and then … my orgasm hit, I clenched down so hard I stopped breathing.  I closed my eyes and everything seemed to disappear. No sound, no lights.  My pussy opened more for him and he started sliding his whole cock inside me which made the orgasm intensify even more. I could never take my toys this deep inside but his cock found a way. There was a point where I wanted it to stop because I literally didn’t think I could handle the intensity, but there was no stopping now. I came over and over as I felt every inch of him pushing in and out of me. I don’t know how long my orgasm was, but it was exhausting.  I tried to focus my eyes and regain some level of composure. His cock was still inside me but he stopped moving and I started to come around. This was literally the most intense orgasm(s) I had ever had…and we had just started.  


Monsters, beneath my bed. Monsters, inside my head. They’re waiting to be fed…waiting to tear me to shreds. Despite the tears I shed, they will never stop until I’m dead.

Forgive my rather macabre aesthetic boards today. I’m in a horror kind of mood. My next one will be more cheerful.