the monster bar

BTS As: Things I’ve Overheard In The Bar This Month (Mar.)

Jin: Well, you’re as pleasant as a peach!

Yoongi: You could destroy my world and I’m totally cool with it.


Namjoon: *wipes smudged lipstick* I’m having an off week.

Jimin: He’s got a weird mustache, you can do better than that.

Taehyung: Years from now, I’ll still be a rock star and I’ll be living in a weird house. 

Jungkook: *finger guns from across the bar*


Artwork by Doug Horne

Prerelease: Standard Advice

The following is provided thanks to island-delver-go​.

Here’s the standard advice for Limited (Sealed and Draft) decks.

1) 17 lands

2) 16-18 creatures

3) 5-7 non-creature spells

4) Keep a good curve (very important)

5) Removal is super important

6) Don’t force a color combo just because you want to (i.e. Don’t force UB if the cards can’t support it)

A good curve will usually be something like:

1 CMC - 2-4 cards

2 CMC - 3-6 cards

3 CMC - 3-6 cards

4 CMC - 2-5 cards

5 CMC - 2-3 cards

6+ CMC - 1-2 cards

Other important advice:

  • Take a nap if you can beforehand - I’ve won plenty because the other person was half asleep.
  • Bring a drink and a snack - I personally swear by a monster and a metrx bar. I don’t like getting candy because it’s messy and you can crash and chips get your hands greasy and lots of people don’t play with sleeves. I find I can eat the metrx bar from the wrapper and stay clean.
  • Have fun! - it’s a prerelease. Don’t be a spike. Don’t be a rules lawyer. It’s not a competitive event. Sure, play well, play tight, but if someone makes an honest mistake I’ll almost always let them take it back. It depends, too, on the situation of course but in general, play nice.

People are like

‘Lesbian Beauty and the Beast!!!’

Weak. Pathetic. You are not pushing the monster-human bar FAR ENOUGH

LESBIAN FRANKENSTIEN. Local 1800s lady scientist in an attempt to create something that will truely strike her name down into scientific history create a giant buff lady. But instead of the orginal plot line where creator abandons the monster and the whole thing ends up in murder and sadness, Lady Frankenstien loves and dotes on her creation and teaches the monster how to human and loves her regardless of her stitches and the good doctor sweats like a race horse after a derby whenever Monster flexes or does pushups. And Monster doesn’t understand why creator sweats so heavily and gets all red in the face, but gosh it’s cute and Monster just wants to do her best for Creator.

Hotland!Grillby AU

The King advised all his subjects to be kind and respectful to the Monster that resides in Hotland…

… The Embodiment of Hotland…

Hotland itself…

He was a quiet gentle flame who knows full well how destructive and dangerous he can be. He would not dare or dream to hurt anyone. The last thing he want was to lose the people who now keeps him company underground.

He’s been so lonely down here for years…

Can also work as an Origin story for Grillby. Probably. I like the thought of him fighting in the War beside Gaster as well, but I also want him to be ‘Hotland’… so this is the Hotland!Grillby AU omg not another AU

Random Note. The ‘Fire Exit’ at Grillby’s is a door directly connected to Hotland.xD

Choose Your Own Adventure: Dating Version

Remember when I had everyone do that poll to see who would star in a Choose Your Own Adventure?  Well, Red won back then, so I did one with him in it!  However, I did a dating sim version instead of the babybones prompt (and to the anon that gave me that wonderful prompt, I’m just going to do like a fanfic one-shot of that to make it up to you <3 ).  I hope you guys like this! (And I hope I remembered to link everything..)  Consider this part of my milestone thingy, and as thanks for always being so kind to me.  I was going to do multiple dating options with this, but I got a little carried away, and I ran out of time.  So, if you guys think this is fun, I might do some others in the future.

Just a reminder that this will link you guys to a side blog I made for it, where you guys can click through options to get to go to the next one.  Try not to look at other posts/open the links in new tabs if you can, so you don’t get spoilers.  And please, don’t follow the sideblog so I can reuse it for other Choosetales without spamming you/giving you spoilers.  

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As you pass by an establishment called Grillby’s, your gaze is drawn to purple light illuminating the neon cursive writing on the sign.  You’re looking to kill some time, so you decide that it can’t hurt to go inside and see what it’s like.  A bell over the door chimes to signal your entrance, but you don’t draw the gaze of any of the patrons–although, you do quickly realize that this appears to be a monster-dominant establishment.  You’re undaunted; instead, your curiosity has been piqued, and you find yourself interested in what kind of food and drinks would be served in a monster bar, as well as what kind of monsters give such a place their patronage.  

*You continue further inside.

Blame it on the Alcohol‒ Part 2

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4k 

College Kook and sexy times what more could you want?

Summary: After that night at the bar, Jungkook had gone back to his shy self and was now avoiding you. You confronted him after running into him on campus and he told you about his lack of confidence. You decided to go back to the bar and help him gain more confidence. 

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4 

“…And those are the reasons why Abraham Lincoln was the most influential president in United States history. Thank you,” I concluded the presentation, alone. Jungkook was conveniently absent on the day of our presentation. He had also spoken minimally to me since that night at the bar. Sure, we got our presentation done with little to no problems but after class, he would rush away from me and ignore me every time I ran into him on campus. He didn’t give me his phone number so I couldn’t contact him that way. It’s as if that night, with that confident guy, had never happened.

I pushed away the feelings of anger and betrayal and left the class. I had two more lectures to get through before I finally got to go home. It was Friday, after a long week and all I wanted to do was slump onto my couch in my sweatpants and put on my favorite tv show. I slid through the next two classes, taking as little notes as possible then rushed out of the last class into the courtyard of the campus.

I walked along a brick wall which would lead to a shortcut back to my apartment. I began to walk across an intersection of walkways when someone crashed into me as they barrelled around the corner, causing me to collapse on the ground.

“Oh! I–I’m sorry!”  a familiar person voiced their apologies.

“Wha…” I shook myself out of my state of surprise as I registered what had just happened and who was standing in front of me, “Wha… Jungkook?!”

I looked up to see those familiar big brown eyes, “Oh, um…” he looked at me then shifted his eyes guiltily.

To my surprise, he started to back away from me, leaving me on the ground.

“Hey!” I jolted up and closed the space between us. I back him against the brick wall and put my hands on either side of his body to block him in. From an outsider’s perspective, this probably looked silly since I was significantly smaller than him and definitely not as muscular but, shy little Jungkook easily obliged to me being so aggressive with him, “Do you want to explain to me why you weren’t at our presentation today?!” I shouted at him.

He shook his head and rubbed his temple, “I–I’m so sorry, Y/N. It’s just that… presentations… they always make me so nervous and I–I was going to show up, really I was! But then, I–I panicked and I didn’t know what to do so I–I ditched, and that was wrong and I’m so sorry,” he fumbled over his words nervously, waving his hands as he frantically explained himself.

I rolled my eyes, rubbed my brow and sighed, “Okay, okay it’s okay,” I tried to calm him and myself at the same time. I sighed again and looked up at him, “can you explain why you’ve been avoiding me since we slept together?” I asked forwardly.

He looked directly into my eyes, trying to find his answer within them. He looked at the ground and shook his head, “Y/N,”

“You told me… I mean, you made it seem like, you–you liked me… like you wanted to do that again with…me,” now I fumbled over my words trying to hide my wavering voice and embarrassment.

He sighed,”No, I can’t explain,” he looked back at me with eyes that were filled with regret and bit his lip, “I can’t explain why I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Y/N, it’s just a fact that I’m not naturally a smooth guy. I don’t know how to win women over easily. No matter how much I want to,” he admitted.

“You didn’t have a problem with that the other night,” I thought back to how easily he pulled me in at the bar.

“I was drunk.”

I pursed my lips, “I knew the alcohol helped with your confidence, I just didn’t realize it was a necessity.”

“It’s not, I just need to get more confidence,” he told me.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “You’re telling me that the only way you can comfortably speak to me, the only way you can gain confidence, is if you’re drunk?” I laughed once.

He clenched his teeth nervously, trying to think of a way to get himself out of the corner he had been backed into, “It’s not that I need to be drunk…It’s um… Well—”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s go get drunk again,” I cut him off mid stutter.

He jolted his head back, surprised, “What?”

“You say you need more confidence and alcohol is the key to that, so, let’s go get you more confidence. Plus, you owe me since you stood me up in class today,” I told him, dropping my arms to my sides and freeing him from my human cage.

He laughed once to himself and I saw the slightest hint of a smirk growing on his face, “Okay, let’s go.”

We left campus together and went to the bar nearest the school, the one that all of the college students at our school went to. Seeing as it was only about 4:30 in the afternoon, the bar was basically empty, minus a few middle-aged local men sat at the bar who were probably avoiding going home for some reason. It shadowed as a restaurant during the daytime so there were tables evenly spread across what I knew to be the dance floor.  

“Isn’t it a little early for you guys to start partying? I mean I know it’s Friday but cmon! Usually, I have at least until 7 o'clock before you start piling in here,” the tattooed bartender lightly taunted while cleaning an empty beer glass.

“No party, just us. And it’s never too early to start partying,” I joked.

He looked down at the glass in his hand and shook his head, “If you say so,” he put the glass down and walked over to us as we sat down at the bar, leaning his inked arms on the counter, “What can I get you?”

I looked at Jungkook to answer since he was the one buying, “Uh, two beers on tap,” he said.

The bartender nodded and walked to the other end of the bar to get our drinks.

“So the presentation went fine,” I started, “I don’t know if you care, since you weren’t there,” I wasn’t ready to let go of my grudge just yet.

Jungkook hung his head defeatedly but laughed, knowing I wasn’t completely serious, “I really am sorry about that.”

“Sorry doesn’t change the fact that I was up there alone rambling about Abraham Lincoln,” I stated as the bartender place two overflowing glasses of beer in front of us.

“Do you think we got a good grade?” he asked, brushing off my attempted guilt trip and taking a big gulp of his beer which left a white line of froth on his upper lip that he quickly licked away.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, I think we got a good grade.”

“Cool… hey, do you wanna split an order of fries?” he abruptly changed the subject.

I nodded my head side to side, “I could go for some fries,”

Jungkook told the bartender who went to the back to inform the cook then came back out and continued cleaning empty glasses.

“So, what’s your major?” I asked him, trying to keep a conversation going.

He took another drink of his beer, “I’m undeclared. I’m just taking required classes right now,” he explained.

“Ah, so United States history isn’t an interest to you?” I only asked because it was the only class we had together.

He smiled, “No, not in the slightest.”

There was a lull and I decided to ask a more daring question, “So are you this shy around everyone, or just girls?”

He shook his head and looked at me from the side, “Just the pretty girls.”

I leaned back and blushed at his response. “Not smooth” my ass.

“Oh cmon, you can’t be that surprised that I think you’re hot; I already fucked you,” he pointed out cockily and took another drink of his beer. By this time the fries had come out, steaming hot. I grabbed one and shoved it into my mouth, ignoring that it was burning my throat as it slid down.

“You avoided me for an entire week but now you’re all the sudden being bold? You make no sense Jeon Jungkook,” I shook my head and sipped at my beer to extinguish the burn in my throat.

“I think it’s the change in setting,” he pondered, “school isn’t exactly the best place to talk about my sexcapades,” he noted.

“Wait, sexcapades? As in more than one? Is that something you do regularly?” I turned my body to face him and asked in a slightly confrontational tone.

Not looking at me, he grabbed a fry as nibbled the top of it, “No,” he smiled as if he were bragging.

I narrowed my eyes at him and decided to move on.

“That night,” I began, “You asked if we could do it again sometime. Does that mean you enjoyed yourself?” I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting at but I was curious about what his answer would be.

One corner of his lips turned upward, “I had tons of fun. I think the best part was watching you dance,” he looked into space, imagining the scene, “you really know how to move your hips,” he didn’t seem shy anymore.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “That was the best part for you?”

He turned his body toward me and leaned in with the same mischievous smile he had the last time we were at the bar, “Well it was definitely one of the highlights,” he purred.

“You wanna know what the best part for me was?” I decided what I wanted and I was done dancing around the subject. Best to be straightforward, “My favorite part was when you took me back to your apartment and fucked me so hard I couldn’t think straight” I cooed, feigning innocence, contrasting the profanities that had just left my lips.

Jungkook didn’t seem taken aback by what I said, “Darling, I wasn’t even showing you all I’ve got,” he teased.

“Oh really? What else could you do?” I baited.

With a final smirk, Jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t an eager or needy kiss, but rather slow and playful. I molded my lips to his and scooted closer. His hand rested on my upper thigh and squeezed. I could faintly taste the beer which still lingered on his lips.

I leaned back and looked at his half‒drank glass of beer, “Okay are you really that much of a lightweight?”

He followed my gaze to the glass and laughed, “No! No,” he looked at his hand which was still resting on my thigh, “I don’t think need the alcohol when I’m with you,” he admitted, “you make it really easy to say what’s on my mind,” he confessed, looking sweetly into my eyes with his huge, gleaming puppy dog eyes.

“Plus, I need to be sober if I’m going to bring my A‒game,” he said.

I furrowed my brow, “Bring your A‒game to what?”

He smiled and stood from his stool. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, slipping out a crisp 20 dollar bill and tossing it on the counter, “Let’s go,” he flicked his head toward the door and started walking in that direction. I took one last look at the half-empty glasses of beer and the plate of fries that were barely touched then scrambled to followed Jungkook who was pretty much already out the door.

“Go where?” I asked after I caught up with him outside.

He didn’t respond however, my question was answered when I noticed that we were headed in the direction of his apartment. I picked up my pace in order to keep up with him and ignored the fact that my body was already aching with desire just at the thought of what he would do to me.

We got to his apartment building as the sun was just beginning to set behind the skyscrapers, filling the sky with orange and pink tones. The lobby was empty and I followed Jungkook down a short, familiar hallway to the elevator.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. We slipped inside to the box and, in a moment of deja vu, Jungkook pressed the button to his floor then backed me up against the wall of the elevator. He brought both hands up to cup my jaw then pressed his lips to mine softly. My knees felt weak at the touch of his lips and I faded into him.

“Oh yeah, this is already more fun than last time,” he spoke against my lips. I had to agree with him. Right now we were making out in the elevator, just like last time, but, there wasn’t any sort of urgency. Plus, our kisses weren’t sloppy and wet like they had been the other night, it’s a hell of a lot easier to make out with someone without alcohol clouding your brain.

The door dinged again and we broke apart in order to walk out of the elevator and down the brightly lit corridor to his apartment. He dug around in his pocket until he found his keys then he unlocked the door and let us in.

He kicked off his shoes and I followed suit, setting them next to the front door. Jungkook tenderly grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway into his bedroom. I walked through first, taking my chance to notice the simplicity of his bedroom. The bed was unmade with the black sheets crumpled up where he had been sleeping the night before. The bed was the only unkempt part of the room, books were perfectly lined up on the shelf in the corner of the room and various in a neat pile next to his closed laptop on the desk. He closed the door behind him and turned to face me, slowly walking forward until the gap between us was closed and his body was pressed against mine.

He leaned down and ghosted his lips over mine, but never actually let them touch, “lay down,” he slightly jerked his head over my shoulder to the bed behind me.

I did as he said and backed up until my knees hit the edge of the mattress and I collapsed on top of the bed. I scooted back, leaning against the propped up pillows against the headboard. Jungkook crawled up the bed after me and hovered his body over mine. He leaned down and placed a quick, single kiss on my lips. His mouth traveled farther down to my neck and sucked at the sensitive skin. I turned my head to the side in order to give him a better angle. He kissed down my collarbones then back up my neck again and stopping at my ear while he delicately took the skin between his teeth and sucked. I laced my fingers into his soft hair and played with the strands by his neck.

 His hands traveled down to my sides where he pushed up the bottom of my shirt and let his fingertips skim across the bare skin of my stomach. His fingers danced up my torso until they found my breasts which were covered by my bra. He cupped and squeezed my breasts a bit then moved his hands to once again grab the bottom of my shirt and this time, pull it over my head. He reconnected his lips with mine and fiddled around with the clasp of my bra until it popped open and he threw it onto the floor. His hands cupped the newly exposed skin and his fingers circled my nipples, creating even more heat between my legs.

I grabbed his shirt and the chest and tugged to signal that I wanted it off. He grabbed the fabric by the neck fluidly pulled it over his head, revealing his extremely toned and sculpted torso. I let my hands brush over the muscles then wrapped my arms around his waist to pull him closer and press my lips to his.

He kissed me firmly then moved his mouth down to my neck, then my shoulders, then to my chest. He left a trail of kisses in the valley of my breast then continued down my stomach. He moved his knees off of the bed and sat on the floor then grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. He kissed a line along my hips as he grabbed the button of my pants and pulled it open. He pulled my pants down my legs and let them join the rest of my clothes on the floor. His thumb rubbed the inside of my thigh, getting very close to my underwear.

He looked up at me with a smirk and pulled my underwear off of my body. First, he kissed my hip bone, then slowly moved his mouth lower. He kissed my inner thigh, ghosting his mouth over where I needed him most, but not actually going there. I squirmed in anticipation and whimpered lightly which made him smile in satisfaction. He looked into my eyes as he placed a single kiss on the outside of my folds, warmth and energy sprang through my body at that small amount of contact. He put his lips on me again, this time letting them linger and explore. His tongue gently poked out and slid down my folds. I covered my mouth and gasped as the sensation. He spread me open with his fingers then quickly swept his tongue up the entirety of my pussy. He took my folds in his lips and sucked on them before running his tongue over my clit. He used the tip of his tongue to draw circles around the tiny bud and I rocked my hips against his mouth. He was teasing me as he moved his tongue away from my clit and down to my center, then he would move back to my clit to only stay there for a second then move again. I felt my need for release getting stronger and whined to let him know. Finally, he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked gently. I gasped and moaned, not caring how loud I was as I got what I wanted. He alternated between sucking on my clit and quickly flicking his tongue against it. My legs began to shake and my breath got heavier as I drew closer to an orgasm. I laced my fingers in his hair and pushed his head down as I rocked my hips in time with his tongue. I sat up and propped myself up with my shoulders t get a view at what he was doing. His tongue was expertly moving over my clit and his finger was now circling my entrance. He slid two fingers into me and slowly pumped them in and out, making sure to curl them as well. Between his tongue and his fingers, my high was fast approaching. I was moaning a mixture of swear words and his name as I rolled my head back and closed my eyes. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach getting more and more intense as I was right on the cusp of an orgasm.

“Jungkook I’m gonna…” I tried to get the sentence out but I was too far gone.

Then, his mouth moved away from my clit and he pulled his fingers out of me.

“Hey!” I shouted frustratedly.

He chuckled and crawled back on the bed, kissing me playfully. I scowled at him and laid my head back down on the pillow as he hovered over me.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he admitted and undid his belt, opening his pants and pulling them down.

I could see the tent in his underwear, straining against the fabric. He pulled his underwear off and his dick sprung out and hit his stomach. I rolled my bottom lip between my teeth and reached for his cock. I started by grabbing the base and slowly bringing my hand upward. He let out a breath of relief when my fingers brushed on the red tip. I looked into his glimmering brown eyes and pumped my hand up and down his shaft, paying special attention to the tip.

“Y/N…” He moaned as his eyes closed and his breath got heavier.

I waited until I heard more desperation in his voice and beads of sweat gathering on his brow to pull my hand away, getting payback for what he had done to me.

He grumbled when I pulled away, pouting at me but then he attached his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. He moved in between my legs and lined his dick up with my entrance. He slowly pushed himself in, not breaking the kiss with me. When he was all the way in, the slowly pulled out halfway, giving me a chance to adjust to him. Then, he started thrusting himself in and out of me at a fairly fast pace. I raised my hips so He would hit at a different angle and I gasped in both surprise and pleasure when he pounded into my g spot. Taking hint by my reaction, he started relentlessly thrusting into the same spot, hitting my g spot over and over again. I clawed at his back and screamed out his name, closing my eyes and letting the pleasure take over.

He panted as moaned as he watched my face contort from the intense pleasure that he was giving me. He thrusted quickly and roughly, never breaking his pace. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to thrust deeper into me.

When his thrust began to lose consistency and his breathing got heavier, I knew he was close. He buried his face in my neck and sucked at the skin while his hips pounded into mine. He brought his hand down and began quickly rubbing my clit, spiking the amount of pleasure I was feeling. I came undone under his touch as a powerful orgasm took over my body. I back arched off of the bed and my mouth hung open though not a single sound came out. I clamped my eyes shut and tensed my muscles as the ecstasy coursed through me. As I came down from my high, I let out a string of moans and squeals, clamping my walls around him as he thrusted me through my orgasm.

He muttered an “oh fuck” against my neck then released himself inside of me. His hips froze as he hit his high and he let out several low moans. He continued to thrust as he came down from his high as he panted and whimpered quietly into the nape of my neck.

Eventually, his hips stopped moving and the only sound in the room was both of us panting in an attempt to even our breathing. He lifted his head from my neck and looked at me through half lidded, sleepy eyes. His hair stuck out in all different directions and he had the slightest smile on his face, reminding me of a child just waking up from his nap.

He rolled off of me and laid on his side next to me, propping his head up with his hand so he could easily look at me. I rolled onto my side as well so I could see his sweet looking face.

“I see what you meant by bringing your ‘a‒game’” I laughed, reflecting on the events that just occurred.

He chuckled and brushed my hair away from my face, clearly too worn out to joke around. I scooted closer to him and let him wrap an arm around my waist. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

“That was nice…” he sighed.

I hummed in agreement and rested my head on his chest, “and you aren’t even drunk,” I pointed out.

The room got quiet as both of us snuggled into each other, feeling exhausted. I stopped the silence by asking, “So, on Monday, are you going to go right back to being super shy and avoiding me?”

Jungkook eyes sprung open and he shook his head, “absolutely not.”

I smiled, “Good,” I closed my eyes and pressed my ear to his chest, hearing his heart pound, “‘Cause I like this version of you.”

He sighed and slipped in and out of sleep, “me too,” he said before letting his exhaustion get to him and drifting off to sleep.

Yeah, I’m a fan of confident Jungkook.

I’d love some feedback on this and if you’d like to see more, send in a request!

Thanks for Reading! xx

trusting-my-insanity  asked:

Will we ever get a short story in SSLL about detailed events that unraveled when the reader was drunk(from one of the skeletons point of view)?

It’s in the third bar he searches that Red finds you.

You’re sitting at the bar, your phone in one hand, talking to someone.  Immediately, his expression darkens; he doesn’t like the look on your face–scrunched up, angry but holding back tears.  He comes up to you, but he can’t hear what you’re saying; the music is too loud.  

“sweetheart?” he prompts, touching your back.  You jerk, but spin around on the barstool with a bright smile, steadying yourself with a hand to his chest.  

“Red!  Red, you’re here!”  You’re grinning deliriously, your eyes appearing glazed.  Without even hanging up the phone you tap Red on the sternum with the edge of it, and he reaches up to easily slide it out of your grip.  "H-how’d you find me?“

“there aren’t that many bars near your house, darlin’,” he says, speaking louder than usual in an effort to be heard over the music.  He can hear something coming from the phone, so he raises it to hold it to the side of his skull.

“You slut!  How dare you think that you can just go off and drink with those monsters behind my back!  You’d better get home right now, or we’re done!”

“you’re a real charmer, ain’t ya?” Red growls into the phone, and your boyfriend stammers in surprise.  

“Y-you again?!  I don’t want you or your undead family around her!  Which bar are you at?  I’m going to bring her home myself.”

“ya'see, that’s where you’re wrong.  i may be a skeleton, but.. i know i have more guts than a coward like you.”

The song changes in the middle of his conversation, and you lurch up from the barstool, gripping Red’s arm.  "Red, Reeeddd, I wanna danceee!“ you whine, and Red cuts off the call in the middle of your boyfriend yelling empty threats.  He pockets your phone and grips your forearms.  You’re unsteady on your feet, and obviously quite drunk if you didn’t notice him talking to your boyfriend on the phone.  

"sweetheart, maybe ya should get some water instead.”

“Don’t be a buzz kill, Red!  I thought you were a fun guy.”  You grin, tugging on his arm and leading him toward the dance floor.  There’s a giggle in your voice that isn’t usually present.

Red smirks.  "‘course i’m fun.  'lright, lemme text stretch.“  He pulls out his own phone while he lets you tug him further into the writhing, drunken bodies, and sends a text with the bar’s name to Stretch.  Then, he turns his attention to you as you start dancing.  You’re completely off-beat and your moves mostly involve swaying and flailing your arms above your head, and every now and then, you take a step that almost has you toppling backward.  Red ends up putting his hands lightly on your waist, trying to keep you steady.  He’s enough of a decent person not to take advantage–whoops, scratch that, it lasted all of two seconds before he "accidentally” grips your ass.  

His crimson eyelights are locked on your eyes, which seem glazed over.  You stumble and clutch the front of his fur-lined jacket.  “Ohhh, it’s sooo soft,” you murmur, the words slurring together as you lean forward and rub your face against the fur.  

“sweetheart,” he says, and there’s a plea in his voice.  He knows he should tell you to stop it, but he can’t bring himself to utter the words.  Instead, he just holds you steady, until someone else suddenly pops up beside you both.

“the hell are you doing, red?”  Stretch is glowering in disapproval–you’re still rubbing your cheek against the fur and smiling deliriously–and Red shakes his head.  

“hey, don’t look at me.  i ain’t makin’ her do any of this,” Red insists, and you lift your head to look over at the orange blur.  

“Heeeyy, it’s Stretch!”  With one hand still on Red’s jacket, you reach out and touch Stretch’s hoodie.  “Your hoodie isn’t as soft, but it’s still nice.”

“wow, you’re drunk.”

“told ya,” Red mutters.

“Mmm, Stretch..!  Thank you for bringin’ me food!  Even though.. even though…”  You trail off, your gaze beginning to water.  Your vision blurs even more, and you reach over to grab onto Stretch’s hoodie with both hands.  He grasps your elbows in surprise to steady you, while Red keeps a hand on your back.  

“Even though.. I got su-suspended from work today, and my parents won’t..won’t stay outta my life, and.. that asshole won’t just leave me alone.”

Oh great.  The floodgates have opened, and you start crying.  Even though you’re drunk, you still feel a flush of mortification, and you bury your face in Stretch’s chest to hide it, weeping onto his hoodie.  Stretch and Red both exchange a glance, before Stretch leads you off the dance floor, to a more secluded portion of the bar.  Two monsters being seen with a crying, drunk girl probably isn’t in their best interest.  

“slow down, honey.  what happened?”

“explains why she’s wasted,” Red mutters, and you feel his hand rubbing your back again while Stretch keeps holding you up.  Your arms go around his waist–you really just need a hug right now; you need someone to tell you that everything will be all right despite the fact that your world is crashing around you.

“It’s stupid, it’s nothing, but it’s.. it’s so hard.  I don’t know how much longer I can deal.  I.. I’ve been sleeping in the guestroom, and everything I do is the wrong thing, even.. even though, hanging out with y-you guys… it’s the happiest I’ve been in so long..”  You’re sobbing now, your entire body shaking.  “So, please… please don’t leave.. please?  I k-know I’m a mess right now, and I’m sorry.  I’ll.. I’ll be stronger tomorrow, oka-ay?  Just.. don’t leave.”  Your voice is wavering, and you can’t help pleading your insecurities; the filter between your brain and mouth has been obliterated by some good ol’ Jameson.

“no one’s goin’ anywhere, sweetheart,” Red’s mouth is close to your ear, his breath stirring your hair.  “so don’t ya worry about that, ok?”

“yeah, it’s going to be all right,” Stretch murmurs, his arms moving to encircle you, which makes you relax.  You really needed that hug.  You hear them mumble something, and you catch Sans’s name, but you’re too busy crying to really process the information.  

“where’s the boyfriend?” Stretch asks Red.


“We got in a… a fight.  Well, we’ve been in a fight ever since I came back.. We’re always fightin’… He doesn’t like..” You trail off; you don’t want to admit that they’re the cause of the fight, even as wasted as you are. “He said he was g-going to a bar to score some numbers, so I.. I wanted to drink.  It’s been a lonnnngg week.”

“drinkin’ when you’re sad ain’t the way to go, sweetheart.”

“I just.. just wanted a vacation… I’m s-sorryy…”  You voice breaks again, and you feel the bar begin to spin.  You’re getting tired, and the lights are starting to blur together.  You push away from Stretch and attempt to sit on a barstool, but really, you just want to lie down.  Just as your knees start to buckle and your hand slips from the stool’s padding, you feel another set of arms take hold of you.  One arm goes around your shoulders, while the other hooks beneath your knees, and you’re hefted up bridal-style against someone’s chest.

They’re surprisingly strong, and you allow your heavy head to loll against their shoulder.  You feel a warm breath at your ear, this one smelling strongly of ketchup–which makes your weakened stomach churn.  

“let’s go home, kiddo,” Sans murmurs, having arrived on the scene after receiving a text from Stretch with the address.  

You grip onto his jacket like a lifeline, and the desperate syllable cracks on its way out, “Please.”

When he carries you outside, you’re already out of it, but Edge is standing there beside his sleek convertible.  His arms are crossed, and he’s wearing a deep scowl.  Despite his irritation, worry enters his gaze when it lands on your form cradled in Sans’s arms.  “WELL?  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?”

“rough week.  suspended from work, problems with the parents, and it sounds like the douchebag boyfriend is making her life hell.”


Edge’s jaw is agape, and Red shrugs, sliding in the passenger seat as Sans climbs into the back with you and Stretch.  “c’mon boss.  i’ll fill ya in one the way home.”