the monster bar


Artwork by Doug Horne

Hotland!Grillby AU

The King advised all his subjects to be kind and respectful to the Monster that resides in Hotland…

… The Embodiment of Hotland…

Hotland itself…

He was a quiet gentle flame who knows full well how destructive and dangerous he can be. He would not dare or dream to hurt anyone. The last thing he want was to lose the people who now keeps him company underground.

He’s been so lonely down here for years…

Can also work as an Origin story for Grillby. Probably. I like the thought of him fighting in the War beside Gaster as well, but I also want him to be ‘Hotland’… so this is the Hotland!Grillby AU omg not another AU

Random Note. The ‘Fire Exit’ at Grillby’s is a door directly connected to Hotland.xD

(I hope I don’t regret this >.<)

Okay, I think it’s time to slowly start uploading art again. So, I had the idea of drawing and develop more my AUs, showing all the main characters. I decided to start with Owltale :3 (If you didn’t know, it’s based on Guardians of Ga’Hoole, the movie)


In this universe, monsters are owls and humans are bats. Thanks to Frisk, they are living a Pacifist Route, already in the surface, enjoying the forests and the sky, flying free.

  • Bat!Frisk(Egyptian fruit bat): In this AU, Frisk is a girl. She’s shy, curious and super friendly xD She loves to hang out with monsters and help them.
  • Owl!Sans (Barn owl): He loves to fly and do nothing else. His job is to search and rescue anyone who needs help. Unlike classic Sans, he’s more energetic and cheerful (He loves puns too).
  • Owl!Papyrus (Barred owl): He’s part of the Royal Guard (it’s like the police on this AU) but he loves his hobby (no, he doesn’t cook xD). He designs and makes clothes for every monster. (His personality is pretty similar to classic Papyrus).

(If you want, I can be uploading more drawings about this and then about my other AUs).