the monroe

Teen Wolf.

This will always go done as my all time favourite show. It captured my heart the moment I watched it mainly because it kept the mythology behind monsters but twisted it to give it a nice vibe for the show. Banshees for example aren’t as romanticized in mythology but I really adore Lydia and how they incorporated their version. I’m not going to stop taking for requests for teen wolf. Never. I was about 12 or 13 went it first aired and sure I didn’t fall out of a season because of life but I got back in fast. I was already out of high school when their senior year came and I have to say Peter, Deucalion, Theo, Kate and Nolan really redeemed themselves in their own way. I really hope in the future, even if I’m in my thirties, that they bring back Teen Wolf for even another season like they’ve been doing with every fucking show lately. The one problem that I had with the finale was that Corey and Mason weren’t with the pack at the very end and I WISH NOLAN HAD BEEN THERE TOO. BUT COACH SAVING JACKSON AND ETHAN IS MY FUCKING LIFE RIGHT THERE. Gabe dying was a fave scene too kinda wish Theo didn’t take his pain though.

I lowkey think that Coach and Danny had a little after show supernatural knowledge club where they were talked about the shitty life in Beacon Hills and kept it secret to their amusement.