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Relationships: Don Cragen & the Monkey in the Basketball
Characters: Don Cragen, John Munch, Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler
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Summary: The greatest OTP in all of SVU’s history.

This is for @ladyzootie and @adarafaelbarbas, because I think we could all use it after this week. <3

Fans Choose Anime’s Most Inspiring Leaders

Japanese anime fans, that is, who have been asked by pollmasters Charapedia, “who are the anime leaders you’d follow to the bitter end?” Who are anime’s most inspiring leaders? Let’s find out.

20. Bright Noa
Mobile Suit Gundam

19. Kotaro Bokuto

18. Mamoru Endo
Inazuma Eleven

17. Edward Newgate
One Piece

16. Tsubasa Ozora
Captain Tsubasa

15. Junpei Hyuga
Kuroko’s Basketball

14. Takami Chika
Love Live Sunshine

13. Kazuya Miyuki
Ace of Diamond

12. Toru Oikawa

11. Bossun/Yusuke Fujisaki
Sket Dance

10. Kunimitsu Tezuka
Prince of Tennis

9. Isao Kondo

8. Yuki Tetsuya
Ace of Diamond

7. Yukio Kasamatsu
Kuroko’s Basketball

6. Levi
Attack on Titan

5. Seijuro Akashi
Kuroko’s Basketball

4. Gintoki Sakata

3. Honoka Kousaka
Love Live

2. Daichi Sawamura

1. Monkey D. Luffy
One Piece

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As you get older and enter through the 4 treacherous years of high school, you begin to take a step back on things. You look at everything and see how much you and everything and everyone around you has changed. Your friends, who all once believed in God are now atheists because they went through things and began to forget what potential laid inside of them. People who were once popular, skinny and beautiful are now average, have all but 3 friends, and have zits lining their upper forehead and inner cheeks. People’s sexualities will change and you will either accept it or be unaccepted. The boys who loved football are now stoners who can’t even function a class without a puff, and became sad because their ability of playing a sport became dragged and dizzy. The cheerleaders will become anything and everything but virgins. You will begin to hear things about people who were once so sweet and innocent getting arrested for something you never imagined them doing. People begin to become the things they swore they’d never become and they change into these monsters of people. Or if you’re lucky… they change into these beautiful masterpieces. I know all this from experience. I walk the halls of my high school, examining people who were once these small people and are now a figure that is loved by everyone… and I also see people who I used to be close with who lost control of their life already. I’m only almost a sophomore. You become friends with people you once hated, and enemies with people you once loved. Things happen to people you know. Good or bad. We often wander what went wrong but that is always something we never understand. Maybe you’re one of these people. Or maybe you’re like me, and you stand back and watch the people who once loved you and the ones you once loved; completely turn into someone you never expected. Things begin to happen right in front of your eyes that you only thought happened in movies or books.
—  Abby Wormsbaker; I am seeing everything and everyone changing and it doesn’t scare me anymore.
justlittle Dawn of Justice things
  • the jolly rancher
  • bruce being 100% bruce right off the bat (no pun intended), drivin around, caring about his employees, knowing their names, hugging orphans
  • when the prisoners are too scared to be set free because of batman and how terrified the police officers were of him… that entire scene was so satisfying
  • when bruce wakes up with a girl beside him and immediately pours himself some whiskey or whatever and how tired he looks during that whole scene… he just looks so exhausted when hes talking to alfred.. he’s so tired i love him please help my son
  • how mercy was in basically Every scene with lex until you-know-what.. still a lot of scenes
  • the lexcorp files with the metahuman footage. are you kdding me . we were blessed
  • when lex is playing basketball and his weird monkey shirt
  • when he tells the senator the painting should be upside down
  • granny’s peach tea holy frickk
  • those two ominous piano notes that play whenever lex is being creepy which is always
  • the electric music whenever wonder woman does her thing
  • i love the lexcorp neon
  • the red capes are coming
  • when lex gets in the alien ship and takes command “yes i would…. YES i would”when he cries “you flew too close to the sun… look at you now” my guy
  • the SENATOR??? I LOVED HER? how balanced and fair and interesting she was and still had time for character development even though she was such a minor character and moved the plot along so much
  • dam the whole scene at the capitol and everything that goes down there. how the senator stops in the middle of her speech. how bruce is getting the letters while watching. everyone’s signs. the Plot Twist scared the crap out of me
  • the day of the dead festival and that whole montage with all the people basically worshipping superman and neil degrasse tyson’s Discourse
  • the martha reveal TM “WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME”
  • the way batman’s voice was breaking up because of the broken suit
  • the way the suit was broken so you could see his face when he heard marth’as name
  • lois lane , too pure for this world,
  • alfred’s reference to the “next generation of waynes”“maybe some young lady from metropolis will make you an honest man….. ha, in your dreams, alfred”
  • the hole in bruce’s life felt exactly tim drake sized . i mean if you cant include tim drake at least they included a hole exactly his size and shape
  • ‘since the age of seven youve been to the art of deception as mozart to the harpsichord, but youve never been too hot at lying to me’
  • the injustice reference .. scream
  • when lex’s head gets shaved lmaoooooo
  • that whole scene.. “the bell’s already been rung! ring a ding ding! ring a ding ding! ring a ding ding!!”
  • basically think of any scene in that movie and i enjoyed it thoroughly and it was good