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Once Upon a Time ----- Starters
  • "Love is hope. It fuels our dreams."
  • "It will leave an emptiness inside. A void you will never be able to fulfill."
  • "Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing."
  • "Love is weakness."
  • "You must trust me because if you don't, there are other ways."
  • "There's always people in this world who want you to give up. Don't make their jobs any easier."
  • "I guess if true love was easy, we'd all have it."
  • "Did I forget to shave?"
  • "Generally speaking, if you think something you want to do is wrong, it is."
  • "What is strong enough to drown out your own conscience?"
  • "I'm not bossy, I'm the queen."
  • "Giving in to one's dark side never accomplishes anything."
  • "No matter what you do. I will always find you."
  • "You want a side of bacon with that whiskey?"
  • "If he's playing a game, you can win."
  • "Love's the worst. I wish there was a magic cure."
  • "It's dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice."
  • "As long as you live in the past, you'll never find your future."
  • "I'm done reading about heroes. I want to be one."
  • "You have all sorts of sore places I can make you hurt."
  • "Maybe we met for a reason. Maybe something good happened from us being together."
  • "Wouldn't be the first flying monkey I've dated."
  • "I, for one, would like to be able to eat this week."
  • "By the way, have you been taking kick boxing and not telling me about it?"
  • "It's only going to leave a giant hole in your heart."
  • "Just because it seems too good to be true doesn't mean it is."
  • "Not a day will go by that I won't go by that I won't think of you."
  • "You always brought out the best in me and right now I need that."
  • "Can't help but feel personally violated about that part."
  • "No matter what you think, no matter what anyone tells you, I do love you."
  • "So brave. So gallant. So pointless."
  • "I've lived a life of selfishness, cowardice, and dishonesty."
  • "I think it's time to haul her ass out of bed and get her to move past this."
  • "One thing I excel at is surviving."
  • "Helping you is my life."
  • "You need to be alive. You need to be awake so you can spend all your days knowing that I have taken everything that was suppose to be yours."
  • "I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you."

For @lordnessofawesomeness, I rewrote your request as scenario form now that I know what you wanted ;D (I also choose the sex of each kid, so that the s/o can stay genderneutral and nobody gets confused with the pronouns)

How do you think ASL, Law, Zoro, and Shanks would react to seeing their s/o and their child they didn’t know they had after a year or two?


Ace was trying to process what the person in front of him, his partner, just said.

“Do you want to see him?” (NAME) was looking, at the black haired man who gripped his hand with so much force, that his knuckles turned wide, worriedly.

Realizing that his partner was talking to him he nodded awkwardly.

On the outside he just seemed a little nervous, maybe somewhat irritated, on the inside however Ace was screaming. There were thousand thoughts running through his mind.

About his bloodline, about being a father and that everything came just so unexpected.

(NAME) entered the room again with a baby in their arms

“You’re finally going to meet your father.”, (NAME) whispered lovingly to their son as they placed the little boy gently in Ace’s arms.

Ace looked at the tiny freckled face that watched him with a bewildered expression , at his jet black hair and his small hands that were trying to take hold of Ace’s hair and pull it.

He thought that this was the most perfect little thing he’s ever seen in his life as he felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“He’s so cute and handsome, he looks just like me.”, Ace smiled wiping away some tears

His s/o let out a delighted chuckle

“Yes, just like you, Ace.”, they said and stroke their son’s head.

“(NAME), listen to me, no matter what happens, I’ll be there, I’ll protect you two.”


“Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad, I can understand, you had no chance of telling me and I was away for so long…but”, Sabo shrugged, “It just comes all of sudden.” the blonde man firmly told person in front of him.

When the two of them where just about to fall into awkward silence, (NAME) took Sabo’s hand.

“Lets go see her.”


“Yes, you have a daughter, Sabo.” 

(NAME) beamed as they lead their boyfriend into the nursery

“Oh, wow.”, Sabo gasped softly as he laid eyes upon the baby girl in the crib.

He moved foward to take his daughter into his arms but before his hands reached her, he hesitated and looked at his s/o who nodded reassuringly.

“Hold her, she’s your child.”

Sabo took her in his arms and almost immidiately inhaled sharply because of the overwhelming feeling of joy, pride and love that filled him.

“Oh look at you, little angel, you’re so, so beautiful.”, Sabo looked up from her so his eye’s could meet (NAME)’s, “she looks so much like you, (NAME)”

(NAME) smiled even brighter and softly pushed Sabo down on the bed so he could sit comfortably while holding their child.

Sabo pressed a kiss on the small girl’s forhead.

“I hope Dragon won’t mind that my whole world will revolve around her from now on.”


Luffy took his son into his arms awkwardly and gave his s/o a shaky smile.

“Hey buddy.”, Luffy grinned down at his son his s/o had to keep themself from squealing at the adorable image right in front of them.

Luffy tried to hold his son as carefully as possible even tho he had no idea of how to properly hold a baby.

(NAME) smiled brightly and helped their boyfriend out.

“Like this, Lu.”, (NAME) carefully positioned Luffy’s hand under their baby boys head and properly placed his small body into Luffy’s arm.

“Can I play with him?”

“Not yet, you’re gonna break him.”, (NAME) laughed.

Luffy laughed too and got into staring at his son.

It was like looking into the mirror for Luffy, if it wasn’t for his little boy’s missing scar and different eye color.

His son was Mini Luffy.

“Can we name him Mini-Luffy, or Luffy junior?”

(NAME) tilted their head and looked at Luffy with an expression that was either amused or confused.

“You know what? I’ll give you credit for not wanting him to be named ‘meat’.”, (NAME) teased

Luffy smiled at that and looked back at his precious son he already loved despite knowing him for such a short amount of time.

“I promise I’ll be good dad, I won’t ever leave you, buddy.”


Sweet began dropping from Zoro’s forehead as he held the tiny child in his shaking arms.

He felt his s/o next to him trying to hold back a chuckle, seeing the man who fought everyday of his life against marines and pirates alike, being in utter fear of his little daughter.

Zoro was by no means a slender man so seeing how unbelievably small and petite the little girl was in his big, muscular arms blew him away.

“She’s…she’s not breaking is she?”, Zoro asked.

“No Zoro, she just as strong as you.”

“That’s good.”, Zoro smiled nervously and looked back to his child very very very carefully stroking her short green hair.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you and shocked you with this Zoro.”, (NAME) sighed and laid their head on his shoulder.

“No it’s my fault, I was away for so damn long.”

Zoro felt so much at this moment, fear, shock, vulnerabilty and so much love.

Holding your child for the first time was a feeling both terrifying and wonderful.

“Do you want to know her name, Zoro?”

The green haired man looked up from his daughter and nodded carefully.

(NAME) smiled brightly at him.

“Her name is Kuina.”


“It’s my fault…”, Law muttered, biting his lips.

“No, Law, it’s not, it’s nobody’s fault, the circumstances just weren’t the best.”, 

(NAME) shut him up immidately and wrapped their arms around his waist.

“Are you ready to meet him?.”

Law was nervous, on the outside he tried to keep his pokerface and nodded but he was nowhere near ‘ready’ to meet his son.

After looking into the crib and seeing his baby boy for the first time Law could almost feel his heart growing twice as big as before, he stared at the child with wide eyes and as he was placed into his arms his eyes darted back and forth between his s/o and his son

“This is your Dad, sweetheart, he comes off a little cold but he’s just as cute as you.”, (NAME) murmured.

“Hey little man.”, Law was shaking almost not able to get over this sudden burst of emotions.

“There is so, so, so much I’m gonna teach you.”, his voice almost a whisper.

The tall man instinctively rocked his son back and fort in his arms, Law’s s/o felt tears in their eyes as they saw him with their son, being so full of love and joy.

The little boy laughed at his father and put his small hands up trying to grab his goatee, Law himself laughed and felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“Are you alright, Law?”

“It’s just…my parents, Lami and Cora-san would’ve really loved him.”


“Man, I can’t wait to show you around my crew.”, Shanks told his daugher as he held her close and kissed her nose, “They’re gonna fight to determine who gets to hold her first, (NAME).”

“I can imagine.”, (NAME) laughed.

Shanks faced his daughter again and grimaced in the attempt to get a cute little laugh out of his daughter

Their daughter, looked up at Shanks tilting her head, clenching her fists and shaking them in the way all babies do.

“Usually works on other kids.”

(NAME) smiled at their child until they noticed Shanks suddenly frown.

“Is something wrong Shanks?”

“No it’s fine…I just missed a lot huh?”

Shanks caressed his daughters head as he looked up at (NAME), I missed you getting pregnant, I missed her moving inside you for the first time, I missed her birth, I missed her first smile…”, Shanks sighed

“I can’t believe I’ve missed so much.”, The red haired man let out a nervous laugh before he gently stroke his baby’s red hair, 

“But you’re not gonna miss anything again.”, his s/o assured him and kissed his cheeks, Shanks smiled brightly at them and looked back at his daughter.

“I just can’t wait to watch you grow up.”

I Wanna Be Yours

Title: I Wanna Be Yours

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Sexual situations

A/N: This is for Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge by @luci-in-trenchcoats. Congrats on your follower milestone! You deserve it because you are one of, if not the BEST, writers on Tumblr. Thank you allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your challenge. 

My thing was “I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys. Lyrics are italicized. 

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// Yoongi Series ft. The Bangtan Squad

part 1part 2 part 3 part 4part 5part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11 ☂ part 12 ☂ part 13completed

Namjoon’s P.O.V

Being used is a pretty fucked up thing and everybody knows it - especially when you don’t know that you are being used and you find out way after you they stop talking to you. But do you want to know what else is fucked up? Being used and you know about it but you still let it happen.

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Actress Fumika Baba Cosplays One Piece’s Luffy in Japanese Playboy
External image

What’s the difference between America’s Playboy magazine and its Japanese counterpart?

For one, we’re pretty sure the former has never featured One Piece cosplay on its cover.

This week’s edition of Weekly Playboy features just that: actress and model Fumika Baba dressed as a female, bikini-clad version of One Piece’s main character Monkey D. Luffy.

It’s part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of One Piece, which began serialization back in 1997. (Incidentally, that means Baba was two years old when One Piece started.)

Baba commented that the shoot was “more difficult than usual,” because it was hard to get into the male character of Luffy, but that she and the crew managed to pull it off “with some trial and error.”

Fumika Baba may be best known to otaku in the west for her turn as a medic in Kamen Rider.

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Lipstick stains | Wonho (2)

Genre: fluff

Synopsis: Blond hair and pouty lips pulled into an insanely attractive smile but the first thing you notice on his face are lipstick stains.

Author’s note: finally~ sorry for such a long wait.

It has become a routine for you and your best friend to meet up every Sunday morning for breakfast or brunch. It began when you were children. It initially started off as study date together but now it has become almost like a tradition. So you are here at a newly opened cafe near your studio. Sipping your latte in disappointment. Not too long ago, your best friend texted you saying that she couldn’t make it because her boss has called her into work extra hours as a punishment for leaving early from work on Friday. A sigh left your lips as you scroll mindlessly on phone with a bored expression. If you would’ve known that your friend was going ditch you today, you would’ve bought your sketchbook or a novel to read. Since this cafe opened not so long ago near your studio, you come here very often. The unique interior caught your attention and your love the desserts they serve. You’d spend your mornings here just relaxing before going to your studio.

Another sigh left your lips as your eyes shift to your untouched slice raspberry cheesecake then back to your phone. You want to tell your best friend about Hoseok. She sounded so excited when you had told her about how you had a little adventure after you left the bar. Ugh. You hate her boss!


You were reading an article on your phone when the chair across from you scrapes against the floor, causing you to jolt and break your focus. Startled, you look up. Wide eyes and mouth agape as blond hair and handsome face with an attractive smile came into view. “Wonho!” you stare at him surprised as he chuckles at your reaction and waves at you. You weren’t expecting to see him here.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, keeping your phone aside and leaning forward. You tried to stop a smile from dancing on your lips.

“This means my gut feeling is right!” Hoseok ignores your question and smirks at you. You lean back into your chair and narrow your eyes suspiciously at him “Too soon. I think you’re stalking me” you tried to smirk back but it just turned into a smile. You’d be lying if you said you said you aren’t happy to see him. He ran his fingers through his blond hair. They look so soft and fluffy. “Or maybe it’s just destiny that brought us together” He winks at you. You pull a face at his cheesy line and shook your head.

You let your eyes scan Hoseok. His blond hair looks prettier and brighter in the daylight.  You can see his face a lot clearer now under the bright light. Hoseok is very handsome. Or more like drop dead gorgeous. You have seen tons of handsome men but Hoseok beats them all. He’s stunning. His warm coffee brown eyes set on you and his pouty pink lips pulled into a beautiful smile. This attire is different from before. White formal shirt and black pants replaced with a casual black oversized hoodie and denim jeans.

“Are you here alone?” Hoseok asks, his resting his pretty face on his sweater paws that were tugged under his chin. “I was supposed to be here with a friend but not anymore,” You tell him. He could see the disappointment that flashed on your face for a brief moment.

“Rubbish” Hoseok snorts and you look at him confused. Did he just snort at you?  “I’m here” He adds with a wide grin and then wiggles his eyebrows at you, his hand gesturing his glorious presence. You roll your eyes and shook your head “You’re not my friend” you say but Hoseok ignores you again. He leans forward scoops a spoonful of your raspberry cheesecake and shoves it in his mouth. Chewing on it blissfully, Hoseok points the spoon at you and gives you a shit eating grin “I am now” and you couldn’t help but laugh.

You met Hoseok so often you began thinking he was actually following you. Turns out the manager of the cafe, Kihyun is Hoseok’s friend and he also works near your studio. Coïncidence. You also began to learn about Hoseok. Shin Hoseok is 23-year-old gym trainer in the morning and works as a host in the nights. He used to be roommates with Kihyun but now he lives in alone in his apartment.

The other things you learnt about Hoseok is that he’s vanilla. He’s not what he looks like. Shin Hoseok is a 5-year-old stuck in a man’s body. The smallest things get him excited and giddy like a child. He cries about almost everything, He cries when he talks about his family and friend and cries every time you mention your mother who passed away when you were 14. Hoseok is kind and caring. He’s the sweetest and the most adorable person you’ve ever met. He loves his friends and family a with all his heart, seeing them upset makes him upset too and he’ll do anything to make them happy. You always have to double take to see whether this is the same flirty Hoseok who took you home that night.

When Hoseok is not being a grown man in a bunny suit, he fucks around. In all literal sense. He walks into your studio covered in bruises and smelling like different women every morning. He doesn’t remember the name of half of the girls he has slept with. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve walked into him making out with some random girl at the bar and you have to drag his ass home because he’s drunk out of his mind. You guessed this is the Wonho side of him.

When you asked him why he works at the host club when being a gym trainer pays him well, he has said that he enjoys making women happy. You didn’t ask him anything after that and he didn’t look like he wants to answer any more questions about it. Shin Hoseok is also a kind of man that does not believe in relationships and commitments. He says he likes to be free and doesn’t want to be tied down.

Another thing you have learnt is that he treats you differently. He calls you his closest friend and around you, he can be himself without worrying about being called over sensitive. You never understood why anyone would want to call him any of that because you love spending time with him no matter what he does. He makes you happy and brings the best out of you. He’s an amazing person and you know you can rely on him. Something you don’t usually do.

“So how your daddy dearest search for a suitor going?” Hoseok asks. He was currently devouring the fruits in the fruit basket you always keep in your studio. You looked up from your sketchbook and grinned “Horrible” you replied.

Hoseok guides you to get rid of the assholes your father sets you up with, without making it look as though you rejected them. Recently he told you to take your blind date to the nightclub. The next day you found your blind date sleeping naked next to the handsome bartendender from the club. He told you it was love at first sight and now you have become his friend that helped him find the love of his life. It was such an entertainment for you. Hoseok has become your life saviour.

“When is your father going to stop?” He pops a grape into his mouth and leans forward to take a peek of what you’re drawing. His lips pull into a wide grin. You’re drawing him. You sigh and then went back to your sketchbook “Hard to tell. Probably if I date a guy he absolutely despises” you said matter-a-factly as you watch Hoseok pop another grape into his mouth chewed it happily. You make a mental note to keep more grapes in your fruit basket. “Then why don’t you do that?” He looks at you as if you are stupid. “Where will I find such a guy?” you snatch the grape from between his fingers and pop it into your mouth. Hoseok pouts and narrows his eye at you “Tell me what kind of guy he hates and I’ll help you look for him” He offers.

You licked your lower lip and leaned back into your chair. This idea might actually work. Biting onto the back your pencil, you watched the blond rampage through your fruit basket for more grapes but gives up and decides to eat a banana. The ends of your lips curve into a dangerous smirk. An idea popped into your mind.



You snatch the banana from his hand and toss it into the bin close by. You don’t mind when he’s eating (which is all the time) but he pays only half attention to anything around him when he is. Pulling your chair close to him “My father hates you!” you announce cheerfully. Grinning do wide your cheeks would tear. Hoseok frowns “Wow. thanks” he looks longingly at his half eaten banana lying in the trash can.

You roll your eyes and grab the ends of your chair, sliding towards Hoseok who is looking at you deadpanned. Cupping his face in small palms, you look into his eye “My father hates you. If you pretend to be my boyfriend for awhile. Dad will be so annoyed that he’ll forbid me from dating anyone and eventually stop his search!” Wide smile and eyes twinkling with delight, you wait for his reply. Hoseok just looks at you as if you grew another head right in front of his eyes. “No. You’re crazy” He pulls away from your grasp.

“But it’s a brilliant idea!” You whine.

“No. It’s a very bad idea and I’m not going go through with it” He answers firmly wearing as he moves to the other side of the sofa. You cross your arms over your chest and pout at him “Why not?”

Hoseok lets out a sigh and presses the bridge of his nose with two fingers “Because my friend Minhyuk did the same thing with his girlfriend and now he’s stuck in his huge mess with her family. I don’t want to be a part of that kind of a mess” He points an accusing finger at you “So no. I’m not going to pretend you be you boyfriend” Hoseok adds and pulls the large fruit basket over his lap.

You stomp your legs on the ground and flare your arms “But Hoseok!” You whined again trying your best to throw a small tantrum. But you ended up looking like a monkey. You bit your lower lip angry when Hoseok just ignores you and resumes his rampage through the fruit basket, mumbling something about keeping more strawberries. Head tilting back you slide down your chair. You’ll just have to find a new way of stopping your father’s stupid venture.

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I have this like fucking perfect aesthetic in my head of grease monkey! Tyler. Like, oil and dirt on his hands and arms. One of those red towels sticking out of his back pocket. And old shirt with grease stains on it, that he’s worn one to many times, but it’s his favorite. Black spots on his face from when he has an itch and just could not help it. Is hair is ruffled (more than usual) and the smell fuck man. I don’t know if you ever smelled a mechanic, sounds weird I know, but that’s the best part. Like a mixture of motor oil and mens deodorant. It’s the best. Tenouttaten. Would fuck…i mean love….Grease Monkey Tyler.

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Remember when Niall and Harry were facing each other during Best Song Ever. And Niall was looking hot playing the guitar. And Harry was going to do his water fountain, and he was smirking at Niall.


Look at his stupid face..

Look at HIS stupid face!!

Look at Niall bouncing slightly in time with Harry..

LOOK AT THIS MESS!! The best part is that when Lilo get a little too close to Niall during their water fights he yells at them about “water and electricity and electrocution!!” – but when Harry does it, well, Niall fucking encourages him.


  • jaemin has been a metamorphagus ever since he was born
  • like literally as soon as his newborn eyes noticed the doctor he shapeshifted into an exact replica of the doctor
  • the doctors are screaming the nurses are screaming jaemin’s parents are screaming
  • it’s a mess
  • but eventually everyone comes to terms w the fact that hey, there’s a shapeshifter down the road who can literally turn into anything
  • but he’s also the only known shapeshifter in the world,,, so the humans don’t rlly know how to react or whether or not he could be potentially dangerous
  • he realizes as he gets older that he rlly can’t go anywhere or do anything without police following him
  • and it’s bc they know he’s a shapeshifter,,, what if he commits a crime and blames someone else by shifting into them??
  • so jaemin is basically suspect number one throughout the whole town
  • and it’s not fun at all because he’s basically been blacklisted for crimes he’s never committed
  • if there’s a crime that’s happened and they can’t find the perpetrator right away, jaemin is always the first suspect
  • he’s been in the police station for interagations more than he’d care to admit
  • and the overnight cell has begun to feel like a second home to him
  • the police suggest that he just stay away from humans,,, like forever
  • they basically tell him that he’s dangerous
  • “you can’t always control your powers,, what if you turn into a bear? or a lion?”
  • and jaemin tries to explain that no matter what he morphs into it’s still him and he isn’t a criminal
  • he isn’t
  • he’s just a boy who wants to go to school without the secret service tailing him
  • you’re jaemin’s next door neighbor
  • and you can see how stressed he is bc of the constant allegations and stuff
  • so in the middle of the night you text him like “hey climb over”
  • and basically when the two of you were kids, jaemin would shift into a monkey and climb the trees to get into your window
  • he didn’t know you had remembered that
  • once highschool started, the two of you sort of parted ways
  • not on purpose, you were still friends, just not best friends anymore
  • so jaemin sneaks over to your bedroom and climbs in through the window
  • and he morphs back into himself, into jaemin
  • and you smile and hug him immediately like i missed you dude
  • and he still smells the same,,, like peppermint and a faint hint of laundry detergent
  • the two of you chill on your bed and talk
  • in the darkness of your room, with the covers pulled up to his chin, jaemin doesn’t feel so vulnerable as he tells you all of his worries and stress
  • “it’s like they expect me to turn out to be this ,,, horrible person but i’m not, and i never will be”
  • jaemin doesn’t know how, but somehow you find his hand in the dark and squeeze it
  • “we know you’re good, jaemin”
  • “i just wish they’d let me be”
  • and that’s when you remember the monster house down the way
  • rumors say that a bunch of monsters live there as friends
  • you tell jaemin about it, and the thought excites him a lot
  • like he’s dying to meet other people who might understand what he’s going through
  • so the next day he talks to his parents abt it, and when they agree he meets up w vampire!donghyuck and vampire!taeil so they can see if he’s allowed in the house
  • and he is!!! and he’s so excited like he packs his bags right away and moves in
  • he becomes friends w everyone very quickly,, and they actually appreciate his abilities
  • but one thing he didn’t take into account was the fact that you would no longer be his neighbor
  • and he felt rather upset abt that some days
  • esp when he had a bad day in town and wanted to talk to you,,, you weren’t there
  • or this one time he bought a new coloring book and he ran outside w it to show it to you, only to remember that the monct house was surrounded by trees and ravines
  • so he settles for texting and calling you
  • and this works for abt a week lol
  • until jaemin misses you so much
  • he doesn’t even know why his heart is literally begging him to go see you
  • how is he supposed to know that he misses your presence so much bc he actually likes you??
  • he shapeshifts into a hawk and soars across town ,,, right into your closed window lol
  • and you wake up at the thud and run to your window to see an actual hawk slumped against your windowsill
  • so you open your window and carry the bird to your floor, not knowing that it’s jaemin
  • until he shifts back into his original form and holds his head “in all fairness i guess i should’ve asked you to open your window ahead of time”
  • you chuckle and sit down beside him like “what brings you to my abode at midnight?”
  • nd he looks up at you w soft eyes like “i missed you”
  • “o-oh,” you stutter, bc tbh you missed him a lot as well
  • it’s been lonely without his loud voice drifting into your room
  • “aren’t you gonna say you missed me too?” jaemin questions cutely, batting his eyelashes in an over exaggerated effort to make you laugh
  • it works bc you giggle and push him away “ofc i missed you, idiot”
  • jaemin smiles, and his hand reaches for yours in the dark
  • “i like it here, with you. i like that you don’t treat me like a ticking time bomb”
  • “that’s bc you aren’t,” you protest softly, squeezing his hand “you’re just jaemin, a clumsy loser who worries too much”
  • your playful banter makes jaemin feel a lot better, and his heart soars when you reach forward and kiss his cheek before getting up “let’s get to bed. we both have school tomorrow”
  • and just for fun the two of you set up sleeping bags on the floor and shuffle into them, giggling like little kids
  • jaemin reaches for you hand outside of the sleeping bag “goodnight, y/n.”
  • you grin into the darkness “goodnight jaemin”

part of monster!nct collab w @trickortaeil !! only chenle is left :’)

Things to never say to a Hirsute girl:

Or in general, to anyone who is suffering from excess hair, whether that be trans/PCOS/or any other type of medical condition. (I understand some are more directed towards females.)

1. “Is that hair on your _________ ?”
2. “What is that rash on your _____/______ ?”
3. “Do you not get scared when it comes to being intimate with your partner?”
4. “Does your partner mind that you’re hairy?”
5. “You’re so brave, I would of killed myself if this was happening to me.”
6. “Even though you’re hairy, you still look like a girl.”
7. “You may think being hairy is the end of the world, but someone out there is worse off than you.”
8. “My Mother’s friend’s daughter has hirsutism and her’s is worse than yours.”
9. “Have you thought of lazer hair removal/ electrolysis/ shaving with a razor/ waxing/ threading/ plucking/ bleaching?
10. “So, can you get pregnant?”
11. “If you had a baby, would you be scared that it would also have abnormal hair growth, you should know better than anyone that it would be cruel to have a baby under those circumstances!”
12. “Why is your makeup so heavy - you would look so much better if it was natural!!”
13. “My friend takes _____ to control her hirsutism, why don’t you try that?”
14. “Ha ha ha, you could always join the circus as a bearded lady!!!”
15. “It’s just a little hair, it could be SO much worse, you are overreacting!”
16. “You wear such baggy clothes that cover up everything, it’s so depressing, stop being lazy, shave your body and wear something more revealing!
17. “Does your partner see you when you’re hairy?”
18. “Does it not scare you to wake up next to your partner every morning with a full face of stubble!?!?!?”
19. “Asking for laser hair removal on the NHS/Insurance would be selfish, it’s a cosmetic thing, not for actually bettering your life!”
20. “You’re such a spoil sport, you’re hairy, so what, stop making everything about you!”
21. “You know I can still see your hair through your makeup?”
22. “Maybe if you lost some weight like the doctors say, the hair would stop.”
23. “You always have to make everything about you, no one cares that you’re hairy, you’re being OTT.”
24. “Have you thought about buying a NoNo? I hear great things about them!”
25. “Maybe if you stopped buying yourself things, you could afford laser hair removal. 
26. “Ugh, I just felt your stubble brush up against my face!!!”
27. “You know, in old middle eastern history, hairy women were a sign of femininity and extreme beauty.”
28. “You should be greatful the hair is only on _____ and ______ it could be so much worse.”
29. “Did you see that bearded woman on the news the other day? That will be you in 5 years!!! Ha ha ha.”
30. “Aw no, don’t be upset, you know I’m only joking, my hairy friend!!”
31. “Your hair is getting kinda long…. Do you not thing it’s time to shave/wax/whatever it yet?”
32. “I can shave your hair for you if you want…”
33. “You would look so much better and prettier if you weren’t hairy.”
34. “Have you tried drinking _____ and eating ______ …. I read on Google it can stop excess hair growth!”
35. “It annoys me that you waste GP time going to see your doc about your hair, It is only hair.”
36. “You’re hairy because you have more male hormones, than female ones? Does that mean you are going to grow a penis lol?”
37. “Happy Birthday!!!! We bought you a gift voucher to the local spa for a full body wax! Hope you like it.”
38. “A lot of girls have this issue, you’re not the only one, relax.”
39. “I read that hirsutism means that you aren’t as developed as other humans, and are more like monkeys, is that right?”
40. “You’re a great friend, I love you and everything, but I find your hair so gross, I wish you would just control it better and take some pride in yourself!”

After having severe hirsutism for the best part of 10 years, these are just a handful of the extremely hurtful things that have been said/happened to me. Some of them were clearly meant in good taste, but a safe thing is that, unless the hirsute person brings up their hair, don’t bring it up yourself. 

- A Hirsutim sufferer

Of fins and feathers Chapter 1

Ok so this is a mutant au, some people are born with unique attributes, and in this case Max does. Read if you’d like to find out what happens! Ch 2 should be in the making soon!!!
Here ya go kiddos

Also @dadvidismycanonheadcanon

Btw sorry it’s crappy it’s just a start up to this au-

Max was never a very open kid. He didn’t like anyone knowing how he felt, especially not adults. Ever since he was born he had been taught to hide his true self. Being born with wings was something to be ashamed of in his parent’s eyes, and even more shamed by society.

It really wasn’t his fault he ended up with the wings, he had inherited them from his grandmother. He always just guessed it skipped a generation or something.

Heat was another issue for him, having to hide wings required a lot of clothing, and that was not really too practical in the summer.

Today their overly cheery camp counselor decided it would be a good idea to do a scavenger hunt. It was way too early in the morning for max to really care, so he simply leaned against the wall of the mess hall and sipped at his apple juice box.

The hard wood felt a bit uncomfortable pressing into his wings, but if he were really honest,he was never comfortable when he had to bundle them up like that.

Neil approached his salty friend and started with an annoyed tone. “I can’t believe those jackasses think we really want to be out here the next hour looking for sticks and shit.”

He kicks at a small rock, then sits down on a crate near them.

Max drops his juice box to the ground and huffs. He could feel his feathers ruffle up in irritation at even the thought of joining the activities in this heat.

Nikki was too busy running rampant and trying to win against everyone else to bother being “cool” with the boys.

She practically dragged nerris and Preston along to find something called a snozberry bush.

David had noticed max and Neil sitting out of the group, so he walked up to them to find out why they weren’t participating. “Hey fellas, why not join everyone for today’s activity? I bet you’ll have tons of fun if you just put your mind to it!” David finished his statement with a couragous swoop of his fist. Max grunted and shoved his hands in his pockets, “How about no? Seriously I can’t believe you thought anyone but Nikki would care about this fucking stick hunt.”

David pouted “max, watch your mouth, and it’s a scavenger hunt. It’s meant to be fun!”

He shook his head before noticing the juice box. “And we talked about the littering habit max. What if poor animal tried to eat this and choked or what if it ends up in the lake?”

Max only tsked, “natural selection dude, I think only a stupid animal would eat cardboard. And so what if it lands in the lake? This place is already a fuckin dump.”

David, for some reason, actually scowled at this.


Max looked back in surprise.

“Please just, hear me out, just this once”

David went back to a begging tone.

Max stared, picked it up, and threw it to a nearby bin.

“Thank you.” David chose to leave it at that and walk away quietly.

“Well…that was weird.” Neil snapped max out of his thoughts, and he just haughted back. “Nah man, he’s just being a fucking tree hugger again. I wish he’d get off of my back with that shit though.”

Soon it was time for lunch, but since the mess hall was too…ashy from being on fire, David made it a picnic day. Nikki had finally calmed down enough for food, even though she still wouldn’t sit to eat her sandwich. She hung upside down in a nearby tree, letting her food hang from her lips.

Having a friend that was part spider monkey could be a challenge at times.

Max wiped more sweat from his forehead, and hadn’t noticed how laboured his breathing had gotten until Gwen asked him why he was panting like a dog. He quickly yelled at her to shut her trap and walked away to sit in the shade by himself.

Gwen sat back down next to David, and tapped his arm. “Hey David, I don’t usually care, but it’s a lot of paperwork if any of the kids pass out from heat exposure…I think it’d be best if you could help me get max out of that hoodie.”

David set down his pudding and frowned, he looked at max, then back to gwen.

“Whoa, is he overloading himself? I could’ve sworn we just had self care camp last week!”

David rubbed his chin for a moment, then smiled brightly. “I know! Why don’t we go for a swim in the nice cool water?”

Half of the kids perked up at this, anything to beat the heat at this point.

Max continued to look past the trees to ignore everyone. Swimming was a horrible idea because one, he couldn’t, and two, his wings would get wet and he hated that.

“Come on campers! Let’s get this mess cleaned and hop in the water! Remember, have your pool buddy and water wings at all times!”

Space kid smiled brightly, “cool! Real astronuats use water as a zero gravity training technique!”

“Yeah,” Dolph agreed, “maybe I’ll get some inspiration for a new watercolor piece!”

Everyone contently put their trash away and headed off to go change into their swimwear. Well, everyone except Max. David let Gwen go make sure everyone else was all set, while he stayed back to check on the small sour boy.

“Now Max, I know the water can be scary, but it’ll be ok, I promise nothing will happen. I’ll be right there watching.”

David knew Max didn’t like, or know how, to swim, but thought he’d at least try.

“Well I think your job is gonna be way fuckin easier because I’m not getting into that shitty lake. There’s probably some mutated creepy fish just waiting to get it’s jaws on some vulnerable kids.”

Max folded his arms and leaned against his tree again. “Yeah, so no thanks.”

The taller male shook his head, but didn’t wanna push Max too much. “Ok,you don’t have to swim, but at least come sit with us ok?”

Max tisked at him, and reluctantly nodded.

Everyone was having fun in the water, splashing, diving, and chilling. Nurf, Harrison, nerris, and nikki started a game of chicken. Ered was laying on a floaty, along with Gwen. Spacekid was underwater with his helmet, and Neil sat on the shore with Max, only Neil was in swim trunks.

Max had shades on, and lay back against a rock. His hoodie was nearly drenched in sweat on the inside, but didn’t let it be known just how uncomfortable it was.

Neil held up a stone to inspect it, spouting out small mumbles of science talk to himself.

David was sitting on the dock, making sure to apply enough sunscreen to his pale skin. Last time he forgot to use it he looked like a half cooked lobster.

Max yawned and wiped more sweat away from his face. When did his sleeve start to feel so cool on his skin?

He watched as David walked up and waved his hand in front of his face, but couldn’t find the strength to wave back. Why would he wave back? Now his thoughts were getting scrambled, great.

David suddenly seemed really panicked and shook Max’s shoulders. When did this guy ever learn? He didn’t wanna be…touched? Now Gwen and a few others came up in a panic, but then everything went dark.

Max woke up with a pounding headache, and cool air biting at his arms. He assumed he was in bed and when he reached for his blanket, realized that he didn’t HAVE a bed in his tent.

He sat up quickly as he could, and realized that his hoodie was also missing.

Why was he in the councilor’s cabin? Shouldn’t he be getting harrased by David’s non-stop cheer?? He stretched out his wings and stopped for a second. He didn’t take the hoodie off himself, and his wings were out, which means… David knows.

Max was about to stand up to try and hide in the bathroom, but was stopped by a voice.

“Oh, you’re awake!”

Max whipped his head around to the tall man, who was holding some icepacks AND a glass of water.

“You might wanna sit down buddy, you passed out from the heat.”

Max rubbed his eyes, then grabbed a sheet to hide his back.

“Don’t look at me you fucker. Did you undress me? That’s sick, I should call the cops you fuckin pedo.”

Max scowled.

David placed the icepacks next to him, and became very flustered. “No! I would never dream of doing that to any of my campers! That’s disgusting.”

He hands the glass of water to max. “But yes we had to take off that darn hoodie. You are very dehydrated from all that sweat, drink that.”

Max didn’t argue anymore, and simply guzzled down his water. The cold, crisp fluid soothed his dry throat.

Once he was done, David took the empty glass and set it aside.

“So…I know you might not want to talk about it, but I think you’ll feel better if you do. Why were you hiding such a wonderful part of yourself?”

Max hugged his knees, a habit he usually only displayed when he was trying to hide negative thoughts.

“More like a fucking curse. My parents didn’t want anyone to know I had these because they were afraid of discrimination. They’re ashamed to have a son that’s a mutant.”

That word hit David right in the chest, his heart constricted for the boy who had to hear the slur, from his own parents no less!!

“Max… you shouldn’t let what other people think get in the way of your health and happiness. I know it can be hard–”

“No David you don’t know! You don’t know what it’s like to go day to day having to hidewho you really are from other people! Even people you think you can trust!”

David closed his eyes at the now slightly crying boy and sighed. “Max…I think I need to show you something.”

Max continues to look away, upset with himself for showing how much it actually ate at him to hide. David stood up in front of the bed, and undid his bandana. On his neck displayed small slits, each moving slightly. He closed his eyes for a moment, shifting fins onto his elbows and a bigger one on his back.

He giggles nervous and looked away, “I’d shift to my full form, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to stand on a fish tail.”

Max’s jaw hung open slightly. “Wh-what the actual fuck David!? You’re a fucking mermaid??”

David smiled and red struck his cheeks idly. “Surprise?”

He sat back down next to max.

“Look, I have fins and gills, you have wings, and will probably gain more feathers as you get older. We’re different from each other, but that isn’t a bad thing! We can use our unique gifts to our advantage.”

He watches max glide his small fingers over his scales on his hand. “Who do you think came up with underwater basket weaving?”

Max wiped any remaining evidence that he was ever upset away. “Of course that was you, you’re a fucking weirdo.”

David grinned, the small gills moving happily. Max was back to his snarky little self, and David could now do more activities meant specifically for him!

Max let the sheet fall, his baby fluff wings poking from his back. “So..if you think it’s so wonderful, why do you hide this?”

David felt Max’s feathers tickle his arm slightly.

“Well, for one it takes too much of my energy to be half shifted. I could just have my dorsal out, but it still bugs me when I’m sleeping in a cabin meant for humans.” He giggles and holds his bandana up, “as for my gills, I can’t hide them, but they’re super sensitive. I use this for protection”

Max nods and stretches out a considerably sized grey wing. They were only a bit bigger than his arms, but they’d grow out once he had all of his baby feathers gone.

“Don't…..don’t say anything ever but…”

Max leaned into David’s side for comfort, which lead David to wrap a protective arm around him.

“It’s ok max, birds of a feather stick together.”

“You fucker”

They couldn’t help but Silently giggle at the joke though

Gwen listened silently from the hall, and she did not have a lump in her throat. Definitely not.

anonymous asked:

General relationship things between Reinhardt and his S/O? And maybe something fluffy? 💙

Yas good I love me a German Hammerzeit man!

  • Loves to carry a picture of you on like every device he owns. The wallpaper is either you looking Cute as Heck or of you both together
  • “Do you see this?” he shows all of his friends (no matter how annoyed they get) “this is Y/N and I on our trip to Germany!” “And this is Y/N standing at the museum! And this is Y/N eating a bagel!” like wow he is always So Excited ok????
  • Do you know the person at the office that’s the Love Sick one that always has to tell everyone about what their s/o is doing? This is Reinhardt at base. Whether or not you work there does not matter. Actually it’s probably funnier if you do work there, because the only thing you can do is smile, nod, and maybe giggle a little from how much he needs to tell everyone about what you guys did on the weekend
  • Keep in mind he does have class so it’s not like he’s going to gush about the sex life or any of that, just so much of the daily stuff. Like going shopping. Or walking the dog, lmao
  • Whenever he sees you his ENTIRE FACE just lights up and he practically bounds towards you because he wants to hug you SO MUCH and ALL THE TIME
  • His greeting kisses are always warm, and he will never not wrap his arms completely around you or pick you up if there’s a big height difference!
  • Please do not expect him to be quiet around you he only has one volume of voice and he can’t hold in the excitement and joy of being near you at any point in time
  • Do you know of the kind of boyfriend/spouse that willingly and enthusiastically is there for every event that you take part in like dance recital or something? This is Reinhardt
  • The Lord of Selfies for All Occasions
  • Okay maybe not SELFIES more like he loves taking pictures of you doing EVERYTHING
  • Going on trips with him basically consists of 90% of pictures having you in them and maybe the other 10 is you badgering him to STAND IN THE PHOTO WITH YOU and getting someone to take it with his camera
  • If you’re every tired (as in you yawn once) he immediately overdramatically announces he must CARRY YOU OFF TO BED no matter the time and will almost always sweep you up in his gigantic arms
  • “You are as wonderful as always <3” he’ll say, so often.
  • A giant German man that loves to have himself a good meal. If you can cook he is there For Life.
  • Actually loves small dogs so I hope you like small dogs too???
  • For stay-in movie nights he gets scared and VERY EMOTIONAL easily watching films where you’re supposed to cry together consist of you both uglycrying upon one another like “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FILM”
  • Always wants to hold you. Always. He must always be the one that has his arms around you
  • Fucking loves it when you monkey-hug him with your arms and legs! He feels so needed and safe!
  • Will aggressively want to compete with every other couple on base if there’s ever like an office competition day “WHAT??? My sweet Y/N could beat ALL OF YOU at a potato slinging competition!!!” (Jack is not pleased)
  • Regardless of the task you are, in his eyes, automatically the best at it. He is always So Proud of You for doing literally anything (which is both endearing and silly)
  • Birthdays, he goes All Out and gets everyone on base to take part. His parties are always the most extravagant because he wants you to be the HAPPIEST YOU CAN BE!

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