the monkey was the best part

He reminds me of an Arctic Monkeys song; calling me drunk and dizzy. He floods my inbox with sex and suppressed words, and we both wonder if he would have ever grown the nerve to say this out loud. We didn’t have our chance. We might never, but the same part of me that aches also has to believe it’s for the better. Our days would have burned to the ground with sore tongues and tired eyes.
—  Schuyler Peck, For the Best

For @lordnessofawesomeness, I rewrote your request as scenario form now that I know what you wanted ;D (I also choose the sex of each kid, so that the s/o can stay genderneutral and nobody gets confused with the pronouns)

How do you think ASL, Law, Zoro, and Shanks would react to seeing their s/o and their child they didn’t know they had after a year or two?


Ace was trying to process what the person in front of him, his partner, just said.

“Do you want to see him?” (NAME) was looking, at the black haired man who gripped his hand with so much force, that his knuckles turned wide, worriedly.

Realizing that his partner was talking to him he nodded awkwardly.

On the outside he just seemed a little nervous, maybe somewhat irritated, on the inside however Ace was screaming. There were thousand thoughts running through his mind.

About his bloodline, about being a father and that everything came just so unexpected.

(NAME) entered the room again with a baby in their arms

“You’re finally going to meet your father.”, (NAME) whispered lovingly to their son as they placed the little boy gently in Ace’s arms.

Ace looked at the tiny freckled face that watched him with a bewildered expression , at his jet black hair and his small hands that were trying to take hold of Ace’s hair and pull it.

He thought that this was the most perfect little thing he’s ever seen in his life as he felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“He’s so cute and handsome, he looks just like me.”, Ace smiled wiping away some tears

His s/o let out a delighted chuckle

“Yes, just like you, Ace.”, they said and stroke their son’s head.

“(NAME), listen to me, no matter what happens, I’ll be there, I’ll protect you two.”


“Are you mad?”

“No, I’m not mad, I can understand, you had no chance of telling me and I was away for so long…but”, Sabo shrugged, “It just comes all of sudden.” the blonde man firmly told person in front of him.

When the two of them where just about to fall into awkward silence, (NAME) took Sabo’s hand.

“Lets go see her.”


“Yes, you have a daughter, Sabo.” 

(NAME) beamed as they lead their boyfriend into the nursery

“Oh, wow.”, Sabo gasped softly as he laid eyes upon the baby girl in the crib.

He moved foward to take his daughter into his arms but before his hands reached her, he hesitated and looked at his s/o who nodded reassuringly.

“Hold her, she’s your child.”

Sabo took her in his arms and almost immidiately inhaled sharply because of the overwhelming feeling of joy, pride and love that filled him.

“Oh look at you, little angel, you’re so, so beautiful.”, Sabo looked up from her so his eye’s could meet (NAME)’s, “she looks so much like you, (NAME)”

(NAME) smiled even brighter and softly pushed Sabo down on the bed so he could sit comfortably while holding their child.

Sabo pressed a kiss on the small girl’s forhead.

“I hope Dragon won’t mind that my whole world will revolve around her from now on.”


Luffy took his son into his arms awkwardly and gave his s/o a shaky smile.

“Hey buddy.”, Luffy grinned down at his son his s/o had to keep themself from squealing at the adorable image right in front of them.

Luffy tried to hold his son as carefully as possible even tho he had no idea of how to properly hold a baby.

(NAME) smiled brightly and helped their boyfriend out.

“Like this, Lu.”, (NAME) carefully positioned Luffy’s hand under their baby boys head and properly placed his small body into Luffy’s arm.

“Can I play with him?”

“Not yet, you’re gonna break him.”, (NAME) laughed.

Luffy laughed too and got into staring at his son.

It was like looking into the mirror for Luffy, if it wasn’t for his little boy’s missing scar and different eye color.

His son was Mini Luffy.

“Can we name him Mini-Luffy, or Luffy junior?”

(NAME) tilted their head and looked at Luffy with an expression that was either amused or confused.

“You know what? I’ll give you credit for not wanting him to be named ‘meat’.”, (NAME) teased

Luffy smiled at that and looked back at his precious son he already loved despite knowing him for such a short amount of time.

“I promise I’ll be good dad, I won’t ever leave you, buddy.”


Sweet began dropping from Zoro’s forehead as he held the tiny child in his shaking arms.

He felt his s/o next to him trying to hold back a chuckle, seeing the man who fought everyday of his life against marines and pirates alike, being in utter fear of his little daughter.

Zoro was by no means a slender man so seeing how unbelievably small and petite the little girl was in his big, muscular arms blew him away.

“She’s…she’s not breaking is she?”, Zoro asked.

“No Zoro, she just as strong as you.”

“That’s good.”, Zoro smiled nervously and looked back to his child very very very carefully stroking her short green hair.

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you and shocked you with this Zoro.”, (NAME) sighed and laid their head on his shoulder.

“No it’s my fault, I was away for so damn long.”

Zoro felt so much at this moment, fear, shock, vulnerabilty and so much love.

Holding your child for the first time was a feeling both terrifying and wonderful.

“Do you want to know her name, Zoro?”

The green haired man looked up from his daughter and nodded carefully.

(NAME) smiled brightly at him.

“Her name is Kuina.”


“It’s my fault…”, Law muttered, biting his lips.

“No, Law, it’s not, it’s nobody’s fault, the circumstances just weren’t the best.”, 

(NAME) shut him up immidately and wrapped their arms around his waist.

“Are you ready to meet him?.”

Law was nervous, on the outside he tried to keep his pokerface and nodded but he was nowhere near ‘ready’ to meet his son.

After looking into the crib and seeing his baby boy for the first time Law could almost feel his heart growing twice as big as before, he stared at the child with wide eyes and as he was placed into his arms his eyes darted back and forth between his s/o and his son

“This is your Dad, sweetheart, he comes off a little cold but he’s just as cute as you.”, (NAME) murmured.

“Hey little man.”, Law was shaking almost not able to get over this sudden burst of emotions.

“There is so, so, so much I’m gonna teach you.”, his voice almost a whisper.

The tall man instinctively rocked his son back and fort in his arms, Law’s s/o felt tears in their eyes as they saw him with their son, being so full of love and joy.

The little boy laughed at his father and put his small hands up trying to grab his goatee, Law himself laughed and felt tears dwelling up his eyes.

“Are you alright, Law?”

“It’s just…my parents, Lami and Cora-san would’ve really loved him.”


“Man, I can’t wait to show you around my crew.”, Shanks told his daugher as he held her close and kissed her nose, “They’re gonna fight to determine who gets to hold her first, (NAME).”

“I can imagine.”, (NAME) laughed.

Shanks faced his daughter again and grimaced in the attempt to get a cute little laugh out of his daughter

Their daughter, looked up at Shanks tilting her head, clenching her fists and shaking them in the way all babies do.

“Usually works on other kids.”

(NAME) smiled at their child until they noticed Shanks suddenly frown.

“Is something wrong Shanks?”

“No it’s fine…I just missed a lot huh?”

Shanks caressed his daughters head as he looked up at (NAME), I missed you getting pregnant, I missed her moving inside you for the first time, I missed her birth, I missed her first smile…”, Shanks sighed

“I can’t believe I’ve missed so much.”, The red haired man let out a nervous laugh before he gently stroke his baby’s red hair, 

“But you’re not gonna miss anything again.”, his s/o assured him and kissed his cheeks, Shanks smiled brightly at them and looked back at his daughter.

“I just can’t wait to watch you grow up.”

Baby I'm Yours... [Rick Grimes x Reader]

It’s a quiet day in Alexandria, so Rick decides to treat the reader to the most relaxed day he can think of. The title of the imagine is based off of the song ‘Baby I’m Yours’ by Arctic Monkeys.

Requested by the gorgeous @mylittlefandomfanfictions

Warnings: None because it’s pure, complete fluff! (Okay there’s like one curse word but it’s 2016 so…)



Waking up next to the person you love, especially during this new messed up world, is the best feeling possible. Being able to roll over in bed under the warmth of the covers, and the soft pillows underneath your head, into the safety of the arms of your love is euphoric. Some one would say that waking up to a world filled with walkers and limited supplies is the worst, but as long as I open my eyes to Rick every day, it makes getting up in the morning more enjoyable. The natural sunlight peeking through the window as he reaches over and wraps his arms around me is the best place to be. Feeling his breath on my neck and my face makes me feel safe and protected, and when he slowly opens his eyes, looks at me and smiles, my heart does somersaults in my chest. His morning voice is just as gruff and deep as it usually is, but he speaks slower and more gently, and it feels like we’re the only people on the planet…

“How long have you been awake?” Rick asked, opening his eyes and stretching his arms up above his head, before hugging me tightly. I closed my eyes and sighed, relaxing into his body and leaning into him before looking up at his tired eyes and messy hair, “And how long have you been staring at me?”

“Am I not allowed to admire you?” I smirked, kissing his cheek. He laughed, turning his head to press a soft kiss to my lips before sitting up slightly, “You hear that?”

“Hear what?”

Exactly… Seems like a pretty quiet morning. Let’s hope it stays like this,”

Rick suddenly got up out of bed, leaving me in the warmth surrounded by mountains of pillows, “Where’re you going?” I asked, sitting in the middle of the mattress.

“Just to check up on everyone. You can sleep in, treat yourself,”

“Are you sure? I haven’t had a lie in for God knows how long…” I laid back down and sighed at the bliss of feeling the pillows beneath my head. Rick started to get dressed as he flattened his hair in the mirror.

“I’m sure, I’ll come get you soon,”

“Okay Rick, be safe,”

“Always,” He leaned over and kissed my forehead before leaving the room. I closed my eyes and turned over, inhaling Rick’s scent from his side of the bed and drifting back off to sleep…



“Y/N… Wake up,” I heard faint whispering and a hand on my shoulder as I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Rick smiling down at me angelically, and an unfamiliar scent filled my nose.

“What can I smell?” I asked, sitting up and propping a pillow behind me. Rick presented a tray of food to me and laid it in my lap, “Rick, you didn’t have to do this!” I gasped, completely in shock. He stood there with a huge childish grin on his face, and I swear he could’ve started jumping up and down at any moment.

“I figured, what’s the point in sleeping late and having nothing to wake up to? I hope you like it, I tried my best with what we had, it’s nowhere near the standard of Carol’s breakfasts but it’s a good attempt,” A rush of warmth ran through my whole body as Rick rested on the side of the bed, looking at me with a content smile on his face.

“You weren’t really checking up on people were you?” I asked, looking at him with a knowing smile. He shook his head, before winking at me, “You sly dog!”

I sat and ate whilst Rick sorted some things out in the house. Carl and Judith came into the room and entertained me for a while before going outside. When Rick came back, I was up and out of bed, getting dressed for the day. “How was it?” He asked, peeping his head around the door as he glanced over at my empty dishes.

I pulled my shirt over my head before walking towards him and wrapping my arms around his neck. “It was fantastic,” I kissed him gently, and he hummed into the kiss, making me giggle, “I love you,” I whispered, before planting a kiss on his cheek.

“And I love you…”

After washing everything up, Rick and I holstered our guns and weapons into our belts before setting out on what we thought would be a busy day. As we reached the gates, we realised that the usual sound of the growling undead weren’t there. Rick turned to me and grabbed my hand, pulling me in close, “Looks like it’s just a day for me and you then… Not a walker in sight,” He said, walking me back towards the house. We sat down on the decking and watched as everyone did their own thing, enjoying the sun and one another’s company. Carl came over with Judith in his arms and sat beside us.

“Weren’t you two supposed to be out this morning?” Carl asked, bouncing Judith on his knee, making her laugh.

“I don’t think we need to be,” Rick said, nudging me and looking at me. I felt at ease for the first time in a while, and having Rick sat beside me instead of rushing around and keeping himself busy made me feel comfortable and loved.

“Hey Carl, do you mind going over and checking on everyone for me? Y/N and I will take care of Judith,” Rick said, grabbing his daughter in his arms and sitting her in his lap. Carl jumped up from his seat and disappeared.

“What have you got planned?” I asked, as Rick stood up and helped me up with him.

“I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time Judith learned how to bake…” I cocked my head to the side in confusion as Rick set off to Carol’s house with me in tow and Judith in his grasp. I felt so happy I may as well have been skipping beside the man I love as we knocked on Carol’s door and let ourselves in.

“Do you have what I need?” Rick asked her, and Carol passed him a box of ingredients.

“Remember what I taught you Rick…” She said simply, bopping Judith on the nose before sending us on our way again.

Rick Grimes, since when did you want to become the house-husband?” I joked, as we went into our kitchen and set Judith on the counter.

“Since I fell in love with you,” He kissed my hair before grabbing numerous bowls from the cabinet, “Okay so I think I can remember this. Carol’s a pretty good teacher so I should have this down…” I couldn’t help but chuckle a little as I watched Rick faffing over ingredients and utensils. Judith watched her Dad and laughed along with me, as if she knew how ridiculous it was too.

We made the best of what we had, and the best experience of my whole life was watching Rick stir everything together. He propped the bowl against his side, with his arm wrapped around it as he mixed with his other hand. Things were flying out of the bowl, landing on Judith and I, but Rick didn’t seemed to care as he just laughed his head off at the mess all over. “You’re a wreck,” I giggled, taking it from him and finishing the job. I then placed it down and helped Judith stir some more, guiding her hands onto the spoon and moving with her so she wouldn’t topple the bowl over and lose any more mixture.

I glanced over at Rick and burst out laughing at the sight before me. “What?” He asked in confusion. I pointed to his pants and he looked down at his jeans which were now covered in a little bit of everything we’d added to the mix. Rick tried to brush it off with his hands, but as he had just as much mixture on his fingers as his clothes, he made it worse. I grabbed a towel and started to dust it away before he could start to whine like a teenage girl. I rolled the towel up and whipped him round the back of the legs, causing him to jump up and squeal, “Y/N! Don’t do that!” He said in a high voice, sounding like a scared child. Judith let out a loud giggle as she pointed at Rick and clapped her hands.

“Shall I do it again Judith? Shall I?” I asked. Rick yanked the towel from me and tossed it to the other side of the room. I crossed my arms and looked up at him with the most serious expression I could muster, with a smirk creeping through.

“No, you shan’t,” He said quietly, pinching my cheek like a baby. I scowled jokingly, before getting back to the task at hand with two of my favourite people.



“I thought you said this mix was supposed to make twelve cookies?” I asked sceptically as I placed the six cookies on the tray. Rick scratched the back of his head, glanced down at the mess on the floor, before shrugging.

“I guess this means we don’t have to share them with anyone anymore…” He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me close, “That means more for us!” He whispered excitedly, kissing me tenderly.

Once I’d placed them in the oven, we had thirty minutes to kill. Carl came back and took Judith to see Michonne, so Rick and I just sat back in the house. Rick had the bright idea of playing twenty questions, so I just went along with it. “What do you miss the most about your old life?” He asked me.

“Um… I miss pizza. I know we try our best to make something similar now, but there was nothing better than ordering Domino’s takeout on a Friday night and watching TV,” I laid back on the couch and sighed, imagining the perfection, “Okay my turn… What were you like in High School?”

“Oh God! You’re kidding right?” I shook my head and insisted that he answer, “Alright. I was pretty lame to be honest, I always wanted to be a cop so I was really focused on my work, a little too focused sometimes. I guess you could refer to me as the nerd, but I got better in college and started to go to parties and stuff, but I wasn’t crazy, I was just average. Pretty boring answer I know. Next question, have you ever been properly in love before?”

“I think you already know the answer to this Rick,”

“Yeah, but I just want to hear it again,” He grinned once again like a Cheshire Cat, leaning forward in anticipation as he waited for me to answer.

“Well… Before the world went to shit, and before all of this walker business begun, I’d never been with anyone worth my time, or I’d never loved anyone properly. Of course I’ve been in relationships, but now that I’ve experienced a real relationship, with you, I can see that what I once thought was love, was just me trying to convince myself of something fake. As you know Rick, you’ve completely changed me as a person and you’ve opened my eyes to something that I thought I could never have. I couldn’t imagine being without you now, and as cheesy as it sounds, I love you with everything in me, and much much more…” As soon as I’d realised how corny everything I’d just said sounded, I started to laugh, “Sorry, I’m just laughing at how much I’ve surprised myself by saying those things,”

“Y/N… I love you, and I know you may think those things are cheesy, but I don’t,”



“Would you have still fallen for me if I wasn’t one of the last women on Earth?” I asked nervously, counting it as the next question. Rick looked at me with a mixture of emotions on his face, but he mostly seemed to look disappointed in a way.

Rick reached over and grabbed my hand in his, entwining his fingers with my own, “Y/N, of course I would’ve still fallen for you. You’re amazing and I simply wouldn’t be able to cope without you. Don’t ever think for one second that I’ve settled for you, I love you… Truly

Part of me wanted to tear up and just repeat to him how much he means to me, but I just leaned in and rested my forehead against his, looking into his bright blue eyes that held so much love, and had me captivated since day one. He snaked his arms around my back and hugged me, laying back on the couch with me rested against his chest, “I wish every day was like this. I wish we could just lay here and not have to worry about walkers or other groups or anything, things would just be so perfect…” I sighed, running my hands along Rick’s chest and tracing patterns with my fingers.

“So do I, but honestly, as long as I’m with you, I don’t care about the other stuff we’re forced to handle everyday,”

We laid there together until the cookies were finished. We went outside and sat back on the stairs, where Judith and Carl were. They both took one each and Rick and I ate the remaining four, feeling pretty impressed with our creations, “I think it’s safe to say I’m now a professional chef!” Rick exclaimed, applauding himself. I just raised a brow and smirked at him, bursting his bubble.

“Don’t get too cocky Grimes,”

“You know you love me…”

I do, and I always will.


Hey guys! I hope you liked this fluffy Rick Grimes imagine! I haven’t written fluff in a while so I hope it’s okay!

Don’t forget to request an imagine if there’s anything you’d like to see on my blog! Thanks for reading!


Little Bird 

Part 1: It wasn’t just the undead that were kept in The Arena. Sometimes unfortunate and unwanted humans made their way to the lower labyrinths too. For all their gladitorial business, it’s funny how no one talked about how they kept their zombie fighters ‘alive’ and it was common knowledge that the zombies performed best when fed human flesh. 

Part 2: The last time Wren saw his older brother Ellya they were hurling hurtful words to each other. It has been two years since then and Wren couldn’t even remember exactly what it was they were arguing about but it made Ellya storm off the night the zombie outbreak hit their town. Wren escaped the worst of the carnage but Ellya was missing ever since. Just as he was about to give up searching, Wren caught word of The Monkey-one of The Arena’s favourite undead slave fighters. The creature was missing its tongue but people say when it cried it seemed to howl the word ‘Wren’. 

Part 3: Wren made it just in time to see them haul The Monkey out onto The Arena. Its skin had completely blackened, all its limbs rotted and half its skull was missing. But it was jerking and snapping incessantly like a wild animal in its chains. It was torture seeing Ellya like that. Somebody in the crowd was saying too bad that it’ll be The Monkey’s last day on The Arena because it’s up against Pretty Boy and that thing apparently killed anything in its way. Time was running out and Wren had to act fast.

Science-fiction authors don’t get to feel like rock stars very often. Aside from the Comic-Con panels and rare moments of being recognized on the street, there are hardly any Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan moments. You stay at home, ponder the wonderment of being, write books about time travel, and once every few years you get a big fat check.

But the middle of the 20th century was a different time. Gods like Vonnegut, Bradbury and Ellison were slashing out short stories and just throwing them up there like Kanye’s Good Friday tapes. And they were getting PAID. Magazines and periodicals (remember them?) paid good money for short-form content from big-name authors. The best part was that after a few years, you could just slap them all together like a best-of album and get paid for them a second time- and do absolutely zero work in the process.

THIS WEEK: the Kurt Vonneguys take a look at Vonnegut’s second short-story mixtape, Welcome to the Monkey House. They pore through all 25 of the stories and consider the collection as a complete work–do all the stories work together? Did Kurt put them in the right order? Could he have cut the amount of stories in half and by doing so, made the best short story collection ever? 

Dissecting 25 Short Stories From The Mind Of Kurt Vonnegut

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look i know part of the appeal of takeout apps is how impersonal they are but also i’m telling you if you leave like a ‘thank you!’ or a positive note or heck even just consistently order the same things from the same place, the food monkeys on the other end will appreciate it - seriously, it’ll make their day - and also probably give you as much free shit as they can get away with

Thoughts on Monkey See, Monkey Do

This was an okay episode case-wise but a great one for the characters and relationships. So all in all I enjoy the hour. I could have lived without the spiders, though.

The case was only okay to me because it was a little too easy. Not necessarly the means to get to what they needed, but actually finding the solution. What I mean is at the rate they solved this pandemic (and others along the years), they should just quit everything else and just focus on medical research. In three months, they’d find a cure and even a vaccin for all illnesses, including the common cold.

The monkey was cool, though. And part of me wished they’d adopted him, like they adopted Ferret Bueller (where is he btw?).

What I loved most in this episode is Toby and Paige frienship. They put a focus on it this season and it’s on of the best idea they had. I love how they support each other, especially Toby here first with Ralph and then with Walter. And the comforting side-hug was just adorable !  At first glance they don’t have much in common and it’s great to see a true friendship developping just based on mutual respect and affection.

I also love how Paige fear for Ralph are very real and I think everyone can relate. We all want for people we love to evolve to reach that point where they can be sucessfull in anything they might try, but we don’t want them to change either. This is a difficult balance, especially with a child like Ralph. Yes Paig want for him to be able to fit in but still be himself. This can be achieve if we don’t forget that fitting in doen’t mean comforming but being able to navigate the day-to-day life.

I also loved Quintis here. Yes it’s funny, but it’s also very real. Having someone who think you’re great and wonderfull is and feel good at first. But being on a pedestal is both a suffocating pressure and stiffle communication with the other. It’sgreat they adressed that. Especially by showing Happy working on being better for the sake of their future mariage. This is a better proof than anything else that she is 100% in. Plus the conclusion is super-reassuring

There’s also progress on the Waige front. I like how they highlighted that Paige didn’t break Walter’s heart intentionally. That will help her realised that what Walt his feeling for her is real and not different than anyone else just because he has a big brain. 

Other points and questions :

- Ralph was really great with Sly, even if a little impatients. Is it a little bit of teen attitude starting?
- Samouraï Cabe !!!!
- Sly using Tim name like that. It’s a little bit morbid I want to say. Or foreshadowing and Tim will die in a mission overseas? (Mostly joking here)
- Between U-Dog and those tomatoes our genius needs cooking lessons or just cutting lessons.
- Ralph looking for the caterpillar in the tires felt familliar to me, but I can’t put my finger on it.
- The bad guy is some sort of super human. Being sting by that many wasp and be mostly fine afterwards is impressive.

31 Genre Show Producers on the Heart of Their Series

Over the last month, executive producers of more than 30 current genre shows have taken part in Yahoo TV’s “Why Genre Shows Matter” survey, either via email or by phone. We’ve learned which genre show was the first to resonate with them, which genre show they believe deserved more Emmy love, which current genre show they think is tackling an issue well, and, if they were a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, what moment, episode, or arc best explains why in honor of the show’s 20th anniversary.

Our final question to them: What is the issue you’re proudest of tackling, or most invested in, on your own show? Read on for their answers.

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Brian Minchin (BBC America’s ‘Doctor Who’)

The Doctor sees horrors in the universe and faces them with kindness and understanding. (While reserving the right to blow things up if required). That standpoint goes into everything, and is hugely valuable. I love that children watch a hero do that. (Credit: BBC America)

Source: Yahoo TV

J. Michael Straczynski (Netflix’s ‘Sense 8’)

We designed Sense8 to say that regardless of where we are born, what our ethnic background, gender or sexuality might be, we are more alike than we are different, that what unites us is stronger than what divides us, and that the common coin of our shared humanity trumps the forces that would set us at each others’ throats. At a time when we are being tribalized and factionalized and marginalized as never before, we felt that was an important message to convey, and it’s only become more relevant and vital in the last year or so. (Credit: Netflix)

Source: Yahoo TV

Eric Kripke (NBC’s ‘Timeless’)

I’m really proud of how Timeless shines a light on some of the lesser known stories in history, often involving the heroic contributions of women and minorities. I’m proud of how we’ve established ourselves as a warm, multi-ethnic, inclusive view of history. Because one, it’s the truth, and two, America’s history should be for everyone. (Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Source: Yahoo TV

Albert Kim (Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’)

This season on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane has gone head-to-head with a villain who believes that America has failed as a social and political experiment and that tyranny is how the country needs to move into the future. Which means Crane has been forced to defend the ideals of the country he helped establish over two centuries ago. It’s a situation that’;s allowed us to explore the question: What makes America America? Through that lens, we’ve looked at the stories of real historical figures like Benjamin Banneker, a Revolutionary War-era African American surveyor and engineer who knew that when Thomas Jefferson wrote the phrase, “All men are created equal,” it sadly didn’t apply to everyone. Now, more than ever, seems to be a good time to be bringing up issues like this, even in a fictional context. (Credit: Tina Rowden/Fox)

Source: Yahoo TV

Robert Singer (The CW’s ‘Supernatural’)

I think as the show has matured, we’ve become very conscious of the idea that world is not black and white, and that the shades of gray in this life are not easy to deal with, but it is important to try. Sam and Dean have certainly, over time, found their moral center, and because of this they try very hard not to see the world in just black or white. This season, with The British Men of Letters, who do view the world in black and white, has given our leads moral challenges which for the most part they have been up to handling. When they haven’t been up to the task, the lessons learned from these episodes have been profound. I think the best genre shows try to do this, and while good lessons learned are very valuable, it also makes for better storytelling. (Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW)

Source: Yahoo TV

Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’)

There’s a saying on our show that we keep coming back to: “Evil isn’t born, it’s made.” Once Upon a Time is at its core a show about hope and optimism. We like to believe that the world is filled with good and when evil does rear its head it’s because circumstance conspired to create it. And if circumstance can create evil, then those same circumstances can be defeated, and the best of humanity can win out in the end. (Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC)

Source: Yahoo TV

Cheo Hodari Coker (Netflix’s ‘Luke Cage’)

I love the fact that we have two black male characters that you’ve never seen before. You’ve never seen a burly 240-lb. black man that can throw stuff that’s also a bookworm, and you’ve never seen a musician that’s a gangster. And the fact that you have a gangster that is really just a frustrated musician is interesting. And what Simone Missick did with Misty Knight or what Alfre [Woodard] did incredibly with Black Mariah, I mean, it’s just next level… All Blaxploitation is, is the opportunity for an African-American cast or lead actor or actress to do the same things that a white action hero gets to do… The reason that Shaft has a dominant theme song is because James Bond has a dominant theme song… I wanted the show to not be embarrassed by the Blaxploitation roots, but embrace it. Then at the same time, open up the camera, so to speak — widen the aperture — to include other genres. I mean, honestly, what Luke Cage; it’s a hip-hop Western. And you have Luke Cage as the sheriff of Harlem. He’s basically Shane. He’s Shane or he’s any number of reluctant heroes as played by Clint Eastwood. (Credit: Netflix)
Read our full conversation with Coker.

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Joe Henderson (Fox’s ‘Lucifer’)

In the second episode of the show, we established that our lead male character is bisexual, which I think is pretty rare on network TV. We worried the studio and network might push against it, but instead, they championed it. And when I mentioned it to Tom (Ellis, Lucifer himself) he just shrugged. “Well of course he is.” When it aired, the only reaction was positive. I’m proud that what we thought might be pushing boundaries/creating controversy was instead welcomed as normal. Because of course it is. (Credit: Jack Rowand/FOX)

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Jeff Davis (MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’)

The idea of inclusion on Teen Wolf has always been something for which we strive. We’ve heard from fans that how being gay is treated so nonchalantly in the world of Teen Wolf has been something they’ve loved most about the show. (Credit: MTV)

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Ken Woodruff (Fox’s ‘Gotham’)

The story I’m proudest of is from this season (Season 3). We were able to take a popular character from the canon of DC Comics, Penguin, and tell a personal, real, heartbreaking love story between him and another male character, Edward Nygma. (Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX)

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Melissa Rosenberg (Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’)

In the comic books, Jessica wasn’t actually raped — she was an imprisoned voyeur to it, and we just wanted to make it a more personal experience and more realistic. We really were just telling the story of this character and never said, “Okay, we’re going to tackle the issue of rape or domestic violence or any issue like that.” We’re just going to tell her story and be responsible about it and be honest with the character. And so when it aired, there were initially all these think pieces on how it addressed rape and domestic violence. And then we were like, “Yes, that’s exactly what we intended to do!” Obviously we were dealing with an issue, but we never approached it that way. The minute you step on a soapbox is the minute people stop listening to you. (Credit: Netflix)
Read our full conversation with Rosenberg and The Magicians showrunner Sera Gamble.

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Sera Gamble (Syfy’s ‘The Magicians’)

We felt that sexual assault was really the core of the Magicians story. The reveal that the Big Bad [The Beast] evolved into a monster as a defense mechanism to protect himself because he was being sexually abused as a young boy struck my partner, John McNamara, and me as a really amazing use of fantasy, and it felt psychologically real. It was non-negotiable for us. We really wanted to tell that story. It kind of became the guiding mechanism for the whole show; just the idea that fantasy is used to explore darkness and the human psyche and the various evils that we do to one another and to human beings. When we got to [where] Julia is assaulted by a trickster god, it’s a very graphic rape scene. What was important to us was to be honest and unflinching about it. We didn’t want to find any trapdoors that we could go through that made it less personal for the audience. So for example, we could have made the creature that assaulted her look less human and we chose not to. We wanted him to feel as human and present in the room as possible. Most important for us, when we filmed that scene, was to stay in Julia’s point of view, to make sure we were telling her story, and that she never became the object of the story. She was always the subject of the story. (Photo by: Carole Segal/Syfy)
Read our full conversation with Gamble and Jessica Jones showrunner Melisssa Rosenberg.

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Bruce Miller (Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’)

I’m proudest of the way the show deals with institutionalized sexism and misogyny. The show takes place in an alternative present where women are commodified and strictly oppressed under threat of violence. In a world like this it’s easy to get lost in categories, i.e. victims, collaborators, oppressors, but I’m proud of how our show tries to humanize everyone in Atwood’s Gilead. (Credit: Take Five/Hulu)

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Michelle Lovretta (Syfy’s ‘Killjoys’)

Consent and agency are important themes in most of my work, and are also just a natural fit when dealing with science fiction, especially as a woman. In Killjoys, a lot of our long arcs are about systems trampling on the rights of individuals… and then we sit back, crack a beer, and have fun watching how our smartass underdogs win out. (Credit: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)

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Ronald D. Moore (Starz’s ‘Outlander’)

I’m proud of the way we depict our heroine as a smart, strong woman who is able to adapt to living in the past without losing her sense of self. She’s not a damsel in distress and she’s often the one to come to the rescue of the man she loves. (Credit: Starz)

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Emily Andras (Syfy’s ‘Wynonna Earp’)

I’m very proud of the female representation on Wynonna Earp — has there ever been a western with more women running around firing guns and kicking ass? — and I like to think we handled the LGBT storyline delicately with grace and good spirit. (Credit: Michelle Faye/Syfy/Wynonna Earp Productions)

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Marco Ramirez (Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’)

From the beginning, Daredevil has been concerned with characters who uncover truth, whether through vigilante activity or journalistic integrity. The Ben Urich story, which then became Karen Page’s story, is something that seems to take on a new and different meaning every year. Season 1, it was about taking down Wilson Fisk. Season 2, it became about uncovering the truth behind the murder of Frank Castle’s family. Maybe it’s The X-Files still in my DNA, but “the truth is out there” is a hell of a dramatic motor in TV. (Credit: Barry Wetcher)

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Terry Matalas (’12 Monkeys’)

12 Monkeys is pretty morally gray, through and through — which gives us great latitude to explore things like blind faith in any kind of doctrine.  We delve into how one can be driven to do terrible things: Fear. Love. Faith. (Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)

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Mark Fergus (Syfy’s ‘The Expanse’)

You’ve got these middle-aged guys who have lived badly, or if they had convictions they lost them, they tripped and fell in life and they’re trying to find a way back to the light… That’s the story we gravitate to because I feel like we have something to say about that. It’s Children of Men, it’s Tony Stark, it’s Rick from Casablanca, it’s The Verdict. [In Season 2’s “Home”] Miller felt like his whole life had been the fabric leading him up to this moment, so the fact that he was a f–kup his whole life actually helped him in the moment where he needed to redeem himself. That final scene with Julie, that was the reason we wanted to make this show. That was the whole heart of it. It’s not only the heart of the book, I think it’s the heart of the whole show. (Credit: Syfy)
Read our full conversation with Fergus.

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Bryan Fuller and Michael Green (Starz’s ‘American Gods’)

Fuller: We’re very proud of the coming-to-America stories. We told them because we were very moved by them as reminders of how we all got here. And when we made them, we thought everyone would be moved by them too and were very surprised to find out by the time it airs — especially after November — those immigration stories have become far more political than we would have ever expected. If people are moved by them, so much the better. If people are challenged by them, that’s there too, and not a bad thing at all. (Credit: Starz)
Read our full conversation with Fuller and Green.

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Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse (USA’s ‘Colony’)

Condal: We’re proudest of the human drama in Colony. The genre, the science-fiction, is just a backdrop that applies the correct pressures (i.e., an alien occupation of Los Angeles) to explore the themes in which we are most interested. This season, there are two particular issues that are addressed that really interested us. In episode 2.04 (“Panopticon”), we dramatize the very real and growing technological surveillance state as it applies to the world of Colony and, in particular, the Bowman family. What happens to a society when it lives in constant fear of being watched? Can anyone trust anyone? The answers are dark and approaching the nihilistic, which is why we were so drawn to it. The other issue is the true nature of resistance. When we think of the word “resistance,” in a science-fiction context, it tends to conjure images of the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars and Sarah Connor in The Terminator. But real resistance is ugly. It’s politically motivated, it’s brutally violent, it is uncompromising, and it is often utterly futile. This is a big theme this season, particularly in the second half, and I think the audience will be surprised about what Colony has to say about the issue. (Credit: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

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David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf (NBC’s ‘Grimm’)

Greenwalt: Grimm attempts to offer an explanation for monstrous behavior and the inexplicable nature of evil.
Kouf: The environmental issue in episode 9 of this season, as the environment is an issue that’s important to me, and the senility issue in episode 10 of this season, as it is an issue we all have to deal with. (Credit: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

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David Eick (Freeform’s ‘Beyond’)

Beyond is interested in how a nuclear family holds together despite extraordinary events, and how growing up and becoming an adult is sort of like learning to be a superhero. (Credit: Katie Yu/Freeform)

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Julie Plec (The CW’s ‘The Originals’)

It’s all about family, for better or for worse, through the good and the bad. It’s about the bonds of blood. And as children of dysfunction and abuse and tyranny, it’s about how these kids grew up to be both the worst parts of that and the best parts of themselves in spite of it all. (Credit: Annette Brown/The CW)

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Damon Lindelof (HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’)

I feel most proud of the way our show addresses grief… how surprising and upsetting and nonsensical coping mechanisms can be, whether that mechanism is joining a cult or hiring prostitutes to shoot you in the chest. There is no more profoundly complex human emotion than the one associated with losing someone you love and The Leftovers is a constant examination of that idea. (Credit: HBO)

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Julie Plec (The CW’s ‘The Vampire Diaries’)

I think that we said a lot that this is a show about love and loss. And those are two extremely universal things that everybody on this planet goes through at one point in their lives. They, with luck, fall deeply in love at least once. Unfortunately, over the course of a lifetime, they experience loss more times than anyone could hope. It’s very difficult for people to express themselves emotionally to deal with those emotions. In the phases of managing and moving on from grief, it’s a very complicated journey. A show that tackles issues of loss and grief, like what we do, is just another tool out there in the universe to let you sit and have a good cry, or to see something about your own experience in this fiction. (Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW)
Read our full conversation with Plec.

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Nick Antosca (Syfy’s ‘Channel Zero’)

Loss and the experience of coping with it, in Channel Zero: Candle Cove. We’re a horror show, and loss is the most universal real world horror. (Credit: Allen Fraser/Syfy)

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Dana Gould (IFC’s ‘Stan Against Evil’)

Stan Against Evil is largely about moving on after loss. We start Season 1 at the funeral of our lead character’s wife, and by the end of the season, he has only started to come to terms with it. I went through a divorce a couple years ago, and didn’t realize until midway through filming that I had been writing about myself. (Credit: Kim Simms/IFC)

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Dan Harmon (Adult Swim’s ‘Rick and Morty’)

I am proud that our show addresses what I consider the root of all our issues: it’s better to have felt an unfeeling universe than never to have felt at all. (Credit: Cartoon Network)

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Drew Goddard (NBC’s ‘The Good Place’)

I believe The Good Place is the first show to explore sexual relations between an anthropomorphized afterlife information delivery system and a gentleman from Jacksonville, but it’s possible St. Elsewhere got there first. (Credit: Vivian Zink/NBC)

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David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’)

We spend a lot of time pondering the complexities of incestuous relations. Talk about a sticky situation! (Credit: HBO)

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Panacea (an Orphan Black MK/Cosima fic)

Veera and Cosima brave the disease that hangs over them.

For @karinta-agogobell-unified

After a while, Veera stopped tensing up every time she heard a knock at her door, finally silencing the voice in her head screaming danger. Eventually, it became the best part of her day.

She pulled open the door, and there she was. Cosima, her… girlfriend. Veera’s girlfriend, her smile a thousand times too bright for Veera’s drab apartment. The sight of her was enough to remind Veera of her own inadequacies. Her hand drifted to her own hair, draping it across the right side of her face.

“Hey,” Cosima said, placing a hand alongside the same cheek.

She brought her face in close, like it was the most natural thing in the world, like the moment before each kiss didn’t make Veera feel like she was falling. Their lips connected, and Veera was safe. Cosima was always, always there to catch her.

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anonymous asked:

Wtf did someone in all seriousness call HUMBUG their worst album? Like??? It's literally considered one of their best, by fans and music professionals both. Yeah, it was a major stylistic departure from their first two, but that's what made it great! Also: just a guess, but did that article also list AM as their greatest album?

This whole article made me cringe from the very first part.

“Arctic Monkeys are my favourite band and I could happily exclusively listen to their music every day for the rest of my life. (…) It’s likely this list is going to cause mass upset and unrest, so for these reasons I am sorry. Please feel free to get in touch with your version of the list at

It feels so condescending and unnecessary. I mean everyone is entitled to their opinions but the way this was written is just super annoying.

“I think we can all agree that Humbug is the Arctic Monkeys’ worst album.”  

You can have your opinions but don’t project them on the whole fandom. You can rank the songs without unnecessarily calling a song or an album terrible.

“Nobody in the history of the world has ever listed this as their favourite Arctic Monkeys song, I’m sure of it.“

Nobody in the history of the world, really?? In the history of the world?!!!!

Humbug is literally one of the best albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to! Not everyone likes the same music but the way the album was described is just so unnecessarily rude, it annoyed me so much.

No actually, she’s one of the people who thinks the earlier stuff is the best and that it just got worse after that.

“Not to be a stereotypical arsehole, but Arctic Monkeys’ earlier stuff really has my heart.”

Well, I have some news for you…

The Gang's best friend.-part 2
  • Darry: Fine! No dog.
  • Sodapop: We could get a horse.
  • Darry: Why? We've already got a Pony...
  • Ponyboy: Oh yeah, well lets get a big ole' cow then, we can milk it and sell our own DARRY products!
  • Two-bit: Ya'll monkeys obviously ain't ever had a pet. I say we do get a dog, a little black puppy that we can...*snickering*
  • Johnny: ..that ya'll can kick around. Your real funny Two-bit.
  • Steve: *laughing* Hey no, lets get a mouse and name it Mickey. How 'bout that one Two-bit!
  • Darry: Alright cut it out boys. I guess we just can't get a pet, one of yawl would probably kill it anyway.
  • Dallas: How 'bout a donkey?
  • Ponyboy: *eyeing Dal* Oh...we've got one of those too.
  • Two-bit and Steve: *rolling on the floor in a mess of laughter*
  • Darry: This conversation was a bad idea.
Monkey Monday

Monkey Monday to me is a day where I share a story in which my monkey (my vagina) was either neglected or spoiled for the most part.

I’ve heard people use the term monkey to describe woman’s vagina and it flowed well with Monday, so hey why not.

This particular story is about the best head i’ve received in my 24 years of living. When i explain sexual encounters I always tell people to keep in mind that I didn’t really start having positive sexual experiences until I was 18. With that being said let’s get it poppin.

so in this particular situation I was involved with a friend of mine I use the word ‘friend’ loosely because now that I look back on it yo really wasn’t a friend of mine. But that’s neither here nor there because he ate this monkey like a motherfucking starving man from some country unknown girl when I tell you he had me screaming and running he had me screaming and running. Like I said I’ve never really had positive sexual experiences, most men really don’t know how to give head. As much as they brag, and as much as they tell stories to their boys… the bottom line is nobody knows how to really really please a woman and it seemed like for the first time in a long time this man knew exactly what buttons to push and how hard to push them.

Ard, so let me stop playing with y'all and get to the juicy details of the situation. We had been sitting in the car, drinking because he had long day and me being a good friend 😏I drank with him and listened to his problems. Now, i never really had intentions of riding this man’s face but what can i say, when the opportunity came knocking I opened up the door and let that opportunity in. So without getting too into it we ended up in my room 😜 and girl he got to pulling off my pants and my drawls. And my mother always told me not to interrupt grown folks so I let him do just that. I laid back on my bed and enjoyed this ecstasy that we called head. After about 5 minutes into it I wanted to just reach down and taste myself off of his lips… but y'all he wouldn’t let me! He had my hands down and was like “nah, i just wanna please you… now come for me before i get mad” BAAAAAABBBBY!!!!! that shit was such a turn on, I laid back and with every flick of his tongue I was grabbing the sheets. With every twirls I was grasping for air. Now after about 10 minutes shit starting to get interesting, I don’t know if you guys like anal play but that shit feels amazing. This man took one finger and stuck it in my ass and then took two more fingers and stuck them in my vagina 🤤🤤. I know what y'all are thinking 'that’s nothing special’ and you’re right, now that I have had more positive sexual experiences in my life it seems to be normal at this point but at that period of time it was the best thing that I’ve ever experienced in my life. With every moan he got more and more excited to be tasting me, he lifted my ass up in the air and took his finger out. At this point I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t care what happened next. This man started eating my ass 😌. He ate my ass like he was in a hot dog eating contest and my ass was the final dog. He devoured me, my legs were shaking and my heart was racing. I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing this kind of pleasure. I ended up coming about five times, which again is something that seemed impossible. At the end of the night I felt like my whole world was turned upside now 😂😂, and that by far was the best head I’ve ever received.

Thank you guys for reading, I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Tune in for next week & i’ll share my first 69 experience.


Random Characters Best Quotes  »   Jemma Simmons

“ I like to think about the first law of thermodynamics, that no energy in the universe is created and… none is destroyed. None is destroyed. That means that every bit of energy inside us, every particle will go on to be a part of something else. Maybe live as a dragonfish, a microbe, maybe burn in a supernova ten billion years from now. And every part of us now was once a part of some other thing - a moon, a storm cloud, a mammoth. A monkey. Thousands and thousands of other beautiful things that were just as terrified to die as we are. We gave them new life. Good one, I hope.”

You Make Me More Than I Ever Was II Jaspar fanfiction

Summary: Sometimes Caspar tells Joe that he is beautiful; and he tells him that he loves him and sometimes, they kiss, but Joe knows that there is nothing weird about it because they are best friends and best friends can do that, but the day must come when they cross the line.


Part I: You Needn’t Say Anything

Part II: And The Thought Of Spending All My Life With You Does Not Scare Me At All

Part III: The Only Thing That I Know Will Last Forever

South Africa is incredibly beautiful and the joy in Caspar’s eyes whenever he shows them something makes everything even more beautiful. Here is where Josh and I found an injured baby monkey once and nursed it back to health, look, Joe; do you want to walk the way I walked to school every day with me, Joe; do you want to watch the sunrise with me, Joe, because it’s so beautiful and it’s worth getting up so early; and Oli says: remember, this is not your honeymoon, I’m here as well; and all of them laugh and they watch the sunrise together with Josh and Oli and Joe smiles as he watches the sun rise from the ocean, golden light dripping down a paling sky like honey, and Caspar kisses his palm when Josh and Oli aren’t looking and they share a smile brighter than the waking sun.

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wasted youth, wasted you // luke hemmings

because i’m a fuckin slut for stoner/badboy!luke

word count::1k+

this is slight angst but not really ya feel?? feedback appreciated !!


She was younger, and Luke knew it was so fucking wrong. 

 But there was just something so right about watching the girl pull her hair back as she took hits from the joint Luke had rolled. There was something about the grin on her face when he’d slip her a couple g’s of xanax. The lazy kisses they’d pull was one of Luke’s favourite parts. He’d never take xanax when she was around. It had the habit of zapping his short term memory, and he never wanted to forget any moment he had with her. 

 Her philosophy was that it was best to get high to Arctic Monkeys. It was something about the bass and Alex’s voice that just gave the marijuana that extra push. At least, that’s what she’d said. Luke didn’t really feel the difference. He just liked the band a bit and, after she’d made him listen about four albums, he’d begun to enjoy them more. Well, mainly because he’d get a long kiss with each song that played. 

 The age difference between them wasn’t  huge, per se. He was nineteen and she was sixteen. She seemed a bit aged for her years, wise eyes and heated debates was just a few key points that had lured Luke in in the first place. 

They’d met through some gross party neither wanted to be at - it was all cheap vodka and prescription marijuana and it just wasn’t too fun. He’d immediately taken notice to the quiet girl with the drink in her hand, and, well, things had taken off from there. He didn’t know her age at first. She didn’t care to mention it. She hadn’t known his, either. The first thing said between them was some silly compliment he’d made on her Nirvana shirt. She had smiled and told him to get out, because he was clearly too much of a dork to be at the party. 

 It was weekends at first. She’d come to Luke’s in the middle of the night on a Friday, knowing her way in through the bay window in his room and crawling under the covers where Luke would be half-asleep, laughing under her breath when he’d jump at the feel of her cold toes pressing into his legs. “You’re cold,” he’d complain in a small whine, but he wouldn’t actually care. He had become accustomed to the feeling and felt empty the first Friday night he had without it. She’d giggle and apologise with a kiss, so soft and sudden that Luke would barely recognise that it had happened until seconds after it had ended and she’d taken all of his blankets. He would roll his eyes at that being as habit of hers, but pull them back over his lanky body and curl closer to the girl who was becoming more of a drug to him than his actual drugs were. 

 He loved the way she looked in his shirts. They’d drag down her glowing skin, swallowing her up and falling past her thighs. It gave him the perfect leverage to kiss her shoulders or slide his calloused palms up to her hips and he just knew, at that moment, she was something special. 

 Luke hated the way the aftermath felt though. After hours of smoking and laughing and listening to old rock bands, the boy felt he was stealing her teenage years. She was spending almost every night with some college kid living in a big house by himself and going nowhere in life. 

He knew she was smart. He’d seen her grades, watched her apply to extravagant universities, listened to her talk about her dreams and goals. He was so proud, watching this little girl grow into something so much more than another stoner. But, knowing that in the back of his mind - well, it wasn’t right for Luke to keep her from going out with her friends and going to school events and, well, be a teenager. He wasn’t keeping her from that, so to speak, as she came and went at her own free will, but, well, she was young and impressionable, swept under this lifestyle just like Luke was. It just wasn’t right. A sixteen year old girl getting high at three A.M with an almost twenty year old man who struggled with kicking old habits and had a set future in some big fucking company he didn’t want anything to do with. 

 But, it seemed as though his morals vanished every time she flashed that killer smile of hers that made Luke weak in the knees and had his heart melting. Every time she stepped into his room, he would take her hand from his spot on his bed, pull her down into his chest, and kiss her like he’d not seen her for years. She would giggle against his mouth, the laughter crushed between them as they kissed and Luke actually felt so fucking loved by this girl, this sixteen year old girl that loved old rock bands and getting high and, wow, he was the luckiest man in the world. 

 They would talk for hours, sometimes not even bothering with the drugs, instead tracing patterns on each other’s skin with their soft fingertips and Luke was so in love. 

He fell in love with everything about her, the rush in his stomach when they’d lock eyes and the drop of his heart when she’d whisper his name in that vulnerable tone Luke knew he was the only one to hear. And that was just fine with him. 

 He showed his love for her in a variety of ways. Driving through the town in the earliest hours of the morning, windows down and hands laced together on the sectioning between the seats. Purple and red marks littered on her skin with sweet words whispered between each one. Walks along the oceanside with their shoes in their hands as the waves brushed the edges of their feet as she’d playfully kick water onto his ankles. The soft way he’d hold her hips with the weight of his chest pressed to hers under soft linen. 

 Luke was so in love. He was in love with the way his name fell from her lips and her laugh and fuck, Luke was so gone on her that it was going to hurt so much to let her go. But it was going to be hard. It was going to be so hard to tell her that, this, whatever it was, wasn’t okay. He was wasting her youth. He was some stoner she didn’t need in her bright future. Every time he tried, though, his throat would close and he’d choke on the tears and he just couldn’t do it. 

Maybe one day. 

 Maybe in the morning. 





this hurt

feedback please <3