the monkey palace


[1/?] Favorite Squads (in no particular order) → Jade Palace fam

“We are the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five, and we’re here to bring you to justice!”


Thimble 9화

Summary: there is no more horrifing force on Earth than humiliated and furious woman, Joseon dynasty!au, optional bias

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How unpredictable is fate. And how unpredictable people make it.

The barest action can make a ripple effect that will go and go, until it comes back to attack the first person that moved the water.

Your sister. Crown Princess. If it wasn’t for her jealousy and her fear, and her deep affection for Prince, wouldn’t have set out on a mission to find supposed lover of her husband. She wouldn’t have become convinced that you are the lady that warms his bed during the nights. She wouldn’t have tried to disfigure your face with a branding stick. You wouldn’t have fought, you wouldn’t have damaged your hand, you wouldn’t decided on getting your revenge on her, you wouldn’t have been subjected to Queen’s trial, Prince wouldn’t have come to your help.

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Outlaw queen 5 missing year

Here’s the third part of my Missing Year Trilogy. First part can be found here and the second here.

“Please don’t leave me.”

The attack had been unexpected and savage. Robin and his men barely managed to fend off the waves of flying monkeys coming at the palace. He walked through those who fought. “Is anyone injured?”

            “Robin!” Little John called. “You better come over here. And hurry.”

            Robin ran over to comrade’s position, unsure what he would find. His heart stop and his blood froze when he saw who lied at Little John’s feet. It was the Queen.

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