the monkees tour 2013

The Monkees

Warner Theatre

Washington, DC


Mike Nesmtih doing his moog bit during “Daily Nightly.”

I don’t care how many time I see is, it’s still funny. And what makes it even better is that Micky can’t keep it together. I love the fact that he starts cracking up in the middle of singing. And they have done this bit many times over the past calendar year and every video I’ve seen, Micky has laughed at least once.

(Sorry for the video being on it’s side for the fist bit, this was recorded with my phone, I straightened it out about a min.into it.)


Yes, It Looks Like We've Made It to the End...

(Photo by Sherri H.)

Two days ago, The Monkees played the last show of their 2014 tour.

When news of the tour was first announced at the Monkees Convention earlier this year, it seemed almost too good to be true. The 2013 summer Monkees tour gave us a full look at the different-yet-utterly-remarkable feel of a Micky/Peter/Nez show, a show unlike any Monkees tour that had come before it. It was a reminder of exactly why we love these boys so much, and an opportunity to experience some of that wonderful Monkee Magic.

It was believed by some–and still is, by others–that the death of Davy Jones also meant the death of the Monkees as any sort of collective touring or performing entity. But what the three remaining Monkees had to offer this year was something that encapsulated both everything that the Monkees are and everything they ever have been, all while sweetly paying tribute to the memory of Davy Jones. 

And when Monkees fans sat in the seats or danced in the aisles at these shows, there was not a single doubt in our minds that Davy Jones was very much on that stage, spiritually if not bodily. We watched Micky, Peter, and Michael play, sing, and laugh together, their camaraderie fully eclipsing any previous Monkee drama and stripping away the pretense to one very simple core principle:

No matter what happens, the Monkees will always be the Monkees.

They will always comfort us in our hardest times, bring smiles to our faces when we need it the most, and delight and surprise us when we rediscover them again and again. We have been changed for the better because the Monkees are part of our lives, and nothing can undo that.

As the picture above shows, with Jessica and Jonathan Nesmith joining Nez for the encore at the last show, this tour was about family–the family that you are born to, and the family that you make as you go through life. The Monkees are a family, forever intertwined with each other, and they brought the love of a family to this tour and to all of us in the audience. Whatever glitches or technical snafus may have happened, the thing that was most important consistently stayed important: The music, the love, and the happiness of the fans.

There has already been talk of a potential Fall tour, straight from Peter Tork’s own lips. Whether or not a tour actually materializes and becomes reality, none of us will forget how being at a Monkees show this Spring has made us feel. The Monkees know there are still places to go and music to play, and it is our belief that they will continue while the body is able and the spirit is willing.

And as long as they are singing, we’ll be listening.