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Inktobers 21-25

i - A Knight’s Focus

ii - Judgement

iii - Warrior of the East

iv - Moon and Blade

v - Death’s Hand

Part 1 of 2 of my Knights of the Round series. For this batch of inktobers I decided to stick with something I’m a little more familiar with and build upon that. I’ve always loved fantasy and the like and so it was lots of fun designing these characters. Enjoy! More on the way!

Kpop agencies with their idols
  • Other companies: Oh, you're severely injured and your health is in critical condition? Let's make you work harder!
  • Bighit Entertainment: Oh, you stubbed your toe on a piece of furniture? Let's give you the break you deserve!

i am not even kidding, the sexualization of yurio freaks me the fuck out. i have a younger brother who is 15 right now and the mere idea of adult women in their 20s thirsting for someone at that age. it freaks me out so much.

hell i even asked my brother about it to which he got all disgusted and said he’s never be okay with anyone older than 17. 

and saying shit like “they are mature for their age” or “they are at the age of consent” does not freaking make it any better. it is so gross, get out of that mindset you fucking creeps!


170801 Jimin’s Tweet

본보야지 ✌️

Bon Voyage ✌️ 

Trans cr: Bem @ allforbts
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Greetings, this is Audrey! 

So I’ve been creating edits in private, for my own pleasure for quite a while now and I’ve finally decided to share them out. Be gentle!

Anyways, I present you the first issue of my ‘Fashion With BTS’ weekly magazine! I will be publishing a new issue every week.

Issue No. 1 - Styling muted colour tones - by knj. 

Issue No.2 can be found here.


Samurai Patrol.

Stricken Knight.

Thank you to the new followers and for those that stuck around :) A brief update on what I’ve been up to. I’ve been busy with some freelance work (still am), but I’m taking it at my own pace and doing personal work here and there. 

Also an announcement, I’ll be selling art at Otakuthon in Montreal. There will be both fanart of my favorite video games/ anime/ movies as well as personal work. So expect to see new work of mine soon :) I’m still working on opening my shop which will happen sometime after the convention (Been doing some prep work for that ;)) 

Thank you again and sorry for the long wait. I lose track of time easily so don’t mind me.