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♡ [SHOP] LOVEs Closet | Fanmade NU’EST Merch
As a way to try and earn some money while I don’t have an income, I decided to open my own RedBubble shop dedicated wholly to creating NU’EST themed merchandise. “From the Moon, to the Stars” is my first work, with a few examples of what you can purchase showcased above. If you visit the shop, you can see the other items available with the same print, including a clock, mug, tumbler, and laptop accessories! 

Should these products sell well, I would love to make more graphic designs! I already have an idea for another lyric-themed piece. 

Not myself

My mother is in a cell. Locked up and in a cell with Maggie. I have someone working on a bomb to blow a hole in the ship she came in. There was an almost spy I am still not sure I dealt with the right way and now…on top of all of this Moni flew into a rage last night because I tried a little bit of opium.

I don’t even know how or what to start with. My papers are a mess across my vanity. In a few moments I will give the order to have Maggie pulled form the cell. Alright so I do know where to start. They know Maggie in there is a ruse to get my mother to talk, but they will have to be rough with her to keep up the front. This makes me feel ill that anything under my roof would hurt her in any way. Even if it was her idea to play it out like this.

I saw mother in the cell. For a moment I locked eyes with her. What did I expect? Maybe I thought I would feel something or that she would be different then what I had been told what little I could remember of her. It was just anger in my chest, the feeling of the wolf beating inside my ribcage begging to be let out so I could…what? Attack her? Scare her? Runaway faster?

It has confirmed something that Cook told me once. One of the few times I had asked about her. He had said that I looked a great deal like my mother. That is true and it make me want to retch. Maybe that is why I can’t even stomach the thought of tea. Or maybe it has to do with the idea of Maggie in a cell even if it was her idea.

In fact the more I think about it more frustrated it makes me. Looking up I catch the smallest of glimpse in the mirror. It’s to much and taking my hand, all my worg strength behind it I smash the glass in to a million pieces. It cracks and splitters sliding down on to the vanity and my paper work. This is followed by drops of my own blood. Picking up a scarf I wrap it around the worst of the cuts. No time to have it looked at and besides I am in no mood to talk to anyone. To much still to work out.

The ship and the message I want to send I can push that from my mind. Let Larkin deal with that. Let her prove I can trust her. I don’t want to hurt her. Giving her a task seeing what she dose with it is better. Good fine that’s sorted at lest.

As for Moni. This is not the day to deal with that. I can only hope she stays away. Right now I am not myself and I have no idea what might happen.

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Inktobers 21-25

i - A Knight’s Focus

ii - Judgement

iii - Warrior of the East

iv - Moon and Blade

v - Death’s Hand

Part 1 of 2 of my Knights of the Round series. For this batch of inktobers I decided to stick with something I’m a little more familiar with and build upon that. I’ve always loved fantasy and the like and so it was lots of fun designing these characters. Enjoy! More on the way!


Inktobers 13-17.

Neotokyo iii - Laser Shot.

Neotokyo iv - Cleave / Prim and Proper.

Neotokyo v - Broken Samurai.

Neotokyo vi - Demon.

Neotokyo vii - Hiro.

Sorry for the late inktobers. I just needed a small break and took the time to establish a style and decide how much color I wanted to use. I felt coloring each one fully might be overkill plus I don’t have that many markers so my color palette is quite limited. So I decided to do spot colors on the elements I thought might be important. Anyways, enjoy! With this I should be back on track with doing daily inks!


Inktober 31/31.

A day late, but finally, here’s my last inktober for this year. Thank you to everyone who tagged along for this ride. During this whole challenge, I’ve received a tremendous amount of support and gained many new followers. I have well over 1000 followers which is definitely something to celebrate! In addition to challenging myself, I’ve discovered many amazing new artists. Thank you again! It’s been fun, but a lot of effort so I think I’m gonna take a little break. I’m excited for what lies ahead so be sure to stick around ;)