the monday life

This right here is the video of what happened during the commercial break in the Seth vs Finn match that happened on the 15th of January, 2018 during Monday Night Raw. There is no commentary and the audio is simply the one from the ring. Which I find incredibly useful to understand the in ring psychology of this match.

A few interesting points: 

  • Finn targets Seth’s knee a lot and Seth makes a huge deal to sell it;
  • Finn acts way more heelish than what was showed on tv;
  • Both Seth and Finn resort to a very technical style, with a lot of grapples and general physicality involved, which is fairly different from their usual technique and shows how similar they are;
  • They both communicate with each other A LOT, calling spots and pretty much confirming that most of the match was unscripted;
  • They both try to wear the opponent down and get really intense about it;
  • Finn saying to the referee ‘Ask him’ as in ask if he wants to tap out, and Seth replying ‘I said no, dammit’.
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I’m trying to prove a point to most adults that don’t understand the impact they can make in young people’s lifes.

motivational monday #6

concept: i’m one of those girls who wears oversized sweaters and soft sneakers and has nice pens and who drinks naked smoothies and who smiles at people and lights up rooms. i’m one of those girls who takes notes and participates in class and who comes home and does all of her homework. i’m one of those girls who reads and reads and reads and watches ted-ed videos and learns and retains all of that knowledge while still being kind because knowledge and kindness are both very powerful, but together they are unstoppable.