the moment when he looked right into my camera

Holy shit guys I just realized something...

*“One day at a Time” Season Finale spoilers*

While watching the season for the 3rd time - Sue me, I love this show (actually don’t I’m broke as shit) - I saw something important.

In the season finale (Episode 13 “Quinces”), at the end of Elena’s choreographed dance(s) during her Quinceañera, there is a brief moment when the camera pans over to Penelope, Lydia, and Dr. Burkowitz to see them clapping.
(At 25:32 in/5:25 left)

It was then when I noticed it: Schneider’s seat was already empty. (You have to pause it at the right moment and look closely)

Which means he figured out before everyone else that Victor (Elena’s dad) was missing before the father daughter dance was even announced and went to go look for him.

I didn’t think I could love him even more than I already did, But it fills my heart to the brim to see how much he cares about Elena and her family.

We got quite a good spot at the stagedoor after we finally pushed through the masses, yay!

But I completely short-circuited when he was right in front of me, so i didn’t get any close-up photos despite the aamazing opportunity! I was being pushed sideways, trying to hold my programme and camera, trying for the right zoom, and then bam his gorgeous freckled face was right in front of me, and I got so focused on holding out my programme, looking at him and listening to his voice.

….which at the moment was saying something along the lines of ‘oh I didn’t even wash my teeth, I must look completely mad, don’t worry, it’s not real!’ (fake blood) Haha what a sweetie! And just a moment before when someone got all excited he went ‘oh but it’s only me’ 😍

anonymous asked:

Could you post more screenshot? Can't access Hulu in Europe :( Maybe from the moment when Grant tells you you look like Iris. Or some of the moments you mentioned in you post about that day.

So sorry, I’m headed to work and I’m on mobile! When he told me that, the camera wasn’t on his face but it was a shot of everyone on the stage (like the one I just posted). I think people are working to make gifs right now, so hang tight!

And most of the moments I have mentioned in my post weren’t on camera, or on the person whom I said they said on the post lol (hope that made sense).

Okay, I am officially joining the delulu/reaching Kaisoo shipping bandwagon and am going to contribute a little.

I had never noticed it, and never saw anyone commenting about it, so here I go. I was watching Showtime for the nth time and noticed this:

When they were describing each other’s faces in ep. 1, Baekhyun said this about Kyungsoo:

Notice where he is looking at. Instead of looking at Kyungsoo (since he is talking about him) or at the camera, he is looking at the left (his right) side. In the second pic, it looks like Kyungsoo is also looking at the same direction. And guess who was sitting in that direction?

Yes, you guessed right. Jongin (this pic is of an earlier moment, that’s why they are looking at Luhan, who was about to choose the most handsome member. But you get my point.).

What does this mean? I don’t know. But why would they look at Jongin when Baek was talking about Kyungsoo? Yes, I know. Weird.

So I never posted this or my other photos from Wizard World New Orleans. But here, have the moment when Chris Evans is asked to recreate the infamous Titanic King of the World scene (even though Izzie’s never seen Titanic???) and his response is “wait. What do you mean Titanic?”

And when explained, his next response is “but I’m gonna be Rose, right?”

And when you say yes, he just sticks his arms out and goes to sea, only to stop, look over his shoulder at you with a single raised eyebrow, and then ever so slowly, with a laugh, sink down until the camera can actually see you.

And when it’s all said and done, he gives you a hug, says thank you, and winks at you.

And then you die. Because before that, you got to discuss directing and anxiety and “Before You Go” with him and he called you cute and a sweetheart.

And your life is complete.

(Please don’t edit or crop the photo in any way, thanks!)

My fav secret WTF moments of Mansae Seek ver

When The8 and Dino look like they about to waltz but then they kinda wrestle ????

When Dino has a heart attack caused by Hoshi’s perfection

DK throwing up random hearts at the camera like he wanna fight me or something

When DK loses his shit while giving his high notes….

The Rock Paper Scissors duel of the century between DK and Seungkwan…placing DK as the winner and the rightful heir to the lead vocal throne

The sissy fight that breaks out yet again between these two which Dino has to break up

Diva boo tryna steal Dino’s MJ thunder and Jun is….well….jun

When Seungkwna twirls into your heart like a grade A ballerina

When S.Coups tries to point to the secret camera and The8 attacks him with aegyo and hugs

And of course my all time fav….

…the bromance butt slaps of Vernon and Jun

Who calls me villain?

Hamlet, Act II scene 2

I haven’t seen it mentioned in any discussions on Tumblr, and so I needs must.  There’s that moment–and it took my breath away each time it came–when Hamlet seemed to look directly into the camera, breaking the fourth wall, right into one’s eyes as he asked that question.  He looked away a moment, then back again.  Certainly it was not intentional; certainly it came by chance, but it was powerful, so powerful, because it directly engaged the viewer. At least it felt that way to me.