the moment we begin to forget


They say summer love is fleeting, but sometimes what starts as a fling can lead to the real thing. A simple trip to the beach could be all it takes to clear our heads and open our hearts. And write a new ending to an old story. There are those who got burned by the heat. They just want to forget and start over. While there are others who want each moment to last forever. But everyone can agree on one thing: tans fade, highlights go dark and we all get sick of sand in our shoes. But the end of summer is the beginning of a new season. So we find ourselves looking to the future. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Fandom train got me like
  • *choo choo*: Hello Everyone. All aboard the fandom train. Before we can begin our journey; please remember all the names in this handy dandy booklet to your right.
  • *while reading through the booklet*: You might want to forget all responsibilities while browsing for fanart in one of our many rail compartments.
  • *while getting comfortable*: If you find yourself sleepless and not exhausted at all, there are hundreds of writers available to crush your heart with some fanfictions. Please don't ignore video creators and their funny moments part 20 as well. Time will fly.
  • *ding dong*: Please notice the discussion board at the end of the train. We wish you a comfortable journey that will never end.
“Wrong”: An Arrow100 fic

There was an interview released in conjunction with Arrow 100 that mentioned there would be callbacks to key dialogue from previous seasons in the episode. (Of course now I can’t remember what article/interview it was). But, ever since reading that, this fic idea has been bubbling in my brain.

The beginning, particularly the part in italics may be hard for some people to read. But it’s necessary. So, please, bear with me. I promise to make it as quick and painless as possible. Plus, it gets us to where we want to be.

I hope you enjoy!

Oliver bolted upright in his seat at the sound of the doorbell, forgetting for a moment where he was. Blinking the sleep out of his eyes, he leaned forward in his chair to glance out the window toward the driveway below. The normally empty space was bustling with delivery trucks and personnel, readying the Queen Mansion for his wedding.

His wedding. 

With a sigh Oliver leaned back, letting his body sink into the armchair. His brief, unplanned nap had done nothing to lessen the dread that filled him. Scrubbing his hands across his face, he willed his mind to focus on anything but the anxiety that had flooded his body that morning and never dissipated. If anything, the feeling had only grown as the day progressed, sending a stabbing sense of panic through him every time he was reminded that his wedding was only a matter of hours away.

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TODAY. We are going to see the new Fifth Harmony for the first time today.

For four and a half years, Fifth Harmony was a group formed by five girls. Today the world will see Fifth Harmony officially as a quartet girl group. It’s going to be iconic and it’s going to be a historic moment in their careers and in their and our lives.

From the very beginning when they were formed, all I wanted was to see these girls succeed and be happy making their dreams come true. And they did. I saw each one of these five girls grow as a person and as an artist. I couldn’t be more proud of them. They made it.

Now they’re going separate ways, Fifth Harmony: Ally, Dinah, Lauren and Normani; and Camila Cabello. And this is the start of a new era. And while we shouldn’t forget the past and where we, Fifth Harmony and Harmonizers came from, it’s time to close that book and start writing a new one or two, actually.

Today we start Fifth Harmony’s new book, their new journey. We’re going to start from the bottom again. We’re going to build them up, we’re gonna help them get to the top again. We have to show them that we are here to support them, that we are here for them unconditionally. We have to focus on them and stop the drama. They are the ones that matter.

We are harmonizers, we are fans. And in case someone has forgotten the meaning of that, it means we are here to love and support the girls, that’s all we have to do and it’s not hard to do it. And if you are a harmonizer, that also means you look up to them. That means you want (or should) follow their example: to spread love, kindness, positivity and respect.

It’s time to support the girls, it’s time to show them that we are not leaving them and we’re ready to move mountains for them. But it’s also time to show them that we are united, that we are worthy of them, that we deserve to be called harmonizers. Let’s do this for OUR GIRLS. We’re better together x

My Favorite GTOP Moments in 2015


The year kicked off with the final concerts of BB ‘X’ JDT and this was one of my favorite moments from the January 17th concert in Osaka


I think this is my favorite moment in 2015? Just the way Seunghyun caught Jiyong’s eyes and his bright smile afterwards *clutches heart*


Not a lot happened in March except the release of BIGBANG’s Welcoming Collection and well….


The most memorable thing that happened in April was Seunghyun making an IG account. And because of that we got this on April 20th

“Ah obha, it fits so well with the rain that’s falling now.”

Obha……Okay Jiyong ;)


Oh god where to begin?! A lot of things happened in May 2015 but there 2 memorable moments for me:

1. The way Jiyong looked at Seunghyun during this Inkigayo performace. I don’t think I’ll forget this anytime soon.



There are also 2 moments in June that are unforgettable (at least to me)

1. Of course the cuddling on stage in WL2P stage on June 14th HK concert

2. The phone call during the Naver Starcast for ‘D’ album. Jiyong was so eager to call Seunghyun the entire time (even though he said he talked to him before the broadcast started) and when they finally called Seunghyun, he hogged the phone and barely let anyone else talk….

(sorry about the bad quality)


1. Dinner in Singapore~

2. Photoshoot for GQ August issue

3. Seunghyun being excited about Zutter on IG

(captioned “SOON 0805″)

(captioned “쩔어”)

(thanks for reminding me of these Madi <3)



1. Let’s start at the beginning: The V live broadcast


3. GTOP were seen in a club together!!!!

4. On Jiyong’s birthday, Seunghyun posted this

(captioned “Happy birthday GD.”)

5. GTOP lunch date after this AMAZING Zutter stage (which also happened to be Chinese Valentines Day. Coincidence? I think not XD)


(originally captioned “hahaha #Lastnight!”)


Not a lot happened in the beginning of the month since they were taking a much needed break at the time and also busy doing individual V app…things. BUT still things happened

1. Jiyong posted videos of Seunghyun on IG on September 10th and 11th

A video posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Sep 10, 2015 at 6:02am PDT

(captioned “Playing with grandpa TOP”)

A video posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Sep 11, 2015 at 4:43am PDT

(captioned “Playing with grandpa TOP again feat. Maknae line”)

2. September 27th afterparty in Taiwan


1. October kicked off with GTOP when Jiyong posted this video

A video posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on Oct 1, 2015 at 7:29pm PDT

(captioned “Came back to the hotel and our oldest hyung is doing this”)

2. Seunghyun went out with Jiyong and the gang (I think this was in NYC)

3. They were seen in a club in Sydney


1. On Seunghyun’s bitrthday Jiyong posted this

(captioned “Happy TOP’s Day *heart and cake emojis*)

2. The Melon Music Awards


December was pretty much eventless with the exception of MAMA

These are only a few of the moments… was turning into a very long post so I stopped myself.

(all pics credits to the owners - all gifs are mine)

When the band started touring, I was embarrassed that every review we got back only had to do with me. Fleeting moments of acceptance were quickly followed by bigger waves of shame. Why couldn’t people just forget I was a girl? Why did it matter if I was? I didn’t feel particularly female, nor male, when I was on stage. Deep down, I think I was beginning to realize something profound about music, which is still the truth today: Music is bigger (and better) than gender.
—  Hayley Williams, Can You Deal?
(NSFW) Submit and Surrender Preview - Jumin Han

A/N - This is based loosely off the bad end. Since this is a preview, I won’t be tagging anyone - but if you would like to be tagged once I post the full smut, let me know. 

‘Don’t forget.’ Jumin pressed in on you, your bodies touching inch for inch, the warmth between you growing hot. ‘….We are in love.’ 

There was a silence that followed, a stillness that seemed to teeter on a strained edge. Your breaths were slow but heated, the soft rush of air as it passed your lips the only noise in the room. 

‘…Aren’t we?’ he breathed. There was a fading restraint to his tone…as if he had been tightly coiled up until this moment, as if whatever he had been winding was now beginning to come loose….

‘We are…’ you said, your voice coming out low and husky as small shivers ran down your spine… continual reminders that you were about to walk an unfamiliar path. 

‘That’s my good girl.’ Jumin murmured, slowly running the back of his finger down your cheek. ‘…But words are just words. I need you to show me. To trust me,’ he leant in, his breath caressing the shell of your ear. ‘…To submit to me.

The words were left to hang in the air, a heavy lust slowly weaving itself through his voice, thickening it. You felt Jumin’s arm wind around your waist - and though he gently pulled you back into him - his hold was firm, and only at the touch did you realise that the soft kisses you had shared with him until now, the hugs, the strokes…they were with a man who had been considerably holding back. 

Suddenly feeling as if you had been thrown into a haze, you softly blinked as you felt the beat of your heart grow rapid. 

You….you wanted this.

…..You wanted Jumin as he was deep inside -  without the constraints he had set on himself for so long, without the worries that plagued him about his own nature. You wanted to give yourself wholly to him, to give yourself up, to….to surrender…..

A rush of desire took you in the moment and so you felt yourself wanting to reach out to him, to caress his cheek, to stroke his arm….to tell him to hold you tighter….to tell him to take you however he pleased. 

But your hands were bound. You had no choice but to speak

‘Then…’ your voice came out in a hush. ‘Then…then I will……I will submit to you.’ You closed your eyes and tilted your head back, focusing on the feel of his fingers as they stroked your neck. ‘Make me surrender…’ The words were throaty and erotic without meaning to be - they were tinged by the shivers that ran at his touch, at the heat of his body that seemed to chill you to the bone - gripping you in anticipation. 

As the words passed your lips, his fingers suddenly stopped their stroking and rested lightly against your throat instead. After a long, silent moment, there was a low laugh followed by a mouth pressed against your ear. Jumin tightened his hold on you as he spoke, his touch growing possessive. ‘I want you to want me…..but you’re scared right now. You’re shaking.’ 

‘No…I’m not.’ You were shaking indeed….but how could you tell him that it was from a strange thrill and far from fear?

‘You are.’ He kissed you just under your ear; a soft, lingering kiss. ‘So think. Think carefully. I will undo everything if that is your wish.’ He gestured towards you, towards the bindings. ‘But once we go past this point… I will lose control.’



He was supposed to be an angel but they took him
from that light and turned him into something hungry,
something that forgets what his hands are for when they
aren’t shaking.


A moment I’ve been thinking about a lot from Teen Titans came from “Haunted”, where Raven used her Soul Self  in an attempt to free Robin from Slade’s hallucination.The more I think about that interaction, the more I have to agree with neopuff that this is a sneaky-important moment between the two Titans.

I think we the audience take for granted the mythos and origin story of the Robin (Dick Grayson) character, and thus potentially forget just how important the moment is in the context of Raven and Robin’s relationship in the show, where we can plausibly assume that the other Titans are not the most aware of Robin’s backstory.

Indeed, the two are friends and implicitly trust one another, but Raven entering the Boy Wonder’s mind is just a much more intimate level of understanding and empathy conducted by the former. She is beginning to grasp why Robin is who he is today, and his motives behind his pursuit of crimefighting within his formative years and beyond (in spite of the risks involved). She is feeling the very sensitive information that is only known by a handful of Robin’s closest allies. Once she stumbles onto this sort of biological data, she will never ever see Robin in the same light again (and vice versa). I don’t think there is any other pair of Titans in the show that has this type of relationship.

This moment sets the stage for the Season Four arc, when Robin enters Raven’s mind and uncovers her motivations, in a way coming full circle.

(to be possibly continued and expanded upon)


Then & Now

The cast and crew of Downton have already said their goodbyes, but for the audience, the end is just beginning.
It’s almost time for us to say goodbye, so let’s remember the moments when we first said hello.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to watch in HD (-:


My mom and I made a top 5 ‘saddest moments in Beauty and the Beast’ lisr. In no particular order except for the first one:
1: When Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip at the end and changes before she finds him.
2: When Belle and the Beast go to Belle’s childhood home.
3: When Maurice tells Belle to forget him and she says something along the lines of, “Forget you? Everything I am is because of you”
4: The beginning of “Days in the Sun” when we see the young Prince with his dead mom.
5: When everybody turns into inanimate objects.

And just for me, all of Evermore. Obviously.
We cried a lot during it, so this list is just based off of what we can’t stop thinking about.


‘Malec has no development’ they said. ‘Malec was rushed’ they said. ‘Malec is like insta love’ they said. And yet they forget the moments in between. They forgot the time between when they first met to the last glimpse that we saw of them together. They all forget how unsure and shy and flirtatious Malec were to begin with compared to the last significant moment that Malec shared together. Their development was so unique that they went from a Downworlder and a Shadowhunter to two individuals who deeply cared for each other. To two respective parties who were worried not about their death but the impact of their own death and the ones around them impacting their significant other. Their development was so beautiful so intrinsic that the were worried about something that was miles away and yet instead of holding it in and festering on they both acknowledged it. It may have been a conversation that would have never happened, instead it might have lead to misunderstandings and misdirection and yet they developed so well together that they knew that the way forward was talking it out and acknowledging their problems. One might believe that Malec was rushed or ‘insta love’ but honestly they were two people who met, got to know each other as acquaintances, friends…lovers. If that isn’t the best kind of development then I don’t know what is. 

We have no reason to harbor any mistrust against our world, for it is not against us. If it has terrors, they are our terrors; if it has abysses, these abysses belong to us; if there are dangers, we must try to love them. And if only we arrange our life in accordance with the principle which tells us that we must always trust in the difficult, then what now appears to us as the most alien will become our most intimate and trusted experience. How could we forget those ancient myths that stand at the beginning of all races, the myths about dragons that at the last moment are transformed into princesses? Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.
—  Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, Borgeby gard, Fladie, Sweden, August 12, 1904
In order to exist, man must rebel, but rebellion must respect the limit it discovers in itself—a limit where minds meet and, in meeting, begin to exist. Rebellious thought, therefore, cannot dispense with memory: it is a perpetual state of tension. In studying its actions and its results, we shall have to say, each time, whether it remains faithful to its first noble promise or if, through indolence or folly, it forgets its original purpose and plunges into a mire of tyranny or servitude.

Meanwhile, we can sum up the initial progress that the spirit of rebellion provokes in a mind that is originally imbued with the absurdity and apparent sterility of the world. In absurdist experience, suffering is individual. But from the moment when a movement of rebellion begins, suffering is seen as a collective experience. Therefore the first progressive step for a mind overwhelmed by the strangeness of things is to realize that this feeling of strangeness is shared with all men and that human reality, in its entirety, suffers from the distance which separates it from the rest of the universe. The malady experienced by a single man becomes a mass plague. In our daily trials rebellion plays the same role as does the “cogito” in the realm of thought: it is the first piece of evidence. But this evidence lures the individual from his solitude. It founds its first value on the whole human race. I rebel—therefore we exist.
—  Albert Camus, The Rebel
Devil May Cry {Sentence Starters}
  • "So, you must be the handyman who'll take any dirty job, am I correct?"
  • "This is my fight, and I will finish it."
  • "So sad that humans will always be humans, no more."
  • "Glad I got your attention. I was beginning to feel a little ignored."
  • "I have retreated once, and I will not do so again!"
  • "Don't come any closer, you devil."
  • "Wait! We should leave. For the moment, we have all that we need."
  • "I promise, I'll make things right for you."
  • "Strange and ironic that it will end the same way."
  • "What are you doing here!? Forget it, I don't have time for this."
  • "Didn't your mother teach you how to use a door?"
  • "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!"
  • "I've told you, you can't do it! Don't you get it?"
  • "It's been nearly a year since we last met. Where does the time go?"
  • "You are not human, are you?"
  • "Oops, sorry. I must have knocked on the door a bit too hard."
  • "Wait, do you really want to shoot me? Can you shoot me?"
  • "So, this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?"
  • "Come on! Get up! You can do better than that."
  • "Well, if you want to use the bathroom, help yourself. The toilet's in the back."
  • "What's the matter? Why the glare?"
  • "Look at you, making a big dramatic entrance and stealing my spotlight!"

although i hope this years meme harvest will be bountiful, i doubt that anything can ever live up to the quality of what sonic-for-real-justice gave us. i don’t care if it was fake or not, it was the perfect meme. there was never a dull moment on tumblr when sfrj was around, and they were all so iconic i can’t even begin to pick a favorite

so as we now have entered a new year i think it’s important to reflect on all the joy sonic-for-real-justice gave us. i’ve been on tumblr for several year, and i’ve seen memes come and go, but no matter what the future brings i will never forget the injustice poor delicate mod silver faced after closing the ask box, or how bravely mod shadow accepted his fate when faced with the danger of being banned from the blog

to him it truly didn’t matter

after all, he was spacekin anyways

That’s why I’m so in love with her. If you didn’t know her she’d come off as arrogant and you’d feel like she hates you. But if you actually talked to her you’d know that she is the most generous and humble person in this entire world. Her way of speaking is charming. Her eyes begin to shine when she talks about something she loves. And when she rants about her dumb classmates or stupid teachers you feel like she really trusts you now. Like she’s really angry right now and you’re the only person she can stand at the moment. I love how I forget the world and everything around us when we talk. Well, she talks, I listen. It’s just us.
My opinion on the Pokémon anime.

I have seen a lot of hate for the Pokémon writers because Ash lost this season. But do you know why he lost?

Think back, to when we were kids. When Ash lost the first time. That was a pretty incredible moment. He lost, and we as kids were like “huh?? The hero lost?”

Now what happened next is the most important parts of the anime. He brushed it off. Yes it sucked to lose, but he was OK. He was going to come back next time, even better. It shaped him as a person. And it made an impression on us as kids.

Now think. He loses and comes back over and over. To those of us who have followed from the beginning, this may seem unfair.

But you forget, this is a show for children. New kids come into the fandom year after year. For some kids, this season’s loss was their first. That impression. That lesson of “it’s okay to lose, even if you have worked very hard, as long as you keep trying.” This year was the first time they learned that.

This is why it’s okay with me if Ash continues to lose leagues. New kids will learn what I believe is a very important lesson, every year.

Don’t blame the writers for sticking to a formula that works.
Step back, realize we aren’t children anymore. While it’s okay for adults to enjoy Pokémon, it’s not okay for us adults to bash Pokémon for doing the same things that made us love it all those years ago.

Let the next generation in.

Why the NBC Special was so wonderful in so many ways

You knew it was going to be great the minute they stood like this:

A very long masterpost reliving some my favorite moments from this golden nugget of television :-D

First, there was that wonderful segment from the South American shows

Niall giving us his Spanish accents

Harry being stopped in his tracks by Niall, laying out across a ping pong table all gloriously shirtless

Hearing them warm up with DFWYB…I wish we got more of them singing this way…but then at the very end…Ziam just had to go all harmonizing and riff and 

And of course, THIS :-D 

Next, was the good ol’ staple WMYB…and look at Narry (well really Harry) in the beginning!


Then there was the wonderfulness that was the roller coaster trivia

Oh, but wait, before that…we can’t forget this lovely moment ;) 

Wait..pause that…


That entire roller coaster segment was just fun and hilarious…and gave us this gem

And as if he couldn’t top that…

Yes, that hair LOLOL

P.S. How did Liam NOT get sick READING while riding a roller coaster (multiple times)! Mad props to him for that! 

Then time for another intro piece..but look!

Next, I thought the part where they surprised the fans was adorable.

But not as adorable as Niall dressed like this :) 

Louis dressed in Hogwarts gear (OMG fandom obsessions colliding!) (BONUS side…Harry speaking the intro to the little Louis segment)

Then in addition to performing SMG and Night Changes (as usual from “Four”) the other “NEW” song they performed from FOUR was “GIRL ALMIGHTY!!” 

I already made a gifset here

But here’s Zayn :) 

So the boys want to go out and see the sights…problem is the fans are so crazy outside they have to “sneak out” of the hotel. 

How do they do that, you ask? Well stick them in the back of a bread van of course! 

Yes, stick them in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS all squished together…being all OT5…in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS, squished TOGETHER…

(And the moment all OT5 fan fic writers died as their deepest fantasies were possibly about to come true)

Louis: “Can I come in and cuddle you Niall”

Harry: “The important thing is, is that we’re all in this together” 

And of course Harry just HAD to remind us

Oh wait…let’s look at that again…and slow it down a bit…

Who is that next to Harry?? In a tight, confined space, on PILLOWS? ;) 

Moving on…

Do you Zayn? Do you? I’m sure you do :-D

It was so awesome to see some OT5 time OFF stage too!


Next was “Night Changes” and did you notice this wonderful piece of editing?

Now I KNOW he wasn’t actually blowing that kiss to Louis…but it was still a nice edit :) 

Before I go to the ultimate crowning glory moment that I swear was the death of me that night…how amazing was it that we were able to see some of the recording process..and also get to hear the guys sing without any music or production? 

And now..without further ado…the BEST moment IMO of the ENTIRE special *breathes*

So Zayn is just recording

When out of nowhere…

Now of course Niall just HAD to come in, in only his underwear, while ZAYN was recording ;) 

And then…while Niall is in his underwear…they start to sing…TOGETHER

(Look at how Zayn points it “back” to Niall!!)

And then after watching that…this was me

So that, my friends, are my personal highlights, memorable moments, and favorite things from the NBC special. I’m so happy it turned out to be such a wonderful event, and I’m sure, like you, wish it was longer than just an hour! 

Hope you enjoyed this little (well actually long) post combining many of the great moments in one! :-D

I'm very sorry

I’ve been informed that tumblr user sluttyramen has passed away. I will never forget all the happiness she brought not only to me but to all the many other people that she talked to. From our stupid moments we had beginning in 2013, to the heartache we got with each funny or cute photo we saw. I will always love and miss you Arli and I’ll make sure to always say fanchants twice as loud to try and make up for your wonderful and important place in the SHINee world. R.I.P my baby shawol angel Arli, you’ll forever be the greatest person to me no matter what.