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19 Life-Changing Quotes You Need To Read Today

1. We’re all gonna die. Everything is temporary, better make the most of it!

2. Time stops for no one. The present moment is everything, the past and future don’t exist.

3. How your life looks depends on you. We hold the power to creating the reality we want to live in.

4. Nothing works unless you do. Hard work works - plain and simple.

5. Success doesn’t exist without happiness. Money, fame & material things do not bring fulfilment - we are fulfilled when we are doing what we love.

6. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. The actions we take are what dictate our reality.

7. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. To achieve greatness we must all start from somewhere.

8. Knowledge is power, knowledge of self is the most powerful of all. Wisdom brings simplicity, simplicity brings peace.

9. Life is about the journey, not the destination. The only destination for all of us is death, the journey is what’s important for each of us.

10. Your vibe attracts your tribe. We become the average of the people we spend the most time with.

11. If you want your life to change start by changing yourself. We attract what we are, not what we want.

12. Separation is the biggest illusion, there is no other. We are all reflections of each other.

13. We are multidimensional beings having a human experience. We are not our bodies, we are the consciousness that drives the vessel.

14. Whatever the mind can perceive, we can achieve. If we can dream it, it can become our reality.

15. Know thyself, know the universe. Looking within will reveal the answers to all of our questions.

16. Through adversity comes character. Tough times often teach the most valuable lessons.

17. The only thing stopping your dreams from coming true is you. Every great achievement began with the belief that it could be done.

18. People are in your life for a reason or a season and it’s up to you to acknowledge when their season is over. We all grow at different rates, sometimes we need to cut ties with those who aren’t interested in growth.

19. When writing the book of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen. We need to act in our own best interests and prioritise what makes us feel good.

There’s no time like the present - start making your dreams come true right now.

Peace & positive vibes.

5 Videos From August You Need To See

Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the world.

Here are some of our favorites moments from September 2017:

1. Eight-Year-Old Trans Girl Tells Her Inspiring Story

Todo Mejora captured the beautiful story of Selenna Paz, a third grader in Chile with an inspiring story. With the love and support of her family, today Paz is happy in her own skin.

2. Actress Alejandra Lara Says Being Different Is Wonderful

Actress Alejandra Lara shared her message of understanding with It Gets Better Colombia. She said that uniqueness is what’s wonderful about being human. We should learn to respect each other for being individuals.

3.  Scotland’s Secretary Of State Shares The It Gets Better Message

David Mandell, Secretary of State for Scotland, sent a message of support to the LGBTQ community of Paraguay. As an openly gay member of the Cabinet of Ministers, Mandell discusses his own later-in-life coming out journey.

4. Emmy Olea Discusses Her Music Video Highlighting The Trans Experience

Actress Emmy Olea opened up to It Gets Better about her journey from feeling isolated to becoming the bold go-getter she is today. Her music video touches some of the life-long struggles transgender people face, but she has a message for people: It gets better. 

5. It Gets Better Russia Creates Their First EVER Video

It Gets Better Pоссия splashed onto the Youtube scene with their first It Gets Better video. They hope to inspire LGBTQ+ youth with their channel moving forward. We can’t wait to see what’s ahead for their channel!

Here’s some other cool stuff the IGB Family did in September:

It Gets Better Brasil formed a partnership with the Federal Psychology Council.

It Gets Better Mexico’s Executive Director joined the Council Against Discrimination on Sexual Diversity of AyuntaMÉRIDA. 

It Gets Better Peru made headlines by offering online emotional support for the LGBTQ community.

Craving more?! Go to, or keep scrolling to learn more about the cool things It Gets Better and its affiliates are doing around the world.

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Okay so I went to the ice cream shop today, kind that everyone in my neighborhood is mainly Latino/Hispanics so we all speak Spanish and when I went to say thank you after paying for my ice cream I told this lady who ONLY knows English and Spanish gamsahamnida and I was like wait no sorry thank you good bye. Most awkward moment ever


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We should never, ever act entitled regarding anything. Everything we have is a gift. Life itself is a gift from God. The fact that we get to live one moment of life is an amazing gift from God that He did not have to give to us. Let’s keep this in mind as we go throughout our day and be thankful to Him for all He has done. 🙏 What are you thankful for today? It could be as small as the wind on your face.

Happy Birthday, Cozette! ♡

It’s @glorlfy’s birthday!  I am so, so glad that we have become friends, I know we’re over 1,000 miles away, but you’re so dear to me and I am so lucky that you’re in my life! Keep shining your beauty, you star! I LOVE YOU! ♡

The crisp October breeze, hummed against the window frames in your upper east, New York apartment. Sitting on the couch you enjoyed a good book and some warm tea, still steaming from the hot water you had poured into the mug moments ago. Fuzzy socks, leggings, and a sweater were your current apparel, comfy as ever, curled up quietly. Monday’s were usually rather hectic, but not today. Today was your day, literally! So, you opted to stay home and take time to yourself. All was peaceful, until your boyfriend, unexpectedly, burst through the front door. 

“Babe, we’re goin’ out!” Philip announced.

“Umm, I’m sorry, where?” You questioned, curious as to what he had planned, unaware of him telling you of any events he had in store.

“We,” he came over, kissing the top of your head, “are going ice skating!”

Holding his arms out dramatically, he smiled widely at you. You were taken aback, you didn’t know how, nor had you ever been ice skating. Had he? He never mentioned it, but Philip was always a surprise. 

“Okay…,” you tried to sound excited, even though you were a little nervous. 

“It’ll be so much fun,” Philip assured you, grabbing your cat, Sammy, who had been grooming himself, innocently on the edge of the couch, “we’ll go down to Rockefeller Center, rent some skates, and dance around holding hands.”

You giggled a little as Philip swung poor Sammy around like a dance partner, before sitting down on the couch next to you. 

“So, whadaya say, birthday girl? I’ll take you out to dinner too,” Philip gave you sweet eskimo kisses, then pulled back to see your expression. 

You set your book down on the side table, “how about this, I’ll let you take me ice skating, for the sheer amusement, because that’s what it’ll be, if we can come back home and share a quiet night together, sound fair?”

“Anything you want, princess,” Philip gave you a soft kiss on the lips, smiling happily that you accepted his offer. 

It didn’t take too long to get ready, you threw on some jeans and kept the comfy sweater, simply adding a scarf for fashion points. Your winter boots weren’t quite needed yet, so you just went with a cute pair of shoes, knowing you’d have to take them off for the skates anyway. Philip was more than eager, practically bouncing where he stood as he waited. He told you to leave your purse, he had a key. Making sure Sammy had enough food, you headed out, hand in hand with Philip. Finding the nearest bus stop, you both waited. You couldn’t help but smile at how excited Philip seemed about the whole situation.

“I didn’t know you liked ice skating this much,” you laughed, catching Philip’s attention. 

“Well, ya know, it’s not everyday I get to go with a beautiful young lady such as yourself,” he countered, an expression of pure joy spread across his face.

“Oh, stop it,” you blushed a little, looking down and nudging him a bit, “there are plenty of actually beautiful girls that would love to go with you.”

“No ma’am, no negativity,” Philip shook his head, “you’re the most beautiful girl in New York, no the United Stated, no the world, no,” he held up his arms, “the universe!”

Just as Philip yelled his last statement, your bus arrived. Slight embarrassment fell over you as everyone on the bus had heard his exclamation, but Philip didn’t care. Smiling at the bus driver, he lead you to an open spot. Nuzzling up close to Philip, the bus was freezing, you literally could not wait to be at the rink, because at least it’d be warmer. Philip held you close, trying to keep you as warm as possible, occasionally rubbing your arms. You were the first two off the bus, with no hesitation! Walking a little further, you found the rink. There were a lot of people… Clinging onto Philip’s arm a little tighter you began to get quiet, indicating you were anxious. Philip did all the talking when renting the skates, he knew your shoe size, so you could focus on finding a positive space.

“You okay, babe?” Philip asked, when you sat down on a bench to switch from shoes into the skates. 

“Y-yeah,” you nodded, “there’s just a lot of people and if I fall theu’l probably all laugh…”

“I got you,” Philip held your hand, “it’s our date, me and you, no one else, we’re gonna have fun, right?”

You nodded with a faint smile. Managing to get on the rink, you balanced yourself, unsteadily. This was a new experience for you and certainly not an easy one. Holding your arms out you were a little shaky, mostly keeping your feet still, not trying to move yet. When you got the courage to try and actually skate, you became dreadfully wobbly, sudden anxiety struck your chest, is this how you ended? Falling over on an ice rink? But before your mind could completely plan out your over dramatic death scene, Philip’s arms came around your waist, supporting you. 

“Told you, I gothca,” he kissed your cheek, coming around to take your hand and gently glide around with you.

The majority of the time, your nails were digging into his bicep, hand or forearm to find a stronghold. Soon all the other people didn’t matter to you, it was just you and your Philip having the time of your life. For a while he stood behind you, holding onto your waist, making you laugh at the reference to the famous Titanic scene. Loosing track of time you didn’t ever realise how late it was until the ice rink was closing. The ride home was much better now that you weren’t anxious about how skating would go. Holding onto Philip’s hand and leaning into his shoulder as you arrived back to your shared apartment, you couldn’t believe the wonderful human being that you called yours was actually yours. Waiting for Philip to open the apartment door you, closed your eyes and smiled to yourself. 

“Hey, babe,” Philip spoke softly. 

“Hmm?” you looked up at him through your eyelashes, with a feeling of pure bliss.

“I think there’s something for you,” Philip pointed at the front door. 

With a questioning look you pulled away from him and reached for the doorknob, twisting and pushing it open, an abundance of rose petals were strewn throughout the apartment. A few glided back as the breeze from the door pushed them away from the door. Walking in you noticed a few candles lit, and little birthday cake on your kitchen table. Philip closed the door behind you both as he watched your expression of happiness grow. When you came closer to the cake it held candles and read ‘happy birthday,” with your name in the center and a white rose made of frosting to the side. 

“Philip, I-” you turned, eyes bright and a smile of your face, completely speechless. 

Closing the space between the two of you, he wrapped his arms around you and swayed back and forth gently singing happy birthday to you, kissing the side of your neck when he was finished.

“You know this is all a major fire hazard,” you giggled, still in his arms, but turning to face him. 

“Yeah well, you’re the hottest thing here, so,” Philip shrugged. 

“Oh my God, seriously?” 

“You know it,” he snuggled you close, pressing a kiss to your lips one more time, “happy birthday, Love.”

Good lesson today

I’ve been riding the same horse on the flat for the last couple of lessons. He’s a cute tank of an ottb, heavy on the forehand with a “whatever” kind of personality. We did our usual circles in the corners, collect than extend, spiral in and out of a 20m exercises at the walk and trot. My contact with him has gotten better, but we still have inconsistent moments where he gets hollow or falls to the inside. Though our canter today was a good breakthrough. I wasn’t trying to do anything differently, but we had great up transitions both directions and I felt so still up there. Usually I feel tossed around (I also pump like crazy), but today my seat was glued to that dressage saddle and it felt so different but good.

I’m going home for a couple of days to take my psych GRE, so I might ride something Friday. 

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Did you spot the Ross moment today... aka "you dodged a bullet" to Pete. Hmmmmmmmmmm


Adam: We’ve been through some stuff and we worked it out. 

Me: That’s not real but you are probably the father of Rebecca’s baby. 

Anyways one of these Bartons is the baby daddy.


“Better put that on silent” Carson pointed towards the phone Britland held in his hand. “The photographer we have today is notorious for throwing fits whenever someone takes a call during a shoot.”

“Thanks” Britland nodded as he silenced his phone relieved that he wouldn’t be alerted whenever he received a text from his unknown stalker. If only he’d had a chance to ask his dad about it before he left.

“Is something wrong?” Carson asked observing his unusual distracted behavior.

“Nope” he shook his head “everything’s fine.”

Carson watched him a moment with an expression that said he knew something was up but he didn’t know what. “You do know you can tell me anything, right?”

“Yeah sure” Britland nodded hurrying towards the door hoping that during their ride to the studio something would come up to distract Carson from asking any more questions.

11. arranged marriage!hoseok

You can have half.
❀ ft. Arranged Marriage!Hoseok

Five months into your arranged marriage with Hoseok, you were starting to get comfortable with his presence, despite the initial awkwardness that encompassed your relationship. Perhaps it was the effort the man was willing to put in to get to know you, that made it so much easier for you two to get along. One of the ways we would do so is by taking you on impromptu dates, and today was one of those days where he did so.

“Let’s go to the park,” Hoseok said cheerily the moment he stepped through the doors of our home, startling you as you were wiping a few coffee mugs by the kitchen. “I got off of work early today, and there’s a food fair going on, so let’s go and have a look at it?”

“Easy there,” you chuckled at his eagerness, he had already crossed the apartment towards your bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes, and came out soon after donning a sweater and a pair of glasses. “Let me go and change into something warmer, then we can go.”

By the time you had finished changing, Hoseok had already worn his coat and shoes, bouncing on his heels whilst holding your coat in his arms. You shook your head at his borderline childish demeanour – not that you’re complaining, because your husband looked positively adorable with his bubbliness. He could hardly wait as you slipped on your shoes, and as soon as you had settled your coat snugly on your shoulders, he had already taken your hand and walked you out of the apartment.

The walk towards the park was filled with light conversation as you asked him about his day and vice versa. You smiled at the way his expressions changed whilst talking about different people – he was smiling brightly when mentioning how proud he was that one of his students, Jimin, had won the dance competition yesterday, but soon he was frowning as he recalled another student of his who was struggling to keep up with the course. His face reflected his emotions clearly, and it brought a smile to your face knowing how much passion he has for teaching dance, and for his students.

“We’re here!” Hoseok cheered, pulling you out of your thoughts as he dragged you towards one of the stalls. As you queued for potato twisters, you were torn between getting the barbeque or the sea salt flavour, and you must have been thinking pretty hard, because before you noticed, Hoseok had already purchased two twisters and was walking towards you with a smile.

“Here’s the barbeque one for you to hold, and I’ll hold the sea salt one,” Hoseok smiled, internally melting at the adorable way you blinked in confusion because you swore, just a moment ago he was still in line. “I know you like both flavours, so you can have half of mine.”

A wide smile adorned your face, and you tiptoed to peck him lightly on the lips, causing him to blush madly as he tried to avoid your gaze, letting you lead him to another section of the park whilst bursting out in laughter.

The real Taylor Swift:

April 23rd 2009-July 10th 2010: The Fearless Tour

The Fearless Tour. Taylor decided to walk through the crowds at her shows, greeting fans of all ages, genders and races because SHE wanted to meet the fans that had been supporting her and helping her reach where she is to this day. After each show, Taylor held a meet and greet called ‘The T-Party’. This was a room where fans could go to eat pizza and meet each other and get to know other people and then get to meet Taylor. Taylor would walk around stadiums and hide behind food bars and then surprise fans in the line. Each night she would walk a number of miles to meet as many people as she could.

February 9th 2011-March 18th 2012: The Speak Now Tour

Much like at the Fearless Tour, Taylor said she wanted to continue walking through the crowds during one of her songs at the Speak Now Tour. Taylor hugged as many people as she could and thanked them for coming. Sometimes Taylor would tell her security to move out of the way and to let her hug more people. Taylor continued her ‘T-Party’ meet and greet. Taylor’s team would walk to different areas of the stadium during the show and hand out free meet and greets to fans who had gone all-out; screaming and dancing the whole time and wearing bold and creative costumes/handmade posters.

September 8th 2012: Ronan

The lyrics to this song are based on a blog she read about a four-year-old boy, Ronan Thompson, who died from neuroblastoma in 2011.Taylor wrote the song by putting together quotes from blog creator Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother. Thompson is credited as a co-writer of the song. Taylor first performed the song live for Stand Up to Cancer in September 2012, and has only performed it publicly one other time, at the Glendale, Arizona stop of The 1989 World Tour, at which Ronan’s mother was in the audience. All proceeds from sales of the single go to help fight cancer.

2014: 1989 Secret Sessions

In anticipation of the release of her album, 1989 on October 27, Taylor held a series of “1989 Secret Sessions” over the past few weeks at her various homes across America, where carefully-selected fans were told they were attending some sort of secret event, with no knowledge of what was in store for them. When fans arrived they were told to sit in a room together and wait. Taylor then jumped out and surprised them all and they all got to hear her new album before anyone else. Taylor baked cookies and other goods, fans got to meet Taylor’s cat, Olivia Benson Swift, and they danced together and each got to meet Taylor and just hang out.

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour

At each 1989 concert, before perfoming her song ‘clean’, Taylor gave a 3-4 minute inspirational speech, telling fans to love themselves. This is what Taylor said to the crowd of 60,000 at Hyde Park, London on June 272015: ‘There are people here from all over the world, so if you travelled to be here, thank you so much for coming. And, you know, looking out at you, thinking about the fact that we all come from different places, maybe we all have different accents, we have different hobbies, different backgrounds, whatever. But there’s one thing that we have in common that I know for sure. That thing is that when we feel a great amount of joy, or a great amount of pain, we turn to music. That’s why we’re all at Hyde Park tonight. From talking to you so much, and getting to know you, it’s never been more apparent to me how difficult it is to feel okay about yourself in 2015. Real talk. I mean, every single day we go online – and trust me, I love the internet, okay? Love it – but, every day we go online and we scroll through the highlight reel of other people’s awesome lives. But we don’t see the highlight reel of our awesome lives – all we see is the behind the scenes. We see every single moment, from when we wake up and we’re like “oh, God, not feeling my hair today. Not going to be a good day today for the hair”. We see our doubts, we see our fears, we see our concerns. You are the only one who is inside your brain feeling all of your anxieties and the voices who are telling you that you can’t be who you want to be, or that you’re not who you want to be, or that you want to be more like that other person over there. Let me tell you, people are mean to each other, but no voice is as mean as our own voices are to ourselves. Is it true or is it false? It’s true, right? Okay, so if there’s one thing that you come away from this night remembering, I want it to be this – every day when you look in the mirror, and your mind is telling you all the things you are not – if those things are that you’re not cool enough, you’re not pretty enough, you’re not popular enough, you’re not successful enough, you’re not special, you’re not wanted, you’re not unique – those are not the things you are not. Let me tell you the things you are not. Okay? You are not somebody else’s opinion. That’s what you’re not. You are not going nowhere just because you’re not where you want to be yet. You are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life. Those are the things you are not. Let me tell you the things that you are. Would you like to hear the things that you are? You are your own definition of beautiful, and worthwhile, and no one else’s definition. You are wiser, stronger, and smarter because you made mistakes in your life, not damaged. And lastly, London, England, you are someone who is probably standing here tonight going through your own battles, fighting your own ghosts, trying to cover your own scars, stressing about your own stresses. But, rather than wallowing in them, you got up, you put on an awesome outfit, and now we’re all standing here together having the best time of our lives at a concert on a Saturday night. I realise that it’s not about being perfect, it’s not about feeling perfect. I think that sometimes it’s just about getting on with things and realising that you’re happy today. That’s all that matters. I just want you to know that one thing I have learned in 25 years, and I’m still learning, is that if you get rained on, you walk through a bunch of storms, life is constantly coming at you – that doesn’t make you damaged. It makes you clean.’

May 5th 2015-December 12th 2015: The 1989 Tour (Loft 89)

At Taylor’s 1989 concerts, she held a meet and greet called ‘Loft 89′ where Taylor, again, could hang out with her fans and dance around with them. Taylor met lots of different people including children with disabilities and illnesses. Taylor made sure everyone had a great time and that everyone was included and treated equally.

Christmas 2014/2015: ‘Swiftmas’

Taylor Swift surprised 13-year-old fan Delaney Clements who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of seven. Delaney, who is a massive fan of the 26-year-old singer started a campaign to meet Taylor called #TaylorMeetDelaney and on Saturday (19th December) her wish came true. Taylor surprised the family by turning up unannounced and the afternoon was captured on Instagram and Facebook with Delaney and her Mum posting photos. Taylor became so into the idea of ‘Swiftmas’ that she also sent a number of other fans packages of merch and other little presents.

Award acceptance speeches

To any award acceptance speech, there is always something directed to Taylor’s fans. Taylor thanks her fans for everything because she knows that we are such a big part of her life and she wouldnt be where she is now without us.

A very important quote Taylor has said:

Long story short: Taylor is one of those few artists who does nothing but good for her fans and everyone around her yet she gets body shamed and name called everywhere. It really does break my heart. 

Taylor has been there for me through everything and I know that she always will be because she has never failed to make us all smile and to make us all feel better about ourselves, She has made me feel loved and wanted and she has introduced me to some of my bestest friends ever. To me, Taylor Swift is not just an artist, she’s my best friend.



“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 

Ring Once

Story by reddit user Pippinacious

I’d never been good in storms, but I was even worse in hospitals, so when the choice came to go visit Nana, my ma’s mother, or stay home and brave the thunder and lightning on my own, I only hesitated for a moment before making my decision.

“You sure you don’t want to come, Hannah?” Ma asked, hovering uncertainly in the doorway leading to the garage.

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Just in case you wanted an update on how we’re doing at the moment: our Prime Minister gave her conference speech today and had an excruciating coughing fit (the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave her a lozenge)

A prankster went up to her and gave her a P45 form “from Boris”

A closer look:

And as if it couldn’t get any worse, the letter F dropped off the sign behind her:

[insert “no Fs were given” joke here]

Even her staff are low key trolling her:

That’s not to mention the fact that she was wearing a Frida Kahlo bracelet - even though Kahlo was a feminist, communist, artist, Trotsky’s lover, despised all May stands for…

But yes, we are totally and completely fine over here. (Please help us)

random klance stuff (consider it a sequel of this post):

  • they have a very long, intense conversation about what life was like at the garrison. they talk about the subjects they disliked, the one they liked etc. at some point the convo takes a sudden turn and keith gets more personal as it continues. “i was always on my own i never tried to open myself up and i’m genuinely sorry for it. who knows maybe..maybe we could have been friends back there, maybe…maybe something more.” cue lance smiling because this boy
  • when they come back to earth i imagine keith sort of awkwardly standing to the side while the other paladins all approach their families until lance comes up to him like “keith we’re your family never forget that. by the way…. my family would love if you….spent some time with us….ya know ahahaha….because we’re friends!!!” and keith accepts gladly ofc. *at lance’s house* “aw is this the guy you had a crush on??”
  • sometimes they’ll try to prank each other but it’s pretty tame compared to actual pranks. lance, holding the space phone in his hands recording keith while he’s eating some food go: hey keith
    keith: lance…what are you doing?
    lance: HA YOU’RE ON SPACE CANDID CAMERA! SMILE! btw you’ve got some food goo on your cheek
    keith: *giggles uncontrollably*
  • a moment when one tells the other “thank you for believing in me” followed by one of those kisses where one is surprised at first, but slowly mets into it
  • lance rants with red (bc they become buds along the way) about keith sometimes although the conversation always ends on the soft side. “keith is cool but don’t tell him i said that” “lance i’m literally behind you i can hear what you’re saying” lance: *jumps*
  • they’re on a mission and have to sleep very close to each other and lance notices that keith talks in his sleep and lance teases him the next day because he mumbled something along the lines of “today’s the day of me and lance’s wedding” cue keith blushing furiously (he doesn’t deny it though)
  • keith makes lance comb his hair in the morning because he finds it extremely relaxing, and while he’s at it, he often tells him about his day or things from his childhood and lance is very pleased to hear his stories
  • after they start dating, keith puts a little picture of him and lance in the black lion, right next to the screen so that he can be reminded of something that’s very important to him everytime they go on missions
  • “lance is irreplaceable, end of the story”
  • lance asks keith if he got to say goodbye to red bc he’s the only one who can understand what it’s like to leave the lion you were bonded to and keith says “no, but i know she’s in good hands. no one could do better than you” while smiling softly at him
  • they confess their feelings at the same time, but both are ready to admit that they should have said it sooner
  • sometimes they’ll team up to do something goofy, like that one time they involved hunk in making “good luck pidge” videos
  • keith finds something to give to lance as a gift and to lance it’s like the most precious thing in the world “i know it’s nothing specia–” “are you kidding me? i’m keeping this forever!”
  • lance: *wakes up keith in the middle of the night* do you think a transformer could beat voltron? keith: go back to sleep babe
  • an incovenience: *happens* keith: the guy i like wouldn’t treat me like this lance: well the guy I LIKE wouldn’t treat me like this either! (they’re talking about each other)
  • you know where keith says there’s no time for this? this time he says it because they have to go on a mission and they can’t cuddle
  • they gotta do the “looking at each other from a distance sadly” at least once where both are about to say something but get interrupted with the classic “am i interrupting something” followed by a “ok i’ll leave you two alone” l: “were you going to say something?” k: “uhm well i…hope you have fun”
  • when! are! we! gonna! see! keith! blush!
  • i lowkey want a “do you trust me?” scene with them
  • lance: keith don’t do it
    keith: ok
    lance: oh my go— wait…babe
  • after they start dating keith would often cheer on lance when he’s about to do some of his sharpshooting tricks
  • keith and lance met at the garrison with the classic “books that fell off trope” and y’all can fight me on this
  • keith: we had another bonding moment! you cradled me in your arms!!
    lance: nope, don’t remember, didn’t happen :/
  • a diplomatic party where keith gets extremely distracted by lance throughout the whole thing and he actually confronts him about it. “dude what the hell has gotten into you today???” “sorry i was… i was looking only at one guy in the room the whole time.”
  • *team plays would you rather* keith: would you rather me kiss lance or have lance kiss me
    “keith that’s not…how the game works”
  • *discussing something* “yeah sure and i’m not cute” “but you are” “exactly“ “ok you got me”
  • lance would be super in love with keith especially during the very first days of dating when he can see him in the morning, hair all messy, and he would still think he’s the most beautiful boy he’s ever seen
  • *keiths voice*: if you remember the bonding moment clap your hands
  • they have a discussion where they decide not to talk to each other and use their friends as a way to communicate. “hey shiro CAN YOU PLEASE TELL LANCE to stop looking at me? his eyes are pretty and it’s distracting”
    “hey hunk TELL KEITH that i ABSOLUTELY do NOT feel the same. like at all.”
    hunk and shiro: we get it you like each other
  • keith asking lance on a date for the first time but trying to be subtle (he fails at it though) “so… y’know….i like spending time with you…a lot...we’ve gotten pretty close and you’ve basically stuck with me and saw me at my best and at my worst…i wouldn’t mind if we…did it more often?” “oh? sure? we can do something all together! there’s this planet with a beach th–”
    “no,no…i meant…just the two of us this time?”
    lance: *blushes* oh—-OH
  • they’d sure as hell acknowledge that they’re a power couple and would be proud of it
  • “hey beautiful” “uh?”
    “i was..talking to red, actually. but you’re beautiful too”
  • keith: I DON’T LIKE LANCE OK
    shiro: no one said anyth—
  • keith: *is telling a plan*
    lance: where you lead, i will follow you anywhere
    keith: aw thanks lance that’s so swee–
    keith: are you….are you seriously…..
    lance: yep;)
    keith: i love u with all my heart