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“I just don’t think too much that’s it’s tiring.
Since it’s what I dreamt of ever since I was young,
I always think it’s fun even though it’s tiring" 

taako, walking through the felicity wilds after crushing his stone of far speech: I am so much happier now that I’m dead. Technically, missing. Soon to be presumed dead. Gone. And my lazy, lying shitting, oblivious husband will go to prison for my murder. Nick Dunne took my pride, and my dignity, and my hope, and my money. He took and took from me until I no longer existed. That’s murder. Let the punishment fit the crime.

merle, very tired: Can We Please Not Do THis Today

Steve Jobs would have been 62 today.

We know his story very well: he founded tech company Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976, gave birth to the Mac, left Apple nearly 9 years later, then returned and transformed them into a giant with the launch of the iPhone.

On Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook took a moment to celebrate the legacy of Jobs, who died in 2011 following a long battle with cancer.

Remembering Steve, whose words and ideals will always inspire us. ‘There is no reason not to follow your heart,’” wrote Cook on Twitter. (Photo: Getty)

Today, in the countdown to WE - I want to express my gratefulness for the women in my life who gift me with their friendship , even when I’m a brat, even when I’m no fun to be around, who inspire me with their love, energy, support and by being fiercely themselves.

I’m lucky enough to have two sisters, but more than that, I’m lucky that we share true sisterhood and not just some genetic similarities. Though we’re now spread across the country, doing very different things with our lives, the moments where we connect and come together are some of my happiest. I may be the big sister, but these girls have scooped me off the ground more times than I can count, continually inspire me and do me the honour of believing in me and telling me so.

P, my middle sister, is working towards a masters in humanitarian crisis management, learning Arabic and French so she can spend her life trying to help those who conflict and crisis have left behind. She is fiercely independent, unerringly generous and reminds me that the most valuable thing we can do with our gifts, is pass them on to others.

C, my baby sister, is only 19 and has endured more in the last five years than I have in my life. She was training to be a professional dancer, but a simple fall at 14 turned into four spinal surgeries, two school years repeated and endless, agonising waiting to start her life. Now, she’s on the brink of leaving school, of going to study human anatomy so she can understand what happened to her and help others. Her resilience, strength of character and refusal to be knocked out by what has happened to her is truly humbling. She reminds me how little I have to complain about, that every challenge is also an opportunity and that sometimes, you just have to laugh.

I know that any time I need perspective, honest criticism, a laugh, to know that I am loved, a hug, to commiserate or congratulate, these beautiful humans are only a car ride or a phone call away. I hope that WE celebrates this bond, encourages us to invest in it, to seek out sisters in all areas of our lives and to create support networks for moments when we alone are not strong enough to continue.

WE releases March 7th.

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Happy Birthday to the most amazing person of my life may my Partner in Crime got all that she ever desired and may you have all the best moments waiting ahead this year for you. This is your special Day and we’ll make it memorable for you @emmaxsteen 🎇❤

Our mission for today is making this day the best Birthday Emma ever had. Starting with waking up late, having this huuuuge Brunch with all her favourite food and of course a cake…what else are we doing today? mhm…maybe a little Shopping Spree? maybe Dinner at one of the best restaurants of Rio? maybe Drinks high above the city? I don’t know…did we plan something Ladys @itsmishamisha @siobhanchap@amberphoenixx​ ?? 😉😉

I am sitting at my desk in my sun room (I have posted too many photos of it hehe), and it is still cool outside today after a warm and sunny day…the sun is setting, and the most beautiful breeze is coming in through my window that I am actually sitting here in tears because it is magic. pure magic. the air is so fresh and light and smells incredible and beautiful. and it makes me think of life in the most beautiful way and…I can’t even begin to articulate it but this is what a spiritual moment is like, like this is where I feel God and know He is here and I understand that we are in the moment we are in because we are meant to be there

Here we have a fierce specimen - an 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy. As you can tell, he’s ready to pounce at a moment’s notice after an exhausting vet visit today. He opened his eyes for a few seconds to survey the room, then quietly closed his eyes once again. There was fear throughout the room. He remained calm in his mom’s arms. It’s a hard job being a receptionist sometimes.

 Today was pretty manageable with an exception of a period of an hour and a half this afternoon when things went crazy non stop. It was a good day as both my fellow receptionist and myself did what we had to as fast as we could.

 Life wise tonight I’m having some pizza, because why not. I’m tired, but should be able to last another few hours until that 10:30 or so mark when I’m probably going to go to bed. Boobs are a bit painful tonight after resting for a couple days, but they always seem to do that.

  That’s… about all I have to report today, really.

 I Hope you have all had a fabulous work week, and may this be the best weekend ever!

 - Lana

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22 and 44 with sirius! thx❤️

22. what’s their go-to breakup/angst song?

44. who ends up yelling first? are they always yelling when arguing, or do neither of them yell at all?

omg i feel like sirius is really angsty.. so an angsty song for him would be like tiny vessels or transatlanticism (both by death cab for cutie)

okay i was talking to my friend about this today and we both decided that sirius would start out as that like really quiet, passive-aggressive pissed off. but the moment that you rebutted with something in a slightly off tone (be it sarcasm or the same passive aggressiveness) he’d just kind of snap and it’d basically be a screaming match between the two of you.

eventually, you’d get too upset (maybe start crying like me, whenever i get mad lmao) and you’d have to walk away. as you’re walking out he’d yell, “where are you going?!” and you just wouldn’t answer and continue stomping out.

for days after that, you wouldn’t be able to even look at him. you barely would’ve spoken to anyone. remus would get really mad at sirius for making you this upset, james would be on sirius’s side, though he was still sad that you were so upset, and lily would be pissed at james for not being pissed at sirius.

after a while, padfoot would finally apologize for hurting you in such a way and you’d hesitantly accept. so you’d just lay down together for hours without speaking.

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OMFG MY FRIEND HAD A #YAYHAMLET MOMENT TODAY. So we were doing buzzfeed quizzes in class and there was a ham one so I was like "hey lets do the hamilton one." She looked really confused but then she said "what is that, oh wait isnt that a Shakespeare play" ..... ummmm

oh my god amazing


At this very moment, genocide is occurring in Aleppo, Syria. We are being tortured, raped, slaughtered, and basically exterminated indiscriminately. There is no aid, medicine, food, or tools of survival. There are no hospitals, schools, homes, or any safe haven. There is no body or causality count anymore, there are too many to be accounted for. The White Helmets have officially announced that they are essentially powerless and paralyzed; they have stopped counting the dead, only stopping to wrap bodies in orange bags. Men and male children are forcefully being conscripted into the regime army or massacred in mass executions. There are official reports of women asking their husbands to kill them before being conscripted or executed in fear of mass rape and other atrocities they may face. Aleppo and Hama have suffered chemical attacks that have left seemingly unharmed children lining mosque floors dead. The about 100,000 people left in the city that haven’t died or been displaced are moving from one neighborhood to the other as regime and Russian forces close in. They are running only to fruitlessly go through the action, only to feel like they are trying: it’s of no use. The city is blockaded and there are ongoing airstrikes. There is no way out. There is no escape. This is essentially a cat and mouse game. There is no hope. We are literally asking God for divine help and miracles.

There are claims that “Aleppo is falling”; however, it has FALLEN. Russian and regime offenses have taken 96% of the city. Officials say that Russia and the Syrian regime have agreed to a peace deal and/or ceasefire, but live reports from Aleppo confirm it has yet to be implemented. The siege is ongoing. There is no going back from this. What has occurred these past two days is a genocide that was live-streamed to a world still in denial about our suffering. All we asked for was an end to emergency/martial law, yet we received six years of pure agony

Humanity has failed us. The international community has failed us. We are the worst human rights violation since World War 2. We are Obama’s and the UN’s Rwanda. Please save us. Call your representative. Donate to the White Helmets, Syria Relief, Save the Children, etc. Spread the word. Tell the truth. Do anything you possibly can.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, December 14th 2016, the Turkish-Russian peace deal and ceasefire has FAILED. Syrians have been waiting since 5 AM for evacuation busses and NONE HAVE ARRIVED. Regime and Russian forces have started shelling the city AGAIN.

Please, don’t forget us! This is not getting better, this getting WORSE. They have won. The city has COLLAPSED yet they will not cease their offense. This is still ongoing. This is a nightmare that will never end. We Syrians are trapped in this city with war crimes still happening! Please continue spreading the word.

UPDATE #2: As of Thursday morning, December 15, 2016, the ceasefire has (for the most part) been held. Preparations for evacuation are just about complete. There will be a safe passage from Eastern to Western Aleppo that the International Committee of the Red Cross will oversee. Evacuations should begin soon. We are hoping that Western Aleppo will react kindly to the under 100,000 civilians coming in from Eastern Aleppo and that it will be, for the most part, successful.

Just remember: surviving Eastern Aleppo citizens are being transported on busses that are overtly and excessively decorated with the face of their butcher. At least it’s a slight reprieve from the past couple of days. Please keep the residents of Aleppo in your thoughts and continue to spread the word.

UPDATE #3: First convoy of 1200 Aleppo evacuees have arrived at Idlib, of which 200 were immediately hospitalized and most in critical condition. A second convoy of about 1198 people has crossed the West Aleppo countryside and has just about arrived, as well. There may be a third evacuation convoy if all remains fairly unhindered.

Please keep in mind that remaining waiting Aleppo residents and even the evacuees are facing harsh winter conditions as homes have been destroyed and it gets brutally cold, especially during the night, in Syria. They are also facing extreme hunger. The Syrian regime is providing them with nothing more than transportation to Idlib. Continue to donate what you can and call your representatives.

This will be the last live update I can provide from Aleppo unless an emergency or crisis (more than the now usual) occurs or important updates must be made. Please keep spreading the word, supporting civilians in anyway you can, and remaining vigilant and informed on the crisis in Syria. International mainstream media failed us and many of you didn’t even know what was happening until you read this post. The Aleppo genocide was one of many crises over the past six years and will be one of many more. Keep Syria in your thoughts and prayers. Spread the word.

@sapphicgeek: So, I want to tell you all what happened in the store today. It’s probably the single greatest moment I have ever experienced working here. After the usual Saturday rush, a teenage girl comes in. She looks absolutely terrified and when I greet her she jumped. She starts going up and down the new release wall and the poor thing looks completely overwhelmed. So, I make my way over to her and ask if I can help her find anything. She quietly admits that she was looking for Supergirl. We’re walking to the Super area when I ask if she watches the show. She smiles a bit and nods. Says Alex is her favorite. I mention that I’m a huge #Sanvers shipper and the poor thing just breaks down in tears. I’m trying to figure out what the hell I did to upset her. She’s crying and I’m freaking out. After a minute or so, everything clicks. I’m staring down a crying baby gay. One who was having some big issues. I tell her that it was hard for me when I wanted to come out too. She finally stops crying and asks me if it gets easier.  We sit at the coffee bar and talked for a while. She tells me that after seeing it all over Tumblr she binged SG. And when she got to Alex’s coming out arc was when things hit her. She tells me that she’s just wanted to kill herself for so long and that she had tried but just made herself sick. But as Alex’s arc continued she said she realized that she started to see that she could be happy, that she could be loved. She didn’t want to die anymore. For the first time, she didn’t want to die because she got to see Alex be amazing and be queer. She said she came to the store hoping to find something to get her through the hiatus, so she wouldn’t fall back in depression. She had no idea gay comic characters were a thing, but wanted to try. I tell her about Batwoman, Midnighter, and Renee Montoya. I pull out my starters which are Batwoman: Elegy, Midnighter, and Gotham Central. I also dug up a copy of the Adventures of Supergirl, just to get her through. She had enough cash for one and was torn on which to get. She decides on Batwoman and asks if I can hold the rest for a while.  I was having an internal crisis at that time, because this kid was me years ago. I was barely holding off my own tears. I ended up buying the other 3 for her and I make her promise me that in 10 years she’ll help another queer kid. So, I’m out 60 bucks and I cried in the bathroom for an hour but it was damn worth it. 
So, @TheCWSupergirl @SupergirlStaff @chy_leigh and @florianalima the work you do means so much to us. Thank you. So, so, much. 

x, x, x

“It’s a bittersweet time. I’m trying to be happy because it’s said that the baby will absorb sad moments. But my father died five months ago, today. We don’t know exactly what happened. He was alone. We think someone tried to rob him because he was found shot to death in his car. I think it was hardest for me because we were so close. He used to visit me at the hospital every day while I was working. I learned that I was pregnant shortly after he died. I think my pregnancy is what’s keeping our family alive. Especially my mother. She’s always with me now. She gets me everything I need. The baby keeps both of us looking forward. It’s going to be a girl.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I feel like the most I learned this year was just branching out in styles and really trying to have fun with things. Thank you guys so much for the support, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all! And I’m excited to keep growing as an artist and see what next year has in store ♥ ♥
(also here we can pinpoint the exact moment I spiraled into Voltron hell)

8 Important Life Lessons

1. You only have this moment so live in the “now”.

2. Life is over quickly so fight for what matters – your values and beliefs … hopes and dreams … and those you love.

3. If you make the sacrifice, you will reap the benefits.

4. Procrastination keeps you tied to yesterday. For what you do today will determine your tomorrow.

5. See failure as lesson, and a bridge to success. We all fail at times – it’s the way we grow and learn.

6. The most important relationship you have in this the life is the relationship that you have with yourself. So value, affirm and believe in yourself.

7. What we do – not what we say – reveals our true character.

8. Remember to be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.