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Timeless Blog Q&A

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1. How did you come across Timeless? At SD Comic Con 2016 there was a whole experience booth of new NBC shows- they have one in the same place every year- and I went to go through it, watched the commercial a couple times while standing in line, and after I left it just kept pulling at the back of my mind telling me ’girrrl you need to watch this,’ and then I did and here we are and I suppose the rest is history :)

2. Favorite Ship?  Lyatt, I’m partial to ships were both are protective cinnamon rolls who are married af. (#heart eyes motherf*cker)

3. Favorite Episode? Hmm, probably 1x10 and 1x11 (I consider them as a part 1 and 2 kind of deal), bc there were so many good moments with individual characters where we learned more about thoughts and feelings; and also so many good Team and pairing moments; and let’s not forget the hugs!

4. Most underrated episode? Probably 1x03, it’s  not a favorite of mine but it was beautiful (both aesthetically and character/team development wise) and there were actually a lot of really good moments in that episode. One of my favorites is at the end when Rufus goes “well on the bright side at least we finally started to gel as a team” or something like that, but it was cute and I love it.

5. Lucy: Yay or Nay? YAY!!!! I love Lucy, I don’t think I’ve ever really connected to a character on this level before and it just feels really amazing to have someone like her on tv (and fic!) that I can go to when I’m feeling all the feels.

6. Wyatt: Yay or Nay? An obvious yay, I’d say on my behalf- the whole time team is. I grew up around soldiers, so not only do I feel for Wyatt on a deeply emotional level, but I understand the way he thinks almost too well. Also I love that he’s opened his heart and let down some of his walls for his little time team, and how doing so has just made him more protective of them  (ง'̀-‘́)ง

7. Rufus: Yay or Nay? Super yay! I’m a total geek and though I never really got into Star Wars (I know, don’t kill me), he reminds me of myself with the whole ‘I will seduce you with my awkwardness’ thing. But he’s also incredibly dependable and heroic and also a total genius, like who else would be able to fix a time machine from spare parts found at a French Fort in 1754…?

8. Jiya: Yay or Nay? Hell yay! Jiya, my girl, I feel like she’s the most underrated character on the show and definitely doesn’t get enough screen time, so I hope they bump her up more next season! But you can tell this girl’s got the brains, the humor, the good natured sass, the curiosity, the deep understanding of human nature, and a love for adventure- even in just the few scenes of screen time she got last season :)

9. Flynn: Yay or Nay? Very much a yay! He’s such a teddy bear who has been thrown into this cruel world where he now has put to himself in constant situations where he has to sacrifice his morals and do the wrong things for the right reasons in the name of his family (but also justice). His life is a mess and he’s just trying to put the pieces back together, but also make the world a better place at the same time- even if he has a odd way of doing it. Flynn kind of reminds me of Marvel’s 'The Punisher’ in this way.

10. Agent Christopher: Yay or Nay? YAAYYYYY!!!! LET ME JUST SAY, we’ve got: Diversity, WoC IN A POWER POSITION WHO CHOSES TO DO THE RIGHT THING, Her amazing family and her wife!, Her obvious support of the team- even in the beginning (1x05) when they wanted to fire Wyatt she campaigned hard on his behalf and that was before shit had barely begun to hit the fan, and just… AGENT DENISE CHRISTOPHER YA’LL!

11. Connor Mason: Yay or Nay? Eh? Depends on the episode, but in the end I wasn’t against him, he has a lot of potential to either be really good or actually very horribly bad. I hope they go with the good route.

12. Rittenhouse: Yay or Nay? Hell nay! Those bastards hurt our team (and Flynn) AND they’re trying to destroy history. Plus their og leader was a total suprematist misogynistic creepy freak who was obsessed with power and time. 

13. What do you want from Season 2? More Lyatt hugs, lots of Lyatt cuddles, more supportive team moments, lots of nerd references, Riya!, Jiya backstory and for her to be safe but able to use her new 'powers’ for good, Some successful take downs of some Rittenhouse baddies, More Ethan, Lucy not feeling safe enough to go home so she stays/moves in with Wyatt, Some real wholesome happy team moments- like at a bar or something where the team+Jiya take a moment to just forget about everything and have a laugh for a moment- wouldn’t that be nice…?

Q&A source: @succulentpie