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listening to The Last , i suddenly remember the letter Jin wrote for Yoongi during their Japanese fan meet in January 2014, the one where he told him that it’s okay to show his weak side to them (Bangtan)…..hearing from what Yoongi went through during his trainee days, i now understand why Jin wrote the letter and it’s an even more precious moment to me now  T^T…


This moment actually really spoke to me. Because I’ve been exactly where Jou is right now.

I’ve seen a fair amount of people talking about how Jou was able to balance his schoolwork and his being a Chosen Child in 02. How it doesn’t make sense for him to be struggling with this. But Jou himself says it best:

“Even though you get over it once, the same questions return.”

I’ve been there. I keep going there, and on some level, we all have. What you seemed to be able to handle once, what you seemed to have all the answers for once before, suddenly isn’t so easy. That’s not regression, that’s not backsliding - that’s life.

Jou is not in the same place he was in in 02, either. He was still a teenager then, and while there was pressure then too, his childhood is coming to an end and all of it’s becoming heavier. His grades aren’t as good, competition is harder, and the onus is on him to succeed. Old anxieties can return, situations can change, and sometimes you’re not always ready for that to happen as much as you might have been before.

I think that’s a valuable lesson for people. Even as you grow and mature, you’re going to continue stumbling and falling. You shouldn’t be judged for having to “learn the same lesson all over again”. Life isn’t a video game where completing one challenge means you never have to go back to it.

Sometimes the path you take leads you right back to where you were before. And it’s not a bad thing if that same problem isn’t as easy as it used to be.

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the “little things” of 2016😊
every time something happened that I wanted to remember, I’d date it, write it down and put it in this jar. it’s so fun to see how many adventures I took and how many moments spoke to me through the year.

Here’s to more happy memories on 2017!

My pastor encouraged me to change my focus on this trip and asked what God had been teaching me:

I’ve been learning about gratitude- being thankful for the small moments. Also He spoke to me really clearly the other day in knowing that He is always cheering me on, He’s always holding my hand in safety, He is with me always, He’s my no 1 fan. I’ve been aware of His presence in many different moments. I’ve really seen Isaiah 55:9 play out. I’ve seen that beauty can and does come from ashes and that people can make it through horrendous circumstances and have hope and strength having come out the other side- hope never disappoints. I’ve seen God make a way when I’m not able to make one. I’ve seen His faithfulness. I’ve been blessed with a trip overseas. I’ve learnt about rest. I’ve learnt more what it is to have Him as a friend.

In the post office today a guy ran in from his truck in shorts. Today had a wind chill if about freezing, so I asked if he wasn’t cold. We spoke a moment and he leaned in conspiratorially to tell me that the postal employees throw out bags of mail all the time and they never face punishment.

This is a lie.

Ok, I can’t speak to every post office everywhere, or every employee. But my mother was postmaster here, and my grandmother was before her, and my grandfather before that. And though she retired a while ago we know the current postmaster. They do NOT throw your mail away!

See, there can be mail in the dumpster, but if you checked you would see box holder addressed to “resident” that were left over, junk mail that can’t be forewarded or returned to the sender when someone has moved, the trash from the lobby where customers throw away their junk and so forth. 

Things can get lost. Things can get misdelivered. Things can get damaged. However, they do NOT just throw away mail!

So I said that, and that I seriously doubted they would throw away bags of mail anyway in a small place like this where everybody knows everybody and there aren’t so many people to deliver to that they should be overwhelmed.

The guy gave me a “you poor idiot” look, shook his head, and said again “they throw it away all the time and get away with it!” before angrily stomping off.

Look, I’m not saying that every postal employee is good or cares as deeply as Mom. Heck, when packages came in that she was not obliged to have delivered until after Christmas, Mom would go Christmas morning and deliver them herself just in case they were gifts. We would go as a family when I was little, so I saw her do it. And sure, I have grumbled myself about some of the new folks, like the time on carrier folded my Doctor Who calendar in half to fit it in the mailbox and I was stuck staring at the crease for a whole year, or when there was a new person that seemed to sort the mail wrong so much, that we wondered if a few things that didn’t show up hadn’t just gotten stuck in the wrong box, someone who didn’t turn it in like us but kept it. But as far as I can tell they have never had anyone here who did not try to do their job.

So it makes me a bit annoyed. This guy is angry and outraged and almost certainly 100% wrong, and I can’t help bit wonder how many believe this too. 

It reminds me when the rumors flew about the Chinese place in the next town, crazy stories about them catching cats and feeding it to folks as chicken. I mean, I think they had a pet cat and somehow that got confused into “proof”. Finally the local paper did a story debunking the whole thing, yet some people continued to believe it. It cut their business for a good while and they are really a nice family. 

And this is why I get annoyed with the whole “Just believe!” thing that gets used as a Christmas catchphrase. There is way too much belief without reason or evidence in this world, and sometimes it can really hurt people.


“More fool he…” Lawrence grumbled indistinctly. 

“Would you truly wish Weston to be a stuffy town doctor with one eye always on his bills? No, you would not care a penny for him if he were not the eccentric, thoughtful, and decidedly country man he is now. We must appreciate the man as he is and not try to change him.”

Lawrence sniffed at that but had no retort. He sat in silence for a moment and then spoke. 

“Well, are you not bursting to tell me? How was your call on the Thornwicks?”


autobotislandprotector  asked:

"Magnus?" A soft mutter came from the gentle bot, a hand placing on his back with a smile, a hand reaching for the others, he rather wanted to do this for a long while ever since he ran into battle with this bot "Could you spare a moment for me?"

“Of course,” Magnus spoke up. “Was there something you needed?”  Magnus was a bit curious at what it was Seaflow could possibly want. But when a servo was offered to the Commander, Magnus took it and couldn’t help but tilt his helm a little.

“Is everything alright?”

anonymous asked:

What do you look for in a relationship?

Well, I guess I look for someone that makes me feel like I’m just breathing air for the first time. I want someone who fascinates me, who keeps me hooked from the moment she spoke to me. I want someone who’s passionate about something, anything, that she can’t shut up about and I don’t want her too. I want someone who cares deeply about the world and what’s going on with it, and tries to make any effort to make it a better place. I want someone who’s complete, who’s already an individual. Someone who’s sees the reality in life and relationships, and doesn’t need me, but wants to be with me. I look for someone who is sweet to people, someone so sweet she’ll even soften my own heart. I need someone to remind me that life isn’t as important and we lead on, and that somethings are not worth the thought and effort. I look for someone who’ll ground me, show me that there’s still a lot of good in the world. I look for someone who loves deeply, because that’s the most important thing about life. To love deeply. Someone who makes me want to always do better and try my hardest. I look for someone who continues to inspire me, and someone I sort of aspire to be like. I look for someone who’ll take care of me. Someone who’ll allow me to have my space, because I like to be alone a lot. Someone who’s okay with silence, because sometimes I get lost in my own head. I look for someone who’s a realistic romantic, like myself, but also lowkey-highkey hopelessly romantic with each other because we’re that in love. I look for someone who’s always humble. I look for someone who respects boundaries and has a calm temper. Someone who’ll calm my flame whenever I get into arguments with ignorant people about politics or anything else I’m deeply passionate and concern about. Someone who’ll be my partner-in-crime, where I know if I need backup, she’s already ready. I look for someone who always craves more, and never settles for anything less. Someone who sees their worth and demands even more. I look for someone who knows that there are billions of people to be with, but chooses me every damn day. I want someone who’s freeing. Someone who feels like a rarity. Someone who makes me feel like one lucky bastard. I won’t settle until I find that.

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oh hot damn, this is my jam | she used to be mine → waitress (sara bareilles/ jessie mueller)

So you know when you put off doing something because you’re not quite sure how it will be but are hoping for it to be great and don’t want it not to be? I had avoided watching Film!Waitress for so long because there was so much hype, and by extension was the same with anything to do with the musical. Well, night before last I finally gave in and watched the film and let me tell you, it hit me way harder than I ever thought it would (cut to me inconsolably crying for hours). Something, the essence of the film, spoke to me at this exact moment in my life when I needed it to, and I’ll just be forever grateful. This prompted me to listen to everything that has been released from Musical!Waitress - suffice it to say (already loving Jessie and Sara), I fell further in love. This is very rough as I did it quickly while in my distraught/ecstatic state before the emotions eased, so expect that, but I love the song so much and am happy to say I think I’ve found another dream role. I ♥ Jenna Hunterson.

OHKAY! So there were two moments that really bothered me before. Like when Regis spoke with Nyx in the elevator there was a dialog that went like “You knew this is going to happen?” “Yes. It was the only way to get their attention of Noctis”. And another moment when Cid said something along the lines of “It was not just Nifs, Regis was planing his own strike to take them out”. And both times I was like SO? What the fuck Regis? You knew that shit was coming and did nothing? Where was that secret move of yours? You didn’t even summon the Wall? You did nothing at all? 

And this moment! It all makes sense now! He looks at Insomnia and asks forgiveness! Regis purposefully gave up the city. That sudden attack was not sudden at all but exactly how he planed it to go! I even suppose he planed to die? If not the surprise on his face during the final duel I would have though he was actually well aware of Drautos’ plans or even worked WITH him. Too bad I think otherwise, would have been awesome tho! *0*                       

“When I was in Canada, to get international exchange school credit, I worked at a homeless care center serving food and organizing donated clothes. I often ran into homeless people on the streets and they greeted me happily whenever they saw me. Honestly, I was a bit embarrassed about it. I was concerned about what others would think of me. One day, I ran into a homeless person at the bus stop and as we were talking, my bus arrived. So we were shaking hand and saying bye when he grabbed my hand and said, ‘Giny, your hand is very warm’. The moment I heard that, I felt so sorry. That person spoke to me and treated me with sincerity and respect as human to human, and there I was looking at him through a wall I had built. I felt so ashamed.”

“캐나다에서 해외 학점 교류로 반 년 동안 노숙자 케어 센터에서 노숙자 분들에게 음식도 나눠주고, 기부 받은 옷들을 정리해서 주는 일들을 했어요. 그래서 길거리 다니다보면 노숙자분들과 자주 마주쳤는데 그 때 저한테 반갑게 인사를 해주셨어요. 그게 솔직히 좀 쪽팔렸어요. 주변 사람들이 나를 어떻게 볼 지 신경 쓰였거든요. 그러다 하루는 버스 정류장에서 노숙자 한 분을 만나서 얘기를 좀 나누다가 버스가 와서 다음에 보자고 악수를 나눴는데, 그분이 제 손을 잡으시고는 그러더라고요. ‘지니야, 너 손 정말 따뜻하다.’ 딱 그 말을 듣는 순간 정말 죄송했어요. 그 사람은 나를 진심으로 사람 대 사람으로 생각하고 말을 걸고 존중해줬는데 저는 그 사람을 벽을 치고 봤다는 게 너무 창피하더라고요.”