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I stg some people who follow this blog are as bad as customers! Stop blowing up at the mods over every little thing, stop being impatient about "why hasn't my story been posted yet," just chill out.

It’s kind of understandable at the moment that the question about our queue is being asked. It’s pretty busy. I’d rather have those over the “YOU CAN’T SAY THAT” crap any day. I just hope I’m not being annoying posting a ton to keep up with the inbox. We have 143 asks/submissions waiting. I post one and we get three more. D: It is looking like closing everything for a few days is a huge possibility merely because tumblr has limits on numbers for queues and inbox. -Abby


At the moment the UK is being battered by Storm Doris. Newcastle is currently leaning sideways in why I can only describe as a horrific wind, and parkrun takes place on a moor high up on a hill. Joy.
So as you see, roughly two miles in myself and @ser-mongoose were running directly into a headwind, and I’m not gonna lie, at one point I thought I was running on the spot the wind was so friggin strong.
You guys have been dishing out the advice on my last few posts and I’ve come through my existential crisis with a new mindset. At the moment I am stuck in the temporary contract hole, and that’s without the PhD, and I’m working in an area that isn’t my forté, and isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life, and literally half my time is spent waiting for people to die, I can’t go out, I can’t go to gigs (two I want to go to are on on call weeks) I can’t go on holiday without meticulous planning. I can’t live like this for two more years. So I’m just gonna keep applying and try and get me a PhD. I’m just going to have to accept that I can’t settle down just because it’s alright. Plus I know and talk to enough people on here to have a friend no matter where I end up. Your girl is gonna cure diarrhoea using your gut bacteria, watch this space.
25th February 2017

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Hello Rosy! I had to watch this week's episode a couple times as I always miss things the first go. Besides all of the big issues (the list, Octavia/Echo) the one part that really stuck out for me was when Kane caressed Bellamy when the hood was pulled off and asked if he was alright. I really wish that Kane was his father. Regardless he is his father now in more ways than his real dad ever was on the Ark. Thoughts? Thank you as always!

I have very few thoughts on that moment other than 

OMG *weeping openly* Earth Dad and Earth Son. I have been waiting for this. 

Are you okay? He asks. He ASKS. No one asks him this except for Clarke. He’s got people looking out for him. He’s got family. 


Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: The moment you all have been waiting for… Hold onto your caps, people, because this one is a roller coaster.

Word Count: 3586

Warnings: Language, angst…no smut in this one, guys. 😳

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You knew you’d fucked up.

The second those words flew out of your mouth, your eyes shot open and your breath caught in your throat. You were quickly shaken from the spell Daveed had placed you under, and as reality settled in, you began to panic.

Without delay, you pushed Daveed off you and clambered off the bed. He was silent and you didn’t know if it was because he was in shock or because he was still coming down from his high, but either way, you knew you had to get out of there before he started speaking.

You were pulling your jeans on hastily when you finally spoke up. “I uh…I-I gotta go.” You said, trying to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears. “It’s really late and I think I forgot to do something back home.”

“Y/N…” Daveed breathed softly, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you.

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At the Royal Ball
  • "Who IS that person?"
  • "Care to dance?"
  • "Have you seen the prince? He's so handsome."
  • "You should introduce yourself."
  • "I want nothing to do with them!"
  • "I'm sorry... Do I know you?"
  • "I have met so many people today. I'm afraid I forgot your name..."
  • "Would you like a drink? The champagne is amazing."
  • "I shouldn't be here. I'm not one of these blue bloods."
  • "I feel so out of place here. Can we go home?"
  • "Have you seen the princess? She's so beautiful!"
  • "I feel as though I have been waiting for this moment all my life."
  • "Stop trying to set me up with people!"
  • "These shoes are killing me."
  • "Do you think they noticed me?"
  • "This crown is soooo heavy..."
  • "During the next dance I'm just going to slip out. No one will notice."
  • "All this pomp and circumstance... How I loathe it."
  • "If they come at me one more time they will find out just how heavy this scepter is."
  • "All I want is a cup of tea."
  • "Is there any real food here? Tiny bits of things on platters just isn't cutting it."
  • "Isn't this night magical?"

A few people were asking me what my favourite Promptis moment is..
But.. The sad fact is, that neither of them have actually been included in the game so far.

My favourite moments happened long before FFXV became FFXV.
My love for Promptis goes way back to 2011, when XV was still called Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
I was one of those unfortunate people who waited for trailers to come out every year.

But to answer the question:

Prompto saving Noctis butt in battle before the Citadel, is my most favourite Promptis moment (as shown by the gifs above).

Hidden Sights OF Emotions - Part Two (MCxV)

Hi all, thank you so much for being patient with me. The fic has gone on longer than I expected, so there will be a part three after this ^^ 
Hope this lives up to the expectations for the people who have been waiting.
Love Bee.

For all those who wants to read the first part is here [PART ONE]



Opening the letter that was left for him, he starts to feel the dotted dents on the paper. He was surprised that she knew how to write in braille.

Dear Jihyun,

By now, you should be resting and recovering from surgery, I hope that it was successful…no, I know it is successful.  I am deeply sorry that I am not there at this moment, but I trust that Jumin is helping you.

I want to thank you, for giving me the opportunity to join the RFA, and for everything that happened afterwards, because of you, I could meet everyone else. For the past two years, it has been my pleasure to be able to help you by your side.

Living with you has been my happiest times, and I will cherish the memories forever. Even though I am not there in person, I am with you in spirit, please don’t strain yourself, and let your body heal. I know that once your eyesight is recovered you may search for me, I beg you not to. I have to be away for a while, I’m not sure when I will be back, but know that I think of you every day. I have something to do for myself, while I’m away, please take many beautiful photographs, I’d love to see them someday.

I am certain that Seayoung can probably track me down, but I hope that you wouldn’t ask him to, my wish is for you is to have a speedy recovery and be happy. I need some time to myself, I hope that you can understand, I still have a lot of work to do, but don’t worry, I will take care of myself.

Jihyun, I wish Rika to recover, and I wish you both happiness together. I may not be there to witness it, but I believe that it will happen. Please be kind to yourself, and no more tears, okay? I will try to write when I have the chance to, I may not log into the chat room as often, but I will if I can.

Everyone in the RFA is special to me, including you. Jihyun, I wanted to be by your side for longer, is it greedy for me to ask you to think of me from time to time? You have made an imprint on my heart, and you will always be important to me.

As a former doctor, I am prescribing you plenty of rest, let Jumin help you! As a friend, I am asking you to let your pain go, and be happy, look forward to better times, and talk to the others more.

May your journey now be filled with happiness Jihyun,



V wasn’t sure what to think of the letter, as his hand slides over the pages, he felt a little wrinkle in the last page, as if it had been wet. Lying back down with the pages still in hand, he really did want to find out where she was, it took all his strength to not press his speed dial for Seayoung. He wanted to respect her wishes, but the letter was suspicious, he couldn’t understand why MC would leave without telling him in person. Feeling empty as it sank in that he may not see her for a long time, he decided to ask Jumin to see if he knew anything. Picking up his phone, he presses the speed dial for his friend.

“V? Is something wrong?” Jumin says picking up the phone quickly

“Jumin, I just finished MC’s letter, I wanted to ask you something” V could hear Jumin sigh

“I will try to answer what I can” He replies to V

“Did you know that she had to go away for a while?” V asks him


“Do you know why she had to go away?” V questions him again

“I told you, she had to go away for work” Jumin replies, he had his business tone on, and V wasn’t convinced if he was telling the truth

“You will tell me if something has happened right?” V finally asks, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to find out much from him

“You know I will, if I have to. Please V, you need to rest, don’t think so much” He heard his friend say

“Yes, you’re right. Thank you Jumin” V says before hanging up

Lying flat on the bed, he wanted to believe that MC would walk through the door and tell him that she was there for him, holding his hand to let him know that everything was okay. V wanted to believe so much, he drifted off to sleep still holding onto the letter.

Jumin found himself sighing way too much in the car, he was certain that if he had stayed on the phone with V he would end up saying more than he should.

“Driver Kim, I need you to swing by the shops before heading back” He calls out.

Jaehee watches as Jumin leaves his office quickly for lunch, she had noticed that the past week he had been leaving the office for lunch daily, and he would finish work early or on time, he had been taking work home rather than finishing it there. At first she thought it might be something to do with the chairman being around more often with Rise, but he had never acted that way before with his father’s ex girlfriends. She had also noticed that the chat room had been quiet lately, too quiet for Jaehee’s liking. She first noticed that MC hadn’t been on as much, she once brought it up in chat room but was told by Jumin that she was busy with deadlines, however, things got suspicious when Jumin started logging in less. She knew his schedule and how much work he had, but he always seemed absent when not at work. He was becoming more cold again, she assumed it was to do with his father, usually either MC or V were the one that would tell him off and get away with it, but without them being around lately, she noticed Jumin was closing himself off again. Her phone gave a small ring as a notification, logging into the chat room, she was surprised at the username that was there.

Jaehee: Is that you MC, using V’s phone?
V: Hello Jaehee, it’s V. How are you?
Jaehee: I’m confused, MC, are you typing for V?
V: No, it’s me
Jaehee: Wait…..are you….can you see?
V: It’s slightly blurry, but I can make out words
Jaehee: What? Your eyesight has recovered? I thought the doctors said it was too late?


707: Hey MC! Jaehee, Wahhh wait V?
V: Hello Luciel
Jaehee: Apparently can you tell straight away Saeyoung?
707: Only V still calls me Luciel….V, are you…did you get treatment?
V: a cornea donor, I registered on the waiting list, and was lucky to have a donor.
Jaehee: Wow….congratulations V!
V: Yes, thank you Jaehee
707: So you registered and was on the waiting list for a long time? How come you never told me? How come MC never told us?
V: I registered but it wasn’t a long wait….just over a month maybe or lesS? I don’t really remember, Jumin and MC knew. I'n sorry, my eyes are starting to sting, I wil have to go for now.
Jaehee: Get some rest V, you have typo’s
707: Yes, I’ll call you later
V: Yes, thank you. Then, excuse me.

V put his phone down and closes his eyes to rest, he was hoping to see MC in the chat room, he was to be discharged in the morning. For the time he had been resting at hospital, Jumin had been visiting daily, he even went to check on Rika for him. When MC mentioned to him that she would be away for a while, he had hoped she might have been back when he was to be discharged. She hadn’t called since the day she rang Jumin. V wanted to call, but would always end up hanging up before it connected to ring. V told himself that he had to respect her wishes and privacy, she obviously wanted some time away, he ended up with the conclusion that she had been his carer for so long, it was her time to be free and have a well-deserved break.

A knock on the door pulls him out of his thoughts, he listens as the door opens, he hears the familiar footsteps of his friend.

“Hello Jumin, how is your day?” He asks

“Hello. Fine, as always. How are you? The doctor said you’ve been progressing well, you’ll still need to wear sunglasses and have your cane since your eyes still need more time to adjust” Jumin says standing next to him

“I’m good thank you, yes, the doctor told me that too. I just spoke to Luciel and Jaehee” V replied

“Both at the same time? I see, you logged into the chat room” Jumin nods at his own answer

“Yes, they seem very surprised that I got my sight by a donor…I was hoping to see MC in the chat, I guess she’s busy” V says in disappointment

“MC did say that she was busy with work, don’t worry so much” He heard Jumin say thoughtfully

“Has she called you lately?” V asks him

“No, she hasn’t” Jumin sighs

“I see….I’m sure she’ll be in touch soon” V says optimistically, even though his tone of voice said otherwise

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, I have everything scheduled, I will visit your house when I finish work. I’ll try and come by at lunch, but I have an appointment tomorrow that I can’t move” Jumin says to him

“I’m not worried. You don’t have to visit every day Jumin, but thank you” V says with a small smile

“Yes, but I wouldn’t feel right if I don’t see that you’re okay, plus, MC has told me to keep an eye on you” said Jumin, as soon as he said her name, Jumin noticed V stiffened, he realised that it wasn’t a good idea to have mentioned her.

Jumin sat down and talked with V a bit more, every so often he’d check the time, he didn’t want to be late.

“Jumin, I’ve just seen you check your watch three times in the last 10 minutes, I can tell that you need to be somewhere, don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine” V says to his friend, he had been aware that every lunch Jumin would visit him, but he would always end up leaving 30 minutes early.

“Your eyesight is improving I see, that’s good. I will have to take my leave now, I’m sorry. I will visit tomorrow after work I must get going or I’ll be late. Call me if you need anything” Jumin says before dashing out the room.

V wondered to himself what had made his friend seem to be on edge, he had never seen Jumin so anxious before. He wasn’t sure if he had felt good or bad when hearing that MC hadn’t been in touch with Jumin either. He wanted to know where she was, and if she was okay, but if she had called Jumin and not him, he imagined that it would be upsetting for him.

Each time the phone rang, V found himself disappointed that it wasn’t MC. Each member of the RFA had called to check how he was. As soon as he had left the chat room, Seayoung had contacted Zen and Yoosung. He was happy that they all cared and wanted to see how he was, but he felt a weight on his chest get heavier as each time his phone rings and it’s not the voice he wanted it to be.

Eventually, he no longer wanted to battle the question and decided to message her,

Hey MC, hope you are well. I won’t ask where you are, I just want to know that you’re doing okay. V

Pressing the send button, he waits, he was pleased when his phone vibrated with a message, only to see that it wasn’t MC. He sighed in disappointment. When she had finally messaged back, it was already evening, but he was delighted to hear back from her. He wonders if this is what the members of the RFA felt when he went away for long periods before, but it’s not the same, he knew that deep down, the way he felt was different to the way his friends felt when he disappeared.

Hello V, I’m fine thank you. Apologies with not being in touch, don’t worry. MC

V read over the message again, it felt off, maybe it’s because he always spoke to her face-face or by phone, but the way she wrote was unfamiliar. A clamping sensation spreads on his chest as he reads it again, MC was being too formal with him. First time in so long, he felt lonely, arguing with himself that it was due to that fact he had gotten use to things with her around, now that she was suddenly gone, he didn’t know how to react.

Lying down, he closes his eyes, wanting sleep to take over, hoping that his thoughts will clear the next day. He didn’t know what to expect when he gets back home the next day, but for now, he rather not think about anything. Pulling out the letter MC had left him from the side table, he held onto it for comfort and lets the darkness succumb him.

V was surprised to have both Jumin and Seayoung coming to the hospital to pick him up. Jumin told him that his appointment was cancelled and he could help with discharge, Seayoung just happened to tag along. He hadn’t seen Seayoung in so long that he forgot how vibrant his hair was.

“Let me get that V” Seayoung says grabbing the bag from him as they get out of Jumins car.

“Um, thank you. I can do it” V says feeling uncomfortable with so many people to help

“I still don’t know why we couldn’t take my car, we would have been here much faster” Seayoung whined

“And risk endangering us with your reckless driving? I only trust driver kim to take me places” Jumin huffs opening the front door for them

“I am an awesome driver! I passed all the GTA tracks with high scores!” Seayoung says dropping the bag on the floor and sitting on the couch

“Comparing your driving with a game doesn’t make you a good driver” replied Jumin with a sigh, picking up the bag that he Seayoung had dropped and putting it on a chair.

“Yo V, what’s with all the sticky notes” Seayoung says picking one up that was on a cushion

“Sticky notes?” V asked

“There’s one here on the table ‘Don’t forget to eat!’” Jumin read out

“MC must have left these, this one says ‘Don’t stay up too late, you’ll fall asleep on the couch again’” Seayoung says reading the one from the cushion

“I see. Please put them back where you found them” V tells them

“So, where is MC? I thought she’d be with us to pick you up” Seayoung asks

“It’s none of your business” Jumin blurted out

“Hang on a minute…..did something happen?”  Quickly catching on, Seayoung questions, he could tell that V didn’t seem to happy, even though he was out of hospital and Jumin had been tense since they mentioned her.

“MC is away for work, nothing to worry about” V says with a smile, sitting down next to him on the couch

“Away for work? Where? Why didn’t she tell us?” He looked at the two of them

“It was last minute; she couldn’t change the plans. I’m sure she’ll be in touch” Jumin replied

“Yes, she’s fine. I heard from her yesterday” V answers vaguely

“Oh right, I hope she comes into the chat room soon. Jaehee has been asking for her” Seayoung says

“I’m sorry you two, but I’m going to get some rest, my eyes are stinging from being outside for so long” V suddenly says with a sigh

“Of course, the nurses and security guards will be here” Jumin replied understandingly

“If you need anything, call me V” Saeyoung says giving him a pat on the shoulder

“No, call me, Seayoung never picks up” Jumin says bluntly

“I do when it’s V” he replied pulling a face at Jumin

“Jumin, I don’t need so many people. It’s uncomfortable” V admitted

“I’ll compromise with you, the nurses and one security guard” Folding his arms, Jumin was back to business mode

“That’s not much of a compromise. I don’t need nurses or security guards Jumin” V says sternly

“At least have one nurse and one security guard here, to ease my worries. Remember, MC told me to keep an eye on you” Jumin says pulling out the trump card

MC words ring in V’s head as he heard Jumin speak ‘Let Jumin help you’

“(Sigh) One security guard, and no one else.” V says

“A nurse would be a great help-” Jumin began to speak

“I am very capable Jumin, I am accepting to have one security guard” Jumin rarely hears V sounding so strict, not wanting to cause any disagreements, he agreed.

After leaving V on his own, feeling awkward with someone else that wasn’t MC in his home, he tells the security guard to rest on the couch. Going into the kitchen, V closed his eyes, and starts gliding his hands over the counter top, guiding him to make himself some tea. With his eyes closed, he can at least pretend that she was there. He sits down at the same seat he always sat and sips the hot tea. He wanted to believe she was next to him, sitting in her usual seat, he places a hand over the seat and felt a piece of paper. Opening his eyes, he sees that it was another sticky note. Reading the note, he smiles at how this was the first time he’s actually seen MC’s handwriting, even her handwriting was beautiful.

‘Are you eating well? I’m eating with you in spirit, yum yum!’

The smile upon his face disappeared as fast as it appeared, crumpling the small paper in frustration, he sighs, not being able to throw it away, he pats paper out as smoothly as possible, placing it back to where he found it. He knew, he should be feeling happy that he was back home, he has his eye sight back. Leaving the cup on the counter he walks out, once again closing his eyes, he lets the touch of the furnishings guide him around the condo, as he reaches the door handle for what was MC’s room, nostalgia floods him, he opens the door to take a look inside. A sudden rush of warmth filled him as he could still smell her scent lingering in the air.

Sitting on the bed, he noticed the room was bare, she had taken most of her belongings. Taking his glasses off, he lays down on the bed, pulling the covers over him, he takes in her scent. He missed her, with tears on the brim of his eyes, he realised how much he misses her. He thought that once he had his sight back, she would still be here living with him, he puts himself down on how foolish he was to believe that. No matter how much he questioned and argued with himself, it doesn’t change how he feels, he knew before, but he never fully admitted it.

In the same city not too far away from him, MC sat on her bed trying to organize her thoughts. It hadn’t been that long since she parted from him, each day she would think of him, how was he? What was he doing? Has he eaten? She wanted nothing more than to call him, but that would only complicate things as she knew that he would question her.

Everything is fine MC, get it together, just a few more days and you’ll be away, she says to herself.


MC, you don’t have to leave. Let me take care of you” Jumin says to her, clutching onto her hand

I don’t want to burden you Jumin, I can take of myself” MC says with a smile

It’s not burdening! You know that. Why are you running away MC!” he was angry

I’m not running away!” MC retaliated

Yes you ARE!” Jumin growled

We had this discussion in your office, you was fully aware of the situation” MC sighs

I never said I agreed with it” Jumin points out

Jumin, I can’t stay, you know why..” MC holds his hand back

I know I’m not V, can you not…I mean…no… I’m begging you, let me take care of you, lean on me. I can give you anything you want, I can do anything you want. Dammit MC, let me do something”

Jumin lets out a sigh and pauses, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, he softens his voice.

You know how I feel about you, and I am fully aware of your feelings for V. I know I cannot take his place, but won’t you just let me help you”

Jumin…..any woman would be so lucky to have you-”

I don’t want to hear it. There has been only two women in my life that understood me, one became mentally ill, and the other is right in front of me, the chance of finding someone else…I don’t want to find anyone else. I’m happy with just helping you, if I can just do that..”Jumin begged

I have to go Jumin, you know this. You promised me you’ll look after V, and you are doing something, you’ve helped me so much already, I am very grateful to have you as my friend” MC sniffed, as tears start welling up in the brim of her eyes

Let me just…once…..” Jumin whispers, closing the gap between them, his hand cupping her cheek

….Jumin..” She had to admit, she was curious

Not pulling away from him, Jumin accepts it as consent and gently brushes his lips over hers, lingering with their top lips touching, he could feel her breathe against his, slowly he takes her lips,  giving her a chaste kiss. Controlling himself, he regrettably pulls away and strokes her cheek, her expression said it all.

You didn’t feel anything did you?” He asks softly

I’m sorry Jumin..” She could hear the disappointment in his voice

Don’t be, you told me before, we do not control how we feel, we just manage and maintain them in the best way we can. I wish I could say that I would do anything to change how you feel, but, I know that you only love V” He sighs again

Thank you, for everything Jumin. I am so grateful to have you as my friend” MC says once again.


MC touched her lips as she remembered the kiss, she felt nothing. A flash of her kissing V on the couch crosses her mind, her stomach did a flip again, smiling at herself, only V could do that to her. Her smile disappears as she knows she will have to be far away from everyone soon. Falling onto the bed she starts to cry silently and calling out his name until sleep took over.

A slow week went by and V found himself feeling more empty. He sighs as the security guard opens the door to the hospital for him, even though he had mentioned that he was perfectly capable of opening doors himself, that didn’t stop the security guard. Walking along the familiar corridors, he remembered it to be just like it was before he couldn’t see. Stopping by the doctors office, he enquires about Rika’s condition, as expected, nothing had changed.

Knocking on the door he calls out to her before entering, leaving the security guard standing outside. Rika sat by the window, staring outside, she looked more frail, her blonde wavy hair seemed dull, her skin paler than he last remembered. He takes a seat opposite her.

“Rika…it’s me, I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long” V says

He looks at her seeing if there was any indication of expression, her eyes darted over to the table on the other side of the room then turning back to look out the window.

“Ah, MC won’t be coming with me to visit for a while, I should have brought food, she usually cooks. I’ll remember next time” V realising on why she looked at the table

Silence answered him, for the first time, he was stumped on what to say to Rika. Before, it was easy to talk to her, and tell her how he’s been, and asking her questions only to be replied with silence. Now it was different, he wasn’t sure why. V took a moment to watch her, as she stares expressionless at the sky. Sliding his hand through his hair he sighs and lean back into the chair.

“Rika, I have my eye sight back. I can see you. I, have been having a hard time trying to figure something out, but I’m coming to dead ends each time. There are so many things I want to say out loud, but I cannot burden you with my problems” V says.

V put a hand out and brushed her hair behind her shoulder, she sat motionless, he suddenly felt awkward. Cursing himself, he wasn’t expecting this to happen. Feeling guilty as he knew that this wasn’t the place he want to be, and she wasn’t the person that he wanted to see. Groaning inwardly, he takes out his phone then shoving it back in his pocket with a sigh. Standing up from the chair, he strokes Rika’s hair once before going to the door.

“I’m so sorry Rika, I’ve broken the promise. I still care about you and will always be here for you, but I cannot keep that promise any more” He says before opening the door and heading out.

V walks slowly down the corridor with the security following closely behind. He stops as he felt the ray of sunshine hit him, looking up, he sees children playing in the patients garden. He wondered where MC was as he remembers one of the last time he spoke to her here.

“Mr..?” A tug at his trousers took his attention

The security guard looks at V who holds his hand up to indicate it was fine.

“Hello there, how can I help you?” Crouching down, he asks the little girl in front of him

“You’re the Mr that comes with Dr.C” She states

“I am, you have a good memory” V smiles recognising the voice

“Yes, I am very good at remembering things” The little girl grins proudly

“That is very good!” V chuckles lightly

“Um..Mr..where is Dr.C?” Taken back with her question, V scratched his head before answering.

“Well, Dr.C is away for work for a while, but I’m sure she’ll visit you soon” V replied

“Oh…she promised me she would come see me…” The girl whined

“I see. Well, I know Dr.C very well, and Dr.C always keeps her promise” He pats her head

“Really?!” The girl looks at him with hope

“Yes, really. So don’t be sad okay? Dr.C wouldn’t like that” V says to her

“Okay! I’m going to find my friends now. Thank you Mr.” The girl runs off to the garden waving at him

V waves back at the little girl and heads home. As soon as he got in, he heads to his room and pulls out his phone, grateful that he now had a valid reason to contact her. Before he could call her, his phone rang flashing the name MC. Surprised at the caller, he quickly answers the phone.

“MC? Hello?”

“V…hello, how are you?” He heard her voice

“MC…I was just about to call you..I’m fine, how are you?” He asks

“Good, I’m well, thank you. How is your eyesight?” MC questions

“It’s getting better each day, I still have to wear sunglasses while out, but I don’t need them in doors anymore” V says with a slight smile

“That’s great V, congratulations!” He could sense her smile through her warm words

“MC, I-” He was cut off from a familiar voice on her side

“’MC-oh, sorry!’  Ah, V, I’m sorry I have to get going now, I will call another time. Please take care of yourself” She rushes him off the phone before he could say anything else.

Feeling a sting in his chest, he wondered who the voice belonged to. He frowns as he wrecks his mind trying to recognise it.

V hadn’t been able to pinpoint who the voice belonged to, he had been distracted thinking about it all week. Taking a sip of coffee, he still wasn’t use to not having breakfast in the morning, he had tried to cook once, but it didn’t taste anything like MC’s, so he settled in only having coffee in the morning,

Logging into the chat room, he hadn’t logged in since he spoke to Jaehee and Seayoung.

Zen: V!?! You’re here!
707: Woah V!! Nice to see you on
Jaehee: Good morning V, I hope you’ve been well.
V: Hello everyone


Yoosung★: V…how are you?
V: Yoosung, it’s good to see you here
Yoosung★: I’m always here, you never come in
Zen: ….
707: ….
Jaehee: Yoosung..
Yoosung★: OMG, I was trying to make a joke, I just realised how it sounded…I’m so sorry…
V: haha, it’s okay Yoosung
Zen: Only Yoosung can mess up a joke -_-
707: Lolol
V: Jaehee, how have you been?
Jaehee: Good thank you, still the same and working a lot of overtime lately.
Zen: That jerk always gives you way too much work!


Jumin Han: You were dissing me again. V, hello
V: Jumin, good morning
Jaehee: Good morning
707: Wow the chat room is full today
Yoosung★: We’re missing someone…
Zen: We are?
Jaehee: …
Jumin Han: And only Zen can forget someone already
Zen: Shut up!
Jaehee: Have you spoken to MC V?
V: Yes
707: Tell her to come in sometime, it’s been so long
Zen: Oh shit..yeah, where is MC?
Jaehee: It has been a while, I wondered too
Yoosung★: I miss MC..
Jumin Han: MC’s just been busy with work
Yoosung★: She could at least come in to let us know she’s okay
Zen: Yeah, it’s like she’s disappeared
707: Maybe I should track her? 707! To the rescue!
Jumin Han: NO
707: ..Woah, down boys, I was only asking
Zen: What’s with you two?
V: Nothing, respect her privacy
Jumin Han: What V said.
Jaehee: I tried calling her, but she hasn’t been answering, I’m worried
Jumin Han: There’s nothing to worry about, she’s busy
Yoosung★: Why do I get the feeling that you know something we don’t?
Jumin Han: Why are you so suspicious?
V: Jumin’s right, she’s busy with work
Jaehee: I guess she has a deadline maybe? Anyway, I do hope she comes in sometime, will be nice to have another female in here again.
Zen: Haha Jaehee, what’s wrong with just us?
707: Yeah! It’s a lovely sausage fest in here!
Yoosung★: ………
Zen: …….
Jumin Han: ……
Jaehee: My point exactly..I’m going to go, I have to prepare for the day


Yoosung★: She left quick
Zen: I don’t blame her, seven just escalated things
Jumin Han: I don’t know why I logged in here now, I’m going to get ready for work, goodbye
V: Goodbye



Jaehee: Oh, Mr. Han left already, I was going to ask him something
Yoosung★: Jaehee, I want to apologise on behalf of seven, I feel like he said something offensive
Jaehee: You don’t have to apologise Yoosung, you didn’t say anything, besides…I’m use to Seayoung’s weird conversations
707: See, Jaehee loves me really!!
Jaehee: It is too early for this


Jaehee: MC!
Zen: MC! It’s you!
Yoosung★: You’re here!
V: ..Hello MC
MC: Wow, hi…lol seven
707: And that ladies and gents, is how you get someone to type your name
Jaehee: -_- don’t you have work to do Seayoung?
707: Nope ~
Zen: How are you MC? It’s been a while since you’ve been here
Yoosung★: Yeah MC, I’ve missed you T_T
Jaehee: I was about to go too, I’m so glad to have caught you, how have you been?
MC: I’ve missed everyone too, I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately, work has been taking up my time.
V: MC, I was hoping to talk to you on the phone, we got cut off last time
707: Why do you never call me T_T
Zen: Because you never pick up!
707: Hey! I do sometimes, if MC called I will
MC: Yes, I remember. We shall talk again soon, I will call once I get the chance to, I do apologise about that
Yoosung★: MC…are you okay? You sound as formal as Jaehee..
Jaehee: Me? Really?
Zen: A little, reminds me of someone..
MC: I’ve said two sentences and I’m getting interrogated…
Yoosung★: NO NO! That’s not what I meant..
MC: Then what did you mean?
V: MC..are you okay?
MC: Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry, I’m a little stressed, I have to get going. Goodbye


Zen: Hmm
Yoosung★: T_T Did I do something wrong?
Jaehee: That was…different..
707: Don’t worry Yoosung, she said she’s stressed.
V: Don’t take it personally Yoosung
Yoosung★: But…she’s never snapped at me like that before
Zen: ..I agree with Yoosung actually, she seemed a bit “off”
Jaehee: I think so too….gosh look at the time, I’m late now, Mr. Han won’t be pleased. Goodbye Zen
Zen: Bye Jaehee


Yoosung★: Bye…
Yoosung★: Oh, she left..
707: I have to get going too, getting beeped again. Laterz


V: Yoosung, don’t think too much on it. MC has been working a lot lately, I’m sure she didn’t mean to sound like that.
Zen: Yeah..MC’s never like that, she must be really stressed.
Yoosung★: You’re probably right…I have go get ready for work too, bye
V: Have a good day..
Zen: Bye
Yoosung★: Thank you V, oh, I’m glad you have your sight back.
V: Thank you..
Zen: Yeah, I have to go to rehearsals, please come in more often V
V: I will try to log in more regularly from now on.
Yoosung★: Bye
Zen: Bye
V: Goodbye



Putting his phone back down, V thought to himself, he actually agreed with Yoosung, MC wasn’t being herself, she acted distant and too formal. He wondered if it’s because she hadn’t been in the chat room for a while. He sighs as he brushes it off, she was probably really stressed with work. It doesn’t stop the niggling feeling he had in the back of his mind, unable to get his thoughts off the situation, he picks up his phone and calls the one person he knew that MC was close to.

“V? Is everything okay?” Jumin answers

“Yes..I wanted to talk about you about something, are you at the office?” V says firmly

“Yes, come up, I’ll let assistant Kang know that we’ll be expecting you” Jumin replied

“Be there soon” V hangs up

V couldn’t get out of his home faster as he makes his way to the C&R building. He was certain that Jumin knew something he didn’t. Luckily, the security guard had a car and drove him the the heart of the city, where the building was located. He hoped that his instincts were correct, and Jumin could give him some information. He was not use to being the one that was out of the loop, a sudden realisation dawned on him, is this the same feeling that Yoosung had when he kept so many secrets from them.

Waiting for the elevator to arrive at Jumin’s floor, V pondered over the meaning of karma. He originally kept secrets, now secrets are being kept from him, he had to admit to himself, it was not a nice feeling.

“V! Mr. Han told me to be expecting you, I didn’t think you would be here so fast” Jaehee stands up quickly as V strode in

“Hello Jaehee, I’m sorry that I interrupted the schedule, I know how busy Jumin is” V apologized

“Not at all, Mr. Han is very good at rearranging things last minute” Jaehee replied

“I wish we could talk more since it’s the first time we’ve seen each other in a while, but I have to talk to Jumin and I don’t want to waste any more of his work hours” Jaehee could hear the slight desperation in V’s voice.

Jumins door swings open as V was about to knock.

“V, I thought I heard your voice” Jumin says standing by the door off his office.

“Jumin, let’s talk inside your office” V says walking in

“Yes. Assistant Kang, make sure no one interrupts us” Jumin says before closing the door

Jaehee didn’t get the chance to reply as the door closes, the scene was all too familiar to her, she wondered if it was connected.

“Is something wrong V?” Jumin asks sitting down at the couch

“Jumin, you have never hid anything from me in all the years we have known each other” V says taking a seat opposite him

“Of course I haven't” Jumin replies

“So where is MC?” V flat out asks him

“Why do you think I know where she is?” Jumin questions.

“Because, I know you’re the only other person that she’s close to” V sighs

“It doesn’t mean she would tell me” Jumin says in business tone

“Why are you not telling me? You’re avoiding the question all together” Trying to hold himself together, V takes a deep breath

Jumin stands and walks over to his desk, with his back to V, his hands leaning on the desk he was finding it hard to hold himself together too, as the pause lingers in the air. V couldn’t help but break the silence.

“I know that you know something Jumin” V says standing up.

“I…can’t tell you where she is” Jumin says with a sigh

“She doesn’t want me to know..” V says in a flat tone

“Let me ask you something instead V, you came all this way to ask me about MC. Why do you want to see her?” Jumin turns around with folded arms, he stares at V

“She’s means dearly to me, and I’m worried about her!” V says in a matter of fact tone

“She means dearly to everyone in the RFA, including me, we all worry about her, but why did you come all this way? Why are you so upset? Is it because you have grown accustomed with her company? Or is it something else?” Jumin questions him more

“I have lived with her for two years Jumin. Of course I’m upset, she left without telling me anything, it’s not like her” V raising his voice slightly

“She is our friend, and was your carer. With your eyesight back, you no longer needed a carer, you said so yourself that you didn’t need a nurse, and you were perfectly capable” Jumin says without breaking a sweat.

“I miss her” V said looking at Jumin in the eye

“We all do V. Question is now, do you miss her as a friend or are your intentions more?” He hears Jumin ask

V looks at his friend, Jumin was staring right back at him. V could feel how tense the air was,  he could see that Jumin was waiting for him to answer. He straightens himself up, realising that he had been letting his frustration get to him. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he didn’t want to show Jumin that he was clenching his fist because of it.  

“I’m in love with her”

Jumin eyes widened at the answer.

Sam being a total dork for Harry Potter in one moment and talking about the parts of himself that have always brought him the most shame in the next so that he can help other people is just… I have no words. In the past, he’s extended kindness and understanding to others but never been able to apply those ideas to himself. Sam is growing by leaps and bounds this season. I feel like a proud mother. Look at my son, loving himself. *wipes tear*

N.Shippuden 495 Review

First of all…

  • This scene though 😍😍😍
  • Been waiting on a scene like this since before my childhood.
  • The smartest ninjas in the Sand & Land village are so clueless about romance. 

Cute ShikaTema date moments.

They really have been fighting since they came out the womb.

Choji is sooo extra 😂😂

But this is the real reason we were here:

Temari was thinking about getting dicked down, our show has grown up so much. 


Originally posted by ryuzaki-lester

But then she found out what was really going on and Temari does not like people fucking with her feelings 💀:

This episode has just blessed my week. Waiting on our Shikamaru Spinoff now 😅

It’s actually really hard for me to believe that it was Freeforms decision not to show Magnus & Alec having sex or even like an aftermath scene. I fully believe that this was a decision made by the writers and showrunners for some wild fucking reason. Because I think of The Fosters and Stef & Lena, one of the healthiest lgbtq+ relationships on TV in my opinion and they have “hot” scenes all the time. It doesn’t feel like this was the network, it feels like this was 100% the showrunners and writers and that might make it even worse that people in charge of our show and characters didn’t make it as special a moment as it couldve and shouldve been. I’ve stayed mute for the most part on this topic just waiting for some sense to be made of it all but I don’t think we’re getting that. From season 1, this show has made every Malec moment so big. Like when they first met &  they’re first kiss that was such a big fucking deal, and they’re first date was also a big deal. Why they decided to do their “first time” the way they did is something I don’t understand and honestly don’t think I ever will. I understand my fellow lgbtq+ fans pain because I feel it too, it kind of was like a slap in the face to FLAUNT a heterosexual couple having sex, they didnt just show it they fucking showcased it like it was a main fucking couple in the same episode they would only say that Magnus and Alec have sex and in the most sketchy way possible. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dissapointed and didn’t feel a little bit betrayed as an lgbtq+ fan. After everything this couple and us fans have done for this show, they’re the reason it’s still standing and that’s just the honest truth. But, there’s no going back now, they can’t rewrite it. But, I hope with all my heart they are thinking of a way to make it up to fans because honestly this is gonna be a tough hole to dig themselves out of. They need to know that a good portion of the fans who watch this show and root for this couple are lgbtq+ and do care whole heartedly about these characters. We are the most loyal fans and will ride or die for our positive rep but when we get shit like that, that was unfair, that wasn’t equal man. Magnus & Alec deserved better then that. I can’t believe that’s how we’ll remember their “first time” after everything else. Anyways, this will probably be the last I talk about this I try my best to keep this space as positive as possible but I did say I’d let ya’ll know how I felt afer episode 8 and this is it. Not even mad anymore, it wore off, I’m just dissapointed in a show that I have stood up for and has done so well portraying these beautiful characters and story to turn around and do some not so slick shit like that it’s just very very dissapointing. But let me sit back and see what they take from this if anything at all. I love Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood and they mean so much to me and a lot of people and I will fight for them to be treated fairly and honestly. 

and one day, you will understand
how some people feel familiar the
moment you meet them… as if
your souls have met many years ago
and they pick up right where they left
off. and one day, out of the blue,
someone will run up to you and tell
you… ‘I have been waiting for you and I have missed you for so long.’
—  r.m. drake
“Put me through to Sherrinford, please. Yes, I'll wait.”

I’ve been loving the theories of Sherrinford being the Holmes brothers’ childhood home (eg see @mollydobby here)

But now, I’m wondering with Mycroft’s wording… “Yes, I’ll wait.” I wonder if Sherrinford is some sort of personal ‘safe house’, where Very Important Info is kept. And hence this being a very despairing moment if the house is indeed Sherrinford:

Originally posted by lumnitzer

Why “I’ll wait”? If it’s a person on the other end, we think of upper class people who have staff in the home. Or it could be to Sherrinford’s P.A, if they are at work.  

But, if Sherrinford is a house/place, then perhaps this is a place for all the darker secrets of the British Government (ie not just Mycroft) to be kept buried- perhaps Sherrinford is just the code word for Mycroft’s share?

Just spewing out thoughts at this late/early hour! ;)

Livet er nå

It’s been a few hours since that final clip, and I’m still reeling. Julie Andem deserves all the awards. I have been shaken to my very core. 

And she did it with that very last line. To me, Isak’s last line elevated this whole season to new heights. Until that last line everything was fine, and then Isak said it and something in me exploded. Livet er nå. Life is now. I’ve always been that person who can’t live in the moment, who is constantly either wallowing in the past or waiting for the future, always looking for that something else, other places to be, other people to become, finding faults in myself, in my now.

Life is now, Isak says, but the screen goes black before he has finished his sentence, instead of letting you see him finish his sentence the scene cuts off and you are thrown back into your own life, because it’s now in your own life, you are here now. I remember in the early days how people were scared of the season ending with somebody dying, and I laugh about it now, because it was never about dying, it was always about living, about being alive, being alive at 11:11, 21:21, 01:01 and every other minute of the day, because every minute is now.

 I have been so emotionally invested these past two months, worrying about Isak, feeling his happiness, feeling his pain, holding my breath when Even doesn’t return his text and feeling over the moon when he does. I have been so emotionally invested in Isak’s journey, and then it’s over, and I’m left with now.

Wow. Wow. Quote by William Shakespeare.

Seriously disappointed in my home crowd tonight at Raw. This is why other fans hate us: we’re rude and inconsiderate. Chant and sing for Bayley all you want, but Alicia Fox has been waiting for months to come back to Raw, and y'all ruined her big moment. When even Bayley asked you to stop; you should have. Oh, and booing constantly for Roman? Yeah that’s a dick move, especially when there are little kids there who see him as their hero. He’s done nothing wrong, and I’m gonna say it, hate me all you want; he is a damn good wrestler. Get a grip, these people are doing their jobs. Hopefully we’ll be better at Smackdown tomorrow, but I don’t hold much hope.

I love how the show had their first time not be as perfected as they planned and Jane didn’t have an orgasm. Because seriously who has an orgasm their first time around, not most women.

It was realistic that it was good, but wasn’t great. Michael has been recovering for a bullet wound. Jane has been saving her virginity till marriage and has built it up to be this giant thing. Plus all those romance novels she reads, probably didn’t help matters. All those expectations, all those nerves, all that time they had been waiting for this moment.

It takes time for people to find their groove, even when they are deeply in love and have tons of passion/desire for each other. That’s why it’s good for them to communicate, experiment, and see what works for them.

Kurt at the Olympics: Chick Magnet


Let’s be real.  All of the girls have been eyeing him.  Since day ONE.  Circling him.  Waiting.  For one of them muster up the courage to ask him.  And the moment one of them finally did.  THEY.  POUNCED.

The first panel was actually a “deleted scene” from “Worth It.”  I ended up cutting it from that comic because it was taking too long to finish and I felt it didn’t “go” with the rest of the panels as well.  I’m glad I found a way to use it in the end. 

FYI, Kurt has given people permission to pet him before:

alyssamelody7  asked:

jyssian having a late-night conversation

“Wait,” Cassian says, getting up suddenly from the bunk where he and Jyn have been lying for the past two hours, sharing a bottle of Corellian brandy between them. “Wait - I want to show you something.”

He stumbles off the bunk and lurches towards the door, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Where are you going?” Jyn says, sitting up; her face burns hot as the alcohol spreads through her, buzzing under her skin with a pleasant numbness. Four hours in hyperspace, five hours left, Bodhi at the helm, already bored of sabacc – she didn’t think Cassian would want a drink, thought him maybe a shade too uptight or neurotic. How do rebel assassins unwind? But, to her delight, he put down the datapad and poured the first glass.

“I left it in the galley, I’ll be right back,” Cassian says. He opens the door and slips out.

The door slides shut.

Jyn swings her legs over the edge of the bunk, hands between her knees, blinking as her head grows heavier. She stares at the door, swept up in the wake of Cassian’s exit, and the silence grows.

She waits. The pleasant feeling starts to slip, its hold on her senses weakening, and Jyn swallows, suddenly sitting very still. A knot lodges itself in her throat. The door looms in front of her – no less than six feet away, but closed nonetheless, and behind it a promise Cassian threw over his shoulder like it was nothing, nothing at all – I’ll be right back, he said, right back, right back

Jyn swallows. Her heart lunges in her chest, like something yanked her forward, a hitch deep in her body. All she can think about is waiting. Day after day, in a closed bunker, fueled by a faith stronger than hunger and sleep that someone would come back for her, blaster pointed towards the door just in case it was the wrong someone.

It’s fine, she thinks, lifting her hand to Lyra’s kyber crystal, clutching it tight. Eyes fixed, unwavering, on the door. It’s fine… and then no one came back at all –

The door slides open. Cassian stands in the doorframe, clutching a wrapped package in his hand, his eyes crinkling as he smiles at her. Then his smile fades, vanishing into a look of confusion.

“Is something wrong?”

His presence washes over her, an earnest wave of warmth.

“No,” Jyn says brightly, “Just thinking.”

Cassian gives her a brief look, thoughtful and shrewd. Then, her response properly weighed, he lets it go. He tumbles back onto the bunk next to her.

“I picked this up on D’Qar…” he says, and she leans her head onto Cassian as he starts unwrapping the package. His shoulder dips to accomodate her and they lean against each other. The tightness in Jyn’s body releases, and she smiles, half-listening, watching his hands move, content to merely feel him solid beside her. As simple as that – and just enough.

Monster ft. Klaus Mikaelson

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Reader 

Request: None 

Warning: Death, angst maybe 

Word count: 1.3k+

A monster. Klaus had turned into a monster.

Some people might have said that he had always been this way. That the monster had made its home inside of Klaus, just waiting for the right moment to lash out of hiding. They said Klaus only possessed darkness, no light to maintain some sort of balance.

And he was. For centuries he was the beast. The monster. The darkness. And Klaus enjoyed bringing nothing but destruction. Wiping out complete cities just for sport. Wherever he went, a trail of bright red blood followed.

That was, until he met you. The outspoken, but withdrawn friend of Elena Gilbert. The girl next in line on his list of targets.

You were like a real good punch in his face—you did punch him once, when he tried to smooth talk you into betraying your friends.

After hundreds of years, Klaus finally felt like he had woken up, that he had been blind before he met you. The sky seem brighter. The grass softer. The smell and sounds were overwhelming. Your smell was intoxicating. What seemed rough and sharp before and out of place before, was all falling into place. Klaus felt like he was experiencing life for the first time.

He was mesmerised by you. He was addicted to you, and was falling in love. Hard.

You despised him. I mean, how could you not, he was out for the blood of your friend and using her blood to create his own mini army in the process. You weren’t about to let that happen. You did everything in your power to stop him from hurting your friends, so, your first encounter was, to say the least, eventful.

A figure slumped into the stool next to you. Out of the corners of your eyes you tried to steal a glance at the mysterious man who took a stool beside you. He was handsome, without a doubt, and not from around here. A few of his dirty, ruffled blond locks fell into his face. His mouth was twitched into a smirk and a glint sparkled in his eyes. He hadn’t come to the bar to brood, that was obvious.

“Hello, love, the name is Klaus, pleasure to meet you.” The man, who you have just learned is Klaus, says without making any eye contact with you whatsoever.

A blush creeps its way up to your cheeks. What embarrassing, he caught you checking him out. “Hi, my name is (Y/N).” The words shyly leave your mind while your hands are aimlessly playing with your drink.

“Well, hello, (Y/N), can I ask you something? What is a beautiful girl like you doing in a dump like this.”

A giggle leaves your lips. From the outside you’re calm and collected, but from the inside everything is going haywire. Your heart is pounding loudly in your chest, and your stomach releases butterflies on some sort of constant loop. You don’t know what is wrong with you. You never act like this, but you decide to just let it glide, to let all the new emotions rain on your face like a refreshing shower. You probably need.

“That’s sweet, but this place isn’t an actual dump. Throughout the day, the Mystic Grill is the most lively place of this town. And to answer your question, I’m waiting for a friend.”

Klaus is still smirking when he sips anxiously slow from his glass, his eyes fixated on you. He inches closer to you until he can feel your body heat warming his skin. He brings his lips into contact with your ear, and the rapidly increasing beat of your heart gives him some sort of prideful feeling. “Tell your friends the storm has arrived, and that he isn’t planning on leaving till he has violated your precious town and all the friends that have taken residence in it. Tell them, the beast is coming, and he is hungry.”

Klaus still remembered how so suddenly your heartbeat dropped and your exterior turned icy cold. A small smile tugged at his lips when he remembered how much you ‘hated’ him in the beginning. You never hated him, you wanted to, but not one single nerve in your body hated him. He loved watching your internal struggle in the beginning. When he realised, however, it was eating you up from the inside out, he rushed to your aid.

How all these memories seemed so silly now.

Klaus truly believed he could finally find peace. That after hundreds of years, the beast could be tamed. Oh how much he was wrong. Oh how much the world liked to see him suffer.

He remembered so well how you stood there, with your hands and feet tied to a wooden chair. With your shoulders hunched together, knees brushing against one another, and your head hung low you looked like an overused rag doll. Who had been thrown around too many times, and left in the dirt to die.

Not only was this the first time in peaceful and lovely months with you and his family that the beast had stirred inside of him again, it was also the first time he truly experienced pain. He felt his heart break in the most excruciating way possible. And he almost doubled over, because it was unbearable. Unbearable to see your body so broken en bruised, so vulnerable, but still fighting.
The only thing you gave your captures was silence, and they did not like that.

“You think you’re so powerful Klaus. That you have the world and everybody living on it at your feet. And while that might be true, I have your world.”

Klaus didn’t dare move forward, afraid that the piece of glass pressed against the skin of your neck would only be put more pressure on.

“I have waited for this day my whole life, you know Klaus. Because today I can finally give you back what you gave me all those centuries ago.” He laughed mercilessly while Klaus eyed him like a starving hawk. “You probably don’t even remember. Well, let me refresh your memory. It was in the year of 1689, on a cold, depressing December evening. There was a gathering at the fireplace in the centre of our village. The gathering was about you, Klaus. Because you know, there were rumours, terrible and horrifying rumours going a round. A bloody beast had risen. One who’d kill everything in its path, and our village was next. You know what I did Klaus, I called the inhabitants of my village dumb fools, for believing in stupid ghost stories. That night, my village went up in flames.”

Klaus narrowed his eyes, remembering the day like it was yesterday. He was traveling across the world, leaving his mark everywhere he went. He wanted people to know him. To fear him. Now he wanted nothing more than to have you safely into his arms again.

“So Klaus, you crushed my world and left me with the ashes. Now I’m going to do the same thing to you.”


Klaus sped at the vampire with marvellous speed, throwing him across the room with one swift motion. He crashed hard against the wall, and a sicking snap of bones could be heard.

The pressure on his heart lifted. You were safe, for the time being.

Klaus turned to you, “You alright love?”

“Kl-au-s-s,” you stutter.

His world came crashing down, and suddenly it felt like he had to carry the weight of the sky on his shoulders. “No, no, no, love, stay with me, we’ll fix this.” The look in Klaus eyes was one of desperation and there were tears forming in the corners of his eyes.

“I-I love you, Kl-aus.”

Your body went limp as you fell against Klaus’ chest. Klaus pulled your body onto his lap and cradled you into his arms. He was franticly searching for your pounding heartbeat, being close to him used to still make you nervous, but he found nothing.

You were dead, and so was he. The only thing remaining was the stone cold killer. The monster.

The husband and I had our first fight in…??? I don’t know how long…on Thursday. I was (literally) two minutes late to Conner’s band concert because my sanity REQUIRED that I still go to the gym beforehand and traffic was crappy. He’d forgotten about the $2 entry fee and had to wait for me to get in because he had no cash. There was a comment about priorities…and then there was hurt and anger on my part.

Normally, I speak up when I’m upset, but I have been barely keeping hold of my cheer these days. I honestly feel like I could collapse into tears at any moment, but there’s no time for that right now. So, I just retreated from him and was standoffish for an entire day and a half. God, that was awful. I cannot imagine how people live that way…walking on eggshells around each other, not feeling 100% comfortable and at ease at home. Was his comment a bit d-baggy? Sure. But, he’d just had to stand around waiting for me after being embarrassed he had no cash to get into the concert. I’m sure I would’ve had something snarky to say if rolls were reversed. And, I’ve kept everything in. People in my life think I’m handling things like a champ. Ha. He wouldn’t have known I NEEDED to workout.

I came home yesterday and just told him how much I’d been struggling to keep myself together and how that made his comment hurt all the more and made me feel too emotional and exhausted even to address it. He wrapped me in a huge hug and the dam broke and I cried way too much. He said, “You’ve gotta tell me these things. Let me support you, and if I’m not doing it right, let me know. This is it for me. Our family is all I want. I don’t have any other goals really–just this life, loving you.” I am so, unbelievably lucky to have my little family. I know what he means exactly. Everything else could be stripped away, things can be hard, but I can still be happy and feel peace because of this incredible little family I have.

I guess it’s good to fight sometimes. It reminds us of how good all the other times are. I’m happy not to do it again for another few years, but I’m appreciative of the reminder of how fortunate I am.

Sleigh Bells Jingling

Many thanks to the wonderful photoshoot by @outlanderedandoverhere and her lovely Christmas jumpers! A wee bit of set up for some context: They’re all at Lallybroch for celebrations and they’ve just moved into the New House. J/C recently told the girls about The Pudding (another fic to come as soon as I can also aided by visuals). Unfortunately, the Internet access I have at the moment is rather terrible, so I’m unable to include the visuals here. I’ll try to post them later, or maybe @outlanderedandoverhere​ can help.

Merry Christmas Eve to all you beautiful people. I really can’t believe I’ve only been writing for this fandom for six months. You’re all amazing people and I can’t wait to see where the next six months takes me.

“They’re asleep.” Claire whispered.

They sat by the fire in the big house at Lallybroch. A few of the children were asleep on the floor nearby, but Bree and Faith had gone up to the room they shared. Jenny and Ian had disappeared some time back and Jamie had a suspicion that there would be another wee Murray running around in a few months.

“Aye, they are.”

“You made me a promise, James Fraser.”

Still staring into the fire, he smiled.

“Did I? And what was it that I promised ye, Sassenach?”

“You promised fur would feel good on my skin.”

“Aye, and it did when we went ‘round Lallybroch, aye?”

“And you said we could make those sleigh bells really ring.”

His lips pulled apart in a wicked grin.

“Oh aye, I’m sure that we could. But you’re wi’ child now, Sassenach. We canna be so reckless anymore.”

“Don’t you dare break your promise to me, Mr. Fraser. Especially not on Christmas.”

Tearing his eyes away from the mesmerizing flames, he offered her his hand. They stood and half ran, half stumbled out to the barn where the sleigh rested. It looked warm and inviting, he hoped. Why this had any sort of sexual appeal to her he would never understand.

“Does this count as breaking in the Lallybroch barn?” she asked as she turned to face him.

“Ah… No. It doesna. This is breaking in the sleigh. I thought ye’d be tired of that by now.”

“Tired of bedding you? Certainly not.”

“Weel that’s good, but I was talking about breaking in the house. Or breaking in everything.”

Putting her arms around his neck, she smiled.

“I will never get tired of breaking things in with you. Never ever. I love you too bloody much.”

“Good. Now how about we see if we’n get these sleigh bells jingling?”

Pulling her close, he smiled and kissed her warmly. Her hands slid under his jumper, cold as ice against his heated flesh.

“Christ! Ye’ve hands like icicles, Sassenach!”

“Then come and warm me up!”

She pulled off her jumper and tossed it to a relatively clean spot before sliding into the sleigh. Her body broke out in gooseflesh as she wrapped herself in the Fraser tartan blanket.

“God it’s cold! Hurry up! I really need to get warm now!”

“Well I canna do what ye wish while ye’ve got yer knickers on.”

After some delicious wriggling, she tossed her skirt and knickers out of the sleigh. His own jumper and trousers joined hers in a pile on the floor. He slid in beside her, smiling down at her in utter joy.

“I canna wait to see our third bairn, Claire.”

“I can’t either, Jamie.”

They both looked down at The Pudding (as the girls would not call Claire’s baby bump anything else) and sighed in contented pleasure.

“I hope he willna mind being jostled a bit,” Jamie said softly, gently pulling Claire beneath him.

“I hope there’ll be quite a bit of jostling. So far it’s been all talk and no- Oh!”

His hands squeezed her buttocks as he nestled between her legs. Bending his neck, he took a nipple between his teeth and bit down carefully. She shuddered beneath him, trying to grip him through the blanket.

Briefly he wondered if he’d remembered to put the bells on the sleigh. But the faint tinkling sound they made told him he hadn’t forgotten them.

Moving his mouth back up to hers, he let one hand dip around her front. He probed gently to measure her arousal and was pleased to find her more than ready.

“After all this time,” he whispered in her ear. “I still want ye as bad as the day I wed ye.”

“Then have me, Jamie. I am yours alone. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. Come home to me.”

Slowly, he did just that. This was likely the only time they would be able to sneak away and make love in the sleigh and he intended to make it last.

So he loved her slowly, rocking only enough to give her friction. She wanted more, wanted him to ride her hard and use her the same. But no, not yet. That would come, it nearly always did, but later. For now he wanted to worship her, every single piece of her.

The way the curve of her breast fit so beautifully in his hands.

The way her hair turned into a cloud of curls when he took her.

The smile on her lips when he pleased her.

Those and so many more, all the little things about her that he loved. Her fingers reached up now and combed through his hair.

“Jamie, please!”

“Please what?”

“Oh God! Please just take me hard!”

“So long as you’re sure it willna hurt the bairn.”

“It won’t! But I’m like to hurt you if you don’t do something!”

Adjusting his position a little, he settled himself fully against her and waited. It was purposeful, what he was doing, and he’d likely have bruises because of it. But… If he just waited a little, he’d get those sparks.

Whiskey flashed at him and he smiled. That was it, the spark he’d been waiting for. Hands down in the furry blanket on either side of her, he started picking up speed. One of her hands was tangled in his hair, pulling on it as he rode her hard. He knew once her belly got bigger, and it would, being together like this would be more difficult. So he gave her what she wanted and used her as roughly as he felt comfortable doing.

God she made the best noises.

Squeaks and moans and cries. The music of their lovemaking always finished him off. That, paired with the ringing of the sleigh bells was almost too much. Her body shook with the force of his impact in every thrust. It used to worry him, early in their marriage, when he did things like this. But God, he liked her noises.

“Yes, Jamie! Oh God yes!”

Then she fell into oblivion, shaking and shuddering and crying out in his arms. He wasn’t done yet, not quite. The way her body pulled at his finished him off rather quickly, though.

He rolled off her and onto his side, grinning at her mussed hair. She was giving him a similar look.


“Your hair is a mess.”

“So’s yours. But I dinna think I mind it.”

He pecked her lips.

“I don’t either. It’s quite becoming on you, actually.”

“Would ye like to go inside now? Or wait?”

“Can we wait a while? I can’t quite breathe and I just want to be with you. No girls, just the two of us.”

“As my lady wishes,” he said, pulling the tartan blanket up over them again.

For a long time, they didn’t speak or make a sound. Their hearts slowed and began to match each other.

“I used to think we’d never have children,” she said later, very quietly.

“Aye. I ken that. I thought it too from time to time.”

“Do you… I know we’ll have three in a few months. But do you want more than that?”

“Take after Jenny and Ian ye mean?”

She nodded.

“I want as many bairns as you’re willing to give me. If that means this third is our last, I’ll be well pleased wi’ what we have. They havena been easy pregnancies.”

“We have time to decide. I just wanted to know what you thought.”

“I think,” he mumbled, beginning to nibble on her neck. “I didna make the bells jingle enough.”

She’d begun absently stroking him back to life while they’d talked. Without warning, he took her again. A large smile spread to her face, while she began to shake with another orgasm. Somehow he was determined to hear the bells through the sounds of their coming together.

Finally he could hear them, albeit faintly, just before she began screaming. Her hands grabbed his buttocks hard enough to make him yelp. But it had had the intended effect, making him hit his own peak hard.

“Oh God… Jamie…”

“Aye, that’s me, love.”


“I love ye, Claire. Wi’ my whole heart.”

She took a deep, shaking breath, glancing down to see the sweat on her skin.

“I love you too, Jamie. Thank you for sneaking out with me.”

“Anytime, love. Anytime. Now I’ll just hold ye if ye dinna mind.”

“Mmmm. No, that’s just fine.”

One of his arms moved behind her neck, giving her a place to rest her head. The other… Well… The other moved so that he cupped one of her breasts perfectly. He toyed with it, only a little, just to see her flinch or jump. At some point, her hands moved down to rest on her belly.

Begrugingly, he released her breast and put his hand atop hers.

“A son. Ye’ll gi’ me a son.”

“You can’t possibly know that yet.”

“Aye. I do. This one’s a son.”

Claire smiled and rolled her eyes before sitting up.



“Where are our clothes?”

“I put them right…”

He looked over the side of the sleigh, which was growing colder, and blinked. None of their clothes were anywhere to be seen. Not even her knickers.

“Who the hell stole our clothes?!””

“I dinna ken. How could we not have noticed?”

She gave him a flat look and he shook his head. After a moment, she began to giggle, pressing a hand to her lips in an effort to keep quiet.

The only thing the thief had left behind was the bloody Santa hat. Grabbing it hastily, he used it to cover himself while she wrapped herself in the blanket.

Thankfully they’d left their shoes on (though only God knew why), so they didn’t have to do it barefoot. They moved as quickly as they could, Claire staying close to shield his naked backside.

Just inside the back door of Lallybroch, stood Murtagh.

“Murtagh! It was you!?” Jamie hissed, very nearly dropping the hat.

“Aye. It was.”

“What the bloody hell for?!” Claire demanded.

“For standing me up! I wanted to propose to my girlfriend and ye both just had t’ ha’ one another in that instant! Ye couldna wait an hour! So, perhaps the next time ye make plans wi’ someone, ye’ll no’ stand them up!”

Murtagh stormed off, leaving Jamie and Claire standing awkwardly in the doorway.

“Put on your trousers at least. And then we can go to sleep,” Claire said. I’m suddenly quiet tired.”

Still shaking from the cold, Jamie followed his wife up the stairs.