the moment my life began to fall apart

Barefoot and Broken (Chapter 2 of 3)

Chapter 1

A/N: A message from an ex-boyfriend comes through on her phone that you have. They went to lunch, you seem okay on the surface, but you feel as if something else is at play that will have unforeseeable consequences.


She unlocks her phone and reads the message. She looks up slowly and we gazed at each other for a long time. My gaze steady and deadly, I felt her shiver as she broke eye contact and stared down at her food contemplating her next words.

She inhales deeply and softens her shoulders that were stiff with tension. “It was just lunch.” She finally said.

“Yes, a lunch that was just fine.” I mocked. “You said that already.”

She exhaled deeply knowing the battle that lay ahead. “Please,” she pleaded. “Let’s not do this here.”

The ride in the car was what was expected, thick, silent, and consuming.


She opened the door to our apartment and I stepped in and walked into the kitchen. The door closes and I hear her footsteps approaching the kitchen, I placed the bag that contained our uneaten food on the counter and exhaled heavily.

The argument was explosive:

“Who is he?” I asked.

“An ex.”

I smiled, “Yes, I get that from the message.”

“Sebastian, it was just lunch.”

“Do you still love him?”

“Don’t do that that’s unfair.”

“You know we all have that ex, where if given the opportunity we would give them a second chance. So is he just an ex or is he that ex?”

“I won’t answer that?”


“Because you are looking to get a rise out of me and that is not fair. You are supposed to trust me, as I you, when you are gone for months at a time on your shoots.”

“Don’t you dare make this about me. Have ever given you reason to not trust me?” She was silent. “Have I?” I said louder.

“No.” She mumbled.

“Then why bring it up. Stop deflecting and answer the fucking question. Do you still love him?”

“You don’t have to curse.”

“Then answer the damn question.”

We stared at each other, “I care for him, yes.”

“That’s not what I asked. Doll, do you still love him?”

She paused then answers. “No.”

“I call bullshit. Do you know what I’m pretty good at Doll, gauging when you are lying, so if I were you I would choose my words very carefully.” She opens her mouth as if to say something, but she thinks against it and remains silent. I laughed.

I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room.

“Sebastian, please, it’s not what you think.”

“What I think. You can’t begin to imagine what I think.”

I turn to glare at her, my eyes dark and venomous, she raises her hands as she cautiously approached me. “I love him, but I am not in love with him. I am madly in love with you, Sebastian, babe, I love you.”

I laughed. “Babe, did you call him that too?”

Her jaw tightens and her anger was unexpected. She steps closer to me and looks up into my blackened irises. “Fuck you, Sebastian.”

“Yeah, fuck me.”

“Why don’t you ask me the question you’re dying to ask? Did he fuck me better than you.”

I reached up and she recoiled as if I was about to hit her, but I grabbed my car keys from the table behind her. I stepped closer to her as the heat from my rage seeped from my pores and ensnared her, she squirmed under the heat of my gaze. Her breath catches as her energy shifted from anger to lust.

“Do you think I give a damn if he fucks you better than I can? Your actions right now say otherwise Dollface, if I wasn’t great in bed you wouldn’t be trembling right now hoping I would take you to bed and fuck your brains out.” I breathed into her ear as I walked out of the apartment.


The engine comes to life and I exited the parking garage into the darkened New York City night with no destination in mind. I turned on the radio and Adele’s Make You Feel My Love vibrates throughout the car, I wasn’t surprised when the rain started a few moments later, the universe was really conspiring to fit my mood.

My mood was currently taking me across the Brooklyn Bridge, a truck pulls in front of me and I slowed, “are you’re fucking kidding me?” I say as the rain began to fall like pellets against the windshield.

I exhaled deeply knowing that it was impossible to get around the truck because the two left lanes were closed for construction. As we exited the bridge the truck made a wide right turn unto the main street and the rope that held the contraption that was strapped to it’s bed came loose and items began falling from the truck. I swerved trying to get out of the way when the headlights came right at me…


Listen as you read. 

I hear a commotion, loud sounds, and someone asking my name.


“Sebastian. It’s Sebastian Stan.” I hear myself say.


“Sir, I’m a doctor, if you hear me can you tell me your name?”


The pain shot up to my neck. I’m screaming now. “Sebastian!”


“He’s non-responsive.”


“No, no. Why aren’t you listening? It’s Sebastian. My name is Sebastian.”


“Shit. He’s going into shock.”


“I’m fine. I’m a little cold, but I’m f-fine.”


Sir, the ambulance is on its way. If you can hear me I want you to keep your eyes open.”


“It’s Sebast-…”


The darkness consumed me.

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writing prompt: jungkook is a merman who curses like a sailor and taehyung is a marine biologist who scuba dives in his free time

taehyung/jeongguk, 2519 words, fluffy as hell
crossposted to ao3

taehyung knew the ocean could be as dangerous as it could be warm- he had heard the tales over and over again, ships smashed in stormy waves, bodies floating in a sea as dark as midnight, the deepest ocean where the sun didn’t shine and the pressure could crush him alive, but he never let that stop him from appreciating the sheer majesty of it all.

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♘: Dex/Nursey/Chowder


In reply, Dex snuggled deeper into the blankets- or at least, as deep as he could get into what little he had. Chowder was a huge blanket hog, made all the worse because he was, well, Chowder, and you couldn’t really stay mad at him for long.

“Psst,” Nurse repeated. “Dex, hey.”

Dex screwed his eyes shut tighter, frowning into his pillow, stubbornly clinging to the peace and quiet that had settled over their blanket fort like a blanket all its own.

“PSST,” Nurse said again.

Damn it, Dex thought, before finally turning to face him, propping himself up on an elbow.

“What do you want?”

Nursey opened his mouth, then stopped and let it close again. A long moment passed.

“I forgot,” he admitted.

Dex just looked at him. He let his head fall back and turned his gaze up to the ceiling of the fort, staring at it while questioning his life choices.

“That’s on you, not me. Maybe if you hadn’t taken so long to reply I’d’ve remembered,” Nursey grumbled.

Dex looked at him again and said nothing.

“Don’t look at me like that. You don’t have the right. Me and C are always waiting on you, you shouldn’t be surprised when things like this happen.”

Dex huffed in exasperation and returned to a semi-sitting position.

“What does that even mean?” He asked.

“You know Chowder. He wouldn’t stop talking about all the things he wanted us to do together once you finally got back from summer vacation. Tired himself out with all the excitement and waiting.”

Dex glanced down at the sleeping lump between them. It was true he was usually the last one up between the three of them.

“We’re like those ladies who wander the beach, biding our time until our sailor man returns from the sea,” Nursey continued.

Something small and angry sprang to life inside Dex, lending its teeth to give Dex’s voice a slight edge.

“I don’t know what you want me to say. An apology? You already know I don’t go out there for the fun of it.”

“I was only-damn. You’re right. Just forget it, all right?”

Great. Dex dragged his hands over his face, the frustration melting into exhaustion. He’d just got back to Samwell that day. Things were supposed to be good, he’d wanted them to be good. He’d wanted to leave behind all the rest in the summer where it belonged, though he’d always known that of course, he couldn’t. Still, usually it took a little longer before it all came rushing back. But now-

Dex turned that over in his head, and only then did something Nurse had said strike him as familiar. He laughed, strangely, and Nurse looked at him in concern.

“You paying attention?” He asked.

“You know that I am,” Nursey replied.

Dex lay back down, closed his eyes and let out a long breath.

“Good. Because this is never happening again.”

“What’re you-” Nurse began, though he trailed off into stunned silence when Dex started to quietly sing.

“Nursey wears a braided chain

Made of finest silver from the North of Spain

A locket that bears the name

Of a man that Nursey loves

He came on a summer’s day

Bringin’ gifts from far away

But he made it clear he couldn’t stay

No harbor was his home

The sailors say “Nursey,

you’re a fine man.

What a good partner you’d be.

But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea.”“

For a moment, there was nothing but a silence so complete that Dex wondered if Nursey was holding his breath, too.

The moment ended as quickly as it began, with both of them scrabbling up and away in surprise when the lump between them abruptly sat up, continuing the song in a warbling, muffled voice despite the fort falling apart around them.

"Yeah, Nursey used to watch his eyes
When he told his sailor stories
He could feel the ocean fall and rise
He saw its ragin’ glory
But he had always told the truth, lord, he was an honest man.
And Nursey does his best to understand!”

“Jesus, Chowder, give a guy a warning, would you?” Nursey complained.

But Dex could tell he wasn’t just flustered from the shock alone, and as Chowder pulled the blankets over his head and smiled sheepishly at both of them, he felt something warm settle in his chest; the undeniable feeling that he’d come home.

💎crystals— hrendon


“where are you g —  brendon!” “give me an hour!” “we should have left an hour ago!” “give me a fucking hour!” the AA styled duffel bag was tossed back into the van the moment brendon had finished digging; the silver, weathered key to both his home and his heart clutched in hand and sealed so tight to his palm that it left painful dents across the distance of his heart and life line. he couldn’t have cared less. “brendon!” he waved off the last protest just as listlessly as the last, the man and voice coaxing him to think responsibility nothing but dust behind his wheels as he jogged up to the cab already waiting across the lot.

converation, conversation, c o n v e r s a t i o n. it was a casualty. a luxury brendon indulged in so often that he’d nearly talked himself out. a dry mouth and tired eyes, weighed and purpled with the months spent far from home. like a missing lung, it continued to breathe without him — badgering, begging, dying to be surrounded by his chest. a mutual homesickness for both a body, mind and set of structures that took the right kind of love to turn itself from a house into a home. his house, his home, his heart was growing closer as the red lettered dollar signs spiked up on the meter.

but there it was. there it was. like staring up at a throne covered in clusters of gold, blinding you from the glare of a million suns. bulging rubies and diamonds that demanded his attention. each solar system and the planets it held inside. each sphere of red, yellow, blue, fluorescent hues and their moons. like clouds parting to a blue heaven july, a catastophic combination of metaphorical indecencies shot sunshowers across the confusion of words that wanted to leave brendon’s mouth. though, if he could have stood on a mountain and screamed out every thought, each verb and neglected pronoun would have felt better being sung through two voices as opposed to the lonely eruption of his own.

maybe it’s true that i can’t live without you

there was something he loved about running to him. there was something that brendon loved so intensely about seeing him across the room. there were drugs and they stole your adrenaline and spilled over your seratonin. they spiked your senses and calmed your nerves. the come downs were never sweet but god, brendon thought he’d found a narcotic that the government would have killed to get their hands on. but no matter how hard they tried, the beat of brendon’s heart still would have been running mindlessly through the streets and graffiting its love on every brick wall. it wasn’t born to be quiet, it was born to scream.

and maybe two is better than one.

the apartment surrounded him in an embrace the moment he’d walked in, knowing he’d be the first to arrive but still unable to contain his nerves as he restlessly began to pace; hands shaking to remind him there was still air to breathe and a reality to see. the one in his mind consisted of only green eyes and falling asleep in untold spaces. he just wanted to breathe. 

there’s so much time to figure out the rest of my life, and you’ve already got me coming undone.

home. home. HOME. it was supposed to feel like home and yet somehow the glass walls, the fading smell of insence, the beer bottles that had been left in place and the abandoned pile of vinyls lying in the corner, they just… they didn’t feel like home. the couch with harry’s one sweatshirt still stuffed into the corner of the cushion didn’t feel like home, the chew toy abandoned by the fireplace didn’t feel like home and the bowl left in the sink didn’t feel like home. nothing felt like home and it was hard to breathe and  — click. he turned. a loss for words and a death rattle of a sigh; the sense of being alright again overcame him like a wave over a rock stranded beneath the path of a tide.

choked and unafraid, arms folded at his chest; his lips held back the hitch that was about to come next. his steps couldn’t have been quicker as they bolted to the door.

and i’m thinking two is better than one.

and there it was, the voice in his head told him. the one that spoke over the silence of happy endings in romcoms. there was what was missing, it told him once more. he held on for dear life and tucked his head in the crook of harry’s neck. there was home.