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OP: Who do you think is handsome in 101 [Produce 101]
J: I think Samuel and Lai Guanlin are handsome.
OP: I also like Guanlin! (scared that Jun will get upset) Ah, but you’re still more handsome.

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Can you pls do top 5 of wonho staring at kihyun? have u done that? I saw lots of moments like that hehe

ayy you know what i was surprised no one asked this earlier bc this is like the easiest one too do lets face it wonho’s whipped

#1 - the number one of all wonho staring at kihyun™ pics i would have given anything to get a video of this I MEAN ffs look at this. like the fondness, that smile on his face?? i’m really :(

#2 - okay i’ve had to screenshot this myself lmao bc i couldnt find a gif/picture of this anywhere but!! basically, after wonho gave kihyun his jacket on ki’s birthday :( he went and sat down and just kept glancing at kihyun watch the video and you’ll see his eyes literally move along with ki :( // video here

#3 - i dont, and i refuse to understand why kiho shippers seem to sleep on this gif right here dont yall see THAT LOOK on wonho’s face as he looks up i mean come on not to make this sexual but look AT IT!! // full gifset here

#4 - okay this is one of my faves purely because this was something minhyuk was making them do and wonho didnt have to look that shy and do all that™ // full gifset here

#5 - honestly is really the kiho performance™ like all i ever want from life is to see kihyun’s reaction to this, that is all // gifs used here

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Okay soooo good thiiiing todaaaayyyy, so I've realized that lately I've been talking a few octaves lower than usual and although it sounds like I have a cold kinda, it really makes me feel good about myself!

Ayy that moment of realisation is always awesome, congratulations! -Alex

The Bet - Theo Raeken Imagine (Part 2)

A/N: I’m glad that you guys enjoyed the first part of my first teen wolf imagine. Not sure if this should be the last part or not. Let me know if I should do another part or more teen wolf imagines for that matter, don’t feel afraid to request one as my ask is always open. Much love and enjoy ! .xx

Part 1 | Part 3

The one night I actually thought I would be home alone entertaining myself by watching Netflix whilst treating myself to pizza, never in a million years honestly had I thought that I would be asked to prom, that too being Theo Raeken. Theo and I did exchange numbers during the course of this week, when he stunned me by leaning against my locker as I was getting ready for AP Biology.


“Oh my gosh don’t do that again” I huffed as I held onto my chest as it rose and fell rapidly from shock. He laughed at my reaction as I just shook my head. “Sorry, though I wanted to ask if I could get your number ?” He asked as he then scratched the back of his neck. Ugh his biceps like damn. What am I saying ? Control yourself… “Ohh yeah sure” I smiled as he then took out his phone. I typed in my name as normal, nothing special while I got my phone back, Theo on the other hand decided to change his name as “Prom Date 😏” I smirked at the name and looked up at his reaction. “Good choice” i chuckled as we were about to part our separate ways “Btw I’ll pick you up at 6, text me your address” he winked as he walked off.

Prom Night

I was currently pacing in my room as I looked in the mirror at my new look you could say. No one at school ever gawked me nor have I been spoken about, for once I’m dressed…feminine. I wore a fitting burgundy dress, the top portion filled with diamanté stones, as for most of my back being open and a slit down my left leg. Quite a shocker in just a dress, I as well did my make up on myself having done a smokey eye and a matching burgundy tone lipstick. My hair being curled had cascaded half way down my back. I topped off my outfit with a black jewelled purse and a pair of black low heels.

Still pacing in my room with my phone in my hands as I read through the messages Theo and I were exchanging, I was feeling…nervous ? I honestly have no idea why I have a bad feeling about tonight, but I’ll try and make the best of it. I heard the hooter of a car as I made my way out to the porch to spot Theo making his way out of his car. “Heyyy” I smiled. “Wow (Y/N) you look…beautiful” he said as he stood in front of me taking in my appearance glancing from bottom to top slowly till his eyes met mine. “You look dashing yourself Raeken” I smirked. “So are you ready ?” He asked as he offered his hand for me to take. “Let’s do this” I nodded as I took hold of his hand.

During the drive to school he attempted to make small conversations here and their. Other then that we chose to remain silent and listen to the music being played softly in his car. Luckily I lived 10 minutes away from school so the drive was short. I gathered my purse as Theo walked around to open my door.

Opening it, he offered his hand once more and led me through the double doors as we made our way to the gym room. Walking through the doors with Theo’s arm linked with mine, my tension of feeling insecure grew as I got stares from girls, probably wishing to be in my place. Who am I kidding, I’m not pretty enough or perfect enough to be seen with Theo. I’m too basic. Theo being the one guiding us as to where we were going to go, I didn’t bother as I chose to look down as if being the most interesting thing at this moment.

“Ayy Theo” I glanced up to see who could possibly be shouting for Theo that loud over this music. Ohh, it was Scott. “Hey guys” Theo said as he shook some of their hands or either hugged them. “Guys, I would like to introduce to you to (Y/N)” Theo said as glanced from me to the gang. “Hii” I said as I lightly smiled. “Omg I love your dress. Where’d you get it from ?” Lydia said as she walked up to me to get a better viewing. “Thank you. My parents bought it for me when they were out on their business trip” I said as I smiled. “You should hang out with us sometime” Malia piped. “Ahh really you don’t have to I-” I was then cut off by Lydia “Oh don’t be silly (Y/N) sit with us at lunch, I know we’d all love to have you” “I’ll be delighted to, thank you” I smiled at the offer.

Everyone was then engulfed into their own conversations while I on the other hand feeling a bit left out, I thought I should maybe wash up. “Hey Theo. I’m going to excuse myself for a while, be back in a bit” I said as I nudged him. “Yeah sure go ahead” he smiled as I made my way to the washroom.

On my way back from the washroom I spotted the girls along with Theo and the guys in which I made my way towards them. I took slow strides to where they were all stood, until what I heard Scott said made me stop in my tracks.

YouTuber Room Party at Vidcon (Connor Franta imagine)

“Do we have to go, Con?” You asked as you sat on your hotel room bed, watching him run his hands through his hair to fix his quiff.
“C’mon, it’ll be fun! Tyler, Troye, Alfie, Marcus, Joe, and Zoe will be there! You can hang out with Zoe and we’ll watch the fireworks there since Alfie and Zoe’s room has the best view.” He said walking over to you before giving you a short, sweet kiss. He was invited to a small YouTube get-together in Alfie and Zoe’s room instead of going to another Vidcon party and you weren’t sure if you should go because you weren’t that close with any of them.
“Con, does this look okay? Is it too much or should I wear a necklace or-“ You asked worriedly as you looked at yourself through the mirror, feeling his arms wrap around your waist.
“You look completely fine. Don’t add anything else, okay?” He said kissing your shoulder, knowing you were getting nervous and a little worried.
“You ready?” He asked kissing your hand, rubbing small, soothing circles on the top in reassurance that you’ll be okay.
“Mhm.” You said nodding, giving him another kiss resulting you both to smile into the kiss.
*walked to their hotel room & everyone’s there already*
“Well hello there!” Tyler cheered as he opened the door. “Guess who’s here guys, Condabon with the lovely Y/N!” He chuckled as everyone said their hello’s.
The whole night was spent with laughs here & there and jamming out to music like Troye’s new EP, TRXYE and you weren’t that nervous with being friends with them at all after you met them. You were all enjoying the music playing in the background as familiar, mainstream songs came on shuffle which made all of you sing loudly and enjoy that moment. While everyone prepared their cameras to video tape the fireworks which were appearing in ten minutes, you saw Connor on his laptop, editing his new video and relaxing on the messy bed near the window since he’s seen the fireworks many times before.
“Hey,” You smiled wrapping both your arms around his neck as he kissed your wrist.
“I’m glad you decided to come with me.” He said quietly, wrapping an arm around you as he connected his lips with yours in a short kiss.
“I was nervous that I wouldn’t get along much which was stupid of me.” You sighed.
“You’re not stupid and it’s fine to be nervous, but you didn’t have to be. I find it cute whenever you’re nervous.” He said squeezing your shoulder a bit.
“I love you.” You blushed into his shoulder as he chuckled.
“I love you more, silly.” He smiled, kissing you sweetly.
“Anyways, Alfie & Zoe were talking about marriage and starting a family soon…” He said casually as you raised your eyebrow.
“And…?” You asked. “wait, you want to marry me someday and start a family as well?” You smiled.
“Mhm, you know me so well.” He chuckled.
“We’re still young though, Con.” You sighed as you rested your head against his chest.
“So? I’m making you a promise. Right here, right now.” He smiled, looking down into your eyes for a hopeful answer before you crashed your lips to his, accepting his promise.
“Guys! The fireworks…woah!” Marcus said excitedly as everyone ooh’d and ahh’d at the beautiful scenery.
You two watched from afar, cuddling in bed while they all vlogged or took pictures and once Alfie finished vlogging the fireworks, his camera was accidentally turned to you two.
“Aww..look at the love birds over there!” He said quietly to the camera.
You were bored and his fingers were intertwined with yours, so you played around with his hands and sang along quietly & lip synced to the mainstream song playing through the mini speakers as you share cute, short pecks here & there with him smiling widely at your little adorable moment.
“Ayy! Get a room, ya little nasties!” Tyler joked, laughing as he said that before you two broke apart, finding out that you were caught on camera.
“Well there you have it, now you guys know that Connor and his girlfriend love each other very much, aww.” Alfie said to the camera as you blushed into Connor’s chest.
“You guys are so cute! Please get married already!” Zoe chuckled while you and Connor just smiled at each other, both blushing but knowing that you two really love each other, a lot.