the moment ayy

hello meme friends and welcoMe to my and shingekihowell​‘s collaborated blog awards!! (kind of in honour of idris’ hitting 3.3k and me hitting 19k but it was a p spur of the moment thing ayy)


  • you don’t have to follow us to participate, but itd be v nice!!
  • reblog this post (likes dont count)
  • this post has to reach at least 30 notes
  • must be a dan and phil based blog (not necessarily a strictly dan and phil url but yeah)
  • promoing w/ blog rates/any other means is totally ok!!
  • neither me/idris can be nominated + we kind of have mixed feelings on nominating yourself (rather not though)
  • nominations off anon pls


  • best url
  • best theme
  • best phan artist
  • best phanfic author
  • best creator (edits n gifs etc)
  • kindest blogger
  • best overrall blog
  • phandom couple ships > : )

winners get:

  • a follow from both of us if not already ayyy
  • a spot on our blogs until spoopy october 31st
  • promos (4 times a week) + selfie reblogs on demand for a month!
  • one of idris’ gr9 urls!! : o (which we will give to winners randomly)
  • an edit request! (from both of us)
  • our eternal friendship n love