the modern high school au

AU PROMPTS (p.2 of my senior year)

“i hate you.” “you’re just mad that i understand trig and you don’t.” AU

you were originally walking partners with someone else but they dropped out/decided to be partners with someone else. “i don’t have a walking partner, do you want to be mine?” AU

every time our econ teacher says ‘status quo’ you start singing that hsm song under your breath. one time i sing it with you AU

you’re a junior that i’ve taken under my wing and have offered tons of help to, you decide to pay me back for all the help with a gift (dinner, tickets, or whatever) AU

i’ve been questioning my gender for a while and you’re the only out nonbinary person at our school. “mind if i talk to you about something personal?” AU

“you’ve never been to a hs _ (football, soccer, basketball_ ) game?!?!? i need to fix that!” AU

while visiting a college we go off on our own and talk about our future plans. then you start talking about how you’re worried we’ll drift apart. to which i say “we’ll always stay close, you mean too much to me to just let this end” AU

oh my god, i just found out my crush is the child of the teacher i TA for, ‘how did i not see the resemblance?’ AU 

“how did you get 110% on that test? i got a 62%! mind letting me cheat off of you?” “what if we study together instead?” “… yeah, alright” AU

we go to different schools which is difficult but hey, at least we get two proms AU

you graduated last year and have been such a great help for me this school year, “is there anyway i can repay you?” AU

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Soulmate AU where you can watch what's happening to your soulmate: but only if it's a bad part of their life. Ex. A memory of them being bullied, tortured, etc. and only from their eyes (+ everything is basic shapes so you don't know exactly who your soulmate is without hurting them) also, if you cause someone a bad memory your soulmate can see it

Requests are closed…And I need to work on my other Soulmate AU….


The first thing Thomas felt in his dream was the cold linoleum floor against his cheek. So this is what my soulmate went through today, he thought grimly. Looking up, he saw three figures-of course he did. He had already figured out that his soulmate was short, so it didn’t make sense to have people ganging up on them.

One of the taller figures strolled up towards him, cackling. Thomas kept his head down- well, his soulmate did, at least. A debilitating kick was directed towards his ribs, knocking the wind out of him in one fell swoop. 

And then he woke up.

Sweat drenched his shirt, the thin fabric clinging to him. He knew that he couldn’t just brush it off, tell himself that it was just a dream, because it wasn’t. That was something his soulmate had gone through the day before. It was a common dream, too. Lying on the floor, being hurt by people. He could only hope they were alright now.

Trying to push though it, Thomas got out of bed and got dressed for the day. Grabbing his daily anxiety medication, he stared at it quietly for a moment. They made him less anxious, yes, but…did his soulmate take these medications, too?

Dismissing the thought, Thomas swallowed his medication and left the house, shouting a quick goodbye to his parents. The bus ride to school started off clear, but became slightly hazy after a few moments, as his medication tended to make things.

Once he was at school, he smiled and walked up to his usual group of friends, chatting idly with them before the bell would ring. 

“Oh my god,” Aaron said, looking off to the side in disgust. “Look who’s here.” Shifting his gaze, Thomas nearly laughed as he saw the scrawny frame of none other than Alexander Hamilton.

“Hey, Thomas,” James asked, stepping in front of Alexander. “Do you remember what we do to geeks?”

“No, James. Care to refresh my memory?” Thomas replied, blocking Alexander’s other way out of the mess. Smirking at Thomas, James pushed Alexander to the ground, laughing as he did so. Aaron walked around Alexander’s body, which was curled up into a ball as to shield himself from attacks.

“James,” Thomas stated loudly enough to stop the other teen from doing anything. “Let’s go. It’s not like we have to waste our time with the son of a whore. I bet he could just go crying to that prostitute, couldn’t he? Oh…he can’t. Can you?”  Thomas knelt down next to Alexander’s shivering body. “I asked you a question, loser. Can you?”

“N-no…” He mumbled out, holding back tears.

“Why not?”

“Because she’s dead.”

“Guess you’re just a bastard orphan whore’s son, huh? C’mon you guys. he’s not worth our time.” Thomas decided, standing up and walking away from the whimpering mass know as Alexander Hamilton. 

He knew that on some level, this was wrong. that what he was doing to Hamilton made him the kind of person that haunted his soulmate’s nightmares. But he knew that he was right. Hamilton deserved it, for being so...him.

The rest of the school day passed by in a blur, a mush of test prep and throwing scraps of paper at the back of Hamilton’s head during the classes they had together. The bus ride home was buzzing with people’s voice, the resonating sound remaining in his head as he did his homework later that night.

He had almost forgotten to pull off his shoes when he collapsed after too many long hours of studying into his bed. Closing his eyes, he allowed the cold abyss of sleep to wash over him.

He woke up the next morning in a cold sweat once more. Trying to think back to his dream that had awoken him, he realized it had been another vision of his soulmate’s day. the voices of the figures were heavily distorted, but a few short words stuck into his mind, burning into the back of his eyes so intensely he felt tears trail down his face.

He had barely any memories from the dream except for the short phrase:

“Bastard orphan whore’s son.”.


Teenage RebelCaptain modern aesthetics

These two are totally gonna rebel against society, eh, high school.

Featuring: Cheating on tests together, motorcycle rides into sunsets, Jyn punching things, Cassian smiling as she beats the living shit out of a racist (she may be small, but she is mighty), Jyn joining the art club just to watch him paint, late nights on rooftops, promposals, Cassian teaching her how to dance, sneaking kisses in between classes, and getting ready for the next stage of their lives, together.

(Someone write this fic. I’m too lazy)
Match Point - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fic title: Match Point

Word count: 4619

Based on the prompt: 

‘you own this jacket i really like but you never even wear it so you let me borrow it but i forgot it has your last name embroidered on the back so now people look at me and think we’re dating’

This was written as a thank you gift for @sketchxhunter for being the most amazing and wonderful person to ever exist!!!! She is so supportive and encouraging of me and my work always, I owe her so much <3 

@softkillua beta’d this fic at like 1AM so he deserves the biggest thank you ever!!! Please check out his writing, I swear you won’t regret it!

…and I think that’s it? I had pple asking me to write a full length fic for this back when I started writing WTWF. Anyway, please enjoy!

Match point: a point that if won by one contestant will also win the match

It was raining.

Of course it was. Because why would it be a nice, sunny day for the final soccer game of the year?!

Normally, this wouldn’t have mattered to Killua. The weather was the weather and he didn’t exactly mind watching sport games, except what was the fun in watching a game you couldn’t play in?! He never would have thought of attending the game at all, in fact, if not for one very simple factor.

Gon Freecss. Team captain, talented player, Killua’s one and only best friend.

Best friends were hard to come by. Killua cared for Gon more than he would ever admit, so when Gon eagerly requested that he attend the final game, he submitted with little pressure and was rewarded with a back-breaking hug.


Killua was seriously starting to question just how much he valued Gon’s friendship now that he was sprinting through sheets of freezing rain only to be a specter at a high school soccer game.

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"Did Cora-san let you in?"

Prompt; Law is sick and chooses to stay at his adopted parent’s; Corazon. Luffy arrives to support Law  

“Ah,” Rosinante falters at the door.

There’s a young kid, perhaps fifteen or so, staring imploringly up at him, huge black eyes and a scar resting upon his left cheek. A mess of hair sticking out from beneath a worn strawhat, strands that looks as if they have the same consistency as charcoal cut in a jagged halo around the boy’s face.

He has no idea who this kid is.

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some advice

so, you’re joining the hamilton fandom and want to produce content? great!! scared of the unofficial etiquette in this mess? let me help.
(disclaimer: this is an UNOFFICIAL guideline. i’m aware that this fandom is a problematic mess that’s full of discourse and the only adult ones tend to be actual legal adults. don’t fuckin @ me saying that hur durr i’m wrong and should rot in hell. this is based off personal experience.)

•Most pairings are accepted. The main ones are Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Burr, Hamilton/Eliza, Jefferson/Madison, Jefferson/Hamilton, Washington/Lafayette, Maria/Eliza (or any Schuyler sister rly) and Mulligan/Lafayette. These usually have the most content, but also contain the most discourse. There’s also some major minor character ships out there; Lee/Seabury, Lee/KG3, Seabury/KG3 etc. I found Eacker/Philip H smut once. This fandom is literally the reason why Rule 34 exists. If it exists, there is porn of it.
•Polyamorous ships are widely accepted. I don’t ship any personally, but a few big ones are Hamilton/Eliza/Laurens, Laurens/Hamilton/Lafayette/Mulligan, Hamilton/Jefferson/Madison, etc. Basically, a lot of people like the idea of Hamilton’s cheating being converted into a happy, consensual relationship that’s polygamous, and that’s okay. (Please note I’m not equating cheating with polyamory. Hamilton being a dirty cheater doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with poly ships if you don’t want, but to me it seems particularly common, especially with the ships containing Hamilton and Eliza.)
•And I know you want to ask; what’s not accepted? Hard question. This fandom loves its angst, so there aren’t many ships that seem untouchable. For the love of God, though, don’t write anything that’s incestuous. I’m talking father/son, sibling/sibling. Don’t make any of Hamilton’s kids end up with the characters in the show. No, Washington/Hamilton doesn’t count as incest, although I personally can’t stand it.
•BASICALLY, don’t be a dick. Also, bear in mind that James Reynolds is the Umbridge of this fandom. If you portray his relationship with Maria as anything less than abusive, there will be riots. I’ve yet to see an (educated) James Reynolds apologist.


•In terms of physical appearance, this fandom is a little wishy-washy on guidelines, unofficial or no. Tip: don’t whitewash if you’re drawing/writing them as their musical characters. Just don’t whitewash in general. This fandom seems to be okay with historical-era fanart and fanfic, which usually involves the characters looking like they did historically, but don’t romanticise them. Don’t romanticise them in general, but especially if you’re making them historical-era.
•SPEAKING OF ROMANTICISING, these characters were BAD PEOPLE. Jefferson owned slaves, Burr owned slaves, Washington owned slaves, the Schuylers owned slaves, evidence points to Hamilton owning at least one slave. Don’t let the Alexander apologists fool you; they were bad people historically. Don’t refer to them, ESPECIALLY I HISTORICAL CONTEXT, as ‘cinnamon rolls’. They were misogynists against the rights of women and minorities. Don’t forget that, no matter how much you like their characters. The Jefferson you like is portrayed by a black Jew; the Jefferson in history was a racist with a history of sexual assault and a slavery apologist.
•KEEPING THAT IN MIND, personality-wise, what we get from the musical is a little murky. Peggy is a great example of this. Fanon Peggy is very outspoken, sarcastic and a typical millenial. In the musical, she’s shy, hides behind her older sisters and very cautious. This is because of the fact that a) Peggy’s vocals are only apparent in one song through listening alone and b) historically Peggy was very similar to fanon Peggy. THIS DOESN’T MATTER. PORTRAY THEM HOWEVER YOU THINK SUITS BEST. Don’t let the musical force you to make Eliza’s main trait be ‘nice’. For all you Laurens stans out there, it’s okay to let him have interests other than art, turtles and Hamilton. Feel free to give them depth, complexities, flaws. Not only is it fucking refreshing amongst the collection of bland chatfics and high school AUs that seem to reduce each character to a single trait, it’s good for original character practice as well.
•THE SCHUYLER SISTERS get their own section. If you’re doing something historical, remember that they had other siblings. It’s generally agreed that Angelica and Eliza were closest, but Angelica and Peggy and Eliza and Peggy are shown in the musical as being close too (see Angelica dancing with Peggy and hugging her in Satisfied, and Peggy helping Eliza put away her letters and being dragged along with her in Helpless and The Schuyler Sisters). Sometimes it seems that fics reduce them to plot devices, minor characters or love interests; I won’t go all 'SJW!1!1!1’ on you but they are their own people as well, and flesh them out. (This problem is not as common in artwork, since art of them tends to focus on them either as a trio or Satisfied and Helpless companion pieces starring Angelica and Eliza.) Also, fun fact that this fandom seems to have overlooked - all three of them could play instruments.
-REVOLUTIONARY SET AND DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS. Things to remember include Madison and Hamilton being friends before Jefferson showed up, Jefferson and Lafayette being close, Mulligan historically being Hamilton’s biggest hypeman (oh, I wish I was kidding) and Laurens and Lafayette being close friends. As for Burr, he’s traditionally relegated to the strange outsider by the fandom. This is more of a personal view, but Burr started off as a member of the Revolutionary Set, and progressed into a Democratic Republican, and this fandom likes to forget that.
-THEODOSIA JR. Theodosia is never seen, only mentioned, which basically means everything about her is fanon. Literally. The only confirmed thing about her are her parents. This means Theodosia is good for inserting an audience-type character into; she’s an empty vessel, essentially, so anything you do to her involves zero fact checking. BEAR IN MIND that Theodosia is usually shipped with Philip, and that some members of the fandom will have expectations of her. Ignore those people. Theodosia is a shell of an OC, so as long as you don’t murder her in childhood or something, there’s no real discourse you have to be wary of. (Apart from Philip/Theodosia discourse, which is apparently a thing? But there’s discourse in practically every ship, so by all means, ignore that too.)
•UNMENTIONED/UNSEEN CHARACTERS. I’m talking Ben Franklin, John Adams, James Monroe, Governor Clinton, them. John Adams appears to be universally hated, John Jay is often used as a filler or plot device, and the others are just used as names. Don’t bother about continuity with them.

•High School/College Modern AU. This is a big one. There are flaws in it, namely romanticising too much and relegating major characters to 'minor’ status, but it’s so widely used that it’s good to know if you’re new here.
•Modern Government/Law AU. Another big one. Not as commonly used because ugh, research and maturity, but there’s a massive pro to them - more complex themes and 'child’ characters can be added because the main lot are usually older. My personal favourite.
•Chatroom AU. What it sounds - no real fic, just usernames and text speak. Good for laughs or plain fights, but bad for complex emotion, fluff, angst, or major plot. Also, they clog up the tags of less major ships, especially on AO3.
•Soulmate AU. A variety of soulmate AUs exist, but essentially boil down to having some kind of matching mark, etc. Amazing for angst, fluff, plot and character development, but not so great for humour or multi-chapter fics.
•Domestic AUs. Exactly as they sound. Massive fluff traps, no real substance but they’re amazing if you’ve had a shitty day and need something to cheer you up. Fan favourite.

So there you go! Everything you need to know if you’re entering the Hamilton fandom, give or take a few things. Don’t bash ships, don’t romanticise them too much, and take Ron Chernow’s content with a pinch of salt (he’s known for 'not finding’ easily accessible content regarding the women of the Hamilverse). Good luck!

Gafou/Stanfou @ Prom

Imagine Gaston asks Lefou to prom

And Lefou, of course, accepts right away, spending forever trying to decide if he should wear his purple, pink, or red bow tie. He eventually settles on the pink one because Gaston told him once that pink brings out his eyes

So prom gets closer, and Gaston knows it’s going to be a wonderful night

It’s still a full week away, but he’s already prepared- corsage for Lefou, mint gum to make sure his breath is perfect for kissing, and of course- lottsa condoms to finally take Lefou’s virginity, something he’s been both nervous and excited about doing

But- oh no- Adam, student body president, boyfriend of the prettiest and smartest girl in school, and former emo!kid, pisses him off with his scathing sassy wit and makes him look dumb in class

Gaston picks a fight with him for hampering his ego, a fight they settle on the landing of the school roof after school 

Gaston being a clumsy ass motherfucker missteps, allowing Adam to punch him so hard he topples backward onto some rotten wood and… well…

Put up in the hospital, there’s no way Gaston can attend prom now

Lefou’s parents take a bajillion photos of him on the night of prom because he looks so dashing and handsome and cute!!!!! but he’s barely smiling in any of them… Gaston’s absence just ruins the entire magic of the night

But since he’s already bought his $85 ticket, he might as well go for the free buffet, so when he gets there, he just sits down at the table on his own and stuffs his face with macaroons that aren’t even that good

About halfway through the night, Stanley, a really cute genderfluid student Lefou had noticed a few times in the halls, comes up and asks for a slow dance

Stanley’s male presenting today and Lefou is taken aback by how amazing his suit with the embroidered flowers looks on him   

Lefou doesn’t know what to say… he’s not usually asked stuff like this- so Stanley just whisks him up

Belle and Adam cheer them on- they’re actually a super cute couple, and Lefou is getting lost in Stanley’s beautiful eyes and how well his feet move them…

Suddenly, the doors of the venue slam open, and in breaks Gaston, one good arm wheeling his poor, broken body in through the crowds. He’s got a neck brace, a sling, a cast on his foot, stitches across his nose, and an eye patch- but that doesn’t stop him from fucking plowing Stanley out of the way with his wheelchair, yanking Lefou down onto his lap with a grimace

“Did you just wheel fifteen blocks to get here?” Lefou gawks.

“Only ten,” Gaston admits, puffing out his chest, “I came from the hospital.”

All the girls gasp and swoon at how romantic and sweet that is, but Stanley balls his fists, ready to break the quarterback’s other arm for Lefou’s affections

Lefou’s torn- Gaston is basically his boyfriend, but Stanley… Stanley

Suddenly, that super extra French theatre kid and his stuffy English bff hijack the DJ Booth and start blasting Manage Es Trois by Alcazar. Gaston, Lefou, and Stanley are all pushed together to dance, and they end up actually having pretty good time with each other…

Even after they enjoy the evening, Stanley later “accidentally” pours a little punch in Gaston’s lap. I mean come on, he interrupted the most physical contact he’d had with a guy like, ever, Tom and Dick can attest to that

Stanley soon realizes that Gaston and Lefou are very into each other. He knows when to say when, but he knows his worth and knows someone else will come along one day who can love him back

At the end of the night, Lefou gets a kiss on the cheek from Stanley, thanking him for the dance. Then he leaves with Tom and Dick, off to attend an after prom house party, at Paulette’s no doubt

Lefou turns back around to find Gaston with an XX-L gold magnum Trojan packet between his teeth, smirking

Lefou looks his destroyed ass up and down, and scoffs

“I think I can wait… I don’t want to add a broken dick to your list of infirmities.”

Adam pays for a limo with a mini bar and everything for the two to apologize for maiming Gaston, and Belle makes lewd hand gestures their way, wink wink nudge nudge

The girl is far from as innocent as everyone thinks she is, tbh

They ride home, and share the sweetest kiss before Lefou gets out at his house

Gaston goes home that night feeling better than he did even after he won his first big game- cause he just won his best friend’s heart

Ask Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to post something but I couldn’t not do something for killugon on a holiday like this <3

This was written for the wonderful @honeybitz! They sent me a message about a prompt a little bit ago and at the moment I couldn’t write it, but I got to it eventually! Thank you for always being so supportive of everything I write, I hope you enjoy this even though its a bit different then what you messaged me about ^^;

Modern High School AU

Word Count: 1928


“I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT.”


The sound of his name was spoken with a voice Gon knew better than his own. Heart jumping up into his throat, Gon whirled around. His gaze immediately landed on his one and only best friend slowly making his way to where Gon stood just under the shade of the bleachers.

“Killua.” Gon smiled easily. Smiling was always like that around Killua- easy, simple. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for his lips to curl upwards after seeing those glittering blue eyes and the chaotic mess of white hair.

Killua, on the other hand, was not smiling. He glowered at Gon, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and said shortly, “Give it back.”

Gon made a face and Killua growled, “Gon. You promised.”

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The High School AU

Because everyone should have a high-school AU

Slugging her bag higher up on her shoulder, Dracule Riskua flashes a quick glance to Ace as he lumbers along just behind her. Sabo went in early for his work on the school newspaper and Luffy had spent the night at Zoro’s, leaving it as just the two of them on their usual route.

“You’re being particularly quiet today, Ace.”

When had conversation between them got so hard? Riskua doesn’t recall. It doesn’t seem right.

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Shiro is a Giant Nerd™ Headcanons
  • his ringtone is the x-files theme
  • he has a german shepard named Michelangelo he named her after his favorite ninja turtle. he was 11 and didn’t care if he was supposed to give her a “girl” name 
  • he forgets to put the butter back in the refrigerator after making toast and when he finally remembers 7 hours later it’s all melted. it happens every time
  • he has a pile of clothes just laying on his bedroom floor. they’re clean he just can’t be bothered to fold them. he has a dresser and a closet too yet he only ever picks from the clothes on the floor 
  • “shiro have you eaten?” “yea” “three cups of coffee and a string cheese is not a meal” 
  • he’s a teacher (at the garrison or in a modern no end of the universe AU) 
    • i’m guessing he might’ve been a flight instructor at the garrison
    • in a modern AU he’d be a high school astronomy teacher 
  • since he’s working on a teacher’s salary he has to watch how he spends his money but he will spend $20 on a pack of nice pens in a heartbeat 
  • he’s usually very punctual but the few times he happens to come in late his excuse is always “time isn’t real” 
  • this scene from brooklyn 99 except with his class 
  • he has posters of favorite bands/shows up all around his house 
    • “aren’t you a little old for this?” “you comE into MY HOUSE
  • sometimes when he answers a student’s question before he explains the answer he’ll say “SCULLY YOU’RE NOT GONNA BELIEVE THIS” 
  • he loves his students so much. he makes cheesy jokes about each of them being a star 
  • at the garrison:
    • right before his mission to kerberos a whole bunch of current and former students decided to throw him a going away party. there were lots of hugs and tears
    • “when i come back some of you might be pilots by then!” 

aaaaaaaaaand that’s it for now. to be continued…

anonymous asked:

classic School Au for the prompt thing

This is so late, wow. I’m getting to them though!!! This was requested for starter prompt thing weeks ago ^^;

I’m writing this via mobile so I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes! I’ll go back and edit this once I get my hands on a computer

Modern high school au featuring my favorite boys~

“Hey. Killua?”

A grunt is all Gon gets in response, but he doesn’t let that deter him. Killua never really says what he means even when he /does/ talk; Killua speaks through expressions and half-glances and choked laughter and Gon likes picking them apart in his mind.

So, he goes on and asks, “Do you remember that time I brought you to my class for show and tell?”

He gets a snort for that. Killua grumbles with closed eyes, “‘Course I do. I nearly killed you afterwards.”

“Heh, yeah.”

“You told me you needed help with some lame-ass project. Funny how you forgot to tell me /I/ was the project.”


Slits the color of blue skies and churning waves peek at Gon. His best friend’s caution and distrust is obvious in the twist of his mouth.

He knows Gon is up to something.

“Why’re you asking this, Gon?” Killua asks suspiciously.

Gon shifts on the grass, prays that lunch won’t end before they can finish their conversation. “Well, um.”

“Um? What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means,” Gon says as he curls an emerald blade around his finger. “I need your help with another project.”

Killua groans and throws his head back against the tree trust he’s been leaning against, a dull thud rippling through the air. Gon doesn’t say anything but watches Killua for that half-glance, that sliver of expression.

“Gon,” Killua grounds out between his teeth. “I swear to god, if you’re gonna have me dress up in some ridiculous costume and parade around the school or some other bullshit thing-”

“That’s not it! ” Gon rushes to say. “It’s for my photography class!”

Tuffs of silver bangs fall into blue eyes that blink once, twice. “…huh?”

“I need to make a portfolio with pictures that represent my life and who I am! It’s my first assignment of the year. So, is it okay if I take some pictures of you?”

Killua’s cheeks are dusted pink by now. They remind Gon of rose buds and clouds at dusk and soft, soft lips.

For a moment, Gon is worried Killua won’t answer at all.

But then Killua huffs, turns away so Gon can’t see is face. “Whatever. Do what you want, ’s not like I can stop you anyway.”

And there it is- a hidden smile in the lilt of Killua’s voice, happiness in the scarlet blush on the tips of his ears.

A sliver of expression that lets Gon know it’s okay.

He beams and raises his phone to take a picture.

And We’ll Never Be Royals (Royals) by BonitaBreezy

Rating: Not Rated

Word Count: 47453

Stiles always figured he was a pretty normal seventeen year old boy. At least, he did until his estranged grandfather appeared from nowhere and informed him that he was, in fact, the only remaining heir to the throne of a tiny principality he couldn’t pick out on a map if his life depended on it.
Now, between trying to keep up with Cora, his best friend who always has a cause, and getting Lydia Martin to notice him, he also has to attend daily prince lessons with his overly critical grandfather while trying to cope with the reality that he never really knew his dead mother. If he can do all that, and maybe even figure out what exactly his relationship with Cora’s hot older brother is, he’ll be all set.

The Princess Diaries AU