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Da Vinci’s Demons

Lorenzo: So what does the other side of the world look like?
Leonardo: Different.
Lorenzo: You ever consider staying? Leaving all this behind?
Leonardo: And miss all the fun?


I have been practicing a new line less colouring style, and I really like how the results turns out. Right now i’m doing a series again on the ships from Assassin’s Creed in Modern AU. Edward and Mary’s clothes are basic on my previous sketch on them in modern clothes.  haha an excuse to draw them in modern clothes UvU and Valentines day os getting closer too

For sure there are more to come \(*T▽T*)/

Picking a topic for my first ever post has been so difficult. I thought this would be a great introduction to this blog because medicine is not just a modernity. Leonardo da Vinci managed to paint certain details into the Mona Lisa which, on closer inspection, demonstrate how diseases which burden us nowadays still existed in the past. 

There have been various papers about the possible pathological features depicted in the painting. Some even postulate that the enigmatic smile could be due to Bell’s palsy or myopathic facies. Elements of strabismus (squint) can also be observed. 

The medial aspect of the left orbital region shows xanthelasma. The lump on the right hand has been postulated to be a lipoma. But could it be a swollen joint indicative of rheumatoid arthritis (the rest of her metacarpophalyngeal joints do appear to be swollen too)? What about her fingers? Is that a rash or an artefact?

This is what I love about Rheumatology. It’s an enigma because it is a fountain of possibilities. Rheumatic conditions can affect virtually any body system there is. The element of mystery is something which really attracted me to the field and it has made further exploration of the subject an immense pleasure of mine.

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Gay Pride Month is coming to an end. Any notable gay people you would like to write about?

Wow. There are just so many. Alexander the Great was gay, Julius Caesar was bisexual, Sir Francis Bacon was a gay man and the first “modern” scientist. Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were gay and da Vinci almost went to prison for it. Sir Issac Newton was asexual. The great Anthropologist Margaret Mead was a lesbian. The great historian Jan Morris was trans. 

Alan Turing the father of modern computing and who might have contributed more to the winning of WWII than any other single individual in history by inventing the Enigma Code Machine which was every bit as important as the atomic bomb was gay and in fact convicted of homosexuality and later committed suicide because of it. 

You couldn’t begin to name all the writers, actors, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, dancers, designers and other artists. There are just too many of them.

Draw Me A Picture

Pairing: Ram Sweeny X Reader Summary: Ram really likes y/n and he knows that she’s a really artsy girl so since he can’t draw, he gets somebody to draw some pictures of her for him. Fun fact: This one was actually inspired by my crush because (if I’m right) he’s interested in all arts (or maybe just drawing. Idk).. Day: HEATHERS!!! 


Ahhh, free time in English class, the time where you could talk to your friends and do whatever you want. Or, the time where Ram tries to find out how to get closer to Y/n. She was like a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci. Everything she drew was perfect. Her paintings always won awards. And that’s something Ram admired about Y/n. 

 Maybe I should draw her some pictures of her and slip it into her locker anonymously, he thought. 

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2x01 vs 5x01, meeting HG Wells and Lisa da Vinci