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Lolirock is beautiful, Blender is so good.
I never really seen a show that mix action, beautiful storyline, pretty developed characters and so amazing animation.
If you like something like Sailor Moon or Equestria Girls - you should watch Lolirock! If you want of course. It’s amazing creation, really!

If you need model file for printing or something else - ask me, I’ll think about it.
Rendered with Cycles!

I’m reading and hearing a lot of panicked rumours of a new set of Space Marine models. Some hobbyists are getting so wound up about it, that they are demanding answers from Games Workshop.

This is down one picture of what looks to be a large marine in a new form of armour next to an old model of one of Colonel Schaffer’s Last Chancers. The one with the AK-lasgun.

Some people are asserting that it is not a conversion.

I’m here to inform you that it is. It is a very heavily converted model, it has seen a lot of the use of grey stuff and filing. The model itself seems to be based on the Stormcast Vanguard-Hunter models, looking at the knee-pads, the areas around the waist and neck and the arms. The shoulder pads seem to be standard space marine, could be Terminators with some precision sculpting along the edge. More sculpting has been done to the lower legs and feet to fill them out a bit more.

One thing I can’t place is the weapons, the rifle looks to be a mish-mash of melta weapon parts, bolter and possibly the crossbow from the aforementioned stormcast kit with more sculpting done to it.

The head is either from the sternguard, vanguard or centurion kit, I believe it to be the latter.

It is a fantastic conversion, but a new model it is not. When it comes to anything you see on the internet, remember to take it with a pinch of salt and use your brain. The picture is even in the same place or style of other previously leaked images.

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What’s in my my bag (apart from junk no one is interested in)

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