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Now that Youmacon is over I’m going into hiatus!  I’m basically going into finals mode for my school projects now that midterms are over and I have about 4-5 weeks to finish everything. Senior year is insane!

I’ll probably be gone from now until Dec 15th when my winter break starts, although I might come back a little during my thanksgiving break. 

If anyone needs me, my inbox will still be open. See y’all when my finals are over!! 


PROJECT Overcharge Game Mode Map

burrorjefferson-deactivated2017  asked:

i gotta ask for jamilton ¯\_( ツ)_/¯

All of it? Well then.

• Who hogs the duvet: Hamilton is constantly moving, even when he’s asleep. He doesn’t hog the duvet but kicks it off the bed entirely. Jefferson has developed a knack for fishing it back up without opening his eyes.

• Who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Jefferson calls. Hamilton gets very caught up in work, but Jefferson accidentally developed the habit of calling him daily. Their conversations are weird, disjointed things, because it’s rare that they’re both paying full attention. Mostly they just like hearing the other’s voice. They have a lively ongoing text conversation that both contribute to regularly, though.

• Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Hamilton. He has a knack for spotting interesting, thoughtful things. He picks them up and either gives them right away, or else forgets about them until at least three months after the birthday/holiday. Jefferson’s gifts are significantly more extravagant, and occasionally on time, but also less personal and creative.

• Who gets up first in the morning: Jefferson. He’s always asleep first, though, so he wakes up first. He’s not ACTUALLY immediately perky, it’s just that Hamilton is never up early enough to see him stumbling around, and he doesn’t bother to correct Alex’s complaints about “morning people.”

• Who suggests new things in bed: Usually Hamilton. He’s always “thought of something fun” and Jefferson has learned to go with the flow. It’s win-win.

• Who cries at movies: It’s all or nothing with these two: either they’re ruthlessly mocking a notorious tearjerker, or they’re both weeping silently, not making eye contact, and whose bright idea was it to watch a movie about a dog anyway?

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Woo! I finally got around to doing the other Order members so this set’s done. The first one I posted had Present day Ivor so I kinda did a Past one as well (wanted to try drawing his armour). Shhh… Back when everything was ok. :’D Pls excuse me.

I’m also gonna do Jesse and gang and some side characters. Why? Well why not? Anyhoo, have a pleasant week ahead, guys! I’m gonna get super busy from here on.