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Important Announcement!

We have had several blacklist reports about @janebery , Mayor Jane of Rover, who has been scamming and stealing things from other people’s towns whilst trading. Please be warned of their FC, and be careful when trading. We are posting this to prevent further scams, but the blacklist will be updated as soon as possible.

Safe trading!

~The mods

PCC is Wonder Trading shiny Ditto!

 See if you can catch one!

Each Ditto has “pkmncc.tmblr” in place of the OT, is Japanese, 6 IV’s, and is holding a Destiny Knot! Mod Coffee is giving out prizes for each “pkmncc.tmblr” Ditto you find! Submit a picture of your Ditto with the correct OT and choose a prize - a Custom Pokemon of your choice or a random team [6] of BR/shiny Pokemon! 

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do you ever find an artist whose work just fills you with so much energy you want to run up a hill and fight a kestrel? okay, so, maybe not a kestrel but caramelkeks is totally one of those artists and I was so super happy that she agreed to do a GF fanart trade with me despite my horrible schedule and hecked up arm :’D

lines by caramel and colours by me! sorry I was so slow getting my lineart to you buddy I feel like I’m cheating posting this first ajsghajsg

I wonder if all indelable creatures are as gung-ho about trading pieces of themselves as RGB is. Like… He straight up ripped off his hand to pay Watcher. When he saw Click he ripped the buttons off his sleeves with ZERO hesitation. All the way back in chapter 3 he was like “hey Madras I messed up my gloves u wanna trade?” Granted it was a joke post but the recent pic mod drew of him trading his bowtie to make heelies like rgb how u gonna get all these bits back?? Is the comic gonna end with just a floating television who traded his whole self away?

anonymous asked:

Do you know where I could buy a Fire Emblem Genealogy Ayra figure?

As it turns out she only has a trading figure (and it was the “secret” one of the set so she’s even harder to find..) I’d suggest adding her to your watchlist on mandarake and suruga-ya (you need a proxy for the latter, i’ve never used one but white rabbit express seems popular, and it’s an mfc partner!!). You could also check yahoo!japan auctions

META: Charls' Trade Card

//Mod Mem: You may have noticed this graphic on Charls’ intro post - it may look fairly straightforward but it’s actually really nerdy, and I’m going to unpack it a bit so you all can enjoy how nerdy it is too :)

This is an example of a TRADE CARD - basically a historical business card. They were used by tradespeople as advertising, and while they can vary widely in style they usually have a few consistent elements: the tradesperson’s name, their shop’s location, and often a list of the things they sell. I based Charls’ on these two historical examples (from the collections of the British Museum):

A Mercer is (you guessed it) a type of textile merchant, usually dealing in fancy stuff like silks. Other types include linen drapers, who deal in linen, and cloth merchants or clothiers, who sell wool (wool is so common in Europe historically that generic words like ‘cloth’ and ‘stuff’ refer to wool). Most of the fabrics Charls talks about selling are silks, so I gave him the fancier title.  I also decided that Laurent has given Charls an official commission, hence ‘By Royal Appointment’.

The shops’ locations are listed by sign and by street.  I left street off of Charls’ since we don’t know anything about the street layout of Marlas, though I did think it fitting for him to have his shop in the new central capital city.  Trade signs are literal signs that hang outside shops, and they can be ANYTHING - from the Queen’s Head and Turk’s Head above to stuff like the Boot and Breeches or the Half Moon and Seven Stars, really anything you can think of.  I picked the King’s Banner for Charls mostly because at this point he is basically Laurent’s #1 most loyal citizen. This is one of my favourite real trade signs that still exists:

For the list of goods, I went through TAOC and all of Charls’ scenes in Prince’s Gambit and Kings Rising and found all of the names of textiles Charls was selling, and substituted them into the lists on the real trade cards.  What worked out well for me was that CS described a lot of the textiles by the places where they come from in Captive Prince world, which as you can see matches up pretty well with the real trade cards!

So there you have it, a little bit of unsolicited historical context for Charls’ world.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it!  Keep on sending me asks!  Thanks!