the mod father


In honor of today’s date, Connor and I have decided we are adopting you all. We are your fathers now, have a lovely day <3

Mortal AU. Nico di Angelo is a firefighter who just so happened to rescue a small girl from a burning school building. Having made sure the kid is safe, he didn’t really ponder that much more about the incident thinking that it’ll be the last time he’ll ever see her again.

That is until he saw her again three days later at the fire station with a box of cupcakes and being accompanied by her dad; single father, Will Solace.

It's Father's Day in America

So here’s to you:

If you don’t have a dad. If he was never around. If he’s passed. If he’s disowned you or kicked you out of his life.

If you are a dad. A single dad. A married dad. A mlm dad. A trans dad. An expecting dad. A granddad.

Don’t forget to take some time to yourself today. Take care of yourself. If you have a good father, make sure he knows you appreciate him. You have no idea how lucky you are. If not, take comfort in your chosen family, your nonblood father. You’re not alone.


This Angel Soft commercial features a single father raising his daughter. I find it super sweet; I may have teared up a little.

PCC is Wonder Trading shiny Ditto!

 See if you can catch one!

Each Ditto has “pkmncc.tmblr” in place of the OT, is Japanese, 6 IV’s, and is holding a Destiny Knot! Mod Coffee is giving out prizes for each “pkmncc.tmblr” Ditto you find! Submit a picture of your Ditto with the correct OT and choose a prize - a Custom Pokemon of your choice or a random team [6] of BR/shiny Pokemon!