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Another sign marking a scene from Emmett Till’s murder has been vandalized

  • A historical marker in Money, Mississippi, designating the site where 14-year-old black teen Emmett Till first ran into his racist murderers in the year 1955 was recently vandalized, the Associated Press reported.
  • This is the latest in a series of vandalism on memorials to Till’s grisly end.
  • Allan Hammons, whose public relations sign put the marker outside the abandoned Bryant’s Grocery & Meat Market in 2011, told the AP the sign had been defaced before but in recent weeks was targeted by unknown vandals who peeled vinyl panels off of the sign.
  • “Who knows what motivates people to do this?” Hammons asked. “Vandals have been around since the beginning of time.”
  • A Missouri-based social justice group, Cultural Leadership, tweeted they had composed an ad hoc solution to the vandalism until the sign could be repaired. Read more (6/27/17)

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In Which Y/N Loves Harry, But Has To Say Goodbye (Part 2)


This has been asked about over and over again, so I’m very very sorry it’s taken me this long. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t then I’m sorry, but this is pretty much how I always intended to end it. It’s a bit shorter than originally planned, but not a ton. 

Also, you’ll want to read part 1, which can be found here:

Harry’s POV

FUCK. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She said goodbye. I’ve been standing here for 10 minutes, trying to get her to answer her phone in any way possible and also trying to process what just happened. She loves me. Of course she does. I’ve known she does. But hearing her say it, hearing her talk about how she loves me… That was a different experience. I knew she loved me, but it was like a transcendental experience to hear her say it. And she said goodbye. Fuck.

I jog inside my house, grabbing my keys from the hook next to our garage door and running to my car. Fuck, don’t let this happen. I bolt down my street, taking the turns to her house at crazy speeds. When I reach her house, I sigh in relief. Her car is there.

I hop out of mine, barely remembering to throw it in gear as I walk up to her front door. The lights are all off, and I feel incredibly stupid. Her parents must be asleep, and I’m sure she’s in her room. I let out a sigh and shake my head. I pull out my phone, texting her again.

I’ll be back tomorrow. We need to talk about this.

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REQUESTED BY ANON: i have a request thing where sister!reader, Sam and dean have been looking through book for hours and reader is tired and goes to Sam and he puts an arm around her shoulder and she falls asleep standing up & he doesnt notice & she falls on the floor

You just started to be a part of the family business. You found out about it two weeks ago and now you are beginning the training.

Your older brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, were not thrilled at this idea, because you are fourteen and they want you to concentrate on school. Though, they let you help on the research and when they will think you are ready they will bring you on a hunt.

You cannot wait to go out there, save lives and kill monsters. You know that it is hard, and that sometimes things don’t go your way and innocents, or yourself, can get hurt. But something about being a hunter sounds fun.

The research part is not fun, it is long and it feels like doing school work. You have to get used to research for hours and hours. Sam and Dean are still concentrated, you on the other hand is falling asleep reading a book. You do not even know what the book is about, you are just trying to stay awake.

“Got some coffee” Sam announced, walking inside the room with two white cup.

He puts one in front of Dean who says a quick thank you, his eyes still on his papers. Sam then puts his beside his laptop. Before he can sit down, he feels a small frame lean on him, limp. He looks down at you, chuckling at how young you look in this tired state. He passes and arm around your shoulders, waiting for a reaction, but you are already asleep.

“I’m gonna bring (Y/N) to bed” Sam told Dean.

With his other arm, he lifts you up, one arm under your knees and the other supporting your shoulders.

Dean turns his head towards his younger siblings, and looks down at his watch.

“Already 4 am” he said surprised “poor girl must be tired. You go to bed after Sammy, I think we did enough for tonight”.

“Yeah” Sam agreed “didn’t see the time pass”.

Sam carries you to your room, which you decorated all the way because it is a special room. Yours. You never had a room in your whole life, and now, in the bunker, you do. The walls are the same as the others, gray and white and the bed gray. What is special is all the photographs on the floor. Some of your family, a lot of them actually. Secrets photos you took while the boys were talking with a beer, laughing or just sleeping. Also, some of John Winchester, your father who you found the only way to stay with him all the time was with images. Bobby Signer, your second Dad who taught you so much about life. Friends, Jo, Hellen, Ash, Missouri….

Each time Sam sees those walls full of souvenir he cannot help it but smile.

He gently lay you down on your bed, making sure the blanket is out of the way. He pulls off your shoes and vest, leaving you in leggings and t-shirt.

“Good night, kiddo” Sam whispered.

He brings back up the blanket to your shoulders and closes the light before leaving you sleep alone.

“Man, she’s growing up”.

Sam has to agree with Dean, it seems like yesterday she was born.

“You’ve been watching us?” Sam asked, already knowing the answer.

“Well yeah” Dean answered a little bit uncomfortable “go to bed”.

Sam huffs with a smile as he watches his older brother go to his own room.

Megatjp : This is Richard. He’s 85 and a Wichita local, born and raised. He doesn’t know who I am or what I do. I met him today, we both ate alone at the bar in the diner and he gave me one of the nicest conversations I’ve ever had. Really reminds me of my family who are coincidentally from KC Missouri nearby. Often times I feel like Dean Winchester. Traveling city to city, and I meet ppl who either have been looking for me and know exactly who I am or don’t know me at all and I can pretend I don’t do what I do. Also instead of monsters…I’m hunting Cruiserweights…but I guess what’s the difference? #CarryOnMyWaywardSon

Hey guys, I promise I’m not gone forever, just still away at family reunions and such. I’ll be getting back early next week and I’m looking forward to plunging back into my writing and catching up on Tumblr and with you all

Okay tumblr, I need your help.

On Saturday, July 15th 2017, I attended an All Time Low concert at the Uptown Theater in Kansas city, MO (not fucking Kansas) I was in the balcony with my pink haired friend, one row back from the balcony front row. Infront of me, was the most beautiful human being I have ever seen. My friend talked to them while I was off to the bathroom and found out their name was Ashley. But I never got the nerve to speak to them. They had a blonde mohawk, ATL tattoos, lip peircings, wearing a white shirt and jeans. They also had the most beautiful face I had ever seen.

Please help me find them, I don’t even know if they have a tumblr, but I really want to get the opportunity to introduce my self because I was too scared that night.

Hey, my name is Ash, I was the blonde weirdo talking about my band with the pink haired girl who asked you asked out your tattoo. I hope I can find you.

huck finns, rated

E.W. Kemble illustration: the original huck. detailed artwork and really the classic image of huck finn. however if you look too closely at his face he sort of looks like he came straight from the mouth of hell… literally even mark twain complained to his publisher that it was “an ugly, ill-drawn face” and said that “Huck Finn is an exceedingly good-hearted boy [who] should carry a good and good-looking face.” yeah. he said that. 6/10

Elijah Wood: mmmMHHMMMM DID SOMEONE SAY GOOD AND GOOD-LOOKING FACE???? oh my GOSH what a PRECIOUS ANGEL, my heart is melting, look at the way his perfect baby skin glows in the light, his big blue eyes, his soft feathery chestnut hair, I LOVE?? HIM??? i’m so down for tiny frodo huck finn; he is vaguely reminiscent of a baby deer and so so pure and blessed (but maybe a little too pure and blessed, he looks…rly clean for a homeless kid) 8/10

Brad Renfro: 90′s huck. so unforgiveably 90′s. look at his face. you can almost hear him saying “chaa dude.” he looks like he belongs in bill and ted’s excellent adventure, not in nineteenth-century missouri… but one time someone called him “blueberry” by accident and i guess that was funny. he is one of the dreaded “hot, rebellious, brooding teenage hucks.” however, he is not the worst. that is still yet to come. 4/10

Tom Sawyer no Bouken Huck: awww! what a cute!!! he’s kinda slow and awkward but in a good way and it’s real precious. because he’s an anime he does weird stuff when he’s excited. like. bite things that aren’t food. i won’t try to explain just watch the show sometime. ALSO, one time he almost took a pee in front of the girl he liked, but depending on which dub you watch you might be saved the embarrassment 7/10

Huckleberry no Bouken Huck: the distant cousin of tsnb huck. and leT ME TELL YOU, he is GOOD, he is SWEET, he is PURE, nggggggnhhh and i think i know why. tom sawyer literally does not exist in this specific adaptation and therefore has not been able to wield his corrupting influence. just kidding. no. but. this huck has an animal sidekick so he’s basically a disney princess. his character is fleshed out SO WELL, his relationship with jim, and also his backstory with his father?? only problem is a low animation budget, so sometimes he looks derpy, but overall he is a Good Huck™ 9/10

Jake T. Austin (in case you couldn’t read the giant frickin credit oh my gosh tone down the ego): yeah remember when i said the worst was to come?? this. is it. hOOOOOO BOY when you look at this angsty teen the emo levels are OFF THE CHARTS. look at his bad boy rebel pose. look at his busted up hat that vaguely makes him look like a pirate. for heaven’s sakes even his pipe is extremely frickin extra, what even is that thing? says poetic crap like “the river is my mother” and is probably perpetually stoned. is this the kid who traded an insect for tom sawyer’s baby tooth?? that’s not huck, that’s just the overdramatic moody loner kid at your high school 2/10

Jeff East: look how cute and precious this boy is!! unlike several of the other hucks, he looks adequately dirty. he also has this really awesome cabin all to himself by the side of the river where he lets muff potter and tom sawyer come over to sing songs. he looks the right age, unlike the teenage emo hucks. yet, he isn’t TOO pure like elijah wood is, and he strikes a good balance between being too much of a good boy or too much of a bad boy. however, he crosses the line of puberty in the sequel and becomes a little awkward and can’t sing very well…but…never mind that, he is a very good huck 8.5/10

Leon Seidel: cute!! precious!! a little ball of sunshine!! he’s just…aaaaa i wanna hug him!! he looks the right age and is also dirty-looking enough to be believable. watches cows roam over the fields and just wants to live a simple life. he will make you sad sometimes, but not in an emo way, so it’s okay. i’m loving the blue color scheme, it really ties him in to his connections with the river also 8.5/10

furry huck: BLOCKED, DELETED, AND REPORTED. holy CRAP what a cursed sight to my poor virgin eyes. NOT?? HUCK??? AT ALL???? this is a TALKING FOX, a talking FOX, voiced by a 30-year-old country singer. it’s just…all so wrong. he ends up with amy lawrence at the end of the movie what the frick??? worst thing i’ve ever seen. let’s just forget all about this monstrosity and pretend it never existed. -99999999/10

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Alphabet Game!

I was tagged by @daenerya, @alystargaryen, @sansastarkthequeen, and @sansarya THANK YOU LOVELIES! ❤

a - age: 27
b - birthplace: Missouri
c - current time: 4: 25 pm
d - drink you had last: sweet tea
e - easiest person to talk to: probably my bff who I have known basically since birth
f - favorite song: right now it’s Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran
g - grossest memory: when this douche canoe in my class threw a dead snake at my head while we were at camp in 6th grade
h - horror yes or no:  yes!
i - in love?: no
j - jealous of people?: it depends on the context. I am definitely very jealous of people who have their lives together. 
k - killed someone?: never on purpose
l - love at first sight or should I walk past again?: walk past again. And you are also probably going to have to like, poke me or something, because I am never paying attention to anything going on. 
m - middle name: Marie
n - number of siblings: one little sister
o - one wish: a job that doesn’t make me hate life
p - person i called last: my grandma
q - question you’re always asked: “how tall are you?” and “where did you go to high school?” and “what kind of law?”
r - reason to smile: my puppy
s - song you last sang: probably some dumb song I made up for my dog. (Which is really just me singing popular/nursery rhyme songs and changing the words) 
u - underwear color: pink and navy
v - vacation: New Orleans
w - worst habit: omfg sooo many! Slouching, clenching my jaw, biting my nails, procrastinating, being terrible at adulting, I could go on and on. 
y - your favorite food: avocado toast :) (honestly though, this place by my house has the best fucking avocado toast ever I get it like once a week… So obviously I am The Most Millennial) 
z - zodiac: Aries

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China & Hutt River !!

  • China: What was the best moment of your life?

Many times I went camping with a big group of very dear friends in Potosi, Missouri. Each time I went, and every day I was there, were the best days of my life.

  • Hutt River: What is the most memorable dream or nightmare you have had?

I had one dream that I truly believe was an omen from my psychic intuition. I dreamed that I had woken up, slowly got ready for school, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, got the car, turned on the radio, drove down the freeway for a few minutes, then suddenly there was traffic at a dead stop and I couldn’t slow down in time, and right when I would have smashed into the car in front of me, I woke up. Based on that, I decided to skip class that day. About an hour later I checked traffic and saw there was a big accident at that exact spot on the freeway.