the missing spark

i. I miss you. each day that you’ve been gone has felt like a bullet hole in my chest, and whenever I try to pull it out another one takes its place. I’ve missed you so much that looking at you hurts, because all it does is bring back everything I’ve ever felt for you and suddenly I can’t breathe. so whenever you look at me and I turn away, please don’t take that as an “I hate you,” but an “I hate that I can’t look at you without dying inside.”

ii. you are beautiful. you are so lovely in your own conventional way that everyone else are flecks of brown and gray. you are wildflowers in june, the eye of a hurricane, city lights at midnight, sunlight through glass. there is nothing manufactured, nothing plastic about your eyes formed from stars and the freckled marks of the earth sprayed across your cheeks.

iii. I will never leave you. I know the last time you let me in your heart I fumbled and let it break, but please forgive me. I was blindsided and weak and I will gladly spend forever making up my mistakes to you. I have always loved you and always will, it just took me a little longer to realize. but you always knew this, and if you’re still sure then say the word and I will be too.

iv. I love you. not the kind of traditional, puppy-eyed love, but the kind that breaks down walls and can be heard from miles away. the kind that romeo and juliet died for, the kind that our grandparents live for. I love you the same way the ocean loves the shoreline, and no matter how many times I am drawn away, I will always find my way back to you.

—  all I ever wanted to hear

i am in love, in love with fire.
obsessed with twirling orange,
drawn to jumping jack red.
my fingers are burnt and raw.

i am in love, in love with laughter.
light drips from your words
into my lungs to fill the cracks
between my ribs.

i am in love, in love with something missing.
white posters with bold letters are taped
all across my heart as my hands
search for something that isn’t there.

i am in love, in love with an illusion.
i fell for something that didn’t exist,
and while you were real to them,
you were gone with me.

—  I Am In Love
Team Leaders and their Blood Types
  • Blanche: O negative. (donates to blood banks once a month)
  • Candela: AB negative. (has donated maybe twice)
  • Spark: ...
  • Blanche: don't do it
  • Spark: my blood type reflects my approach to life
  • Blanche: no

anonymous asked:

I love seeing Cait. I really do. And not to take her limelight away but her smile does not reach her eyes. How different it was only a year ago when she and Sam were there. Better together although she still rocks. She just looks....lonely to me. :(

nope I agree. I noticed it in the other pics from the events too. She’s beautiful 100% of the time but there’s def a spark missing that’s only there when Sam is with her. She lights up around him and just talking about him

I miss you. The old you. The you who would compliment me everyday and say ‘goodnight beautiful’ every night . I miss the way you kissed me like I was air and you couldn’t breathe. I miss the spark I used to get when I was with you. I miss the butterflies. I miss the way you’d rest your hand on my thigh on car rides. I miss the way you’d play with my fingers while you held my hand. I miss cuddling with you. I miss the way you made me feel. I miss your lips. God, I miss everything about you.
Companions react to Sole dying.

Because I honestly received at least 50 of these :D I shall try to make you sad, only so some of my next, super fluffy reaction can make you more happy :D

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