the missing room

That feeling when you finish cleaning the kitchen, and your brother comes in and tries to throw a piece of trash into the can from across the room, misses, and doesn’t bother to pick it up, so you have to.

tips for artists and writers who cant figure out whats “missing”

  • rooms should be messy to some degree, lived in, and should have personality, even a clean persons room shows they lived there
  • clothes shouldnt look recently bought unless thats part of the story
  • no space is empty
  • no part of the body is perfect
  • quirks show in accessories, what pocket does the phone go in, headphones or earbuds, how are shoes laced
  • when was an item bought? not every item is going to be up to date and trendy. age things appropriately
  • skin picking, nail fidgeting, bruises, chapped lips
  • quality of make up/self care
  • waistline of pants/shorts/skirts
  • are nails taken care of? chewed? polished? etc
  • damage to objects like helmets, phone, jeans
  • frizzy, loose hairs
  • signs of failed ambitions/projects. did they try to start using a fitness bracelet or keep succulents? 
  • everyday allergies
This or That: Hamilton Edition

‘Helpless’ or ‘Satisfied’??
‘What’d I Miss’ or ‘Guns and Ships’??
'Wait For It’ or 'My Shot’??
‘Stay Alive’ or ‘Stay Alive Reprise’?? 
'Story of Tonight’ or 'Story of Tonight Reprise’?? 
‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ or ‘That Would Be Enough’??
‘Burn’ or ‘Take a Break’??
‘Cabinet Battle 1′ or ‘Cabinet Battle 2′ ??
‘Right Hand Man’ or ‘Room Where it Happens’??
‘Adams Administration (Original)’ or ‘One Last Ride (Original)’??
'Congratulations’ or 'Let It Go’
‘Alexander Hamilton’ or ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’

Michael is in the kitchen cooking breakfast when he receives a text from Jeremy saying “I miss you so much :’(”

Michael fondly rolls his eyes and answers with “Get out of bed and come downstairs and you won’t miss me anymore”

When Shouri went home to Osaka, he found that his mom had set this up for him in the toilet room.  His room and his TV stand have something similar, since he has various Kuroo figures and art. (x