the missing cover

The signs as my students

Aries: The girl who answered the question “what’s something that’s magnetic?” with “Beyonce” 

Taurus: The boy who ran around at recess screaming “I LIVE TO DIE”

Gemini: The kid who thought snapchat face filters were just some cool game and was always asking if he could ‘play snapchat’

Cancer: The student who looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can see things other people can’t” and then went right back to drawing velociraptors.

Leo: The girl who wrote a full-page story about a woman who fell in love with a giant ear of corn. The best line of the story being “The corn was always there for her.”

Virgo: The kid who would call me over to fill me in on the latest third grade gossip every morning

Libra: The student who dramatically sat down across from me after school and said, “Miss we need to talk business” when asked what kind of business replied, “Chip business”

Scorpio: The student who was not actually in my class at all but was somehow always in the classroom anyway

Sagittarius: The boy who during aftercare somehow snuck out of the school, walked to the 7-11, and then came back with a huge bag of chips

Capricorn: The boy who grabbed my hands one day, started humming tango music, and proceeded to pull me away to dance around the room with him

Aquarius: The kid that called me over in the middle of silent reading time to tell me that moth man did nothing wrong and was just a guy trying his best

Pieces: The little girl who every time she saw me would scream “warning you!” before jumping onto me and expecting me to catch her


“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”

It’s the one year anniversary of Beyoncé’s song “Formation”, and issue #2 of Marvel’s America comic (due in April 2017) has a cover by Joe Quinones of Miss America Chavez, paying homage to the classic Bey track.

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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Imagine if season 6 was sterek, not stydia.

Imagine Stiles, scared and desperate, using his last breath and final seconds to tell Derek that he loves him before being taken.

Imagine Derek knowing straight off that someone was missing and goes wandering around town until he finds Stiles’ Jeep and instantly remembers Stiles and all the times the scrawny kid had dragged Derek’s near-dead bod into that Jeep.

Imagine Derek breaking into the Stilinski home to prove Stiles’ room is there and to show his dad that his son was real.

Imagine Derek not believing Claudia is real for a second because he knows how many nights he spent talking to Stiles about how it felt to lose a mother.

Imagine Derek telling Scott to dig through his memories and reminding him who Stiles was.

Imagine Scott and Derek hovering over the police scanner in Stiles’ jeep to talk to Stiles.

Imagine Derek doing everything he can to make Sheriff Stilinski remember his son.

Imagine Derek crying into Stiles’ lacrosse uniform, scared that he’ll never see him again.

Imagine Derek and Scott opening the rift to bring back Stiles (because you know, Scott was his best friend, inseparable, and it was bullshit that he couldn’t open the rift).

Imagine Sheriff Stilinski shooting not-Claudia and then Derek charging at her and tearing the bitch in two to save his man.

Imagine, when everything is over, Derek moves away from Beacon Hills with Stiles and stands as his emotional support, best friend and number one boyfriend while Stiles goes through the pre-FBI program (and aces it).