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Dating Hugh Apiston would include

Anon asked:  Can you do a “dating hugh would include” please!♡♡

Quick note: I’m mainly going off of book!Hugh because of age so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted

- You two walking through the garden and him telling you about plants because he’s precious

- Him introducing you to all his bees and you two having conversations about them

- I feel like the way you’d hold hands would be unconventional? Like you’d kinda interlock pinkies:

- I feel like when you’d cuddle it’d be a lot of spooning

- Of course you’re little spoon

- I feel like he’d really love running his fingers through your hair

- I feel like you two would sometimes just lean up against a tree and just take in everything. Like sometimes not even talk just kinda sit there with your head resting on his shoulder and taking in the endless world around you two

- I feel like you two would be really shy about PDA but that’s what’d make it literally the most adorable thing ever

- I feel like you’d go in for the first kiss cause he’d be too nervous 

- He’d literally hug you 25/8 

- If you were to fall and or get hurt he’d literally lose his mind like omg

- He’d name one of his bees after you

- He’d probably carry around some little thing of yours in his pocket like a small ribbon or pin of yours because he ‘always likes having a piece of you with him’

- I feel like his favorite part of you is your eyes 

-. He’s really tall so you probably have to stand on your tip toes to kiss him if you’re short as which is !!! so cute !!

- Hugh is !!! so cute !!

- He thinks you’re !! so cute !!

- Protect him !!! 

  • Jacob: *fucks around with Fiona's plants*
  • Fiona: Jacob, please stop messing with my plants
  • Jacob: oh... Please don't GROW impatient with me
  • Hugh: Jacob, stop it
  • Jacob: Oh, come on, Hugh. Don't BEE a BUZZ kill
  • Millard: Stop it
  • Jacob: I'm sorry, Millard. I don't think I can SEE what you mean
  • Enoch: This is torture. Your puns are terrible
  • Jacob: I guess you could say I'm PUNishing you
  • Millard: ... I'm telling the Bird
  • Jacob: wait, no

Shush! I loved both the book trilogy and the movie so I ended up sorta mashing up the cast and the original novel/graphic novel descriptions together to make this mess of a scribble.

Still figuring out the style. Anyhoo, have a nice day folks.

  • *phone rings*
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Horace:
  • Killer:
  • Horace: How does my hair look?
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Enoch:
  • Killer:
  • Enoch: So can I. Everyday. In the mirror. I don't see the point of this conversation.
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Jacob:
  • Killer:
  • Jacob: Welcome. The person you tried to reach is currently on their way to South Carolina. Please try again later.
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Hugh:
  • Killer:
  • Hugh: *wiggles eyebrows and looks out of the window* Then how come I've never seen you, mon cherie?
  • *
  • Killer: I can see you
  • Millard:
  • Killer:
  • Millard: Well... that is interesting.

as requested lmao @ymbrynesandpeculiars ;)