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Response to PM Trudeau from Indigenous Youth Leader Nipawi Mahihkan Misit Kakinoosit

Indigenous Youth Leader Nipawi Mahihkan Misit Kakinoosit gives a response to the recent video of PM Trudeau in Winnipeg.

The original video that this is in response to can be viewed here, in which Trudeau mocked First Nations chiefs, and implied they didn’t understand the needs of their communities.

Az egy dolog, hogy Gaskó István elbasz 50 misit a szakszervezet pénzéből az irodájára, de a kurva életbe már, a LUXUS miért úgy néz ki, mint egy 80-as évekbeli panellakás felpimpelve?

Pihko “Smokepaw” Misit

I’m so pleased I got to do this full body commission for Smokepaw, of his character in human form!  I don’t get to paint humans too often, let alone well researched Native American characters.  Check out the description below provided by Smokepaw himself, incredibly fun lore!   And here’s a piece I did a while back of Smokepaw in his usual wolf form, meeting with a good friend from a far away land.

Why would Smokepaw (or, his name spoken in his native Lenni Lenape language, Pihko Misit) suddenly be so non-wolfy and instead fully human?

The answer is, he never wasn’t human.  Just as he was never fully wolf.
Being a werewolf blurrs lines like those.

A member of the Tipisk, or Wolf Clan, of the Lenni Lenape people, Pihko Misit has been a werewolf since the day he was conceived; the same as his parents and grandparents and great grandparents going back countless generations.  Indeed, every member of his Clan and his village are werewolves.  But instead of snarling half-wild beasts prone to rampage and bloodthirst, these are people of tradition and family.  The Moon holds her sway, but not in painful forced transformation.  While the days of the fullest Moon do indeed bring about the requirement of holding one’s lupine physical form through the duration, outside of the peak cycle transformation (or lack thereof) is completely voluntary and it is not at all uncommon to have both human and wolf intermingling simultaneously.

In Pihko Misit’s village in particular, it is almost strict tradition to remain in one’s wolf form near-permanently, and as such only when venturing to trade with other villages and nations does a wolf turn into a human.  It is often safer to to this, and aids in trade negotiations when the other party is not dealing with several imposing meters of thick fur, sharp teeth and heavy muscle!  That does not go to say that others are unaware of who, or what, they’re dealing with.  An even stricter tradition, one could even label it a law, is to be tattooed with the sign of the Clan.  The round circle of the full Moon, cut into a stylized crescent at one edge to signify that you’re only able to see the human side during that phase, embracing a wolf’s paw print.  It is emblazoned on at least one shoulder at an early age; both men and women wear this tattoo.  As one grows, gaining additional tattoos is common for both genders, and Pihko Misit has certainly added to his body heavily; the Clan’s blazon remains prominent and displayed no matter how much ink a Clan member gets, however.

And so, we get a rare glimpse of the human residing beneath the familiar presence of the wolf.  The furs on his shoulder suggests the role his transformation has been triggered for, trade with someone outside the Clan.  And he waits patiently for that rendezvous, keen on his surroundings while being at the ready for trouble with a hand upon his knife.

Misit nagyon regota ismertem, baratok voltunk. Sajnos o drogfuggo volt, es mikor osszejott a baratnojevel, ot is azza tette. Elkoltoztek bp-rol a lany szuleihez. 7 evig nem lattam, szinte el is felejtettem. Mikor ujra lattam, meg az iwiw is nepszeru volt, bejeloltem, visszaigazolt. Par napra ra irt, hogy jo ismet latni engem, jo lenne talizni, bulizni egy jot, vagy csak iszogatni. Vegul hosszas levelezes utan vegre lezsiroztuk, hol es mikor. Nagyon jo erzes volt megolelni egy osregi jobaratot. Egesz este, ejjel beszelgettunk, vegul az lett a vege, hogy nalam aludt (igen, aludt). Masnap megkoszonte a vendeglatast, hazament, vissza a baratnojehez videkre. Tovabbra is beszeltunk iwiwen, kozben facebookra is felregisztralt, ott is ismerosok lettunk. Iwiwen az utolso uzenetekben panaszkodott, hogy elege van a csajbol, elkoltozik, vissza jon pestre, vagy haza, pecsre. Csak annyit tudtam mondani neki, hogy mindegy mi lesz, a drogot felejtse el… eltunt. Nem irt. Szoval 24-en karacsonykor gondoltam irok neki facen.. Az occse 27-en iwiwen kozolte a szomoru hirt: 23-an tuladagolasban meghalt.


hogy az apámmal való legendásan jó kapcsolatom milyen magasságokba jutott idén karácsonykor, a szeretet és odafigyelés szép ünnepén. A következő ajándékokkal kedveskedett nekünk, ő és a felesége:


ez a pink bevásárlószatyor a legjobb darab a csomagból, nem látom mondjuk az értelmét karácsonyi ajándékként, minden bizonnyal repiajándék volt neki is valahonnan.


egy gyertya, nem tudok többet mondani róla. most jönnek a fasza darabok:


egy szép póló Kuala Lumpurból. Kicsit rontja mondjuk az élményt, hogy apám két éve (!) volt Malajziában valami konferencián, de ha ő mondja, elhiszem neki, hogy tényleg nekem szánta. Mondjuk inkább nem…


ez a legjobb, egy üveg kibaszott Royal vodka.

El tudjátok képzelni azt, amikor bementek a teszkóba venni valami alkoholt és akkor a legközelebbi hozzátartozódnak lenyúlsz a legalsó polcra a Royal vodkáért? Mindezt úgy, hogy a felesége a vacsoránál azt újságolja, hogy az elmúlt két hónapban négy és fél misit (!!!) keresett. Igazán jól esett ez, na!

Amúgy persze örülök, hogy még van apám, persze, 67 éves, hajtja magát mint az állat, de amikor ilyeneket vesz nekem, akkor ledobom a láncot.

Nincs tanulság.

A centuries-old Halloween tale, courtesy of Petronius

From the Satyricon LXII, a slave tells a story:

“Forte dominus Capuae exierat ad scruta scita expedienda. Nactus ego occasionem persuadeo hospitem nostrum, ut mecum ad quintum miliarium veniat. Erat autem miles, fortis tanquam Orcus. Apoculamus nos circa gallicinia; luna lucebat tanquam meridie. Venimus inter monimenta: homo meus coepit ad stelas facere; sedeo ego cantabundus et stelas numero. Deinde ut respexi ad comitem, ille exuit se et omnia vestimenta secundum viam posuit. Mihi anima in naso esse; stabam tanquam mortuus. At ille circumminxit vestimenta sua, et subito lupus factus est. Nolite me iocari putare; ut mentiar, nullius patrimonium tanti facio. Sed, quod coeperam dicere, postquam lupus factus est, ululare coepit et in silvas fugit. Ego primitus nesciebam ubi essem; deinde accessi, ut vestimenta eius tollerem: illa autem lapidea facta sunt. Qui mori timore nisi ego? Gladium tamen strinxi et in tota via umbras cecidi, donec ad villam amicae meae pervenirem. In larvam intravi, paene animam ebullivi, sudor mihi per bifurcum volabat, oculi mortui; vix unquam refectus sum. Melissa mea mirari coepit, quod tam sero ambularem, et: ‘Si ante, inquit, venisses, saltem nobis adiutasses; lupus enim villam intravit et omnia pecora tanquam lanius sanguinem illis misit. Nec tamen derisit, etiamsi fugit; senius enim noster lancea collum eius traiecit’. Haec ut audivi, operire oculos amplius non potui, sed luce clara Gai nostri domum fugi tanquam copo compilatus; et postquam veni in illum locum, in quo lapidea vestimenta erant facta, nihil inveni nisi sanguinem. Vt vero domum veni, iacebat miles meus in lecto tanquam bovis, et collum illius medicus curabat. Intellexi illum versipellem esse, nec postea cum illo panem gustare potui, non si me occidisses. Viderint quid de hoc alii exopinissent; ego si mentior, genios vestros iratos habeam.”

Awesome, right?

Oh, English? Okay, context first: a former slave recalls a time when he had fallen madly in love with a married woman only for her husband to die. So he decides he’s going to go visit her and woo her. Now:

So it happened that my master had gone to Capua to take care of some bullshit, so, seizing the opportunity, I persuaded one of our guests to go with me as far as the fifth mile-marker. He was a soldier, you see, and brave as hell. We headed out around the time the roosters were crowing, and the moon was shining as bright as the noontime.

We came upon a bunch of tombs [note: people were buried by the roadside at this time], and my man went off to check out the inscriptions. I, meanwhile, took a seat with a song in my heart and counted the tombstones. Then, as I looked back at my companion, he stripped off all his clothes and put them in a pile next to the road. My heart was in my throat; I stood still as a dead man. But this dude pissed in a circle around his clothes and out of goddamn nowhere he was a goddamn wolf.

Don’t think for a second that I’m pulling your leg here. I wouldn’t lie about this for all the money in the world. But, as I was saying, after he turned into a wolf, he started to howl and ran into the woods. For a second I barely even remembered where I was; but then I went to pick up his clothes, but they had all turned to stone. Who has two thumbs and almost died of fright? This guy. Still, I drew my sword and was slashing at shadows the whole fucking way until I reached the house of my beloved.

I came in white as a ghost, nearly shitting my heart into my pants, my crotch all swampy with sweat, my eyes like a dead man’s; I barely recovered. My dear Melissa couldn’t believe I had come so late and she said, “If only you had gotten here earlier, you could have helped us at least. A goddamn wolf came into the house and attacked all our sheep, ripping their throats out like a goddamn butcher. But he didn’t have the last laugh, even though he got away: a slave of ours ran him through the neck with a spear.”

After I heard that, there was no way I could close my eyes for even a second, so at first light I ran back to my master Gaius’s house like it had stolen my wallet, and when I got back to the place where dude’s clothes had turned to stone, all I found was blood. But when I got back to the house, I found that soldier of mine lying in bed like a dumb ox, and a doctor was patching up a hole in his neck. I knew then that he was a werewolf, and I would never let that dude buy me dinner again, not on my life. Other people can think what they want about this story, but if I’m lying, may your ghosts haunt me forever.

A couple of notes:

  • The Latin word for werewolf is “versipellis,” which literally means “skin-changer,” so it is not technically limited to werewolves. The phrase, theoretically, could also apply to like ferefoxes, lerelions, berebears, etc.
  • I may have added some swears for flavor (It does literally say “he was brave as hell,” though)

Felicissimum fautissimum fortunatissimum diem larvarum strigarumque vobis vestrisque exopto!