the mishits


Question: Mr. Müller, can you talk us through your first goal?

Thomas Müller: Which version do you want to hear, the honest one?

Question: Both please. Let’s start with the honest one.

Müller: The ball comes to me on the right wing, and I immediately see Lewandowski starting to make a run into space in the box. I tried to cross it in, but after five metres, I saw that it wasn’t cross and was heading for the top corner. I watched it intently and was thinking: it’s looking good, it’s looking good… and then it went in. It was of course a bit lucky, a world class mishit.

Question: And the other version?

Müller: I saw Lewandowski make his run, and the goalkeeper moved with him. I saw in my periphery that he had left his far corner exposed. And then.. (laughs) – let’s take the first one, it’s the true version.