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Federer helps Team Europe win inaugural Laver Cup in Prague

Like many others I was a little skeptical about the Laver Cup before the event, but along with most of the doubters I was proved very wrong as a thrilling three days of tennis culminated in Europe beating the Rest of the World 15-9 to claim the inaugural cup. Roger more than played his part in Europe’s success, winning three matches out of three including that historic and quite magnificent doubles match alongside Rafael Nadal which will be covered in this recap. 


After an opening day of cheerleading Europe to a 3-1 lead, Roger was in action first up on day two and he put in a great performance to ease past Wimbledon semi finalist Sam Querrey 6-4 6-2 and drive home his team’s advantage. He saved a break point in his opening service game with an ace, but once the initial nerves had settled he quickly hit his stride and a forehand from the American was blazed long to hand Roger a break in the fifth game. There were break points flying around all over the place, with both guys missing opportunities and eventually Roger served out the set comfortably enough to take control of the match. Querrey went long again to hand Roger an early break in the second, and a couple of magnificent passing shots saw the single break become a double as the Fed Express started to run away with things. There was still time for a SABR to set up a winning point, and shortly after that the match was done and dusted as Roger served out to love to get another point on the board for Europe.


Later that day came the moment almost everyone had been waiting for, as Roger teamed up with Rafa in the doubles for the very first time and unsurprisingly everyone on Twitter went absolutely crazy for it on a memorable night. Not every day you see two players with 35 grand slam singles titles between them on the same side of the net, and it may never happen again so it was a real treat for everyone and the match itself didn’t disappoint. A break in the seventh game was followed by a lengthy game on the Nadal serve which he eventually held after saving three break points, one courtesy of the biggest mishit drop volley you’ll ever see from Roger. The Maestro served out the opening set, but the momentum changed drastically as the American duo won five games on the spin to race through the second set and take it to a match tiebreak. Fedal raced into an 8-1 lead with some assured play at the net, and although Querrey and Sock won four of the next five points to retain a glimmer of hope they were never really in it and the men who currently hold all four grand slam titles between them wrapped up a famous win.

ROGER BEATS KYRGIOS 4-6 7-6(6) 11-9

Roger had the chance to clinch the Laver Cup for Europe on day three of the competition as he took on Nick Kyrgios, but it looked as though it could be set for a doubles decider as the Australian broke early on with a crunching backhand winner and fended off a host of break points from Roger to seal the opening set despite some flashes of magic from the Australian Open and Wimbledon champion. The tide looked to be turning in the second set as Fed finally converted a break point to go 3-1 up, but some huge hitting from Kyrgios and a horrific shank off a short backhand saw the set go immediately back on serve. From there the set went quickly to a tiebreak, and some superb tennis saw Roger move into a 6-3 lead and earn three set points. All three were saved though, the third thanks to a stunning backhand from Kyrgios, but Roger kept his nerve to get himself a fourth chance to force a match tiebreak and this time he took it with a forehand pass after a perfectly constructed point, much to the delight of the European bench which erupted as the set was secured. Two double faults early in the deciding tiebreak helped gift Kyrgios an 8-5 lead and leave him just two points from the win, but Roger fought back valiantly to level it up and then save a match point before getting one of his own. Kyrgios netted a forehand to give Europe the first Laver Cup, sparking scenes of jubilation from Roger and the rest of the European team especially a super pumped up Nadal who basically acted as chief motivator for both Roger and the crowd throughout the match. Unforgettable scenes.


Consider me well and truly won over! I didn’t think it would resemble much more than a slightly glorified exhibition, but you could see what it meant to every player on both sides and the level of tennis on show was absolutely brilliant for the most part. As far as first time events go I don’t think they could have asked for any more from it, if you were to write a script for it you could hardly come up with anything better in terms of drama. Will it have the same impact years down the line as it did this time around? I’m not too sure, but if this is anything to go by then I hope it becomes a fixture in the calendar for many more years to come. The Ryder Cup is my favourite tournament on the golf circuit by an absolute mile, and this was right up there in terms of passion and just feeling like a genuinely big occasion which I don’t think many tennis fans were expecting. The Davis Cup has felt like it’s run its race for a while now as the top players prioritise seemingly everything else over it, but with so many of the world’s very best players teaming up and still wanting to win the Laver Cup so badly maybe the sport has found a long-term successor to the ailing international competition. It needs a couple more years like this before it can be truly considered as an important and meaningful part of the calendar, but it very much feels like the foundations have been set for that to happen.

That’s all from what turned out to be an unexpectedly exciting weekend in Prague. The event is being held in Chicago next year, and if this year is anything to go by then I honestly can’t wait. Back to the main tour next up for Roger in Shanghai, see you all then. 

My Junjou Romantica fanfic

constructive criticism compliments only pl0x

usami came back 2 da condo after his Gay day of his Gay writing.
he wanted to see his waifu misackee.

“//insert im home in japanese here” hte raboot said

he saw his gey lubber and like.
he fucking saw misock eating a tub of ice cream
jus tlike the entire fuckign thing

“nani the fucko is going on mysack” said da reboot

“THE H8ERS WER ON ME AGEN” cries the chikd

 “what the shit misak u twat. u r better dan dat,,,,, u r 21.” said rebok

 “no im 18” shitstain said

 “omfg socks sop being a littel bithc who knows what canon universe we’re in, ur crying pepe tears” said usack

“alright u mother memer” said nutsack while he sopped crying :’(

then michael myers sugoiied out of that house bc it was like work time or smthn

what is time

time is just a figment of our imagination

oh well we know salami made out with michael phelps so ya its gey X3 


 at the fuckign work place desu

 “so like u gotta give this fuck ign paper to ihop or smthn” said a gay

 “h-hai,,,” said microscope


so misucc whent to ihoe and like???
ijuuin got in all of mishits biznuu????????????
so like ijuuin was like…..
and was like gay fo r mesook
but like misak was confizzled for brizzled
and left the international house of pancakes


so yeah mitch went to the condo and like

hid what hapen about the gay at that pancake place to ushit

so yeah they banged

ill give you a line from “my immortal” of what it was like

bc i cant nsfw

And then… suddenly just as I Usagi kissed me passionately. Usagi climed on top me and we started to make out keenly against a tree. He took my top of and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. (im just taking everything from there). Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for like the hundredth time.

It was very gay and they made children or something.


70 Years 2-3

Summary: In a world where each wizard has a soul mate, Harry knew all too well that you could find yours in the most unexpected places. He just didn’t expect to find his in the form of 18 years old Steve Rogers after a cursed amulet sends him back 70 years in the past.

Steve Rogers has grown up denying his urges towards men, but when faced with the mysterious new worker at the local grocery store, denying seemed no longer possible. There was just something about Harry Potter that made his heart beat. Harry’s obvious reciprocation of his feelings didn’t help either.

Despite the unforgiving era they live in, both boys thought they were going to be forever. That is until Harry disappears one beautiful Monday morning, never to be seen again. Consumed with grief by the loss of his lover, Steve decides to sacrifice himself by participating in the military’s Super Soldier Project where the chance of survival is less then 50%. What happened next is something not even he could predict.

Luckily, Fate isn’t that cruel as to tear them apart forever. 70 years have passed and it is time for the two lovers to reunite. Accepting Steve back in to his life was going to be easy but Harry wondered how he’ll ever be able to tell him about the child they had managed to create.

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Question: Mr. Müller, can you talk us through your first goal?

Thomas Müller: Which version do you want to hear, the honest one?

Question: Both please. Let’s start with the honest one.

Müller: The ball comes to me on the right wing, and I immediately see Lewandowski starting to make a run into space in the box. I tried to cross it in, but after five metres, I saw that it wasn’t cross and was heading for the top corner. I watched it intently and was thinking: it’s looking good, it’s looking good… and then it went in. It was of course a bit lucky, a world class mishit.

Question: And the other version?

Müller: I saw Lewandowski make his run, and the goalkeeper moved with him. I saw in my periphery that he had left his far corner exposed. And then.. (laughs) – let’s take the first one, it’s the true version.