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John Bolton and Derek Klena’s Harold Hill Off


Make me chose meme: @stardustschild ​asked Laura Osnes or Christy Altomare?

My entire world shifted when I just decided, I’m a beautiful person and I’m going to love myself.


Ruth Negga for Irish Tatler (Feb. 2013)

Negga’s a powerful actor, the voice low and layered with bite. Her expression, in neutral, has a sort of stoic hurt to it, making her an ideal tragedian. And it can’t go unmentioned that she’s stunning to look at: half Irish, half Ethiopian, massive eyes, pronounced chin and cheekbones.


Welcome to the inaugural episode of Royal Misfits, in which ANASTASIA star Christy Altomare invites us into the Broadhurst Theatre for plenty of back massages, Russian jokes and candy (looking at you, Ramin Karimloo!). Enjoy!

I don’t cry in my life. I don’t allow Joe. Joseph doesn’t get to cry, so, by the time it comes to a character, I love that, man, it’s such a release, I am very sensitive. I’ve got bi-polar. I suffer.


Ruth Negga photographed by Larsen and Talbert at the ATX Television Fesitval on June 10, 2016.

I want the portrayal of women on screen and television to allow me to feel like it’s okay to be the anti-hero. It’s not determined by sex, or it shouldn’t be, but we’ve been sort of trained to think that, that this is road for women, and this is the road for men. I think that’s boring, and I think it’s just wrong. It needs to kind of [waves hand as if brushing the concept away]. I mean, it is happening, very much so on TV, especially.