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friendly reminder that katara, with no formal training, held her own against a waterbending master at age fourteen by being perseverant, strong-willed, and unyielding.

friendly reminder that sokka, without leadership from his father, held his own in a group of benders as the strategist, planner, and warrior by being inventive, adaptable, and hardworking.

friendly reminder that katara, with a few weeks under pakku’s tutelage, mastered waterbending and could best any man or woman in the northern tribe.

friendly reminder that sokka, with days under the guidance of piandoa, mastered swordsmanship, forged his own sword, and bested the master himself.

friendly reminder that katara, a waterbender, took down the fire nation princess during sozin’s comet with the aide of her wit and skill.

friendly reminder that sokka, a warrior, took out a fleet of fire nation airships with the aide of his wit, his skill, and his friends.

friendly reminder that katara, the girl who took on the role of her mother, held together a band of misfits in the most trying times. 

friendly reminder that sokka, the one who thought was not special, stuck by his sister and his friends through everything.

friendly reminder that these two characters stand as amazing veterans from a tribe where no one thought twice about bowing down to the fire nation. 

friendly reminder that these two characters traveled the world with a twelve year old and his bison because they took a chance on destiny.

friendly reminder that these two characters are role models to children all over the world.

friendly reminder that these two characters stuck by the theme of the show: they took control of their own destiny and saved the world.

now remind me, friends, what makes katara and sokka so replaceable? 


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With Riley and Isadora on guitar, Lucas on bass, Zay on drums, and Maya on vocals, the John Adams Misfits have been dominating the billboard charts with their fresh, alternative rock sound. 

Maya Hart - Dubbed as the ‘rebellious lead singer’, this fiery blonde has eased her way into the heart’s of all media outlets and has certainly done her rounds in networking with other bands/artists.

Riley Matthews - As a die-hard Knicks fan, this bubbly brunette is always honored to play Madison Square Garden. She absolutely hypnotizes the crowd with her powerful guitar solos and is known for her bright stage presence, flower crowns, and shiny pink guitar.

Isadora Smackle - ‘The saucy genius with the mouth of a sailor’, is what Rolling Stones calls her. As the newest member of J.A.M, she still has a lot to prove, but as a musical composer, her art really speaks for itself.

Zay Babineaux - With titles such as, ‘Rock & Roll’s finest’ and ‘Newcomer of the Year’ it’s hard to play down Isaiah’s role in J.A.M. Not only is he the main composer, he’s the glue that holds the band together.

Lucas Friar - Although he is known as the heartthrob of the band, his expertise on the bass speaks volumes. This Texas-born rock star is bringing bass guitar back in style.

Farkle Minkus - He’s the man who made it all possible. Farkle has started his own record label under his father’s company to sign J.A.M, a talented group he’s proud to call his friends. As band/tour manager, he works to keep them at the top of their game.

I love how the further Dragon Age progresses as a series, the more retroactively badass everything the warden did in the first game becomes.

I mean, the guy you pulled out of a cage can become the freaking Arishok. That odd woman you meet in the tavern and decide to bring along can become Divine Victoria. Alistair can be king. That witch who turned into a dragon when you fought her was actually an ancient elven god. If we count Dragon!Andraste and the arch demon, that’s three potential dragon gods you can kill in that game.

You manage to resolve tense political situations that would take other groups months of efforts and tons of diplomatic resources and military presence with just yourself, your colourful band of misfit/murderous companions, and your dog. In under a year. 

You can even make friends with one of those insane darkspawn magisters that almost destroys the world in DA:I. Just like, palling around with him. Swapping notes. Doing trust building exercises while everyone else is losing their shit over Corypheus.

And it’s just hilarious because the Hero of Ferelden is this person who some of the most powerful individuals in Thedas will actually fall in line behind, this ridiculously competent and influential figure who solves world-ending problems like they’re Sunday morning crosswords, and it’s going to be useless in the coming crisis because they can’t bring the warden back.

For my followers: how interested would you be in a:

YA modern/urban paranormal/faerie fantasy novel set in Vancouver Canada,

featuring a native, asexual, autistic, female protagonist,

and her ragtag band of misfit friends that become family,

and that focuses on themes of friendship, family, justice, rebellion, loyalty, morality, culture, belonging, discrimination, oppression and self-identification rather than on romance?

‘Cause I’m writing the thing. I’m calling it TMC for a working title and will use #TMCbook as a tag. If anyone is interested on here, I’ll post updates about it every now and then!

Millennials Protesting in America Tonight

For the people surprised by the fact that millennials are fighting so hard to protect the rights of their brothers and sisters after this election I have to ask why?

We’re the kids who grew up side by side with the golden trio watching as a band of misfits took down a corrupt villain.

We adopted the three finger salute to show our solidarity against those who advocated for injustice.

We grew up appreciating each other’s differences and recognizing that we can all be Divergent and together take down a system who wishes to divide us.

We grew up watching strong young women rise above societies expectations to become the heroes over the damsels and break glass ceilings for those who come after them.

We grew up watching young men be brave, accepting, and strong without judgement for their moments of true compassion, of fear, of emotions other than tough without labeling them as weak and pathetic.

We were raised to be the change we hope to see in the world by the heroes we love, and my hope is one day we can tell our kids this story and the acts of heroism, unity and strength that we brought to this fight and they too can be inspired to rise against whatever evil and hate the future may hold by knowing we did not surrender tonight.

Learning from DA:I Characters

That there are many different ways to handle one situation…

That being a warrior doesn’t mean your brainless…

That the greatest hero can be the smallest man…

That passion and faith can be the greatest weapon…

That slaying dragons and mystery ale are memories to be cherished…

That it’s okay that your best friend is outrageously better looking than you…

That even the greatest men have done terrible things…

That raisin cookies and rooftops can bond two vastly different world views…

That in opposition, one can find great respect…

That compassion and help are always near at hand…

That love, determination, and friendship cannot always remedy problems…

That a crazy band of misfits can find a home and family with one another…