the misery chicks


Jane: When they say “you’re always unhappy Daria”, what they mean is: “You think Daria, I can tell because you don’t smile. Now this guy died and its making me think and that hurts my little head and makes me stop smiling. So tell me how you cope with thinking all the time Daria until I can get back to my normal vegetable state”.

Daria: Ok… so then why have you been why have you been avoiding me?

Jane: Cause I’ve been trying not to think.”


Daria 30 Day Challenge » Day 19:Favorite Season

Okay so this was a little tricky to decide. Seasons 4 and 5 obviously were not my favorites so that left me with seasons 1-3. So I counted how many episodes I love in each season and season 1 and 2 tied. So then I thought about it and really put some meaning behind a favorite season so I picked season 1 for several reasons. Obviously reason 1 because it’s the 1st! We meet all our favorite characters! Reason 2, Jane’s voice and attitude weren’t as “goofy” or super enthusiastic as it is in later seasons. Reason 3, you have awkward goofs such as in “The Invitation” Jodie looks almost bald and Tiffany Blum-Deckler is first heard with a valley girl accent instead of her trademark monotone voice. Another reason why this has to be my favorite because it was the first time we saw all of Daria’s quirks. At first you think she’s a cynical asshole, then you realize she’s not an asshole she just has very high beliefs, she has a weakness (trent) so she’s somewhat relatable, you figure out yes she’s a “brain” but she’s that way by choice and not to be some excellent student to get into the best college (opposite to Jodie) and in the last episode of the season, “The Misery Chick” we realize that Daria isn’t sad or miserable she’s just a realistic person and doesn’t feel the need to let the world know she isn’t miserable by smiling every second.

Episodes in the Pictures above:

  1. 1st Episode- Esteemsters
  2. 2nd Episode- The Invitation 
  3. 4th Episode- Café Disaffecto
  4. 6th Episode- This Year’s Model
  5. 11th Episode- Road Worrier
  6. 13th Episode- The Misery Chick

Which season of “Daria” is your favorite and why? Tell me here

Daria Episode Asks
  • Season 1:
  • Esteemsters: How's your self-esteem?
  • The Invitation: What's the last party you went to?
  • College Bored: What are your college plans?
  • Café Disaffecto: How do you take your coffee?
  • Malled: Describe an unpleasant experience you had at a mall.
  • This Year's Model: What's your opinion about the modeling industry?
  • The Lab Brat: Describe the worst group project you ever participated in.
  • Pinch Sitter: Describe your last babysitting experience.
  • Too Cute: Are looks important to you?
  • The Big House: Have you ever sneaked out or stayed out way too late?
  • Road Worrier: Talk about your favorite road trip.
  • The Teachings of Don Jake: Talk about a camping trip you've been on.
  • The Misery Chick: What really makes you think?
  • Season 2:
  • Arts 'N Crass: Did you ever scare your teachers with something you turned in?
  • The Daria Hunter: Describe your worst field trip ever.
  • Quinn the Brain: How do you feel when someone takes your "role"?
  • I Don't: Describe your worst experience at a wedding.
  • That Was Then, This is Dumb: How do you feel about your parents' friends?
  • Monster: What's something that you think is superficial?
  • The New Kid: Have you ever hung out with the new kid?
  • Gifted: Were you ever the smartest kid in school?
  • Ill: Talk about a time you were in the hospital.
  • Fair Enough: Have you ever been to a school fundraiser?
  • See Jane Run: Were/are you on any sports teams?
  • Pierce Me: Do you have any piercings?
  • Write Where it Hurts: Are you a writer?
  • Season 3:
  • Through a Lens Darkly: Do you need glasses/contacts?
  • The Old and the Beautiful: Who's your favorite old person?
  • Depth Takes a Holiday: Describe your favorite holiday memory.
  • Daria Dance Party: Have you ever been to a dance?
  • The Lost Girls: Are you "edgy"?
  • It Happened One Nut: What was your first job? What's your dream job?
  • Daria! The Musical: What's your favorite musical?
  • Lane Miserables: How is it for you when family visits?
  • Jake of Hearts: When did you first come to terms with your own or someone else's mortality?
  • Speedtrapped: Do you have a bad driving story? (What is it?)
  • The Lawndale File: Do you believe in aliens?
  • Just Add Water: Have you ever been on a boat?
  • Jane's Addition: How did you meet your last significant other?
  • Season 4:
  • Partner's Complaint: Have you ever used your resources to gain an advantage?
  • Antisocial Climbers: What does it take for you to apologize to your friends?
  • A Tree Grows in Lawndale: Talk about a bad decision you've made.
  • Murder, She Snored: What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  • The F Word: Are you afraid of failure?
  • I Loathe a Parade: How do you feel about parades?
  • Of Human Bonding: How's your relationship with your parents?
  • Psycho Therapy: Have you ever needed a psychological examination?
  • Mart of Darkness: What's your weirdest experience in a store?
  • Legends of the Mall: Do you know any good ghost stories? Care to share?
  • Groped by an Angel: What do you believe in?
  • Fire!: Have you ever had a house fire?
  • Dye! Dye! My Darling!: Have you ever cheated on someone or been the person someone's cheated with?
  • Is it Fall Yet?: Talk about your favorite summer.
  • Season 5:
  • Fizz Ed: What's your favorite soda?
  • Sappy Anniversary: Have you ever forgotten an important date?
  • Fat Like Me: Have you ever tried to lose weight?
  • Camp Fear: How well do you handle organized activities?
  • The Story of D: How well do you deal with rejection?
  • Lucky Strike: Talk about your favorite substitute teacher.
  • Art Burn: How much do you value originality?
  • One J at a Time: Do you date around, prefer a single partner, or neither?
  • Life in the Past Lane: What's the weirdest experience you've had with someone you've dated?
  • Aunt Nauseam: Do you get along with your extended family?
  • Prize Fighters: Have you ever been passed over for something for something you wanted because of a reason you found to be ridiculous?
  • My Night at Daria's: Have you ever stayed out too late with a significant other?
  • Boxing Daria: What's a childhood memory that shaped who you are today?
  • Is It College Yet?: What are your plans for the future?

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Daria 2016 pitch

(Actually, a Daria 2015 pitch but, in a cynical move she’d condemn but half-approve of, I’m altering the title for marketing purposes. I’m edgy)

Last year, myself and my friend Brian knocked out a pitch for rebooting MTV’s Daria. Here it is again with a few snips and edits, for you all to see, to be condemned as unpopular and badly dressed.

So long as there are bright, sullen teenagers who think their classmates are imbeciles and that they know better than their parents and their teachers and everybody else, there’s gonna be room for a Daria on the airwaves.

And that brings in a specific


The original Daria traded in black humour and barbed words. We plan to take this further than the show used to. We already know the market can have darker humor than 1997 would allow – Adventure Time has running gags about Princess Bubblegum running a police state, Gravity Falls gives us a seemingly-amoral conman as the parental figure and stories about mugging a unicorn, and even Scooby Doo was able to do a straight-up Saw pastiche. The way is clear.

Why go for broke? In this we’re going back to the first season of Daria, the original plan for the show. The show got less nasty as it went on and more prone to give characters some dignity, but S1 was acidic. This is the one where Daria and Jane are laconic about a woman having a hyperglycemic shock in front of them; where the Morgendorffers don’t always seem to like each other that much; where Jake Morgendorffer mutters that he hopes all his military school peers died in ‘Nam; where the kids are taking bets on when their history teacher will have a heart attack.

This was the foundation of the show. This was the worldview that Daria’s pessimism was built for, and S1 had episodes like The Lab Brat, Road Worrier, and The Misery Chick, which are seen as the top eps by fans.

And that was in 1997! The original Daria also aired during a period of economic growth for the United States, while 2016 is a time of economic recovery many people aren’t feeling. Daria groused that college applications were about money and what clubs you’d been in, in 2016 kids like her are grousing that they’ll end up with hideous debt for the chance of a ‘good job’. The future hasn’t looked bright for a few years now.

In this kind of soil, black humor’s got to be blacker yet.

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