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Hoshidan Festival: Saizo and Kanna Parent-Child Convo


I deeply enjoyed translating this one. It’s hilarious to see that if Saizo is Kanna’s father, then Kanna takes after… his Uncle Kaze the most. His dear Uncle Kaze who is a bit of a manipulative tease and has his brother wrapped around his finger. Seems that it runs in the family, hmmm? Asugi also could probably wrap his father around his finger if he outright tried.

(It may be purely localization, but if you marry him, Saizo will confess that he’s ticklish in a lovers’ bonding quote… and then if you wake him up roughly, he’ll panic and then say “I was afraid that you were Kaze for a second.” Looks like Kaze was the mischievous little brother type, eh Saizo?)

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Type Speciality

Remember when you were a kid playing Pokémon and you always questioned why gym leaders stuck to a specific type? Surely it made them weaker? Well, that may be so, but it makes them weaker in the same way that a long-range sniper is less skilled than someone who can make Michelin-star food whilst also being a flourishing assassin. Different types warrant different skills and handling, so it makes sense for most to specialise in one. Obviously, temperament and training methods will vary from Pokémon to Pokémon depending on both its species and its own personality, but generalisations can be made for each type.

Normal Type:

Normal is probably considered the easiest type to train, though that statement doesn’t always ring true (there’s a big difference between battling with a furret and a slaking, if you get what I mean). Generally, however, normal types will be selected for young, beginner trainers to get them used to the process of giving commands and training without resistance, before allowing them to progress onto the slightly more skittish or defiant types such as electric and dark. 

Fire Type:

Fire types don’t have bad temperament, but they require a trainer who is willing to take them out onto an isolated area in order to battle with them safely (though most gyms probably provide suitable training grounds for all types). They can be highly energised, so their trainer needs to be active and resilient, but generally don’t respond well to hard, strict commands; they are willing to accept a trainer as their master, but want to be treated like friends.

Water Type: 

As some water types are incapable of surfacing, this makes a portion of them difficult to train with. Nonetheless, those incapable of breathing above water can still be utilised; most trainers will teach these Pokémon to respond to gesture-based signals rather than audible commands, as this will allow them to communicate without sound (this technique, however, is probably used by many skilled trainers in order to avoid alerting the opponent to their move choice). Still, I imagine that the most popular water choices are those that can breathe both above and below water (vaporeon, quagsire, dewgong, gyarados etc.), as they can battle more effectively with Pokémon of other types.

Grass Type:

One of the calmest types available. Harsh commands are not needed, but rather encouragement and persuasion. I feel that Pokémon belonging to this type may be somewhat slow to progress at first, taking a fair amount of time to become strong, but the moment they break that barrier they become a force to be reckoned with. So, in short, grass training takes patience, just as waiting for the growth of crops does.  

Electric Type:

Unsurprisingly, electric types are the most energetic. Their speed needs to be honed and their pent-up energy released; electric type trainers have to exercise their Pokémon frequently as well as train them, though the two activities often coincide. Some Pokémon of this type can possess short attention spans, but providing that their training is engaging and varied they are generally eager to cooperate.

Psychic Type:

Psychic trainers have to be prepared to forge very deep and emotional bonds with their Pokémon, as psychic types are incredibly sensitive to their owner’s moods and often react to them accordingly. Gardevoir, for example, will often pick up on emotions and mimic them, and Pokémon such as spoink and reuniclus probably attempt to cheer their trainers when they are sad. Psychic Pokémon are, on average, more intelligent than members of other types, which makes them highly responsive to training but also more questioning of the methods used. They are also rather sensitive to harsh commands and criticism, but are deeply loyal and trusting. They will have faith in their trainers even when requested to do acts they are unsure of, and so will flourish when used by those who know how to bring out the best in them. 

Dark Type:

Dark types, by contrast, need an incredibly firm hand. If they get their own way too frequently, they will become defiant, mischievous and unresponsive to commands; their place in the pecking order must be established swiftly when obtained. Once the master-Pokémon relationship is enforced, they will gain respect for their trainer and bond with them. Due to this relationship, they tend not to improvise in battle, not unless their trainer gives them a framework within which they can do so, as they find it difficult to distinguish between spontaneity and defiance. They are so duly trained to be obedient that they become reluctant to act of their own accord, but this mentality can be changed over time. Once a dark type chooses to follow only your commands, you know that it respects you, and so from then on you can train it to be more independent. It’s all about building up the layers.

Ghost Type:

Ghost types reside, training-wise, at some point on the spectrum between dark and psychic. Whilst they don’t need as strict dictation as the former, they aren’t as sensitive as the latter. Mischievous ghost types such as gengar and misdreavus require the same kind of treatment that one would give to naughty children, whereas calmer ones such as froslass, mismagius and gourgeist warrant gentler instruction. Either way, ghost types are sneaky in battle and, unlike dark Pokémon, will often take the initiative and act beyond their trainer’s commands. This improvisation is a trait often associated with psychic Pokémon; however, ghost types are more likely to be spontaneous in a way that their trainers dislike. Psychic types generally make better judgements of their trainers’ overall strategies in battle, whereas ghost Pokémon tend to make decisions based on their immediate consequences. Nevertheless, some of these peculiar, unprecedented actions have been known to win matches.

Flying Type:

Flying type is the one faction of Pokémon for which a generalisation cannot really be made, as members of this type often belong primarily to another. However, their training methods are still very defined; a flying trainer must have a huge sense of spacial awareness, and must be able to tutor their Pokémon on how to carry out long commands (flying up and then diving down to attack) and respond to non-audible signals - if they are to attack from the air effectively, they will be out of earshot of their trainer.

Fighting Type:

In order to seriously train fighting types, the trainer has to be physically fit themselves; Pokémon of this type will bond better with those who train alongside them. They also rest fairly little and need frequent, organised training sessions, and do not respond well to irregularity. A psychic type would be comfortable to train intermittently, but a fighting one would dislike the lack of order. Moreover, they also benefit from repetitive training - executing a move over and over again, for example, until they are competent at it. Funnily enough, well-trained fighting types are some of the least hectic Pokémon in battle, as they perform best when their skills are honed individually and with precision; they are not brutishly forceful as many would believe.  

Bug Type:

Pokémon of this type are known to acquire skills quickly but lack the power that other types bear. As a general trend, many bugs (beedrill, butterfree, beautifly, vivillon) reach the pinnacle of their strength quickly and find it hard to build on that, so bug trainers have to focus on perfecting strategy to bring out the best in them. Where a dragon trainer can sometimes rely on power alone to win battle, bug trainers cannot. It’s all about detail - status conditions, stat boosts, slowly weakening the opponent before dealing a final blow. That isn’t to say that powerful bug types don’t exist - species like scizor and heracross are formidable opponents - but they generally lack the overwhelming force of other types. They are not, however, to be underestimated. 

Rock Type:

Rock types are known for their brawn rather than their brains. To bring out the best in them, trainers need to be patient and unruffled, adept at giving simple, direct commands. Rock Pokémon can be stubborn, but treating them with a firm hand is not advised. Whilst dark types may refuse to cooperate to undermine their trainer’s authority, unresponsive rock types are usually just fed up, fatigued, or irritable with their own performance, so it is best to either comfort them or leave them alone. On the upside, rock types do not dislike repetitive training and have among the best muscle memory of any type. If an attack was tutored appropriately, they should remember it for the rest of their life, even if they go years without using it. This gives rock trainers a certain flexibility that makes up for their Pokémon’s inability to improvise.

Ground Type:

Ground types bear similarities to rock types but are generally less rigid and more independent-minded. Ground trainers typically focus on overwhelming their opponents with strong, straightforward attacks, raising their Pokémon to hit hard and take hard hits. They aren’t the most challenging type to raise due to their docile nature, but there is a certain knack to finding the balance between offence and defence in ground types that a lot of trainers don’t have. 

Poison Type:

Poison is a type that goes in and out of fashion in the battle industry. Such types are far friendlier and more intelligent than they appear, willing to accept their place in the trainer-Pokémon hierarchy and respond to their master’s commands. They aren’t as free with improvisation as other types, but they have been known to make extra attempts to poison foes without being asked to - they think beyond their trainer’s commands without deviating too far from them. However, despite their many benefits, poison types just aren’t practical to own - some carry health risks, some are toxic to the touch, and most of them stink to high heaven.         

Steel Type:

Like flying types, steel Pokémon are difficult to generalise as so many belong to different types. A notable characteristic is that they can be unyielding and take time to form bonds with, but aside from that, there isn’t a great deal that makes them unique - most rock or ground trainers would have little difficulty raising steel Pokémon. A trainer’s decision to specialise in steel is likely to come from their appreciation of the type rather than their having a particular knack with it.

Ice Type:

Ice is frequently referred to as a ‘quiet’ type, as ice Pokémon rarely respond well to brash commands and do best when trained one-on-one rather than in pairs or trios. They mostly require gentle, sensitive coaching if they are to warm to their trainers, which means that they sometimes flounder in high-pressure tournaments and cannot cope with the chaos of double battles. Some think that the fragility of the type in battle may be a consequence of insufficient domestication. At any rate, half-ice types seem better suited to a competitive climate.        

Fairy Type:

Another favourite with children, fairy types have all the cooperation and friendliness of normal types but twice the power. Their attention spans can be somewhat lacking, but this flaw is often countered by determination; fairies are typically more eager to please their trainers than any other type. However, this eagerness robs them of the independence and instinct of psychics, as they are reluctant to do anything beyond their commands for fear of upsetting their trainer. Any successful improvisation must be positively reinforced if they are to have a degree of autonomy, but mistakes are never to be scolded. Fairy types are too sensitive to respond to criticism. Reward-based training is the most effective way to bring out their power. 

Dragon Type:

This type is possibly the hardest of all to train, hence why dragon taming tends to run in families. To be an effective dragon trainer, one needs to find a balance between dominance and respect, as dragons take orders only from those who recognise their power without being intimidated by it. The most successful dragon specialists start young, with milder species like dratini and noibat, before building up to more defiant kinds. Raising a dragon from birth is the best way to generate the necessary mutual respect.  

Some regard dragon taming as a lifestyle - an expensive one, at that. Aside from the skill needed to cope with such powerful beasts, the money required to buy, feed, house and train them is far greater than most can afford. Some aspiring trainers gain access to dragon types through scholarships or scouting, but often too late for them to specialise effectively. For now, it remains a type for the elite. 

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Hiya, can I request a series type thing with all of the guys with a Host Club! AU? If you've ever seen the anime, Ouran High School Host Club my idea was loosely based off of that. Thank youuuuu

- flirty type
- president of the host club
- flirts with his guests, but he does it just to tease them and see their reactions and means absolutely no harm
- very affectionate with his guests
- gives many hugs, pats on the head, and he likes to wrap an arm around their shoulders
- the host that makes you feel loved
- a lot of guests ask for him because he always has a way of making anyone feel loved and special in their own way
- his words are the best remedy for bad days

- prince type
- vice president of the host club
- pushes hair away from his guests’ face, fixes their uniform, compliments their new hairstyle or new shoes
- walks them to the door at the end of the day
- kisses their hands as greeting
- guests ask for him when they feel like being treated like royalty because that’s exactly what jeonghan does for each one of them
- looks at his guests like they’re his entire world

- gentleman type
- very soft-spoken, makes all his guests sway with his gentle voice
- pulls up the chairs for his guests, asks about their day
- plays the guitar for them at their request
- offers to give advice when he sees a guest who looks a bit down
- most of his guests are those who are somewhat insecure because he makes them feel beautiful, slowly helping them gain confidence in themselves
- always tells them to get home safely and sleep well

- mischievous type
- teases his guests
- catches them when they trip, intentionally moves his face close to theirs to see how they’d react
- the type to say “what happened? have you fallen for me?” afterwards
- or even “did your heart flutter when i said your name?”
- of course only does this to joke around with them, but he cares deeply for his guests and shows this by thanking them constantly and wearing all the gifts they give him
- guests ask for him when they’re in the mood for witty banter, or to feel their hearts burst from his teasing

- fun type
- his table is the loudest because soonyoung’s always messing around with his guests or making them laugh with his hilarious stories
- turns everything into a game, his guests never get bored when they’re with him
- makes jokes and puns, which his guests love
- the other members are at their tables rolling their eyes at them (save for wonwoo, mingyu and seokmin who are dying of laughter too)
- loves to give goodbye hugs, and always thanks them for coming
- guests ask for him when they’re in need of a good laugh or just want someone to fool around with

- mysterious type
- shows his love for his guests through actions more than words
- places a hand on top of theirs as a sign of sympathy or “things will get better”
- ties their scarf for them as a way of saying “it’s cold out, don’t get sick”
- does many other things his guests really appreciate
- he isn’t as talkative as some of the other members, but he does always express his worry or gratefulness with hushed whispers whenever he’s given the chance
- no one ever knows what he’s thinking, guests love to ask for him because he’s such a mystery and they like the thrill of trying to get to know him

- tsundere type
- requested by A LOT of guests because of this personality trait of his
- his guests are those who like a challenge, the fun in trying to make jihoon smile is what keeps them coming
- acts like he’s untouchable and indifferent towards affection, but secretly loves it
- very caring towards his guests, stands in front of them when someone’s hurting them or making a huge deal out of something so small
- worries about them constantly, tries not to show it
- plays the piano for them
- blushes when he returns to the table and gets complimented for his talent

- goofy type
- will sing at his guests’ request, sometimes laughs halfway through the song due to all the praise
- guests ask for him when they need someone to brighten their day
- very natural around his guests, treats them like they’re close friends and always makes sure no one is left out of the conversation
- likes to pull pranks on the other members while his guests are watching and stifling their laughter
- body gags, funny faces
- always tells his guests “keep smiling!! you’re all cuter when you smile!!”

- romantic type
- gives his guests flowers!!
- gives each one a different flower so that they each feel special like one person gets a daisy, one gets a tulip, one gets a lily, etc
- guests ask for him because he gives them all hope for love, always telling them he knows they’ll find their meant-to-be soon
- eats A LOT, so his guests always give his homemade meals or desserts, which mingyu appreciates very much
- he cooks for them too sometimes and gets really happy when he sees they like his food

- shy type
- blushes A LOT which keeps his guests coming because he’s so CUTE
- but he will actually drop kick anyone in the face if they hurt any of the members
- he likes to ask about his guests’ days and if they’re feeling well
- he’s a great listener and gives great advice, so usually guests request him when they want to rant or just talk about their favorite groups or anything
- when it gets to talking about himself, he gets really shy and turns pink from all the compliments
- the type of host who loves talking about his guests more than himself

- refreshing type
- he’s funny, charming, kind, and the actual definition of the refreshing childhood friend type
- can make anyone smile again after a sad day, sad guests always ask for him
- over-exaggerates his actions when telling his guests stories
- gets embarrassed later on, gets teased by the other members
- cares a lot about his guests, always says things like “please take care of yourself!!” and “please dress warmly because it’s starting to get cold!!”
- sweaters. guests always buy him sweaters
- he wears them over his uniform, alternates day by day to show he loves the gifts and his guests

- cool type
- wears his uniform messily like his sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his tie undone, headphones around his neck, hands in his pockets
- a bit of the quiet type, mostly just listens and smiles at his guests’ stories
- has great taste in music, always shares his playlists with his guests
- likes listening to his guests’ playlists too, feels that he can get closer to them this way
- guests ask for him when they’re in need of a calm presence after a long and tiring day

- innocent type
- guests always bring him candy and cake because watching him eat and smile at the gifts makes their hearts happy
- guests ask for him because they all like taking care of him
- but chan likes to take care of them as well
- he’ll share his sweets with them, gives them tissues to wipe away their tears, and keeps extra mittens in his locker in case any of them needed some when going home in the cold
- he’s very thoughtful and always wants to do something for his guests in return

which host is your pick?

thank you for your request!!

Needs (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
A/N: This is a drabble that I wrote when I was bored. It’s short (in comparison to my other writings) and it’s probably not that good but I wrote this at like 4am so I didn’t expect much tbh. Anyway, I hope you enjoy 😊.

“Stop moving!” Jimin grunted as you fidgeted on his lap for the 5th time since you sat down not even 2 minutes ago.

“I’m sorry I’m just trying to get comfortable.” You lied. His thighs were a perfect seat and it was like your butt was made for his lap. Getting comfortable was not the issue.

“I know what you want, but I’m not going to give it to you so just stop it already.” Jimin replied playfully, discarding your comment as you wiggled a little more against him.

“But whyyyy?” You whined as you leaned back against him, your head resting on his shoulder. It had been a while since you two had sex and you were tired of being celibate. You didn’t know exactly how long it’d been but you decided that it was long enough so you started making active attempts to seduce him. Recently all of your attempts had failed and you were beginning to get frustrated.

Jimin sighed. “There’s no real reason. I jus-”

“Don’t love me anymore? Don’t want me anymore?” You interrupted and went on before he could respond. “I guess I’ll just have to live like a nun from now on. Forever abstinent until my lowly existence ends. I’ll die unwanted, unattended to, my vagina will dry up and then no one will want to fuck me-”

“Stop,” Jimin laughed at your melodramatic monologue. “I do still want you, don’t say things like that.” He reassured.

“Then why won’t you fuck me?!” You shouted. “I have needs ya know.” There was no shame at this point, you were willing to beg just to feel him again. Why was he torturing you like this?

He thought for a moment before a smirk crawled up his lips. It wasn’t a kind look, it was mischievous and devilish, the type of smirk that made butterflies flutter in your gut. You prepared yourself for what he was about to say.

“Ok I’ll take care of your ‘needs’ but under one condition. You have to beg.” His smile grew as he felt you take a deep inhale of annoyance, but you didn’t protest.

“Please Jimin? Please fuck me, I just want to feel you inside of me.” You batted your eyelashes innocently and turned your head towards him, hoping it would be enough.

“Continue.” He mumbled as he planted soft kisses on your neck and shoulder, moving your oversized shirt away from the skin.

“I’m so horny right now, please. I need you. I can’t stop thinking about how good your cock feels, how good you make me feel when I cum around you.” Such lewd words fell out of your mouth naturally, but you couldn’t be bothered enough to be embarrassed. “Please, I want you!”

Jimin pondered your words for a second as he sucked on your sensitive skin, careful not to make marks that were too dark. He finally sighed and moved his mouth to your ear so he could whisper to you. “Ok, I think you deserve it.”

In an instant you jumped up and began removing your clothes, the fabric couldn’t leave your body fast enough. Jimin on the other hand, took his time stripping himself of his clothes. His hands fiddled with the belt casually and it seemed as though there was no urgency to his movements. By the time you were completely naked, Jimin was just sliding down his boxers, eyes never leaving your body as a grin threatened the corners of his lips. You looked at him with wide eyes, hesitant to rush him but feeling your patience grow thin. He winked at you when he kicked his pants and boxers away and you took this as a chance to come closer to him. When your steps stopped a foot away from where he was, so did his movements.

“I’m feeling a bit lazy today so you’re gonna have to do all the work.” You gave him a questioning look and waited for him to elaborate. “This is an open invitation for you to use my body to pleasure yourself. I’ll just sit back, relax and enjoy to show.”

Without too much thought, you accepted his offer and reached for his shirt, tossing it over his head quickly and moving to straddle his waist. Your hands roamed his toned chest and you watched hungrily as his body reacted to your touch, muscles flexing as your fingertips ran across them. Despite his calm demeanor, you could tell Jimin was turned on by the way his cock hardened beneath you. As you leaned forward to capture his lips, you reached down and grabbed his shaft, pumping it slowly as you guided it to your entrance. You pulled away from the short kiss to look down at where you were aiming. He was still only half erect but it was good enough for you, he would get hard soon enough, so you ran his tip along your folds before sinking down on his length slowly, trying to adjust to his girth.

Your wetness allowed his entry to be smooth but your tightness slowed you down a bit. The stretch felt amazing no doubt, but you had to take him little by little to reduce the slight discomfort you felt. Jimin sighed as you rocked your hips gently to help ease him inside you. He was now fully erect and it made things easier because you didn’t have to hold him up.

“Shit, (Y/n) you’re so tight.” Jimin quipped, eyes locked between your legs to watch you engulf his length.

“It’s been a while.” You let out a short breathy laugh but it quickly turned into a gasp as you allowed yourself to drop farther onto him.

Once you were all the way down on him, you started moving immediately. An idea popped into your mind as you stared at Jimin, his expression still smug and relaxed. You wanted to get a little revenge for having to grovel to him so you decided that teasing him and making him beg for you would be acceptable pay back. Currently, he was content with the moderate pace you set, staying true to his word and not doing any work except for the occasional thrust upward. You slowed the pace exponentially just as he got comfortable, closing your eyes and throwing your head back in exaggeration. It did feel good, however, you would rather ride him hard and fast instead of slow and gentle. But that was not your objective in this moment and teasing Jimin took to priority.

His fingertips dug into your thighs when you continued, but you ignored it and moaned his name. Jimin’s breathing became unsteady as he tried to restrain himself, your moans and light movements arousing him and frustrating him at the same time. You tightened around his dick purposely and were pleasantly surprised when it evoked a groan from his throat.

“Baby, stop teasing,” He whined and you could feel his eyes piercing through you. “I’ll have to intervene if you keep testing me like this.” The warning wasn’t at all intimidating to you, but somehow his tone of voice made you anxious. Excitement built up inside you and suddenly you wanted to see what would happen, deciding to push his buttons further. Your walls clamped down on him again when you rolled your hips on him hard, rolling your head to the side to look at him with innocent eyes.

“But you said I could use you to pleasure myself and right now this feels so good.” You emphasized your words with a moan and a lip bite, Jimin unconsciously copying your actions as he stared at you.

He couldn’t argue with you. He did say that and he knew it, but that didn’t prevent him from getting worked up. A thin sheen of sweat was starting to form on his forehead and his hands had made their way up to your waist, subtly pushing you down onto him but you put up some resistance and stuck with the slow pace.

You alternated between bouncing on his lap and slow grinding, your lack in consistency driving Jimin crazy. When you bounced on his cock Jimin took advantage and pulled you down hard. The thing that really made him snap, however, was the fact that you never bounced on him for more than 5 seconds, reverting back to gently rocking against his hips just when he started to get into it. If he tried to buck into you, you would slow down even more to keep him in check. He had virtually no power. Sexual frustration built within Jimin quickly and he finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Wrapping his hands under your ass, Jimin stood abruptly and headed toward your bedroom. You looked at him with wide eyes and tried to read his emotions as he carried you out of the room, cock still buried inside of you.

“What are you doing?” You asked innocently, wrapping your arms around his neck for support.

“I gave you a chance to satisfy yourself but since you wanna play games, we can play.” The dark lust swirling in his eyes turned you on beyond belief. Your walls tightened around his member unintentionally and caused Jimin to grunt. “Are you enjoying making me frustrated?”

“Now you know how I felt every time you rejected me.” Your smart ass remark makes Jimin scoff and roll his eyes at you.

When you enter the room he kicks the door shut behind him with his foot and places you on the bed beneath him, immediately attacking your jaw and neck with kisses. His hips move idly against yours and you moan at the feeling of him rocking inside of you. He pulls back and drags you to the edge of the bed by your hips so he can stand comfortably. With hungry eyes, Jimin looks down at you and licks his lips.

“I’m gonna fuck you the way I want since you don’t want to do it right yourself.” He growls before snapping his hips into yours, making you slide up the bed a little. He pulls you back into him as he rapidly slams into you, not giving you enough time to react. A gasp gets caught in your throat from his actions but it quickly turns into a moan. This is what you wanted all along. For him to pound into you and satisfy the ache between your legs that has been bothering you for what felt like an eternity. His sudden aggressiveness let you know that he too has been craving you and it made you wonder why he had been depriving himself.

But you had no time to ponder such things because Jimin angled his hips and hit your spot perfectly. A surge of pleasure rushed through you and forced you to grab onto his biceps. Your back curved off of the bed and noises escaped your throat before you had a chance to contain them. A deep hum rumbled in Jimin’s chest as he felt and observed your body’s reaction to him.

“Tell me when you’re close.” He knew you wouldn’t last much longer, it had been too long. He could see it in the way your body tensed up when he went faster and harder, could feel it in the way your legs started to tremble and tried to squeeze together. His palms ran up the inside of your thighs to grip your knees, pushing your legs farther apart and holding them open. Jimin looked at your face to see you peering up at him though your lashes, moaning his name and speaking to him with your eyes. He couldn’t resist the allure of your lips and bent down to steal a kiss, changing the motion of his thrusts. With this angle he was almost flush with you so his pelvis rubbed against your clit every time he ground his hips into you. There was still power in his movements as he did body rolls against you and the combination of the intimacy and strength had you teetering on the edge.

“Baby,” You pant out against his lips. “I’m close.” The words were moaned and barely coherent but Jimin understood and pulled away from you. Then you felt his hips slam into yours harshly, making you jolt up the bed.

“Don’t you dare. Not yet.” He warned and suddenly his thumb was rubbing circles into your clit. The added stimulation made his request seem impossible. Your eyes squeezed shut as you fought against your body, abdomen tightening to hold off your convulsing walls. You were looking so forward to cumming but now your impending orgasm seemed like a curse as you tried to hold yourself back. Jimin knew exactly how much pressure to use as he rubbed you and you wanted to scream at how good it felt.

“Jimin please!“You pleaded desperately and you felt like you were fighting a losing battle. Your hands were gripping the sheets so hard your knuckles were turning white and your breathing was so labored you felt like you were going to pass out. But Jimin knew your limits and just how far to push you to max out your pleasure.

“Just a little more,” He mumbled before reaching down to peck you on your trembling lips. He could feel your self control slipping away so he took mercy on you and granted you release. “Let go sweetheart. Cum for me.” At his words you let your body go limp and it was suddenly out of your control. Your hips moved on their own accord to move against Jimin’s thumb and the added friction was enough to push you over the edge. Jolts of electricity shot through your body from your core, traveling up your violently shaking legs to your toes, forcing them to curl in delight, and through the base of your spine and up, making your back arch high away from the mattress. Tears of bliss pricked the corners of your eyes and slid down your flushed cheeks as moans that resembled Jimin’s name flew from your lips along with profanities and sighs of pleasure.

The sight of you coming undone beneath him was too much for Jimin and he also found his orgasm fast approaching. The thumb that was still stroking your bundle of nerves moved to rub circles into your thigh instead when you became too sensitive. He pulled out of your dripping cavern and quickly grabbed your wrist to guide your hand to grip his throbbing member. Your eyes opened slightly to see the glazed look in Jimin’s and you tried your best to finish him off. Your hand jerked quickly along his dick and a string of groans and sighs left your boyfriend’s beautiful mouth. Soon after that you were surprised with his hot semen shooting from his roaring red tip onto your breasts and stomach. His hips moved into your hand to ride out his high before you pulled away and watched the sexy look on his face as he reveled in the pleasure.

With shaky legs, Jimin made his way onto the bed and pulled you up next to him. You shuddered as relief and the aftershocks of your orgasm washed over your body along with fatigue. After a few minutes of recovery, you felt Jimin get up and grab an old shirt from the floor to clean up the masterpiece he had painted on your body. A question popped into your mind as he wiped you up and you mustered up some strength to speak.

“Why did you deprive me of sex for so long?” You intended to sound angry but you failed.

“It always makes us orgasm harder.” He says with a smirk and you can’t help but agree. A sigh leaves you.

“Well in that case, it was worth the wait.”

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Supernatural Series: BamBam as Trickster

Tricksters are a type of mischievous beings or demideities with the ability to warp reality and make real-looking objects and people out of thin air.

“Demigod-like immortal creatures that thrive on creating mischief and mayhem.”

Jb / Youngjae / Yugyeom / Jackson / Jinyoung / Mark  

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BTS reaction to you being lovely with your nephew/niece

They visit you while you’re babysitting your nephew/niece and see how you interact with them.

Jin: This boy probably knows how to deal with kids the best out of them all. So when he sees you handling your nephew/niece so well and being lovely with them he’d smile brightly. If your niece/nephew would allow it he’d join in and play with them and act silly. In his eyes, you’d be even more perfect if you could deal with children well.

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Yoongi: He likes children, but he doesn’t have as much energy and patience for them as other people. He’d just sit down on the sofa and watch you two being adorable together. He’d wear a big smile but he’d try to hide it. He’s a softie, a sight like that wouldn’t leave him unfazed.

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Hoseok: He would immediately join you and your nephew/niece. He loves children and he’s a ball of sunshine and positivity. Anyone who treats kids nicely gains points with him, especially you. When he watches you playing with your nephew/niece he’d drift off to think about how you’d act if this was your own child and if that child would also be his.

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Namjoon: He’s very mature and he likes children. Their innocent mindset and their quick and open approach towards strangers is something that fascinates him. Seeing you playing and having fun with your nephew/niece would make him smile a lot. He would wait until your nephew/niece asked him to join you two and he’d have a lot of fun with your nephew/niece, probably teaching them some stuff in the process.

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Jimin: He’d be hesitant to join your nephew/niece and you in whatever you were doing, he wouldn’t want to interrupt your family time. At first, he’d just sit beside you and watch you with his huge trademark smile. He’d be so filled with happiness when he saw you acting cute with children. If you and you nephew/niece wanted him to join the play, he would join immediately.

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Taehyung: This boy loves children and he wants to have some of his own later in life too. So if he sees you acting cute with kids and treating them well he’d be even more in love with you than before. He’d join you two while secretly planning his future with you and thinking of baby names for your future children.

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Jungkook: For him, it wouldn’t be anything more than just what it was; you acting cute with children. He wouldn’t think anything of it. Of course, the thought that you’d be this lovely with your future kids too would cross his mind, but he thought of himself as too young to think about stuff like this already. He’d be more the mischievous type and play fun games with your nephew/niece.

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Sterek + 10

this is the first teen wolf fic ive ever finished omg

Derek was ten years old the first time he saw him; he was maybe half a foot smaller than Derek and there were moles and freckles all over him.  

 “Teach me how to play?” he asked.

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aang almost got a brother today….


Finally I can show this off~!

After a joke that resulted in spamming Asia’s inbox with cheesy pick up lines, we decided to draw a picture for her 😂

And so here we have Asia’s Discord Harem, courtesy of @mermaibee (sketch), @karmakitty (lines/sparkle effects), and myself (color/background) 💕

The Protagonist™ @crazyanime3
The Shy Type @mermaibee
The Seductive Type @ino-fujiwara
The Literal Meme @kavourikarma
The Mischievous Type @chubbychicken1412
The Innocent Type @catslab

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pokemon au, what would it be like to battle the gym leaders and league? what's their battle strategy?

Like no one ever was, to catch them is my real test… TO TRAIN THEM IS MY CAUSE!~ again in order from first gym to champion. Gyms are laid out like the games, puzzles and tasks to get to the leader.

Subaru (Steel) - Since he’s the first gym you (or Yui) would be facing it would be rather easy and the pokemon trainers are lower leveled. His battle tactic is pretty solid; hit hard and deal as much damage as possible. The best way around this is stat moves and pokemon with very high defense, also best to pack a good fire type also.

Azusa (Ice) - He’s the second gym so it may and or may not be a challenge, depending on your approach to the battle, his gym is laid out pretty basic for an ice gym skating and snowballs just watch out for the blades in the ice if you fall.. His battle tactic is rather mixed but he uses mainly special attack moves that don’t hit as hard, the real kicker is his Amaura’s ability Snow Warning… Hail’s a killer.

Laito (Rock) - By the time you get to Laito the gyms are getting tougher, his gym is no exception and it’s luckily not allowed to be laid out like you think, in fact his gym is more of a dark rock maze so good luck. I’m not gonna lie Laito’s strategy is a little sporadic and changes every time, but one thing that doesn’t change is his focus on defense. Most of his pokemon aren’t fast but while they are slow, dealing damage is near impossible unless you are lowering it (not much good because of Rock Polish) or type matching. His biggest hitter is his Rhydon who knows Rock Slide and Earthquake… good luck.

Kou (Fairy) - Not gonna his gym makes you feel like you’re on Broadway, stages and performances and the like, but don’t be fooled by that pretty face because you’ll be having to lick your wounds if you are. Kou is extremely unpredictable with strategy but he’s consistent with it being rather pretty but beastly, it’s best to have a poison or steel type ready and watch out for Sylveon’s Cute Charm!

Kanato (Ghost) - His gym would be as scary as Kanato, dolls and puppets and things that are plain out creepy, not to mention that the trainers there all train mischievous ghost types so be prepared to see a possessed mannequin. Kanato’s battle strategy is also scary if you don’t have the right moves, his Banette may just be your worst nightmare with Curse and a hard hitting Shadow Ball. Best to leave the normal, rock, and steel types at home for this one.

Yuma (Grass) - You wouldn’t know you were in a gym if it weren’t for the trainers there at the ready to tear you apart with razor leaves, it’s a literal garden where grows berries and other various crops. Yuma’s battle strategy has got to be absolutely annoying, most of his pokemon now giga drain and energy ball so not only do they hit hard they also restore any damage you deal to them which can cause a problem for water type users!

Ayato (Fire) - Your’s Truly only has the best gym in the whole region! Ayato’s gym is a basketball fiasco so I hope you can score some three pointers, beat his high score and you can face him. His battle strategy is just as direct as he is, fierce also like a natural fire type user, keep a watch out for those flamethrowers and watch out because Arcanine is extremely fast. Also be ready to heal a lot of burns.

Shin (Dark) - Okay guys we all know dark types are laughable but please… don’t laugh at Shin because he will slaughter you. He’s the strongest gym leader and is aiming on getting to be champion after Carla so you still have a fight on your hands. Half of his team is double typed so even though dark type moves don’t do damage you will have to be looking out for the fire, dragon, and water type moves he can shoot out. Get a fairy or fighting type and maybe some more to match weaknesses and be sure to be faster than Mightyena.

Elite 4~

Reiji (Poison) - Reiji’s battle style is completely based on status damage caused by poison, so it will get annoying to surpass the set backs that occur when Toxic and Venoshock are put together. Hey it’s not called the Pokemon league for nothing so toughen up and get your steel, pyschic, or ground types ready along with some full restores because Reiji’s not going easy on you.

Ruki (Psychic) -
Okay we all know psychic type aren’t as scary as they seem to be, they’re defense is pretty crappy and all, but Ruki could make anyone shiver when he throws out the Espeon… and he knows how to use her. His strategy is completely special attack and defense based so be ready for a lot of hits from your pokemon’s confusion and watch out for Psyshock or you may just be seeing Reiji again.

Kino (Electric) - Electric types are fast and Kino’s pokemon are no different. They are fast and they are strong, get ready for a lot of paralysis status conditions and a lot of 1 hit k.o’s unless you are smart and brought a rock, ground, or steel type pokemon and a lot of full restores. Once Kino get’s started, there’s no turning back so watch Raichu’s Volt Tackle and Thunderbolts because you’ll be seeing those a lot.

Shu (Normal) - Shu’s strategy may be basic but it’s balanced enough to the point that you’d never look at a normal type the same way again. Though Shu likes silence mostly, even as a trainer, his Exploud is not afraid to pull out Boomburst or even Hyperbeam so duck and cover. Get you a good fighting type and leave the ghosts in the graveyard because this team is probably hardest you’ll face, and it’s only gonna get harder.

Carla (Dragon) - Oh man you’ve made it! Now kiss those wins goodbye because you’re in the belly of the beast and Carla’s not gonna go easy on you for any reason. He didn’t become Champion for nothing and you’re gonna have to prove yourself to take his place. Let’s face it, dragon types are scary unless you have a fairy or steel type… then the mass amounts of Draco Meteor you’ll be hit with won’t matter. If you didn’t foresee it then I suggest packing a hell of a lot of Full restores and Max Revives and buckling up lest you find yourself back at square one licking your wounds.

What is Elias’ Identity?

Note: I will be using the manga scanslations as a reference since I am not currently in possession of all the volumes.

After seeing the Crunchyroll special preview of The Ancient Magus’ Bride a month ago, I had the sudden urge to revisit the volumes and see if I could pick up anything I missed. Lo-and behold, it was a trove of possible questions, answers, and theories.

Elias’ identity in the manga continues to be a mystery. The majority of the cast regard him as a “magus” due to his vast knowledge of magic, however he doesn’t quite qualify as a magus. In fact, he’s more like a “thing” or a strange entity. In chapter 16, Rahab hints that Elias’ may be of another origin completely. Perhaps something forbidden or intriguing.

Now put that thought on the side.

Back in Volume Three, Joseph/Cartaphilus reveals that he’s in search for an immortal body that is the combination of both faerie magic and wizardry/alchemy. As a result, he creates chimeras and is constantly looking for faerie type of materials to fuse with his creations (i.e. Ruth, dragons, etc.) 

Based on these two hints, I asked myself: “Does that mean Elias is a sort of chimera himself?”  

Of course, not of the Joseph variant where you infuse fae into a human host. But rather, Elias might have originally been a fae, or more plausibly, a demon who tried to infuse a human soul or parts in himself, thus creating the ideal body that Joseph may have wanted. The term demon has been tossed around in the latter chapters of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, but since there’s no actual facts about them, I’m just going to go off my fan reasons why I think Elias is possibly part demon:

  1. Ashen Eyes warns both Chise and Stella in chapter 29 that “It’s not just us (magi and fae). There are those even above my kind… Things that lurk in the earth and the shadows”. Now it can be interpreted that there are malicious beings just hiding about, but since Elias’ magic specialty lies in the shadow, it wouldn’t be that far off that other evil beings share similar powers to him. Plus, Elias is not limited to just melting in the shadows and manifesting, but also shapeshifting into different bone-head forms that certainly don’t look human at all. Lindel claimed that his first meeting with Elias was “as though the night itself stood on two legs before me”, indicating that Elias pretty much doesn’t look/feel remotely human. These sub-abilities of manifestation, shadow walking, and shapeshifting may be considered demonic abilities.

  2. Elias remembers seeing “red” and claims that he might have eaten humans in the past. In some fantasy lore, demons do devour the human flesh to either sustain itself or absorb certain characteristics, skills, and/or memories of the host. Erasing is not so much of a demonic specialty as Ashen Eyes is capable of doing so as a magus and Elias requires the use of his staff.

  3. Now this last part may seem far fetched, but I imagine that demons and the fae are similar in thought if they are going to be antithesis of each other, but still considered “mythical beings”. Both entities are practical beings (i.e. only look out for themselves, will push aside issues that causes them pain, etc.) yet are highly intrigued with the human temperament (i.e. the will to persevere even if you are suffering, being close family/kin, sacrificing oneself, complex emotions, etc.). But how they approach humans is radically different. Demons are the type that like to get really close to humans to the point where they work to understand their target & blend in with the purpose to later tempt, torment, and devour humans. Fae in The Ancient Magus’ Bride seem to be the mischievous type with their pranks, but they become distant once the fun is over or their interests no longer matter. Elias, on the other hand, holds a deep interest in humans. He makes too much of an effort to blend in with them, interact with them, help them out, and understand how their minds work.

So based off these points, it’s likely that Elias used to be some demonic entity who wanted to get as close as he can to being human. He’s no magus yet, but he has an intuitive understanding of shadow magic that allows him to take up whatever form and melt off into the shadows. He doesn’t require extra incantations or a neighbor to help him, which is similar to how the faes operate. Based off Rahab’s theory, Elias must have tried to transform himself into human (most likely to understand them at their core rather than continue to consume them blindly), but botched it up and ended up acquiring attributes of both groups.

This makes him almost the perfect chimerical hybrid that Joseph is looking for since Elias’ body seems to be as sturdy as Lindel’s and is capable of magic. But that brings the question of “Why doesn’t Joseph target Elias then?” Perhaps it may be that Joseph is too blinded by the theory that human body + fae soul/parts + complex wizard formulas = chimerical perfect body. Or Joseph may be already aware of Elias’ makeup, but cannot act on it because Elias’s body doesn’t quite follow the principles of magic from a wizard/alchemy standpoint if he’s originally a mythical being from the start.

Sorry for the long explanation and fan theory. I’m just too excited to see what Kore-sensei has in store for us and couldn’t help but write this BS off the top of my head. If it doesn’t turn out to be canon, that’s fine by me. TBH Kore-sensei probably has something even more interesting up her sleeves that I could’ve never imagined.

Crack Octo Squad OHSHC AU

:))) something I thought of while my teacher was rambling about the Multiple Worlds theory

                                Name-Host Type-Year-Enrolled by

@yangeliio3o-Musical type-2nd Year-Scholarship
@endotox-Smart & Mature type-2nd Year-Scholarship
@stakticc-Cool type-3rd Year-Tuition
@littlemissnightmares-Natural type-1st Year-Scholarship
@alexxlue-Charming type-3rd Year-Tuition
@k8lex-Creative type-2nd Year-Tuition
@tsurushokubutsu-Mischievous type (1)-1st Year-Tuition
@sploonhd-Mischievous type (2)-1st Year-Tuition

I have this personal headcanon where I think Misono and Mikuni’s grandfather was one of the more outgoing members of the Alicein lineage. He had a good sense of humor, didn’t stress about the little things, and maybe he was even a bit of a troublemaker in his younger days. He and Lily were pretty close, they made a strong team, and he was just an all-around great guy. And that’s why Mikuni had a special bond with him. Mikuni didn’t really take after Mikado – he was more like Mikage, they had the same outgoing, mischievous type of personality.