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First time writing

So I’m a silent shipper and I’ve never written anything before, but I wrote this right after the WW interview and have just been holding onto it. In light of today’s events, I thought maybe now was the time. Please be kind! I also want to say that I appreciate the fam so much and Maksyl has taken over my life!! ;-)

She was finishing her second glass of wine, surrounded by people who were quickly becoming family. It had been a whirlwind of a day and the alcohol was doing nothing to ease the tension in her body. Maks sat next to her at the table, so close that they could almost share a seat. Somehow, his nearness calmed her. It felt like home.
She was so tired. Physically tired from dancing and traveling and being sick, mentally tired from all the attention and emotionally tired from all the probing questions.
Her face burned at the thought of that morning’s interview. Who asks perfect strangers if they are having sex? On national television? When their moms are watching?
He felt her tense next to him and watched as she took a deep gulp from her glass. He could see the wheels turning in her mind and the blush creeping up her face.
Damn that host, he thought. How dare she cheapen what they have and embarrass Meryl that way.
He ran his hand down her leg and leaned in to whisper in her ear.
“Let it go, babe.”
She turned her head towards him and whispered, “Can we take a walk? Need air.”
Dinner was finished some time ago, so no one paid much attention when Maks stood up. He grabbed Meryl’s hand and they slipped out the back door towards the pool.
Meryl loved the backyard of Maks and Val’s New Jersey home. He led her over to a lounge chair and he sat, pulling her down with her back on his chest.
“Talk to me babe. I could see you trying to work something out in your head.”
Meryl took a deep breath and let her slight buzz spill her thoughts.
“I just hate that woman. I hate the media. I hate Hollywood. Why do people care? I’m so embarrassed that my mom has the thought of us having sex in her head. I love you and I want to spend every moment with you and I can’t stand the thought of us not seeing each other every day but why the frick does everyone think I need to declare my undying affections for you to the entire fricking world?”
Maks let her vent, watching her beautiful face with slight amusement. When she paused to take a breath, he seized the opportunity and jumped in.
“Babe, you have to understand. I’ve been dealing with this crap for years. If I hug a woman in a club, I’m having a secret affair. If I walk out of a studio at the same time as a woman, we must be sleeping together. God help me if I give a girl a ride! You have to take it with a grain of salt and know that what we have is between us and who WE choose to share it with, not with every talking head on TV.
That being said, yes, she was totally out of line this morning, but you handled it beautifully. People are going to talk and speculate and wonder, if it’s not about us, it’s about somebody. It kinda goes with the whole celebrity thing.”
He was rubbing her shoulders as he talked, making her burn for an entirely different reason. She turned, raising her face to him and pressed her lips to his. She was gentle at first, but as he parted his lips she became more aggressive. She raised herself over him to straddle his lap and wrapped her hands around his neck.
He delved into her with his tongue, tasting the wine on her lips. She let out a soft moan as he pressed himself into her and moved his hands to lift up her dress.
“Here?” she breathed.
“Here,” he growled. “No one will see.”
She kissed her agreement and he freed himself from his too-tight pants, lifted her dress and slid gently into her.
As they slipped back into the house, Meryl finally felt like she could let the embarrassment go. There was something fun about having a secret. Of course their close friends and family knew, but she rather liked the idea of keeping the public wondering.
She decided from that point forward, she was going to deny it when she felt like it, let him kiss her when he felt like it and let their fans think whatever they wanted.
She had the medal, the mirrorball and the man. No one else mattered.