the mirror lied (game)

Rpg games!

So Leorio has been bothering me to let the world know of my RPG addiction. So I threw together this list of sorts because I just finished a bunch of awesome RPG horror games. I recommend these if you want something entertaining, and slightly scary. These are in order from my favorite, to least favorite! P.S. I absolutely forbid Gon from playing these games.

1. Ib (Amazing, need I say more?). Scary (7/10) Fun (9/10)

2. Forest of Drizzling Rain (not so scary, but pretty cute). Scary (5/10) Fun (9/10)

3. Alice Mare (short, and fun) Scary (6/10) Fun (8/10)

4. Mad Father (Spooky!). Scary (8/10) Fun (7/10)

5.  The Mirror Lied (this ones pretty weird, but very short.) Scary (4/10) Fun (5/10)

6. Misao (Story wasn’t my favorite, but it was fun game play) Scary (7/10) Fun (6/10)

7. Mermaid Swamp (the story is a little odd, and it’s definitely scary.) Scary (9/10) Fun (5/10)

8. The Crooked Man (It did it’s job well, and was unpleasantly scary. So unpleasant that its at the bottom..) Scary (10/10) Fun (4/10)

Soooo yeah! These were pretty fun, I know I’m forgetting some, but I’ll keep updating as I play more games.

Extra: Homework Salesman was really fun, but not at all a horror game. Scary (0/10) Fun (9/10)


Ok so, I was like bored, and I just decided to try making sprites but the design is actually Yume Nikki inspired….and just practicing my skills! : DD Whom else did I not join in there? :D (Well, you might guess for the last one….(Ow~) 

Btw, I’m GemuMeku….OoO

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The meaning of “The Mirror Lied”

The minigame by Freebird Games leaves ample room for interpreting. Unfortunality this great game by the developers of “To the moon” is quite unknown. But I already read a few interpretations about it and now I want to share mine with you.

I think the issue of the game is identity loss. Here are a few points that may support my guess:

The titel: A mirror shows oneself, but if you aren’t yourself, it would lie.

The protagonist: Leah is faceless.

The pictures: At first one is getting blanc, then another, and after the fire all. It could show the way how she loss her identity, first a bit and then in one big step.

The fire: Triggered after the phone call from the mysterious person. It could be a metaphor for a serious, maybe really bad happening in Leah’s life. Since then she loss her identity nearly completely, because after that fire all pictures are blanc.

Birdie: I think Birdie is Leah’s real self, but he flew away. As Leah shot herself, Birdie just disappeared. He was a part of her.

The person: There is a mysterious person who calls Leah and write her all the e-mails (I suppose). I don’t know who he/she is exactly, but I think she wants Leah to change, to loss her real identity. He/She manipulates her. The fire starts after he/she called. He/she wants Leah to kill Birdie.

Well, that are my thoughts. But there are so many things I don’t understand yet.


i read this thing on a wiki for freebird games and i finally realize what the mirror lied is about

The story is about the little girl named Leah. She has a disease called “Birdie”, if you played the game and looked at the house details carefully, you will notice that small things disappear. It’s her disease, it makes her forgets details of her house. In the ending the bird takes her away and Leah brings out the gun she has, and shoots herself. There’s also other theories like, Leah is Birdie. Or, Birdie is her life goals, as soon as she was born, you start to chase your dreams, but they keep getting further away. Watering the plant is what she does during her life to work toward her goal, and the phone calls/emails are her inner self, telling her, her dreams are not worth it and to ‘kill them’ . The music box/teddy are her daily comforts, and as you grow older you lose sight of the world when the continents disappear. There’s also theories that Leah lives during war and her dad is out in the war while her mom got kidnapped/murdered and “Birdie” is a war plane

The Mirror Lied Theme (Piano Version) | OpticChaos101