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listen but like our government right now is very similar to the ministry of magic pre-voldemort-having-like-officially-returned when no one would believe harry and they were demonizing this poor boy who’d literally seen voldemort kill cedric in front of him and readers were like “omg!!!! that government is so messed up!!!!” like yes this is exactly what’s happening now u can’t just pick and choose to only support resistance when it’s in fiction

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Ravenclaw aros inventing a counterpotion for Amortentia just in case someone tries to use it on them to "counteract" their aro-ness

A cup that screams “unsafe” when tampered with.

Nail polish and straws that turn color when exposed to love potions (although it started with amortentia.

A simple counterpotion that can be carried on your person if you don’t catch the love potion beforehand.

A whole line of products invented by an ingenious group of aro Ravenclaws meant to protect people from love potions (“Protecting you when the Ministry of Magic won’t” is one of their early taglines). The end up running a company to make such products and protest against love potions. 

They’re wildly successful.

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Harry Potter and the Child Protective Services

We’ve been reading Harry Potter aloud at the dinner table and it’s a lot of fun. We’re all really into it. Except not in a million years would I send my son to Hogwarts. That place is dangerous to children. You’d think the Ministry of Magical Education would investigate that place. I’d be like, “Fuck that, you’re going to Beauxbaton. Yeah they’re snooty but kids don’t die there.”

I don’t get why in Harry Potter the ministry is so cut up over looking for Sirius, but they can’t find him, why don’t they just send him an owl???? Owls just seem to find and know where everyone is. They could just send him a letter and follow the owl. The ministry is full of idiots.

Can anyone else see the relationship of the Scamander brothers being very similar to that of Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes from the BBC series?  Newt worked for the Ministry of Magic for a short time, but Theseus made a career out of it as a powerful Auror.

I can just see a day when the Ministry needs the expert advice of one certain Magizoologist who has no intention of coming back to Britain at the moment.  It’s up to Theseus to drag him from whatever little outpost he’s at in the middle of the night, putting up a complete fuss the entire way until he’s seated outside the Minister of Magic’s door, wrapped in nothing but his camping blankets in defiance.

Theseus:  We are in the Ministry of Magic, the very heart of the wizarding British Nation.  Newton Scamander, put your trousers on.


Imagine all the kids who will grow up over the next several years with the Fantastic Beasts movies being their introduction to the Harry Potter universe. Newt Scamander will be their Harry. MACUSA will be their Ministry of Magic. It will be “No-maj” instead of “Muggle”. They won’t know Hermione and Ron like we did. They’ll learn different spells and sort each other into Ilvermorny houses before they discover their Hogwarts house and the names Dumbledore and Voldemort will sound foreign compared to Porpentina and Queenie Goldstein. It will be a new generation with a new experience and it’s sad and nostalgic and amazing all at once.

I love the fact that the Wizarding World still has concepts they don’t understand, and they are the same concepts that we can’t explain. The Department of Mysteries contains a room full of hour glasses where they are obviously studying time. A room with a mysterious veil from which can be heard the whispers of the dead. Nobody can explain what happens after death. A room full of brains. Thought is a funny thing, isn’t it? A room full of planets in outer space. Sure we have astronomy but we are nowhere close to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. And do you know the most mysterious force? The power of love that literally saved Harry’s life yet again.

When you watch Fantastic Beasts, you realize and remember that the Harry Potter series was set in a school of wizards and witches who are still learning magic.

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Donald Trump won the Muggle election and is the new president for the United States of America. Although the Ministry of Magic was hoping for a different result in the election we will do everything we can for good cooperation and international relations with America and the rest of the world. The Ministry remains strong! But in times like this it is important to remember the history and take with us what we learnt from it. Stand up for yourself and your rights and stand up for others and their rights!

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” -Albus Dumbledore