the mindy projects

Hello and good evening. I just had a shower so I’m clean and wearing clean clothing with nowhere to go but this sofa. (Butt, sofa, haha).

Still watching Bones. Apparently Season 5 is “Sponsored by Toyota” as Bones has a Prius and Angela has a Sienna, both prominent and discussed regularly. Sort of like The Mindy Project sponsored by Microsoft or Royal Pains being sponsored by Toyota. I’m ok with product placement thats legit, but I dont go around talking “My Sienna has plenty of leg room and a navigation system that uses blahblahblah” i just use the stuff.

This post sponsored by Apple, because if you use anything else, you might as well be using a pencil and paper. And also sponsored by Lush, because if you don’t wash with Lush, you are a dirty bastard.



Your secret is safe with me. Largely because I don’t care, and I’ll probably forget.
—  Coran, maybe