the mind races does it not

“I’m not saying being a runner makes you better than anyone else, but one thing is for sure. Running makes you different. You begin to understand the connection between your feet and the ground. You start to believe in the beauty of unfiltered conversation. You learn that you have to face your deepest demons on 10 mile runs when no one else is around. You become the wind. You love to high five your rivals, the people who just beat you. You learn that your mind and body must coexist in a healthy relationship. So no, running does not make you special. But it sure as hell wakes you up.”

Forgotten Plans

Summary: In which you think Bucky has forgotten your plans on one of the most important days of the year - Christmas.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,112

A/N: @beccaanne814-blog  I’m not your Secret Santa, but, if there’s anyone who deserves a fic written in their honor, it’s you. So that’s what this is! Thanks to a little birdy, I know that you requested a Bucky fic with angst/fluff (I didn’t have a prompt, so I made one up). Merry belated Christmas, Beautiful Becca, I hope you enjoy this!

@avengerstories thank you for editing this and for being one of the loveliest people I know.

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There’s a football game playing on your television, but it’s nothing more than background noise. Something to occupy your racing mind and to distract you from the fact that Bucky is late. Forty-nine minutes late to be exact.

At that moment, the crowd roars and a player does a victory dance in the end zone, but your enthusiasm is nowhere to be found. It evaporated ten minutes ago when you resigned yourself to the painful truth - Bucky isn’t coming.  

At the back of your mind, there’s a small voice that says you have no one but yourself to blame for feeling this way. You’re the one who didn’t heed the warnings from the people around you. The ones who said that Bucky wasn’t worthy of your affection. He wasn’t stable. He didn’t trust himself, so why should you? Why should he be the one to hold your heart?

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i will never in my life understand why it’s so important to actual Adult people to tear apart others who are having fun believing in something as benign as a tv show like… why is it so important to you what a bunch of queer kids on the internet think? why should this be any concern of yours at all? why do you think you’re doing anyone any favors by trying to tear people down for having fun? how does this affect you in any substantive way? nobody asked you for anything, nobody cares what you think, literally fuck off? i s2g i don’t even have a dog in this race in terms of what will or won’t happen specific to this situation but i am so fucking grossed out by the grown ass adults out there doing their best to to be absolutely evil to a bunch of young lgbtq+ folks having fun together and 100% minding their own business. fuck off, y’all are pathetic

Some thoughts on Koriand’r

The thing I think of when I think about Starfire is that absolutely nothing about her, her appearance or personality, is subtle.

Her being bright orange is one thing, having hair that dwarfs the rest of her body is another. Her gigantic 80s hair has always been one of my favorite Starfire traits. Her chosen color for clothing is purple, her eyes glow green, and her choice of outfits for her days off are generally amazingly flashy. Not that she doesn’t pull them off fantastically, I never thought round, hot-pink shades could look so good.

And of course, Tamaraneans are an amazingly emotional race. Even more than humans, everything Tamaraneans do is emotionally fueled. Starfire does what she wants without beating around the bush. She speaks whatever is on her mind, and makes her every emotion and desire known.

When she first arrives on Earth, she can’t speak English, but makes her intentions known quite well through pure body language. When she does learn English, it’s by sticking her tongue down Robin’s throat- admitting afterwards that she didn’t actually need lip contact to learn, just touching his arm would have been fine. But she wanted to kiss him, so she did.

In the Geoff Johns Teen Titans run, she’s if anything more brash and outgoing. She tells Wonder Woman to get away from her home and leave Cassie Sandsmark alone, and then attacks her when she doesn’t. And then, when Diana gets back up and tells her not to do that again, Kori just shoots her again without a word. Pages later, she flings a Starbolt at Superman out of nothing but pure spite, knowing it would accomplish nothing but to insult him.

What am I saying with all this? I’m saying that Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran, AKA Starfire, is the coolest and I love her.

Listen, the whole “khajiit morphology is based on the moons’ phases” thing is extremely interesting but y’all are also forgetting that at least every playable race in Tamriel is imbued with some manner of **star magic** like how does that go down, especially with kids? 

The Ritual in particular grants wildly different powers based on astrological alignments, so Little Timmy might heal himself from a fatal infection but he also might bring his dead dog back to life as a zombie, it’s a mixed bag really. 

The kids are playing hide and seek and S'jhan is using his Shadow star powers to cheat but then Manilleert is seeking and she was born under The Tower, she can find anything, everybody just gives up.

Then there are The Serpent children, is it like a left-handed taboo in some cultures or are they celebrated for being blessed babies regardless of the curse? What’s the deal Bethesda I want more Elder Scrolls astrology lore stop reprinting the same damn copy of The Firmament in every bloody game.

I wonder how many times I’ve crossed your mind in the time we haven’t been speaking. when you’re lying in bed at night trying to get to sleep, do you ever see my face and wish you could place one hand on my cheek and one hand on my waist to pull me closer? at parties do you ever see girls dancing to the deafening music and you have to grip your bottle tighter because you know that I played you this song once, although the volume wasn’t so loud and my head had been resting on your shoulder. I knew it wasn’t your type of music and I knew you probably didn’t like it but what I didn’t know was that it was one of the most played songs on your whole fucking phone because it reminds you of me. when I pass you in the street how much force does it take you to avoid eye contact with me? and how much does your heart and mind race when you quickly look over when you think I won’t notice and lock eyes with me accidentally? in that short time I see everything we didn’t have, everything we could of had if things happened differently. I know you taught me so much. but I wish you could have taught me so much more. for you there have been other girls and for me there have been other guys but in everyone new I look for you and I’m surprised when I never find you and I don’t know why because the person I’m looking for if the same person I had a year ago, the same person I don’t have now.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 21

Todd pressed the hold button and slowly hung up the receiver. “Launch code?”, he thought. “I distinctly remember hearing lunch code in our briefing yesterday.” His mind raced, trying to figure out how to tell the General that he doesn’t know the launch code, but that he does have some delicious chicken wraps and fries.

Ala Mhigan Roleplay FAQ

With Stormblood lurking around the corner, we figured it would be handy to answer common questions in a single post.

This posts however doesn’t covered any subject in depth but more gives a general answer on the questions. We suggest if you wish to look deeper into the subject to click our Tumblr’s page’s lore section and search for more info there. If you have any questions remaining, please don’t hesistate to ask!

Keep in mind things may change come Stomblood as well.

Last but not least, a big thank you to @arcianmartell for helping out with this post.

Do I have to be a Highlander Hyur to roleplay an Ala Mhigan?

No. With the exception of Au Ra, all the other races have been confirmed to reside in Ala Mhigo. While the nobility and royalty seem only to have been Highlander Hyur, non-Highlanders could hold positions of high standing within Ala Mhigan society. At the moment, we have no evidence that non-Highlanders were discriminated against.

For all their flaws, Ala Mhigans seemed to have little issue with certain races compared to some of the other city-states.

Does my character have to live in Little Ala Mhigo?

No. There are also Ala Mhigan settlements in the Shroud. That said, make no mistake - Ala Mhigans live all over Eorzea (and most likely beyond). If your Ala Mhigan fled or was born in Limsa, for example? That’s completely fine, too.

Little Ala Mhigo is simply where a lot of the stubborn and bitter Ala Mhigans gathered up after being mistreated and ignored by the Eorzean Alliance on the whole. A lot of them just didn’t have the means or opportunity to make their way further than Thanalan.

So Little Ala Mhigo is full of ignorant, resentful peasants. Does that mean that all Ala Mhigans are like that?

No. At the time of the Garlean invasion, Ala Mhigo was widely regarded as the most technologically advanced city-state in all Aldenard. This served as an added incentive for the Empire to annex their territory and conscript their populace. Besides their conventional military forces - griffin cavalry, pikemen, and before the purge of their order, the Fists of Rhalgr - Ala Mhigo also boasted scholars and skilled engineers.

We strongly recommend looking up Erik, the Ala Mhigan Midlander scholar NPC from the Monk quests; while he pontificates on many subjects, his dialogue during that quest chain is a great resource for Ala Mhigan lore.

And yes, we can read. Really.

Does my character have to be a part of the Resistance if I roleplay an Ala Mhigan?

No. There are plenty of Ala Mhigans who are not involved with the Resistance. They might disagree with the Resistance’s methods, see no point in reclaiming their homeland, have too many ties in Eorzea, or any number of other possible reasons.

You don’t have to support the Resistance at all as an Ala Mhigan. You can move on and go your own way if that’s what your character would do. At worst, your character might get accused of cowardice or disloyalty by Resistance members, but your character is not obligated to agree with or support them.

Why don’t the city-states like Ala Mhigans?

No one in Eorzea seems to like refugees to begin with. The Domans were denied residence pretty much everywhere and ended up settling in Mor Dhona for lack of anywhere else.

For Ala Mhigans specifically, a significant amount of the animosity they attract can be attributed to the Autumn War. According to the prevailing Ala Mhigan perspective, their military incursion into the Shroud wasn’t blatant conquest for its own sake, but an attempt to acquire more fertile land in order to feed their growing population. Eorzean (and particularly Gridanian) opinions may differ, however. As far as many in the Alliance are concerned, Ala Mhigans are warmongering thugs who got their just comeuppance, but have the gall to come begging to the people they tried to conquer when they have no right to present themselves as victims.

Is my character required to worship Rhalgr?

Not at all. Rhalgr is the patron deity of Ala Mhigo, to the point where the Fists of Rhalgr wielded significant political power as a religious institution besides what clout they had as warriors. Other deities of the Twelve were also worshiped in Ala Mhigo, however, and at the moment we have no evidence to indicate that the Fists ever outlawed worship of gods other than Rhalgr (Theodoric was another story entirely).

Given the King of Ruin’s fixation on Nymeia, the Spinner is the one deity your character may want to be careful about openly praising in front of Ala Mhigans.

If my character worships Rhalgr, do they have to be a Fist of Rhalgr? What if my character is a martial artist from Ala Mhigo? Am I still obligated to roleplay them as a Fist?

No. The Fists are a religious order. All Ala Mhigans know how to fight; it is an integral part of their culture. Nothing states that a martial artist hailing from Ala Mhigo needs to be a Fist of Rhalgr. There are likely plenty of ordinary Pugilists in Gyr Abania - punching jerks is universal.

Your character does not have to be a Fist of Rhalgr to praise Rhalgr. The Fists were his warrior-priests, not his sole devotees.

So what’s the deal with these Fists, then? I only see people talk about their chakras and constantly wanting to fight. What’s up with that?

The Fists devote themselves to worshiping Rhalgr. They do not adhere to a specific fighting style so much as follow a way of life. As previously stated, they are a religious order. Warmongers go to Rhalgr’s Hell, so it is likely that pointless violence (which, admittedly, is a very flexible concept, especially for Fists) is strictly forbidden in their religion.

Combat and continual honing of their martial skills was a method of worship for the Fists, but members of their order also often served in additional positions, such as advisors in the royal court. Unfortunately, we lack more concrete lore regarding their exact involvement with Ala Mhigan society beyond generally having religious and political influence, so at the moment we can only speculate.

That being said, it is safe to assume that the Fists of Rhalgr have more complexity as an order than simply being hotheaded brawlers.

Okay, so what are chakras, then? Can I have them as a non-Fist?

Chakras are only relevant to the Fists of Rhalgr and those in possession of a Monk’s soulstone. While Fists claim that every living being possesses these Light- and Shadow-aspected gateways for aether, beyond the Warrior of Wildly Unlikely Exceptions Light, thus far there have not been any non-Monk NPCs who are able to access their chakras.

Unlocking a chakra takes years of training, and the methods required to do so are not public knowledge. After all, the Fists are believed to be extinct - your average hyur on the street wouldn’t have that level of insight.

I see people roleplay non-Fist Monks with open chakras, though…

That’s fanon! The only time the word monk comes up to describe a non-Fist is a lonely Ishgardian priest in the MSQ, and he almost certainly doesn’t have open chakras unless there’s something even wackier than usual going on with the Halonic Orthodox Church (while they do have personnel who wield fist weapons/patas, they are not explicitly stated to be Fist-style Monks proper).

As it stands, monk in a non-Ala Mhigan context simply pertains to garden-variety friars.

Are there any other classes or jobs for an Ala Mhigan-themed character if I don’t want to roleplay a Fist of Rhalgr?

Absolutely! Go have a gander around Little Ala Mhigo, the Corpse Brigade, and Ala Mhigan NPCs in general.

Ala Mhigo was known for having excellent Pikemen, who were just as feared as the Fists of Rhalgr for their prowess in battle, and Griffin Riders were knights who served as aerial heavy cavalry.

We have Ala Mhigan Shamans, who appear to be conjurers. We have Flamedancers, who seem to be thaumaturges. We have Knuckledancers, who are pugilists. We have Ala Mhigan Bladedancers, who appear to be marauders (Apparently the -dancer suffix is popular in Ala Mhigo. Who knew?).

We have scholarly (but not capital-S Nymian Scholar) types. We have civilians. We even have engineers who are adept at using and designing all sorts of technology.

(No, seriously. You have a lot of options, and that’s just scratching the surface.)

Don’t ever feel pressured to be a Fist of Rhalgr. In fact, being a Fist is probably quite rare, due to the fact that in 1552, the Fists’ main temple was the subject of a bloody purge, the Monks within slaughtered en masse by order of the King of Ruin.

I heard that the Resistance on the whole is a closely guarded secret. Is this true?

No. The existence of the Resistance is common knowledge. The only real secret is the identity of the Griffin and his doubles, and even the impact of that MSQ-induced revelation is uncertain while we’re still waiting in pre-3.55 limbo. Thanks, Square Enix.

y'know what sucks being a victim of abuse? Being able to pick up certain things a person does. Like when their facial expressions change, their tone of voice changes, their hand gestures change, the way they act around you, the way they talk, their jokes. Little stuff and when they get angry it’s like you see the one who abused you even if it isn’t you they are angry at it’s the fact that it’s direct towards you, you start to freak out because all you see is the one who abused you. So when they start yelling or cussing or just seem unhappy you panic and your mind races with “don’t hurt me” and you immediately say “i’m sorry. please don’t yell at me.” without thinking because you don’t see that person all you see is the one who abused you. It sucks because it seems like you can never get out of that hole of fear no matter who you associate with.

honestly as a (dark skin) black woman I’m just really tired of having to tiptoe around my life acting a certain way to make sure people don’t assume I’m a bitch and don’t judge me. and this happens from both black people and other races alike. can’t be quiet because you’re a rude, bougie, bitch. can’t be too loud because you’re “ghetto”, “ratchet”, etc. why can’t I just be quiet and mind my business? why does that have to put 5000000 targets on my back? why can’t I be the person I want to be? why are black women under so much judgment all the time?

‘When I say black lives matter,I’m not saying white lives don’t, I’m just saying that this is a group of people that has been systematically repressed for generations so it’s necessary to shed light on it to undo those wounds. Some people think that it’s trying to exclude white people, but that’s not the point. The point is to uplift voices that have been silenced and that’s a problem in the way we’re treating race. Celebrating people of colour and oppressed groups does not equate to the slander of white people, and yet the way that people respond to it is, “You’re being racist! Reverse racism!” But honestly, I feel like there are so many more people who are trying to learn than there are people who are closed-minded. At least I hope so.’


When I say black lives matter, I’m not saying white lives don’t, I’m just saying that this is a group of people that has been systematically repressed for generations so it’s necessary to shed light on it to undo those wounds. Some people think that it’s trying to exclude white people, but that’s not the point. The point is to uplift voices that have been silenced and that’s a problem in the way we’re treating race. Celebrating people of color and oppressed groups does not equate to the slander of white people, and yet the way that people respond to it is, “You’re being racist! Reverse racism!” But honestly, I feel like there are so many more people who are trying to learn than there are people who are closed-minded. At least I hope so.

I’m just picturing Lance unknowingly insulting Thace. Like: Galras take pride in a lot of shit, right? Their race, “superiority” and all that shiding; it wouldn’t be far fetched that they also took pride in strong and healthy offspring [and their part in helping Zarkon rise higher in power bla bla bla] 

So let’s say the idea of using Keith for infiltration purposes comes up at the table. Everyone is unsure of the idea of risking him like that and all, but Lance - well being Lance - is just “Well yeah! It’d be a great idea, you know? If he wasn’t so obviously short for a galra……”

And every things just taken a quiet turn and he just feel the stares burning into the side of his head and he turns and just finds both Thace and Keith giving him this alarmingly similar look of annoyance

Are you suggesting that my sons a runt? Cause jeez Lance, what galra would like to hear you tell them that their kid might be unhealthy and unsuitable to be of their own race? He hasn’t reached that growth-spurt yet, he’s fine

His precious furball may be small, but hell if he ain’t one great fury-induced warrior 

White Feminism 101: Is It Working?
External image

by Megan Huynh

When the term “white feminism” is heard, celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham, and Amy Schumer come to mind. All of these women claim to espouse feminism, some even making the message of girl power part of their brand, but fail to acknowledge issues pertaining to race and class. So what exactly is white feminism? White feminism is feminism that is primarily centered around the issues and struggles that affect white women and does not recognize intersectionality, or the notion that issues such as race, sexuality, disability, and others are all intertwined and cannot be discussed as separate issues. 

Let’s look at some examples of white feminism. White feminism is white, upper class women obtaining suffrage in 1920, while women of color could not vote until decades later. White feminism is fighting the pay gap, arguing against women gaining 77 cents to a man’s dollar, while failing to acknowledge that our black and Latina sisters are earning 64 and 54 cents, respectively. White feminism is supporting Miley Cyrus for embracing her sexuality, while slut shaming Nicki Minaj for doing the same. White feminism is assuming every female is equally oppressed, when in actuality, minorities, such as women of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community, face hate crimes on a much greater scale than the average middle-class, cis white woman. White feminism continues to ignore the voices of trans women and queer women, while solely focusing on, of course, white women. White feminism is wearing a t-shirt that advocates for equal rights while not recognizing that that very same shirt was made by a woman in a third world country, barely making enough money to sustain themselves and their family.

One classic pop culture example of white feminism in action was the Summer of 2015 Twitter feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. After getting snubbed for a VMA nomination for her video “Anaconda,” Minaj took to Twitter to voice her frustration, also highlighting the problematic lack of diversity common in awards shows and the discrimination she faced as a black female artist. Swift then took personal offense at this comment, shifting the conversation from racism and double standards in the industry to her own personal message of “girls supporting girls” and “female empowerment” and suggesting that “one of the men” took Minaj’s spot. This is a quintessential white feminist move, drawing away focus from issues of things like race to make the situation solely about gender. 

Currently, white feminism seeks to silence and erase the voices of women of color and other oppressed groups, which ultimately distracts from issues faced by minorities and is detrimental to the idea of feminism as a whole. When we strive for equality between the sexes, that should mean true equality, no matter race, sexuality, gender identity, class, or anything else. The alternate to white feminism, however, is intersectional feminism. It is impossible for one’s experiences related to gender be separated from their experiences based on race or class. Of course, feminism should also seek to include those that are not women as well, including men and non-binary people.

So what if you find yourself to actually be a white feminist? How should you make your feminism more intersectional? Shift your perspective of feminism from your position or a position of privilege to one of others as well. If you make a mistake and say something discriminatory, do not act defensive and recognize your error. Include the opinions and thoughts of people of other oppressed groups in your conversations about feminism. And most importantly, remember to think about how certain issues affect people not only of different genders but of different races, ethnicities, sexuality, class, and ability.

Just One Bite Pt. 1

okey guys i hope y’all enjoy this and i apologize if it sounds rushed or if it just suck lolololll anywaysss.. here ya go!!

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Word count: 866 words

Type: Action/Romance/Fantasy

Vampires and werewolves have never been considered real to you, only because they were myths. All of the immortal fantasies and the garlic weaknesses have passed your head, knowing for a fact that they were all just made up stories. Though, when you meet and fall for one of those mythical creatures, does your opinion change, or do you just think he’s crazy?


Thump. Thump.

You felt your heart beat against your chest as you let out heavy breaths. Your mind began racing through a large amount of explanations that could support what you had just witnessed.

‘Were my eyes wrong?’ You had thought.

You backed into an alleyway, making sure to spike up your every sense; if what you seen was real, you wouldn’t want to put yourself in any situation related to it.

Shaking your head, you stopped moving and mumbled to yourself, “There’s no way it could be real. Why would a human suck the life out of another?” Your logical state knocked every last bit of fear you had within you, letting out a sigh bombarded with relief and the surprising emotion you felt in the pit of your stomach; stupidity for none other but yourself.

You stepped out of the alleyway to continue your journey home. The typical high school house party was never something you enjoyed, hence the fact that you left right when the party had started. Your friend had dragged you anyways, so from the start, you really didn’t want to attend it.

As you arrived at your front door, you jammed the key in its hole unlocking the door. Turning the knob, you stepped in, kicking off your shoes and locking the door behind you. You sighed heavily as your mind replayed the incident you had seen. There must’ve been something in the single cup of punch you had.

Dropping the bag you had slung around your shoulder on the floor, you dragged yourself to the kitchen and swung open the door to the fridge. Pulling out one of the many water bottles, you turned around and took a large sip, kicking the door closed while doing so. You hadn’t yet noticed your surroundings, but the sounds that cold be heard were terrifying.

There was a distinctive, teeth snarling growl coming from something in front of you. You slowly pulled the bottle away from your mouth, opening your eyes to see the cause of the noise. There, you saw nothing but a large wolf, staring at you with such hateful eyes. You gulped, placing the bottle on the counter next to you without any sudden movement. As soon as you reached for a weapon, the beast charged at you.

You swiftly moved to the side, pulling out a knife from its rack, holding it out to your defense. The wolf ran into the fridge, bouncing back with just a bit of force. Its head snapped toward you as it let out another growl.

Running out of the kitchen you heard yet another growl that sounded as though it was filled with anger and hunger as you stopped in your tracks. You cursed under your breath, backing away from the two brutes.

The other lunged at you, though somehow, it was too slow. You had moved out the way, kicking it in its side afterward. The wolf fell as it whimpered and cried. You were breathing heavily, though it was not out of fear. 'Why am I suddenly so good at defending myself?’ You had wondered.

The other wolf ran to the injured ones side, checking to see if it had been all right. Its eyes had lit up with more fury as it realized that the injured animal was too hurt to even get up. You cursed again but held the knife in your hand firmly; you were more determined to live than to spare the life of this animal.

It tackled you to the floor, though was stopped from ripping your throat out with just your hand. Not only were you confused, but so was the wolf on top of you; why do you have as much strength as this deadly brute?

The wolf tried snapping at you in hopes of clasping its jaw around any limb that was yours. Though, all of it suddenly halted as soon as you jammed the knife in its heart.

The features were now loosened as it completely stopped moving. You pushed the wolf off of you, sitting up and staring at it. 'Did I just kill it?’

The animal let out faint and small whimpers along with small breaths. The other limped away out of the house from which it entered.

Standing up, you rushed to the house phone, quickly dialing the police. You ran back to the bloody scene with the knife still in your hand.

“What’s your emergency?” You heard a lady speak over the phone while you starred at the animal. As it let out its last breath, it began shape-shifting. “Hello?”

“Hi, I was just attacked by-” You stopped your sentence midway as you noticed how different the animal had looked from before. It was now bare, no hair at all besides the hair on its head. Walking closer, you noted how close it looked to being a human.

“By what, or who, miss?” Kicking it onto its back, you let out a quiet whimper. It was not an it. It was a boy. It was a man.

“I think,” The lump in your throat made it hard for you to speak. “I think I just killed someone.”


in the next part, y’all will know why i started off with a fighting scene involving two werewolves

bts will come out in the next part along with got7 excluding one of the members even though he will still be mentioned

i plan on uploading the other two requested scenarios before the end of 2016

i hope y’all had a wonderful christmas

thanks for requesting to those that did and feel free to request for those who haven’t or if ya even want to request again

love ya!

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Breaking Bread

You rushed into the office, rummaging through the desk drawers wildly. Your heart was racing, your mind was a cloud of smoke, you just wanted to find what you were looking for and get the hell out before you got caught.

“Oh for fucks sake, what the hell are you doing here? Or did you forget that’s my desk.” Alfie says, throwing his arms by his side when he catches you doe-eyed.

“I’m looking for my money Alfie. The money that you stole from me.”

“What in the bloody hell are you talking about Y/N. Have you lost your marbles…wait, don’t answer that. I already know the fucking answer.” He says exasperated, walking behind his desk, moving you out of the way. You try and fight against him but your big brother always wins.

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A Race With Time

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“#59 with Hotch for the angsty drabble thing? xo”

Enjoy, lovey!

You were down to the last few minutes, trying to figure out how to get the bomb to stop ticking. You were running out of ideas. This was Morgan’s area of expertise, not yours. Managing to get Hotch on speakerphone without moving around too much, you held on to his voice. “Y/N, I’m gonna need you to talk to us. What does it look like?”

 “A bomb,” you replied sarcastically. You heard Aaron almost let out a chuckle, but now was not the time.

 “Y/N, come on. Now is not the time for your smart mouth,” Derek replied, more nervous than you’d ever heard him.

 “Sorry, Derek. There are two wires. Red and blue. How original.”

 “What are they connected to?” Derek asked, as you heard the engine roar louder.

 “Um…I…I don’t really know…” you said, panic starting to seep into your voice.

 “Y/N…” It was Aaron’s voice again. “We’re almost there. How much time do we have?” You gulped.

 “Three minutes, fifteen seconds…” your voice was shaking now, but you were determined to put on a brave face. You heard a car screech to a stop outside the barn you were being held captive in. In the middle of nowhere, you might add. Derek and Hotch were running to you, both serious looking.

 “Y/n, are you okay?” Hotch asked as Derek knelt in front of you, inspecting the bomb strapped to your chest. You chuckled nervously.

 “As okay as I can be in this situation…” you looked at Derek’s face. This wasn’t good.

 “Hotch, they’re both hooked up to the same line. Either way, this thing’s goin’ off.” Your face fell, and you looked up, voice full of fear and desperation.

 “Hotch…Aaron, look at me. You and Derek have got to get out of here. Now.””

“Hey, we aren’t going anywhere. We’ll figure it out.”

“In one minute and fifty-two seconds?! I don’t think so! Aaron, listen. Go. The team needs you. And Derek. I’m the newest to the team, and I’m truly not that much of an asset. Go drive as far away from me as you can.” There were tears streaming down your face now, voice panicked. You couldn’t bear the thought of them getting killed along with you. You? You weren’t that important. But Derek? Your tall, dark, big brother made of muscles? He’d risked his life one too many times for you. And Aaron? You loved him. You loved him more than life itself. They both stared at you, wide eyed.

 “You’re more important than you think you are, y/n…to everyone,” Hotch said, handing Derek his knife.

 “Y/n…don’t you ever let me hear you talk like that again, you hear me, momma?” Derek spoke words as sharp as knives, making you nod your head quickly. “Good. We’re gonna have about ten seconds to get the hell out of here after I cut this strap on your side. You understand me?”

 “I understand.”

 Derek cut the strap binding the bomb to your side, tossing it to the side, and Aaron grabbed you up in his arms, racing back to the SUV they had parked outside. Derek jumped into the drivers seat, Hotch in the other with you in his lap.

 “Go, go, go!” Hotch yelled at him. Derek floored the gas pedal, getting the car as far away from the barn as possible, a huge explosion going off behind you. You ducked down, hiding your face in Hotch’s shoulder, as the car was thrown, flipping a few times, landing in a ditch across from the barn.

 “Y/n! Y/n, don’t you dare…” you heard Aaron’s voice shouting, but it was distant. All you could hear was ringing and…warmth. You’d been freezing earlier, but now? Now, you were very warm. Derek’s eyes were wide, staring at you, when you brought your hand that was now wet up to your line of vision. It was covered in blood. The pain in your head started to be all you could focus on.

“Hey, now, don’t you leave us, y/n. Not after all we’ve been through,” Derek said, gripping your hand. He ripped his shirt off, pressing it to your head. Under possibly any other circumstances, you would have made some snide comment about Garcia missing out. But there was nothing. No snide remark. No smart comment. Nothing. Just silence, and pain.

 “Y/n…please…I know you truly believe what you said back there, but you are important…you’re important to me…y/n, I’m nobody without somebody like you…please, please don’t leave me…” Hotch said, gripping onto you for dear life. Those were the last words you heard before you let darkness take over, only praying that you’d soon wake up to hear him speak again.

Dallas Dates A Shy Girl

Requested by @alexisliscio

-When you first meet he thinks there’s something wrong with you or you’re giving him attitude when you barely answer him and when you do it’s in short, simple answers.

-You shutting him out of course interests him, especially because he thinks you’re doing it to be mean to him.

-And that’s how Dallas Winston told you he was going to take you out and told/demanded you meet him outside the DQ the next day at 10pm.

-You almost didn’t show up because your mind raced so much. But you figured it would be rude if you didn’t show up.

-Dallas does a lot of the talking, and he doesn’t pick up that you’re just shy instead of a beyotch until near the end of your first date.

-He digs you though and says you should hang out again and you guys do.

-You don’t really know the extent of Dallas’ bad-boy reputation and he kinda likes that, he doesn’t have to try and berate you as a woman(and he’s so thankful for that because he actually would feel bad if he did that to you.)

-Eventually you open up to Dallas and he opens up to you too, at least about his reputation and who he is as a person, not about all that gushy emotion stuff.

-He does most/all the talking for you in social situations, especially if they’re his friends or he dragged you to the social situation.

-A lot of people whisper that Dal is whipped or you’re weak just because you tend not to talk a lot but Dal never lets you hear any of it and if you do he tells you to ignore them, or he just lashes out and punches them.

-He (now) tends to ask you if you’d be okay with a situation before just kinda forcing you into something.

-He almost always has an arm tucked around you protectively.

-When you two are alone and he notices you getting shy about something (mainly when you two et physical), he’ll furrow his eyebrows and look at you before softly saying a “Hey, c’mon…ya gotta live somehow…’n it’s just us here, I ain’t gonna judge ya babe, plus, you look smokin’.”

>PART 2 (coming soon)

This is something that jumped into my mind yesterday, so I decided to turn it into a comic. It may not seem like it yet, but this will mainly be about Hiccstrid in RTTE ^^

However, I’m not going to attempt to make this look professional or anything, so the rest will most certainly end up being as sketchy as this. Each part will be max 10 panels long, so tumblr does not mess up the formating ;)