the mind parasites

parts in Animorphs that really stuck with me during my formative years and likely have something to do with what a weirdo I am now:

–the part where they’re all morphed into flies and hiding in an air duct to spy on the Yeerks (parasitic mind control ear slugs) and their window of time to morph back is quickly running out and they’re all going to be stuck as flies forever and panic is setting in

–one of them is morphed into a bird and swoops toward David (another animorph who is evil) and David swings an aluminum baseball bat into their face. there’s a really gruesome description of the bird-morph’s beak being shattered by the force

–Ax, the alien, morphs into a human and is able to taste for the first time. this is great until they’re in the movie theater and he’s crawling along the ground eating leftover chunks of food like a crackhead

–when they lead David down into a series of sewers and pipes while everyone’s in rat form, then trick him into morphing into a cockroach and trapping him in a jar, so he can’t morph back without being entirely crushed by his own body

–there’s a part where Marco is a tiger wandering through an abandoned shopping mall and he’s been shot full of bullets and is bleeding out on the floor or something?? god


every episode of criminal minds ☰ 5.14 parasite

                                                   You’re not enjoying this, are you?                                                                                              I like a good paper-trail. I find it meditative.                                                                             Is it really that hard for you to be normal just one time? 

Gods And Humans Living In The Dark Souls Universe: *invent complex lever-based mechanisms, rotating elevator platforms, a sword that is physical moonlight, a triple-shot masterpiece of a crossbow, an empire that decimated dragons and demons both*

Gods And Humans Living In The Dark Souls Universe: *completely and utterly unable to create a simple piece of headwear that provides hands-free light for dark areas, so they have to kill a dangerous mind-controlling parasite and wear its corpse as a hat if they want such a thing*

Acid Bathhouse

What you need to know: an elemental wizard living in an abandoned bath house has become mind controlled by a parasitic psyker, mold growing on her/his brain. This occurred during experimentation with acid mold/fungus or is a fluke occurrence. The psychic mold wants to destroy all life except mold/fungus and is forcing the wizard to unleash acidic mold/fungus onto towns and ecosystems eating everything away till there is only goo.

Premise: Acidic mold/fungus is growing on buildings/tree/vegetation, slowly dissolving the structure/plants till destruction or death occurs. It has become rampant and is spreading to neighboring towns through mold spores carried by the wind. The players can even come across dead wildlife layered in mold, their guts eaten away by acid.
Recently, it has even begun infecting people, their skin turns green and rots away as acid dissolves their bones.

Note: this is an acid disease that deals 1 damage a day at first, then progresses dealing more damage in shorter increments of time - 2 damage a day, 5 damage an hour, 10 damage a min, etc. It needs cure disease to cure.

Locals are desperate for answers and will pay everything they can if someone can find the source of this outbreak and put it to an end. This is a good chance to offer that magic item or information the players really want or need.

For added fun, you also have the ground water contaminated with acid, making it deadly to drink, giving the players only days to solve the problem before they die of thirst.

For additional challenge, you can have a ranger/druid order coming to burn everything to the ground and even kill the people to stop this acid mold from spreading, forcing players to both hold off druids and rangers while finding the source of the acid mold at the same time.

1 - in the middle of a lake/pond, a gray marble building rests atop a hill of green mold and mushroom patches.

  • A – lake/pond is acidic, dealing X D6 acid damage to anyone who enters.
  • There is an illusion of gold/glowing weapon at the bottom of the pond, placed there as a trap

  • B - hillside is layered in mostly harmless acid mold that eats away at the players boots slowly, but does little else
  • The acid mushroom patches spit acid, give the clusters a set of hit points and one spit attack for X D6 acid damage.

  • C - bathhouse is built of dissolving gray marble, eaten away by layers of green acid mold. However, it is sill structurally sound, nor is there any holes in the walls.

  • D - a marble walkway leads through rows of marble pillars and statues (local hero/legend of the past/god), they are caked in acid mold and already half-dissolved.
  • The front door is only scarps of dissolved iron with a blanket of mold covering the entrance.
  • If any player touches the mold, they take X D6 acid damage on touch and contract the acid disease.

2 - gray marble room contains 4 baths built into the floor. The floors and walls are layered in green acidic mold.

  • A - acid/mold fills the tubs. If players touch the contents, they receive X D6 acid damage and contract the acid disease

  • B - the acidic mold on the floor is much stronger than the mold outside. It eats players’ boots on contact in one round.
    Note: if players touch the acid, they receive X D6 acid damage and contract the acid disease. This forces the players to find a solution to cross the floor.

  • C - the front door is only scarps of dissolved iron with a blanket of mold covering the entrance. If any player touches the mold, they take X D6 acid damage on touch and contract the acid disease.

3 - gray marble room. In the center of the chamber stands a gray marble stature of a human woman in a dress with four faces, one facing each direction. There is no noticeable exit to the chamber.

  • A - when players enter the room, the statue spits acids from all four faces in a spray/cone attack
  • The acid dissolves 1 mundane item – clothing/backpack/weapon, etc for any player that gets hit and also receives X D6 acid damage
  • Once the players enter, the statue continues to spray every X rounds till the players leave- It draws from the pond outside and is virtually endless. The walls are acid resistent, similar to a wall of force.

  • B - one of the walls will slide open if a players tries to find secret doors or pry it open. This will lead to room 4
    Note: for added difficulty, you can have walls and floor layered in acidic mold as per room 2

4 - gray marble room with an iron door leading out. Basins are cut into the floor filled with acid. Large green tinted jars with glass toppers rest at the bottom.

  • A - basins are filled with acid, dealing X D6 acid damage upon touch

  • B - the jars are so tinted, they cannot be seen into and therefor must be opened
  • The contents inside contain the wizard’s treaures: coins/potions/scroll/magic items/etc

  • C - the door is locked and need to either be brute forced through or unlocked.

5 - a corridor of gray stone ends in a thick iron door with a small funnel jutting out from the center. There is a cupboard cut into the walls to the left of the door with 5 jars of acid on each of 2-5 shelves.

  • A - the door is at least a meter thick and 1000s of kilograms, making it almost impossible to open by brute strength. The players must pour the acids into the funnel from weakest to strongest or reverse to open the door

  • B - the jars containing acid can be color coded for ease: blue/green/yellow/orange/red, or all the same if you want to increase difficulty
  • There should be several sets so if the players screw up, they have several backup chances.
  • This puzzle should force the players to test the acid on equipment or themselves to find the strength of each.
    Note: the acid damage should be around d6 blue, 2d6 green, 3d6 yellow, 4d6 orange, 5d6 red
    For added difficulty. you can have walls and floor layered in acidic mold as per room 2

6 - a gray stone chamber with shelves and tables adorned in bottles of colored liquid, clay pots of mold and fungus and other various tools. In the back, a naked humanoid covered head to toe in green glowing fungus works tirelessly pouring liquid from bottles into the clay pots and only stops once the players step inside, and becomes aggressive. The creature is a human wizard of any level you deem fair, but also has a few upgraded abilities form the psyker mold.
Mundane weapons melt upon her/his flesh as the acids eats it away instantly.
All elemental spells now do acid damage, lighting bolt equals acid bolt, fire ball equals acid ball The wizard gets an acid vomit attack every 3 rounds, spraying the room in acid. It deals X D6 acid damage equal to half the dice of the wizards level plus dissolves up to 2 mundane items and infects the players with the acid disease.

Note: for added difficulty you can have a few acid mushroom patches growing in the room that spit acid or release acidic choking spores, dealing acid damage and stunning the player for a round.

When the wizard dies, he bursts in a radius, spraying all the players in acid, dealing X D6 acid damage, destroying 1 mundane item and infecting the players with the acid disease.

  • A - the potions found in this chamber can be magically useful as per potion chart or only regents for alchemy, its your choice.

End: the acid begins to dilute over time and without the psychic mold, the spores soon dies, no longer spreading. All infected parties with the acid disease sill need cure disease to be healed, however.

If you want to increase difficulty, you can have the acid still remain, forcing the players to find a way to neutralize it.

Maybe the psychic mold isn’t dead or the last of its kind and is in fact spreading, becoming a parasite to more people, turning them into acid mold zombies.

Maybe the magically engineered mold mutates to  more powerful versions or increases in potency, turning the entire ecosystem into a stew of acid.

Maybe the druid/ranger order isn’t satisfied the threat is being dealt with and starts burning and killing the infected.

Regardless, have fun and hope to see you again soon.

Beasts of war 15/15

Title: Beasts of war


Pairing: Reaper/Soldier76

Summary: Jack, accompanied by Reaper, is finally catching up to his prey- but things does not go as planned. Irreversable things are set in motion…

Warning: Graphic description of violence and Sex. Mind manipulation, parasitation- body alteration.

Previous chapter:

Second warning!!! SOMEONE HELP THESE OLD MEN! You should take these characters faaaaaar faaaar away from me where I can not hurt them but….Please don’t? Because they are my favorite toys…

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Thoughts on Legion


Does David and the Parasite have different powers? not the memory deleting thing, but stuff like David can read minds and the parasite puts the people in the walls and so on?

Ok idk.

The Parasite manifests as different people/characters on David’s mind. Benny and Lenny were actually real people but his dog wasn’t. It also manifests as it’s ugly self and as the angriest little boy in the world. Some identities he is afraid of and others he doesn’t fear. But once the Parasite takes over his body meaning that if we are inside his head we see the monster in the shape it chose to appear, as Lenny for example, David can’t control anything. But he even if he remembers those things, what he says in his mind or actually does in real life as the Parasite, the Parasite deletes it from his mind and he goes back to thinking Lenny is just a crazy girl, once real, but now just a hallucination and so on. But when the Parasite assumes forms that are scary to David, that’s when he is the most suspicious that there’s someone else there in his head. The more aware he is the more horrible the figure gets. And the parasite isn’t able to delete those moments. He probably scares David to the point that he either gives up and the monster takes over in his head or he wakes up from his trance. 

In the end they are either on David’s mind, where Syd is actually a bit aware of what’s real or a memory or an hallucination or astral plane, and the parasite is in completely control and everyone believes they are in a psych group meeting Or they are actually in their own brains and the parasite is taking over David’s powers and is making them believe that Lenny is their doctor and so on. For example the doctor dude looked all doped up, maybe David ( his body, not his mind) gave him something.  

And all of this is just my theories. I have no idea of what’s actually going on. 
because this damn show keeps making me doubt if something I saw happening on previous episodes actually happened and then it’s the same scenario during 48 minutes and the end it’s completely different or non related… It’s an amazing show but very complicated.
I don’t know what the parasite wants from Syd in David’s head, maybe he wants to take away something who makes him more powerful and stable, or he also wants to make David forget her.
This is mutant powers mixed with, David lynch, Fight Club and Lost; “the fuck just happened, does that mean something, that shouldn’t be there but there’s a valid yet remote justification for it’s existence and placement, and look at that doctor, badass a girl just separated from his body and wow memory dude remembers being born, different personalities, did that real happened or just happened in his head?”.

There’s a theory going around that the monster is not Mojo but instead Shadow King. I have no idea whose right. maybe it’s a hybrid. I’m not well versed on these specific marvel characters, so i’m actually no help.

Also: since David now knows about the fact he was adopted, there have been rumors that Sir Patrick Stewart would mind to play Charles Xavier on Legion for a few episodes. 


Carson City, Nevada Area Lenticular Clouds

Mar. 16, 2017

There is nothing more satisfying after a full day of orgonite gifting than to see the lenticular clouds that form in newly gifted areas.  The spiraling wave of orgone (or scalar) energy, causes the geoengineering toxins to whip up into these forms under the extreme circumstances of the dismantling of weather warfare with orgone energy.  Yesterday’s battle was epic.

We were treated to a dramatic sky show in and around Carson City, Nevada, as we endured the crushing headaches from being “DORized” as we did our healing work.  The parasites do not like it when you flip the energy on them, and they attack hard.  The same thing happened to Wilhelm Reich and his staff, as reported in Contact With Space and the CORE Volumes.  We got through it, made it into Reno, and somehow managed to remain calm through the craziness, which shows perhaps our minds strengthening, or the parasites weakening, or both.


> You don’t normally actually make posts on these forums. You don’t really know why you even hang around on them. But this particular “theory” on this conspiracy forum is just…. bothering you. Time to set some records straight.

ardentXenozoologist made a post:

^_} Alright, so I totally understand everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but listen, this theory about the Empress’ hair being some sorta mind-controlling parasite is just. Ludicrous. {_^

^_} Sure, there are native Alternian species that exhibit “mind control” abilities, but most of ‘em are like – fungi, or deep sea slugs that secrete, like, toxin that can be used to make someone more…open to suggestion. {_^

^_} But there aren’t any that look exactly like hair and are that damn huge and prone to latching onto trolls’ heads. We would’ve noticed it by now, it’d probably be some sorta damn epidemic. {_^

^_} Them’s just the facts. {_^

zesaiahgmac  asked:

*really wants to make a fan character for fragmentia but doesn't know anything about it* HHHHHHHHHHHHH

Omg ;//A//; THIS IS HONESTLY SO NICE OF YOU OMG *sobs profusely*
I really cant tell you too much unfortunately. but you can ask questions about the world/ characters/ etc and I can answer those the best I can without spoiling anything and that might help you figure out somethings! Also the tag #fragmentia asks might help you out!

Also there are 4 different kinds of skeletons in my world, Reapers, Parasites, Classless, and Echoes and each has heir own little quirks (except the Classless who are just regular ol’ skeeltons with or without magic :> You can certainly make a character of any of those (just keep in mind Reapers and Parasites are originally thought of by @loverofpiggies!