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Zutara Month Day 24: Home

Katara traced the rim of her tea cup as she stared blankly at the wall of the Jasmine Dragon.  She wasn’t really interested in her tea but Iroh had insisted it could cure anything that ailed her.

Suddenly the cup was out of her hands.  “Hey!”

Zuko put the cup back down, steam wafting from the new warm liquid.  “It was cold and trust me it tastes bad cold.”

“I don’t think anything Iroh makes tastes bad,” Katara replied.

“Fine.”  Zuko sat down.  “You know, I’m not really good at this whole talking thing but I think there’s something on your mind.”

“The South Pole doesn’t feel like home anymore,” Katara said softly.

“Is that why you’ve been bouncing around from place to place?”  Katara nodded.  “Why doesn’t it feel like that?”

“It’s just…different.”


“It’s not the same feeling!  I know there are people who care about me there and I was born there but it just doesn’t feel the same.  It doesn’t feel like the Western Air Temple or Ember Island!”

“Maybe because home means something different now?”  Zuko offered.

Katara snorted.  “When did you get so philosophical?”

“I spent years with Uncle, something must have rubbed off in that time.”


moon-stars-galaxies-deactivated  asked:

What is everyone's reaction to when MC gives birth, and afterwards, they get to hold their child (or children) in their arms for the first time?

note: keep in mind that in south korea, the husband traditionally is not present with the wife during delivery, so i wrote it in that perspective!


  • he’s in complete panic mode once you’re wheeled in to deliver the baby
  • he won’t be able to stay still
  • will be pacing back and forth the entire time
  • halfway through, he called zen and almost had a mental breakdown until zen managed to calm him down
  • every time he heard footsteps or a door slide open, his head always whipped up and turned straight towards the source of the sound (like a puppy lol)
  • one of the nurses noticed him being restless and brought him a cup of water, also giving a him a few words of comfort
  • when a doctor steps out asking for yoosung kim, the boy’s there even before his name is fully announced
  • he’s a nervous wreck heading to where your bed is
  • but once he sees you smiling brightly with a small bundle in your arms, he starts bawling he’s so relieved
  • the nurses/doctors present are all amused cause because the baby’s calm and quiet while the husband’s doing all the crying
  • you hold your child forward, urging him to hold him/her
  • he’s honestly so nervous that he’s going to hold the baby improperly, but the nice nurse from before helps him
  • “yoosung, you’re crying on our child”
  • “i-i’m so happy;;;; wahhhh”


  • he’s determined to follow you into the room until the doctors ask him to wait outside
  • the whole time he just sits in a nearby chair with his head in his hands
  • he’s so worried
  • he won’t even respond if a fan at the hospital recognizes him and tries to talk to him
  • once in a while, he’ll peek up and glance at the delivery room doors, waiting for any sign of movement
  • it’s a just a long battle of staring/praying 
  • he doesn’t even bother thinking about eating or sleeping
  • it’s okay though, cause a few nurses on duty are his fans and sneak him a few snacks/drinks
  • finally, finally, a doctor walks out the doors and he meets him at the entrance, demanding to see his wife
  • when he finally sees you, he beelines for the bed and kisses you on the head
  • and once he glances at the baby in your arms, he has the biggest smile
  • you let him hold the baby, and he starts tearing up
  • “god… what’ll we do babe? i can already tell our child’s going to be too good-looking”


  • she’s never felt as overwhelmed as she did when she saw you get wheeled past those doors
  • for a long time, she just sits on a bench with a cup of coffee
  • she tries to distract herself by reading up more on childbirth and babies
  • zen called once a in a while to check up on her/get a status update, and she’s grateful for that
  • she just has to constantly assure herself that everything’s going to be fine
  • after all, she’d researched all the local hospitals in the vicinities to make sure they chose the best one
  • there weren’t any complications during your term, so everything should be fine
  • after her 4th cup of coffee she finally hears someone calling her name
  • she’s extremely anxious making her way to your bed
  • but all the tension leaves her shoulders when she sees you smiling and holding their child
  • she gets really emotional since this was something she thought she could only dream about
  • when you hand the child over to her, she’s so stiff cause she’s really nervous
  • but she gets used to it really quickly she’s probably seen every youtube video on baby-holding and soon she looks like a born natural


  • screw tradition he ain’t gonna be sitting there waiting
  • he says a few words to the doctors on staff and goes straight into the room with you
  • although he gets slightly panicked every time he hears you screaming
  • constantly making sure that they’re doing everything they can to make you comfortable
  • did you get an epidural? is everything fine?? how much longer???
  • 3 hours in, he decides he’ll be happy with one child because jesus christ you look like you’re suffering
  • he’ll be by the bed holding your hand and staring holes into the midwives/doctors to make sure they’re working their best
  • he only smiles once he hears the baby crying
  • he goes to hold the child after you release your death grip on his hand and he’s honestly amazed
  • like wow he helped make a baby this is his child
  • elizabeth the 3rd doesn’t hold a candle to how much he loves this crying mess (although you’re still first)
  • he hands the baby over to you and gives you a kiss before going to find the doctors in order for you to be moved into a VIP room


  • the boy’s about to have a stroke cause he’s so worried
  • he’s sitting on a bench tapping his foot nonstop cause he can’t stay still
  • he tries to code some random stuff to distract himself but he can’t even code properly
  • not even cat pictures cheer him up
  • he’s too paranoid that something’s going to go wrong
  • maybe he was being too hopeful to think that he could ever have a happy family
  • will literally be mumbling prayers to every deity under his breath
  • when he hears someone calling for his name, his heart almost drops to his stomach
  • he runs over, and they ask him to follow them
  • his chest tightens a bit when he can hear a baby crying in the distance, but he doesn’t believe it until he finally sees you
  • dashes for the bed and pulls your head to his chest while mumbling “thank god… thank god” over and over
  • he tears up when he sees the baby, almost in disbelief that this is actually happening
  • you gesture for him to hold the baby and he almost refuses because he’s too scared
  • but you finally coax him into it and there are more tears once he can feel the baby in his arms
  • he laughs softly between sniffs
  • “ha… he/she looks like a walnut”
  • “did you just call our child a walnut, seven?”
  • “the cutest walnut this world will ever see!”

Tweek x Craig 


Eighteen years ago, on New Year’s Eve, David Fisher visited an old farm in western Massachusetts, near the small town of Conway. No one was farming there at the time, and that’s what had drawn Fisher to the place. He was scouting for farmland.

“I remember walking out [to the fallow fields] at some point,” Fisher recalls. “And in the moonlight – it was all snowy – it was like a blank canvas.”

On that blank canvas, Fisher’s mind painted a picture of what could be there alongside the South River. He could see horses tilling the land – no tractors, no big machinery – and vegetable fields, and children running around.

This is David Fisher’s American Dream. It may not be the conventional American Dream of upward economic mobility. But dreams like his have a long tradition in this country. Think of the Puritans and the Shakers and the Amish. These American dreams are the uncompromising pursuit of a difficult ideal.

By Returning To Farming’s Roots, He Found His American Dream

Photos: Dan Charles/NPR

a k2 comic i made (that i didnt finish bc college and shop ;;) where kyle caught up in an accident and got selective amnesia and cant remember kenny (bc you know when kenny as mysterion said kyle is the smartest kid in their class)

now i need a fic of this im crying ;;;;~:;;; i need more k2 angst

When I came back home today, I wanted to rest. But no. 

Because DAY6 released one of the best pop/rock song I’ve ever heard. Because VRomance almost made me cry with “I’m fine”. Because Nam TaeHyun opened a Tumblr account. 

Could I just rest for one single day?

flavors of quantum leap episodes

  1. Big Issues™: racism, misogyny, institutionalization, homophobia, etc.
  2. Elaborate sexy roleplay scenarios Sam Beckett is too chaste and/or demisexual to willfully participate in
  3. “But we can’t mess with our own timelines!1!”–> try anyway –> doesn’t work out –> angst
  4. did u know… just checking, were u aware… that scott bakula cn play the piano

64 days in heaven and hell (89)
Day 7, October 29 - The Elysian Fields
This day marks the real start of the ‘Studio of the South’ that Van Gogh had in mind. For the first time, he and Gauguin would work in the field, almost side by side, on more or less the same theme.

They headed towards an old Roman cemetary on the other side of Arles, called “Les Alyscamps”, a Provencal corruption of the Latin ‘Elisii Campi’ (Elysian Fields).
Van Gogh hadn’t worked there before and was looking forward to paint the lush-looking autumn foliage and complete the decoration of the Yellow House with some fine autumn scenes.


F: out of all my children you Y/N were the biggest mistake.
L: *looks up* what did you just say?
F: I said-
L: no I know what you fucking said but do you?
F: what, it’s just the truth!
L: I don’t think you realize that Y/N is the brightest mind to ever walk the south side so maybe think next time before you talk about her like that or can your brain not comprehend that?
F: you know what? I’m offended, my own children don’t respect me or my opinion.
Y/N: go fuck yourself Frank.
L: that’s my sister, high fucking five on that one! *high fives you*

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Misc. Trivia About Donald Duck and Others in the Comics

-Donald is an excellent cook. Yes, really.
-He lived his childhood days on Grandma Duck’s farm, and learned to cook from her.
-Scrooge loves Donald’s cooking, and waits for any dignified opportunity to visit him to stuff his face for free. Daisy loves his cooking as well.
-On an epic adventure, the triplets will usually follow Scrooge’s orders over Donald’s. In daily life and moral aspects, however, they’ll almost always take Donald’s side.
-Donald will swallow his pride and go back to work for his uncle whenever money runs so short he can no longer buy his nephews toys.
-Ironically, Donald loves fishing - a game of patience. And he’s apparently good at it, too.
-Scrooge McDuck knows better than to mess up when the nephews are in his care. Donald’s temper is something else when they’re involved.
-It’s probably because he’s an adult and all, but in several stories Scrooge is implied to be closer to Donald than to the triplets.
-Scrooge lives alone in a shabby house. He also sleeps over at the bin often.
-Even though Scrooge will find any opportunity to make Donald work for next-to-nothing, he trusts his nephew enough to give him an emergency key into the bin, and Donald is allowed to move anything around as deemed necessary without supervision or permission.
-Scrooge has no problems calling women ugly to their faces.
-Scrooge actually loves it when his nephews visit him in the bin, and wishes they ‘understood’ and loved money as much as he does so that they would have something to bond closely over.
-Scrooge has some photos of the triplets as ducklings stashed away, and he’s very fond of those.
-More than once, Scrooge gave in and handed Magica his genuine No. 1 dime when things looked truly grim.
-In some variations of the comics, Scrooge is implied to be the patriarch, and Grandma Duck the matriarch, both making crucial decisions for the Duck/McDuck family wellbeing.
-Scrooge is an excellent actor.
-Donald and Fethry used to work together for some time at Scrooge’s money bin.
-Fethry is an artist, but not a very good one.
-Sometimes Donald tries to soften Scrooge up by sending Daisy to talk to him.
-Gladstone loves Grandma Duck and is very respectful to her.
-Gladstone once considered the possibility of taking in the triplets if Donald died suddenly.
-Gladstone thinks Donald is genuinely funny.