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Monsta X Reaction To Seeing Their Foreign Significant Other Without Glasses For The First Time



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Shownu: When you take your glasses off for the first time in front of Shownu he would literally be in shock. He would be so mind blown by how different and beautiful your eyes were that he wouldn’t know what to say. He would just stand there, stare into them deeply, and mumble to himself about how amazing they were.

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Wonho: Wonho always thought you looked super adorable with your glasses on, but the moment you took them off and let him see your eyes without anything in the way, he would be in love. He would find your eye color absolutely beautiful and would always fawn over them. It would be his new favorite feature, even when you were wearing glasses, and he wouldn’t go a day without making sure you knew that. 

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Hyungwon: Though Hyungwon would be a little bit surprised at first, he wouldn’t have much of a reaction to it. Of course there is no doubt that he would find your uncovered eyes absolutely breathtaking, but he would think you looked incredibly beautiful either way and wouldn’t want to make make you think he preferred you one way or the other. He would love you exactly the way you were, glasses or not, and he would always make sure you were aware of that. 

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Jooheon: Jooheon would be so captivated by your eyes and how amazingly beautiful they were the first time he seen them that he almost found himself asking if they were real. He would think your eye color was incredibly different and unique, and though he obviously loved you glasses or not, he would always feel his heart beat a little bit faster whenever you would reveal your bare eyes to him.

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Minhyuk: A sea of compliments. That’s what you would get the moment you took your glasses off for the first time and showed Minhyuk your true eye color. Minhyuk would be in such a state of awe by seeing you without your glasses that he wouldn’t be able to do anything but compliment you. He would be super obsessed with your eye color and would just want to stand there and stare into them for as long as he could.

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I.M: I.M doesn’t seem like the type to compliment a lot, but the moment you took your glasses off in front of him for the first time he would make a giant exception. I.M would LOVE your eyes. He would be obsessed with them, really. He would take so much time describing how beautiful they were and talking about everything he loved about them that you would think he would run out of things to say. But, just like all the boys would do, he would always make sure you knew that you were the most beautiful person in the entire world, glasses or not, and wouldn’t want you to feel that you needed to look one way or the other.

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Kihyun: The first time Kihyun seen you without your glasses on he would be in a complete and utter daze. He would be so enchanted by your beautiful eye color that he would talk about it non-stop. He would find this feature so unique and so interesting and would love how they made you incredibly different from almost everyone else in Korea.

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I just watched the episode again and Darren Criss again blown my mind.
The talent that this man has. It’s incredible.
He was just too perfecr in Music Meister and I’d really love to see him again.

Now I can’t wait to see Darren in ACS. He did amazing in the Flash, in this he’ll be divine.

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Okay, so not a movie ask. But has anyone mentioned the fact that Sterek has been the third biggest ship on Ao3 for 4 years? 2013, 14, 15, and 16! And in 2013 the ship was only two years old and already had over 14k fics! I just really love this fandom.

I’ve never seen anyone mention that but it’s so fucking INCREDIBLE how Sterek took off and never stopped! People can believe whatever the hell they want but Stereks carried the show on their backs, otherwise tw would’ve never had the success in fandom it used to have. It was a silly show from m*fucking mtv and still a ship from it that never really went canon made it to top 3 on AO3 alongside DESTIEL. MIND=BLOWN.

Honestly, the Sterek fandom is so talented and hard-working and resilient. We’re spoiled with all these amazing works and I’m so incredibly proud of every single one of them!

Sterek really is eternal ❤️

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Hi Emily! I just watched the documentary "A Noble Lie" about the Oklahoma City bombing and I'm really mind blown... I was wondering if you've seen it? And if yes, what do you think? Do you believe the whole tragedy was an "inside job"? I really love your blog btw! And always love to read your answers!

Thank you! I haven’t actually seen that documentary and know next to nothing about the case. I’ll watch it this weekend and let you know :)


Day 3.

Today we had our wee minds blown by the beauty of Milford sound (some say the 8th wonder of the world). Before we immersed ourselves in the beauty we were the first in the que for the frittata offered up for breakfast. Fatties before explorers 😋 The glacier formed Milford sound not only brought us beauty but also some cute companions. We got to meet Milford’s playful pod of bottlenose dolphins and also their baby male seals who come to the fiord to keep themselves safe from the big boys.

Our next stop was falls creek where we got our first glimpse of the blue waters New Zealand has to offer. 💙

We then hiked up to Lake Marian with no supplies which was a big mistake but well worth the trek. We smashed the recommended return time by an hour but thankfully didn’t smash our faces as we basically fell back down the hiking track. Yes you are right those really are antlers that Robbie is holding and the bigger shock is those pink socks are Robbie’s not Connie’s 🙈

We finished off our day at a little Forrest walk around Lake Gunn where the strange monster on the side of our van disturbs all the beauty. 🐛🌱🌿🍃🌳🌲☘️🍁🍂🥀🌹🌺🌷🌸🌻


“Yes, of course we still love her, and we’re always thinking of her…”

“I know you both needed someone who knows what you’re going through…”

The Dixie Chicks performing at the CMAs tonight with Beyoncé has got to be one of the greatest things I’ve witnessed this year. Not only were they performing, “Daddy Lessons,” a song that many right wing conservative country fans refused to acknowledge as one that fit into their genre, but they mixed in the Chicks’ song, “Long Time Gone,” which is just too perfect because this was their first return to the CMAs stage since they were effectively banned from country radio for speaking out against the Iraq war almost 14 years ago. So theres all that history and then these four outspoken, talented, strong women come perform together in the holy land of country music and tear the fucking place up. There were probably so many people pissed off by this performance, which makes it even more amazing that it even happened, and then theres Faith Hill just singing along in the front row. This whole thing gives me life.

I knew the Eros outfit was inspired by Johnny Weir’s poker face outfit, what I didn’t realize was that his outfit was inspired by Lady Gaga’s outfit. Now I won’t be able to watch YOI without Poker face playing in the background…