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also in the ds9 with the imagination aliens, jadzia is like “wow, ur fantasy version of me is rlly submissive jullybean is that what ur into?” and he’s like “what?! no way lol hahaha maybe a little”…….that’s what i’ve been saying ALL ALONG we all wish lieutenant julian subatoi bashir md would have had the good sense at the tender age of 26 to be a doe-eyed ingenue but unfortunately for all of us he’s just ur typical tumblr dom taking vids of himself whippin his bed w a belt while wearing another belt posting it 2 his real-ass public insta w his face in the pic tagged like 

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like I WISH IT WEREN’T SO but its so, so. what can you do. this is best ive felt since my “bashir likes feet” headcanon turned out to actually have been written into the show. god bless star trek deep space nine. 

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Prompt: *Aaron on the phone* "I know this is out of t-the blue b-but I think something bad has happened to me and I don't want to go before letting you know how much I love you.

“What are you…Aaron?” For a minute he expects him to laugh and tell him it’s a wind up but then he hears a horrific wet coughing sound over the phone and he’s on his feet and running out of the pub before he can think. “Where are you?”

“S-scrapyard…I don’t…”

“I’m on my way right? Two minutes, Aaron!” He should hang up, call an ambulance or something because he knows, Aaron’s in trouble, but he can’t because he can’t leave him. He spots Kerry outside the salon. “Kerry! Call an ambulance. It’s Aaron. Scrapyard. Hurry! You hear that, Aaron. Help’s coming.”

“I-I love you. Jus’ wan’ you to know.”

“I know, of course I know.” He’s running as fast as he can, legs burning. “Aaron! Stay with me.”


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What People Think The Signs Are  vs What They Actually Are
  • Aries (what people think): Bossy, cocky, hyper, chatty, optimistic
  • Aries (what they are): Insecure, under-pressure to succeed
  • Taurus (what people think): Stubborn, lazy, boring, opinionated, introverted
  • Taurus (what they are): Afraid of change and the unknown, sensitive, cut-off
  • Gemini (what people think): Chatty, know-it-all, nosy, hyper, shallow, joyful, stress-free
  • Gemini (what they are): Has relationship problems, lonely, moody, self-discouraged
  • Cancer (what people think): Complicated, unpredictable, sulky, possessive, clingy
  • Cancer (what they are): Cut-off, lonely, resentful, pessimistic, depressed, sensitive, nostalgic, shy, insecure, observant, intelligent, peace-loving,stubborn
  • Leo (what people think): Bossy, attention-seeking, spoiled, ambitious
  • Leo (what they are): Sensitive, warm-hearted, easily hurt, needs to be needed
  • Virgo (what people think): Cold, know-it-all, perfectionist, picky, honest
  • Virgo (what they are): Deep, over-analysing, orderly, ambitious, wants a purpose and to thrust, sensitive, wants to be appreciated
  • Libra (what people think): Attention-seeking, popular, chilled out, spoiled, eager to please, indecisive, push-over, fake
  • Libra (what they are): Peace-loving, confused, insecure, resentful, fearful, emotional
  • Scorpio (what people think): Detached, cold, penetrative, manipulative, dominating, secretive, mysterious
  • Scorpio (what they are): Misunderstood, chaos-fearing, emotional, intense, jealous, resentful, fear of failure, cut-off, unthrusting, intense lover, passionate, greedy
  • Sagittarius (what people think): Optimistic, foolish, nosy, reckless, irresponsible
  • Sagittarius (what they are): Well-adjusted, don't care what people think of them, adventurous, fun-loving, happy, hate selfishness
  • Capricorn (what people think): Bossy, shallow, manipulative, gloomy
  • Capricorn (what they are): Insecure, needs to prove their worth, lonely, self contained
  • Aquarius (what people think): Know-it-all, independent, weird, stubborn, confusing, push-over, wisecracker, manipulative, arrogant, special little snowflake, detached
  • Aquarius (what they are): Wise, observant, collected, honest, open-minded, kind, intelligent, questions why they're so different, wants to be appreciated
  • Pisces (what people think): Mysterious, weird, intense, junky, strange, pushover
  • Pisces (what they are): Thrusts their instincts, sensitive, unable to reject, considerate, brings bad luck onto themselves, emotionally unstable, spiritual, imaginative
Deep in the wintry parts of our minds, we know that there is no such thing as a work-free transformation. We know that we will have to burn to the ground in one way or another, and then sit right in the ashes of who we once thought we were and go on from there.
—  Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries: Quick-witted, Straight forward, Sharp
Mercury in Taurus: Careful, Melodious, Sturdy
Mercury in Gemini: Intelligent, Witty, Curious
Mercury in Cancer: Reflective, Intuitive, Gentle
Mercury in Leo: Creative, Loud, Boastful
Mercury in Virgo: Intellectual, Sharp-witted, Accomplished
Mercury in Libra: Critical, Fair, Social
Mercury in Scorpio: Passionate, Observant, Sharp tongued
Mercury in Sagittarius: Philosophical, Honest, Enthusiastic
Mercury in Capricorn: Serious, Methodical, Disciplined
Mercury in Aquarius: Thoughtful, Indifferent, Unorthodox
Mercury in Pisces: Imaginative, Artistic, Inspirational