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“On December 12, 1995 a judge ordered the cremation of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s brain, which had been preserved at the request of Dahmer’s mother in hopes of having it studied. Columbia County Circuit Judge Daniel George made his ruling during an hour long hearing to decide what to do with the brain
The killer’s mother, Joyce Flint of Fresno, hoped to determine whether biological factors were behind her son’s behavior. Dahmer’s father, Lionel, of Akron, Ohio, sought the cremation because his son had requested it. Dahmer’s body, except for the brain, was cremated in September, as Dahmer had requested.
The ashes were split among Dahmer’s parents, who are divorced.”

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Inside Edition (Nancy Glass):

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audio - just Jeffrey+ parts of the interview that were not in the video

MSNBC (Stone Phillips)

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Interview with Roy Ratcliff - the man who baptized Jeffrey Dahmer


Lionel and Shari Dahmer on Larry King

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Interviews with detective Patrick Kennedy:

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Dahmer (2002)

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The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer (1993)

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Raising Jeffrey Dahmer (2006)

try netflix or itunes or just google it

Dahmer vs Gacy (2010)

don’t waste your time. seriously it’s really bad


The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (2012)

it’s on netflix (also on the piratebay) -It’s really good!

A&E  -Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within (1996)

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It’s very similar, but I don’t think it’s the same as A&E

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Twisted (2010?)

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To Kill and Kill Again (late 90s)

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Everyman/Profile of a Serial Killer

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Mystery of a Serial Killer

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Robert Ressler - The Man Who Lives With Serial Killers

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Home video (1990)

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Childhood videos and pictures

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Full Trial

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The Jeffrey Dahmer Song (I just think it’s funny)

youtube version


Serial killer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer, at a family gathering. Dahmer received a mountain of support from his family as he was battling alcoholism, and was sent to live with his grandmother for a while to find his feet again. It was only until she discovered a semen-stained male mannequin and a .357 magnum in his bedroom that she kicked him out. Little did she know, the stolen model and the pistol were the least of her concerns: Dahmer had already strangled to death three of his victims in the house, all while she was sleeping. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Timeline:

May 21, 1960: Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was born at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee. According to Jeffrey’s father, Lionel, his mother suffered bouts of partial paralysis during the pregnancy. Doctors were unable to find any reason for the paralysis. She was given “injections of barbiturates and morphine, which would finally relax her.” Later she was given phenobarbital as well.

1962: The Dahmers moved to Ames, Iowa, so Jeffrey’s father could work on his Ph.D in chemistry.

1964: Jeffrey was diagnosed with a double hernia in his scrotum. Surgery corrected it. Extreme pain suffered by the child both before and after the surgery could, conceivably, have influenced later feelings of sexual inadequacy or insecurity. Lionel claimed that it was from this time on that Jeffrey began to become more and more withdrawn and introverted.

November 1966: The Dahmers moved to Doylestown, Ohio. There were several other moves over the next year as they searched for just the right place to bring up Jeffrey and his brother David, who was born on December 18.

1968: The family moved to Bath, Ohio.

Late 1970: Jeffrey’s mother was hospitalized twice for psychiatric problems. According to Lionel she had been taking drugs to deal with her extreme nervousness for years, but they didn’t work well. Thus, she was not a stabilizing influence in Jeffrey’s life.

June 4, 1978: Jeffrey graduated from high school. By this point he was living alone. His parents were going through an extremely bitter divorce and had each moved out. Because Jeffrey at 18, was legally an adult, the law did not allow for anyone to have custody of him. Therefore, no one took custody. Instability and a lack of emotional support continued.

June 18, 1978: Dahmer picked up nineteen year old Steven Mark Hicks hitchhiking. They went back to the house for a few beers. When Hicks tried to leave, Dahmer clubbed him with a barbell and strangled him with it. Over the next couple of weeks he methodically stripped the flesh from the bones, smashed the bones and disposed of the few remains in the back yard.

December 24, 1978: Lionel remarried.

December 29, 1978: Jeffrey was sworn into the Army. After failing to become an MP he was trained as a medic and assigned to Baumholder, Germany. This was far from a plum assignment. It was also a very few years after the humiliation of Vietnam, when morale and discipline in the armed forces were poor and drug and alcohol abuse wide spread.

March 26, 1981: Dahmer was discharged from the Army before his enlistment was up because his drinking had reached the point where he simply didn’t function any more. Back in the U.S., he went to Florida where he slept on the beach for a few months before returning to Ohio.

October 7, 1981: Dahmer was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and paid a small fine. He was drunk.

August 7, 1982: Dahmer was arrested again for disorderly conduct. He dropped his pants in public. By this time Dahmer was living with his grandmother, in part because she seemed to be the only person he responded to with anything like affection.

September 8, 1986: Jeffrey was arrested when he deliberately exposed himself while urinating in front of a group of children in Milwaukee. Another version of the story has it that he was masturbating.

September 15, 1987: The murder of Steven W. Tuomi, age 24. Dahmer claimed he woke up in a hotel room and found the victim dead, with no memory of doing anything to him. He bought a big suitcase, transported the body back to his grandmother’s house, and proceeded to dispose of it much as he had the body of Steven Hicks.


January 1988: James Doxtator, 14, killed. Dahmer offered him money to pose nude for photos, took him back to his grandmother’s house. After sex Dahmer drugged and strangled him. By now his pattern of using acid and crushing force to destroy the remains was practiced.

March 24, 1988: Richard Guerrero, 25, came back to Dahmer’s grandmother’s house for nude photos. Again, after sex, Dahmer drugged and strangled the victim.

September 25, 1988: Dahmer moved into his own place. He offered $50 to a 13-year-old to pose nude, gave him drugged coffee and fondled him. The boy escaped. Dahmer was arrested.

From here on the pace of the murders picked up significantly. Once he had his own place, Dahmer seems to have lost most of what little control he had.


January 1989: Jeffrey was convicted of 2nd degree sexual assault and enticing a child for immoral purposes. (See above) Sentenced on May 23 to five years and three years, sentences to be served concurrently. Actually served ten months, then began five years probation.

March 25: Anthony Sears,24, was last seen alive. Dahmer met him at a club, took him back to his grandmother’s house. After sex, he drugged Sears and murdered him. Sears’s painted skull was recovered from Dahmer’s apartment after his arrest in 1991.


May 29: Ricky Beeks, 33, was last seen alive. Dahmer met him at a club and offered him money to pose for nude pictures. He drugged and strangled him and had sex with the body. The victim’s painted skull was recovered from Dahmer’s apartment after his arrest in 1991.

June 1990: Edward W. Smith, 28, killed. Dahmer met him at a bar and offered him money for sex and pictures. After sex, Smith was drugged and strangled. Dahmer took some pictures during the process of dismembering the body.

September 2: Ernest Miller, 24, was last seen alive. He met Dahmer in front of a book store. Dahmer offered him money to come home with him. After sex, Dahmer drugged him and cut his throat. He took pictures of the body and dismembered it, putting the biceps in the freezer. He bleached the skeleton and painted the skull, which was in his apartment when he was arrested in 1991.

September 24: David C. Thomas last seen alive. Dahmer met him on the street and offered him money to come home with him. Dahmer drugged Thomas and murdered him without sex, taking pictures as he dismembered the body.


March 7: Curtis Straughter, 18, last seen alive. Dahmer picked him up at a bus stop, offering him money to come home with him. He drugged Straughter and strangled him after sex, taking pictures of the dismembered body. The skull, unpainted, was recovered from Dahmer’s apartment after his 1991 arrest. This is at least the third sequence of events Dahmer experimented with. Earlier, it had been sex, drugging then murder. At least once he tried drugs, murder, sex. This is drugs, sex and murder.

April 7: Errol Lindsey, 19, last seen alive. Dahmer met him on the street and offered him money to come home with him. He drugged Lindsey, strangled him and had sex with the body. The unpainted skull was recovered from Dahmer’s apartment.

May 17: Dahmer met 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone in front of a mall and offered him money to pose for nude pictures. After the pictures he drugged Konerak, then went out for beer. The boy escaped, naked into the street. Neighbors called police, but Dahmer convinced them that he and the boy were lovers who had merely had a little quarrel. Police, aparently unconcerned that Sinthasomphone was still too drugged to confirm or deny the story, returned him to Dahmer, who strangled him as soon as the police were gone. Dahmer had sex with his body, took pictures and dismembered him. His skull was recovered from Dahmer’s apartment.

May 24: Tony Hughes, 31, last seen alive. Reportedly, Hughes and Dahmer had known each other for two years. By writing (Hughes was deaf and mute) Dahmer offered him $50.00 to come home with him and pose for nude pictures. Hughes was drugged and murdered without sex. His unpainted skull was recovered from Dahmer’s apartment.

June 30: Matt Turner, 20, last seen alive. They met in Chicago at the bus station after a Gay Pride parade. Dahmer offered him money to pose nude, drugged him and strangled him with a strap. After cutting the body up, Dahmer put the head in the freezer and the rest in a barrel of acid he had obtained.

July 6: Jeremiah Weinberger, 23, last seen alive. They met in Chicago at a gay bar, where Dahmer offered him money to come back to Milwaukee. This murder is very unusual in that the victim was not murdered until the day after he came home with Dahmer. When he indicated that he wanted to leave, Dahmer drugged him, strangled him, and dismembered him, taking pictures of the process. Like the last victim, his head went into the freezer, his body into the acid.

July 15: Jeffrey was fired from the Ambrosia Chocolate Co. for bad attendance.

  July 16: Joseph Bradehoft, 25, last seen alive. They met at a bus stop, where Dahmer offered him money to pose for nude pictures. After sex, Dahmer drugged him and strangled him with a strap. He dismembered the body and, as before, put the head in the freezer and the body in the acid barrel.

July 22, 1991: Shortly after midnight, Tracy Edwards, 32, escaped from Dahmer with one hand in a handcuff and flagged down a police car. He lead the cops back to Dahmer’s apartment. They found photos of dismembered victims and body parts in the refrigerator and freezer. Shortly, the sight of crews in biohazard protection suits taking evidence out of Dahmer’s apartment was televised all over the world. The suits were necessary because of the smell of decay in the apartment and because of the acid in the barrel.


January 14: Dahmer entered a plea of guilty but insane in 15 of the 17 murders he claimed to have committed.

February 15: By 10-2 majority vote, a jury found Dahmer to be sane in each murder. Testimony from defense and prosecution experts took weeks and was extremely gruesome. One expert testified that Dahmer periodically removed body parts of his victims from the freezer and ate them. Another testified that this was a lie Dahmer told to make himself seem insane. The jury deliberated slightly more than ten hours.

February 17: Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms. At the sentencing, Dahmer read a prepared statement in which he expressed sorrow for the pain he had caused.

November 28, 1994: Dahmer murdered in prison.


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Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the world’s most notorious serial killers. Born May 21st, 1960 in West Allis, Wisconsin, he had a fascination with cutting up and examining dead animals from an early age. His father is quoted as saying “There was something missing in Jeff… we call it a conscience.”

He had a normal child hood and grew up in a middle-class family. There has never been any connection made as to what made Jeffrey into the “Milwaukee Monster” he became known for. He may be the best example we have of a natural born killer. His first victim was 19 year old hitchhiker Stephen Hicks on June 6th 1978. After a few drinks Hicks wanted to leave, so Dahmer smashed his head in with a barbell. He cut the body up and put it into 5 garbage bags. While he was transporting it in his car he was pulled over by a policeman for a traffic violation. He did not kill again for 9 years. His spree lasted until July 22, 1991 when his final victim escaped and ran handcuffed into the arms of police.

In February 1992 he was sentenced to 957 years in prison. On November 28th, 1994, at the Columbia Correctional Facility at Portage Wisconsin, Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by another inmate who caved in his head in the prison gym, with the same type of weapon Dahmer had used on his first victim. His body was cremated but his mother asked that his brain be studied. It was found to be normal.

“I think in some way I wanted it to end, even if it meant my own destruction.”

Information from Paul Donnelley’s 501 Most Notorious Crimes*

“I separated the joints, the arm joints, the leg joints, and had to do two boilings. I think I used four boxes of Soilex for each one, put in the upper portion of the body and boiled that for about two hours and then the lower portion for another two hours. The Soilex removes all the flesh, turns it into a jelly like-like substance and it just rinses off. Then I laid the clean bones in a light bleach solution, left them there for a day and spread them out on either newspaper or cloth and let them dry for about a week in the bedroom.”

- Cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer speaking about preparing one of his victims. Dahmer, who strangled and consumed at least 17 men after having sex with them, suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder, according to many psychiatrists. He generally put his cannibalism down to feeling lonely, explaining that eating parts of his victims made it feel as though they were “a permanent part of me”. When officers asked him exactly why he had eaten the men, he told them “I didn’t want them to leave.”